Comparison of 7 of the Best Dinner Cruises on the Seine River in Paris

Having dinner while going up the Seine is the perfect way to visit Paris without ruining the sole of your shoes. An incredible experience you’re definitely going to love. And since such a service can be qualified as exceptional and unique, many companies have decided to offer you their own version of a dinner cruise along the Seine. As such, here are the best dinner cruises, now, the choice is yours to make.


In Short

For all those in a hurry, here are the best dinner cruises in each category:

⭐️ Best Atmosphere for a Couple

  • Bateaux-Mouche: As you can reserve a perfect spot for an intimate moment with your partner, this restaurant just  had to be mentioned.
  • Yachts de Paris: With no more than 20 tables and a service which more than rivals starred restaurants, this cruise is made for intimate dates


⭐️ Best Cruise to Celebrate an Event

  • Bateaux-Mouche: Obviously, the intimate atmosphere is ideal for any intimate event -especially those including the word “yes”. But the main reason we put this here is because they also offer a set including a dinner and a seat for the Parisian cabaret: the Crazy Horse. Two different atmospheres which bring about two different kinds of celebrations.


⭐️ Best Summer Cruise

  • Vedettes du Pont Neuf: This boat as well has a simple -yet beautiful- patio which allows you to enjoy the warmth and light the season has to offer.


⭐️ Overall best restaurants

  • Yachts de Paris: No matter if we have to describe the atmosphere, the cuisine, the service or the comfort, this is simply perfect. The classiest of the classiest, the top of the top, the best of the best… what more is there to say? Nothing can compare to this starred floating restaurant.
  • Calife: As unexpected as this may seem, a second boat finds its place in this category. Through its good food, good atmosphere and nice vintage decorations, this restaurant fought for its place thanks to its great ambience and its lack of faults.


Now, here is the complete list of the best dinner cruises in Paris.



🌱 Vegetarian Friendly

Bateau Mouche
Credits: Francisco Anzola sous Creative Commons 2.0

The Bateaux-mouche is a 60-year-old company which initially designated boats bringing merchandise up and down the Seine. During the 1867 World Fair some of them started welcoming passengers on board. 

Through its enormous windows, Paris and its monuments are yours to admire. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral or even the Arc de Triomphe, nothing will prevent you from living a romantic moment.

Price: 105€ for the “Prestige” menu (aperitif, starter, main course, dessert, drink); €139 for the “Excellence” menu (window seat, aperitif, starter, main course, dessert, drink)

-> You can also enjoy special evenings:

New Year’s Eve: €430/person (band and singer)

– Christmas Eve dinner: 105€

We like:

  • the large bay windows
  • the €37 children’s menu
  • the music
  • the 2h15 tour at 20h30
  • the sophisticated atmosphere
  • the French cuisine

We don’t like:

  • the short 1h15 trip at 6pm preventing you from enjoying the meal and the city

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Bateaux Parisiens

🌱 Vegetarian Friendly

Bateau Parisien
Credits: David Monniaux / Wikipedia Commons sous Creative Commons 3.0

You can board the Bateaux Parisiens next to the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame. Their main point is their enormous glass panes offering a panoramic view of Paris.

Whether you’re on the Onyx, the Diamant II, or any other of their boats, the Bateaux Parisiens will serve you the most famous monuments in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides, the Louvre and many more on a silver platter.

Price: €89 to €119 depending on the time and location on board

-> You can also enjoy special evenings:

– July 14th: 159€ for the Excellence service (panoramic view)

New Year’s Eve: 430€/person

We like:

  • the fully glazed boats
  • French cuisine
  • the casual chic atmosphere
  • a children’s menu at €34.

We don’t like:

  • the short and early course from 1h15 to 18h15

>> Book your dinner cruise with Bateaux Parisiens <<


Paris Seine

🌱 Vegetarian Friendly

Marina de Paris

All 3 of the Marina’s boats will seduce you with their beautiful decorations. You’ll be able to taste delicious food while admiring Paris’ monuments.

Price: €85 to €165 depending on the selected schedule and menu.

