24 Cool Places (Some Extraordinary) to Celebrate a Birthday in Paris

Are you lacking in inspiration to celebrate your next birthday? Here is our selection of exceptional places in Paris with a spark or originality.

Let’s locate them on a map:


In a Fun & Quirky Place

At the karaoke – Bar Karaoke Box

  • 30 Rue Richer, 75009 Paris
  • 50 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris
  • 40 Avenue de la République, 75011 Paris
  • 4 Rue de Caumartin, 75009 Paris
  • 69 Avenue de Wagram, 75017 Paris


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With its many locations, this karaoke chain guarantees a high-quality and unforgettable experience in its diversified settings -from vintage all the way to futuristic styles as well as a Haussmann-style cozy/chic ambiance.

The private rooms can welcome up to 30 people to fully enjoy your party accompanied by some delicious cocktails.

You can prepare your playlist beforehand on their website to avoid wasting too much time.

You can book the whole place if more rooms are necessary.

😍 We like it for:

  • The wide variety of songs available (nearly 25,000 songs) and its camera in the room to immortalize this event.

😐 We like it less for:

  • The insufficient number of microphones for which people shouldn’t have to fight



In a bus – Stan & Walter

You feel like enjoying a bus experience other than your usual “Disco Bus”, Stan & Walter will fulfill your needs with their innovative concept; in a 59 feet articulated bus, you will be able to gather bar,  DJ and photo booth all in one place.

In a cozy and vintage atmosphere, the caterer service includes cocktail dinners, gastronomic dishes and breakfast.

😍 We like it for:

  • Its original concept, its varied activities- wine tastings, street-art animations and photography, and a customizable itinerary.

😐 We like it less for:

  • Its maximum capacity of 50 people



On a boat – Suntracker Party Barge

Suntracker Party Barge

You can rent a small boat on the Seine river for partying. Click & Boat allows you to rent a  boat from individuals. On their website, you can check prices and book online very easily.

For this article, we selected the Suntracker Party Barge. Benjamin, the captain, will welcome you aboard his 7 meters long boat where you will be able to celebrate your birthday and throw a party with family and/or friends in a warm and friendly atmosphere while seeing the greatest Parisian monuments from the Seine river.

This will definitely be an unforgettable birthday!

You can bring food and drinks, listen to some music or listen to the captain speak about the city he is passionate about.

You are free to choose other offers among those available on Click & Boat’s website. There are many others…

😍 We like it for: 

  • The unusual concept
  • The view of the city seen from the Seine river

😐 We like it less for: 

  • The cost (€300 for the day, for 2 to 6 people)
  • The maximum capacity (12 persons)



In an art centre –  Fluctuart

2 Port du Gros Caillou Pont des Invalides, 75007 Paris


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This innovating concept is the first one in the world: a floating urban art center!

This barge can be privatized for a maximum number of 10 people to enjoy the beautiful view over the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower while sipping drinks on either the terrace or the rooftop.

😍 We like it for:

  • The fact that we can come dressed up and bring our own birthday cake and we can also enjoy the experience during winter loaned blankets.

😐 We like it less for:

  • Its plastic straws and cups which are not very eco-friendly and its limited capacity for this kind of event.



In a laser tag centre – Laser Game Evolution

9 Rue Robert de Flers, 75015 Paris


Laser tag implies thrills and laughter. Plunged into complete darkness, your objective is to find your opponents and shoot their breast plate with your laser gun to score points.

The winning team is the one that scores the most points.

Find the strategic corners in the labyrinth and knock out your opponents.

💰 Price: €11 for a 20-minute game, €22 for two games, €29 for three games

😍 We like it for:

  • The fact that it is a fun team activity.

😐 We like it less:

  • For the fact that the game does not last long (only 20 minutes).

Bookings and further information (in French)


In a paintball centre – PAINTBALL 94

ZAC Des Petits Carreaux, Avenue des Myosotis, 94380 Bonneuil-sur-Marne


Have fun playing paintball in a large colourful outdoor field in Paris.

Use your strategic skills and find the perfect spot to shoot your friends.