We like:

  • the 9:15 pm trip to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated
  • the French cuisine
  • the children’s menu for €35
  • the vegetarian menu
  • a larger menu
  • the number of additional options

We don’t like:

  • the price for additional options
  • drinks not included in the €65 and €75 menus

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the Calife on the Seine

The Calife, whose personnel clearly seems to treat you as a pasha combines two opposite aspects: a both sumptuous and friendly atmosphere.

Whether it is the music, the decor and, obviously, the Parisian monuments to admire, you will definitely not be in want.

Price: Calife menu at 107€/adult (opening cocktail, starter, main course, dessert, vegetarian🌱 option), €45 (starter, main course dessert)

We like:

  • The music on the 1879 piano
  • The glass windows
  • The 1789 stained glass ceiling
  • A long, 2h00 cruise
  • The friendly atmosphere

We don’t like:

  • beverages are not included in the menu

>> Book your dinner cruise with Le Calife <<


Restaurant Ducasse sur Seine

Now you can enjoy the excellence of chef Alain Ducasse on the Seine. Since 2018 it is possible to take a (gastronomic) dinner cruise on board the Ducasse sur Seine.

Beyond a simple cruise, Alain Ducasse offers you a real experience on board an electric boat. A silent trip around the historical and remarkable sites of Paris.

Price: €150 for the 4-course menu (excluding drinks).

We like:

  • the silence of the boat
  • the beautiful 2-hour trip
  • the gastronomic cuisine

We don’t like:

  • drinks not included in the menu

>> Book your dinner cruise with Ducasse sur Seine <<


Vedettes du Pont Neuf

🌱 Vegetarian Friendly

vedettes du pont neuf on the seine
Credits: Joakim Westerlund / Wikipedia Commons sous Creative Commons 2.0

Initially founded in 1959 with no less than four boats, the Vedettes du Pont Neuf have been welcoming travelers who want to visit Paris in a tasteful atmosphere.

As such, under the lights of the Eiffel Tower and other famous monuments, you will be able to enjoy a meal worthy of French gastronomy

Price: €79 for the menu (excluding drinks): Earth Menu, Sea Menu, Vegetarian Menu

We like:

  • the terrace
  • the beautiful 2h00 trip
  • the French cuisine
  • Background music: French classics

We don’t like:

  • drinks not included in the menu

>> Book your dinner cruise with the Vedettes du Pont Neuf  <<


Yachts de Paris

Debilly port, 75016 Paris

Since 1991, Yachts de Paris allow you to discover the monuments of Paris in luxury.

They’re aiming for excellence.

The 7 yachts, all more splendid than the next, will welcome you in an elegant atmosphere but it is on the Don Juan II that you can have your dinner.

The cuisine, imagined by the starred-chef Frédéric Anton, is equivalent to a 3-star restaurant cuisine.

You can board from 7:45pm.

Price: €240 (drinks not included)

We like:

  • A long and sumptuous 3h15 journey
  • The extremely high-class atmosphere
  • The intimacy of the setting
  • The discreet musical atmosphere
  • The vegetarian menu
  • Top of the line comfort

We don’t like:

  • The price
  • Drinks not included in the menu

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Comparison table of the 7 dinner cruises offers:

Departure Times Duration Cuisine Menu Price
Bateaux-Mouches 20h30 2h15 French prestige menu: starter + main course + cheese + dessert + drink €37 €99
menu excellence: starter + main course + cheese + dessert + drink no €139
Bateaux Parisiens 18h15 1h15 French starter + main course + dessert + drink €34  €89
€119 (bay window)
20h30 2h15 starter + main course + dessert + drink no €205 (depending on placement and options)
Paris Seine 18h45 1h15 French starter + main course + dessert (without drink) €40 €85 + options
21h15 2h00 starter + main course + dessert (without drink) €100 + options
Le Calife 20h30 2h00 French Cruise menu: appetizer + main course + dessert (without drink) €45 €107
Restaurant Ducasse sur Seine 20h30 2h00 French 4-course gastronomic menu no €150
Vedettes du Pont Neuf 20h45 2h00 French starter + main course + dessert (without drink) no  €79
Yachts de Paris 19h45 3h15 French starter + main course + dessert no €240 + options + drinks