You will be supervised by a professional to lead you during your game.

💰 Price: €47 per person for a two-and-a-half-hour game with 500 pellets, €57 per person for a three-hour game with 700 pellets

😍 We like it for:

  • The fact that it is a great outdoor activity to exert yourself, challenge your friends, use your strategic skills and put your team spirit to the test.

😐 We like it less:

  • For the fact that you cannot have more pellets

Bookings and further information (in French)


In a virtual reality centre – Virtual Time

38 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris


Come to the Virtual Time centre and enter a world of virtual reality. You will have one hour to plunge yourself into the world of your choice or to play a video game in an original way.

With the game “Face Your Fears”, you will be confronted with your worst fears. Will you manage to overcome them? It is a terrifying game that you may not want to miss.

If you are in the mood for some exploration, you can try the Google Earth game, which will allow you to discover every corner of the planet.

With the “The Climb” game, you can discover the views and pleasures of mountain life.

You can enjoy your game session while sitting on a comfortable chair or staying upright (whichever you prefer).

💰 Price: €59 for an hour of game (standing or sitting)

😍 We like it for:

  • Its diversified game catalog

😐 We like it less:

  • For the fact that there is no deal for multiple games.

Bookings and further information (in French)


In the Fury Room, a room made for destruction

23 rue Blondel, 75002 Paris


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The concept of the Fury Room is rather unique: you come to this place to unwind and relax by… breaking objects. Yes, breaking objects.

You will find different kinds of old objects in the same room such as dishes, laptops, television sets or glass bottles and your aim is to wreck them all.

With safety boots on and a suit to protect yourself from shards, you can unwind by wrecking everything around you with a hammer or a crowbar (you choose your weapon).

Release all your anger, stress and frustration in the Fury Room!

💰 Price: €40 per person for 20 minutes

😍 We like it for:

  • The fact that it is a good way to let off steam and that it makes for an unforgettable memory

😐 We like it less:

  • For its price, which is a bit expensive (from €79 for 20 minutes)

Bookings and further information (in French)


In an escape room

The concept of an escape room is pretty simple. Locked in a room, you must find your way out. However, you have a time limit (usually about an hour) so you must hurry to find the clues that will help you escape.

Find our selection of escape rooms for a fun birthday activity below.


Escape Room “The Greenhouse” – Escape Hunt Paris

5 Rue de Hanovre, 75002 Paris


With “The Greenhouse” escape room, you will be plunged into an apocalyptic Paris invaded by weird plants. Your objective will be to save the capital before it is too late. To do so, you will need Prosper Trifolium, a mad botanist.

💰 Price: €38 per person for 2 players, €30 / person for 3 players, €27 / person for 4 players and €24 / person for 5 players.

😍 We like it for:

  • The explanations which are given before the game starts and the immersion thanks to the settings.

😐 We like it less:

  • For its difficulty level (too easy for skilled players)

Bookings and further information (in French)


Escape room “Le Pharaon” – Rashomon Escape

26 Rue Breguet, 75011 Paris


You are fond of history and especially of Egyptian gods? Then you should try this escape room!

You have awakened Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, by breaking a seal in a temple. You must help him regain his strength in order to fight Seth, the desert god. To do so, you will have to look around, use your brain and solve riddles.

💰 Price:

  • €50 / person (2 players)
  • €36 / person (3 players)
  • €30 / person (4 players)
  • €27 / person (5 players)
  • €26 /person (6 players)

😍 We like it for:

  • its immersion in the history of Egyptian gods.

😐 We like it less for:

  • its difficulty level (a bit too easy for skilled players)

Bookings and further information (in French)


Escape room “Le Crime” – Rashomon Escape

26 Rue Breguet, 75011 Paris


Your wife is missing and she left behind a disturbing message that leads to… The Rashomon Hotel. You will have one hour to find her in this mysterious and quite unique place.

💰 Price:

  • €50 / person (2 players)
  • €36 / person (3 players)
  • €30 / person (4 players)
  • €27 / person (5 players)
  • €26 /person (6 players)

😍 We like it for:

  • Its atmosphere and the immersive settings

😐 We like it less:

  • For the fact that it is only for young adults and adults

Bookings and further information (in French)


Initiation to laser sword fighting

Gymnase Julie Vlasto, 8 passage Delessert, 75010

laser sword

Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or a atypical sports lover, you will love this activity.

Sports Saber Leagues offers an initiation to laser sword fighting to spend a funy yet athletic moment with your friends or family.

💰 Price:

  • €15 for the children group course
  • €20 for the adult group course

😍 We like it for:

  • It is possible to book private classes with fewer people
  • The activity is quite immersive

Bookings and further information (in French)


Take a quiz

9 rue Guénédaud, 75006 Paris

quiz room

Come and have fun with Quiz Room in the same atmosphere than a TV show.

Face your friends in a 3-rounds quiz about various subjects such as sport, music or cinema.

Personalize your experience by changing the questions’ difficulty and adding your own.

💰 Price:

  • €25/ person for a group up to 6 people
  • €22/ person for group up to 18 people

😍 We like it for:

  • The personalization options
  • The immersive atmosphere

Bookings and further information (in French)


Axe throwing

5 rue Stephenson, 75018 Paris

axe throwing

Wake your inner Viking with this exciting axe-throwing activity!

You’ll start the activity by training with an instructor before facing your friends. You will also be able to try other types of axes to have fun.

💰 Price: €61 for 1h (per targets – 3 people per target)

😍 We like it for:

  • The activity is secure with a security rules briefing
  • The projectile choice

Bookings and further information (in French)


Take a Stroll Around Paris

stroll around paris

Your birthday is the perfect occasion to take a stroll around Paris. You will find something to your liking.

For car lovers, visit Paris by 2CV or DS. If you prefer atypical activities, you will be able to visit Paris from the Seine by amphibian bus or even by hoverkart. Finally, for food lovers, let yourself get tempted by a food tasting visit.


In an Atypical Bar or Restaurant

Jungle Zone

33 rue des Lombards, 75001 Paris

jungle zone

Jungle Zone, is place than can be fully privatized and will make you travel while staying in the heart of Paris. The atmosphere is between equatorial forest, Caribbean beaches and Costa Rica jungle.

The space has fully changed and looks like a true cinema decor.

This place has been fully created to make you feel far from Paris. The grey weather stress and city life is over!

The areas of Jungle Zone can be fully privatized for groups (from 10 people up to as much as 120 people).

Jungle Zone takes care of everything : drink, food, homemade pizza, food boards… The sales department is there so that your event is a full success.

💰 Price: Between €18 and €25 per person

😍 We like it for:

  • Its awesome equatorial forest in the middle of Paris
  • It can welcome up to 120 people

Book one the evening packs or for more specific needs, you can contact the sales department (links in French)


The Ice Kube Bar

1 Passage Ruelle, 75018 Paris


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This cocktail bar guarantees an original experience at a -20°C room temperature.

This concept is unique and the decoration fits the theme.

💰 Price: €25 for a 25 minutes experience

😍 We like it for:

  • Its exceptional experience and the pretty pictures we can take in there.

😐 We like it less for:

  • The room size which is quite small and the menu is not great for non-drinkers



Le Sophomore

4 Rue Gambey 75011 Paris


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Le Sophomore is perfect if you wish to privatize a bar with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

This elegantly decorated and designed wine bar allows you to book a few tables if you have less than 30 people and the whole bar if you have more than that.

😍 We like it for

  • The affordable rates.

😐 We like it less for:

  • The place is quite small

Facebook page

⭐ Are you coming for a birthday, an evening with friends, or an event? Privatize or book a part or all of the establishment (In French)


La Mezcaleria

13 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris

Going across the Hotel 1K lobby, you will find this cocktail bar with an inventive concept which will take you for a trip to Mexico in a typical Mexican décor, in the heart of the Marais.

😍 We like it for:

  • The original menu

😐 We like it less for:

  • The fact that we have to go across a lobby and kitchens to get there.

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The Inside Bar

14 Rue Claude Tillier, 75012 Paris


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The Inside Bar is the perfect place for a birthday in a calm yet cheerful atmosphere where we can enjoy delicious and affordable cocktails during the Happy Hour until 10 pm.

The good atmosphere created by the DJ on weekends and the very attentive barman for your cocktail preparation promise a great night.

😍 We like it for:

  • The affordable prices: €5 cocktails

😐 We like it less for:

  • The noise in the room



  • 9 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris
  • 83 Rue Vaneau, 75007 Paris
  • 16 Rue des Halles, 75001 Paris
  • 34 Rue Legendre, 75017 Paris
  • 184 Rue de la Convention, 75015 Paris

You will find this Italian restaurant in the Latin Quarter here, mood, quality meals and affordable prices are all keywords.

This place is perfect if you want to celebrate your birthday in a friendly ambiance and a friendly service which might be in a small committee or for a bigger group, the restaurant can make adjustments to suit your preferences to organize a great and cheery meal.

You will be able to find simple and classic dishes which will always be tasty and served plentifully.

😍 We like it for:

  • The affordable prices and the many locations which means that we don’t have to run to the other side of the capital to eat

😐 We like it less for:

  • The relatively small room

Our tip: book your table ahead of time, especially if you are in a large group

Website (in French)


In a DIY Workshop

Bake a number cake

Number cake

In this two-hour workshop, Chloé will teach you the best cake-making techniques and recipes, then guide you as you bake your very own number cake.

The recipe changes a bit seasonally:

  • In the summer, red fruits will add the finishing touches to your dessert
  • In the winter, chocolate and hazelnuts will be important ingredients

You will not only leave this workshop with new insight into cake baking; you also get to take your delicious creation home to share with your friends and family!

💰 Price: €79/person for a two-hour workshop

Information and booking (site in French)


Brew your own beer

Beer fabrique

This workshop will teach you basic brewing and beer crafting techniques in a group setting.

The professional brewers at Beer Fabrique have condensed their knowledge into a detailed overview of the different stages of production. Tasting sessions during the course make learning even more pleasant!

You will get to try six types of beer and will go home with a three-pack of 33cl craft beers. You will also take home the 50cl bottle of craft beer that you brewed and bottled during the workshop.

💰 Price: €60/person for 2 hours and three 50cl bottles

Information and booking (site in French)


Make your own pastis

Make your own pastis

Make your very own “made in Paris” pastis!

After a quick overview of the history of pastis, Jérôme will introduce you to his tools and his workshop.

Under his expert supervision, you will select the plants that will go into your personalized pastis.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a pastis that is perfectly suited for your palate and your personality.

While you will have to complete the filtering process at home, Jérôme will give you detailed instructions based on your unique combination of ingredients.

💰 Price: €85/person for 2 hours and a liter bottle

Information and booking (site in French)


Make your own burrata and stracciatella

Burrata stracciatella

This workshop begins with an introduction to the committed approach of the cheese factory, followed by a brief presentation on the stages in the manufacturing process for kneaded-curd cheese.

Then it is time to start learning by doing! First, you will drain your curd cheese and cook it the first time. Next, you will shred it into small filaments before mixing it with the cream.

You will get to choose the flavors you want to add to your cheese before you cook it a second time. While it cooks, you will have time to prepare the tasty outside of the burrata.

The final step is shaping the balls. Since the balls need to be soaked in the brine for some time, you will have a few minutes to share a glass of wine and sample some Italian delicacies.

💰 Price: €55/person for 2 hours, your burrata and stracciatella in a pot.

Information and booking (site in French)


Make your own cocktails

41 rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris

cocktail making

Come and discover the secrets of making cocktails in this 2-hour long workshop. You will start the activity by discovering various types of alcohols.

Then, you will create four recipes with the help of a professional. You will choose the ingredients among 30 options.

Finally, you will taste and show off your recipes to the others.

💰 Price: €63.90 per person for a group of up to 13 people

😍 We like it for:

  • The great choice of ingredients and personalization options

Information and booking (link in French)