Top 6 Skydiving Centers Near Paris Compared in Detail

Do you have a need for adrenaline and fresh air? Whether you are interested in tandem skydiving or initiation skydiving for APF (Accompanied Progression In Fall), in this article you will find the best spots for skydiving that are less than four hours away from Paris (some of them are only two hours away!).


A note for beginners

➡️ Before you jump head first into choosing where to skydive, you need to decide what type of skydive will fit you the best:

  • Tandem skydiving is the most common type. It is done with two people with a monitor-wearer.
  • APF Initiation skydiving is a little less known. This skydive is done independently. Instructors will accompany you, but you will be on your own when it comes to your equipment. This generally requires a full day of theory beforehand.

Please note that it is possible to skydive solo without having done a tandem jump.


⚠️ Let’s also not forget that skydiving is an activity that has risks. There are a few conditions to be met before you can participate:

  • be older than 15
  • weigh less than 90 kilograms
  • be equipped with a medical certificate

Skydiving is also not recommended for people who are subject to heart or inner ear problems.


Now that you have this information in mind, it’s time for an overview of the best spots for skydiving less than four hours away from Paris!


Paris Jump

Distance: 2 hours 4 minutes away from Paris

Skydiving at Paris Jump

Paris Jump is probably the most complete center on this list.

Here, the desires of the client are given top priority.

Price List:

👫 Tandem: around €255 during the week and €280 on weekends

🙋 APF initiation skydiving (solo): €480 (note that a full day of theoretical training is included)

For photos and videos, several packages are available:

  • VIP Package: includes video footage and photos (150 pictures) taken by an external videographer. The price depends on the price of the skydive itself, but it is more than worth looking into when you know that you’re about to live an extraordinary experience (€215).
  • Simple Video Package: includes a video and a montage (€95).
  • Video + Photos Package: includes a video, 30 images, and a professional montage (€125).

Another positive thing: you can get to the airfield via TER from Paris Bercy (in 1 hour and 40 minutes) and get picked up by the team at the Vergigny – St Florentin train station. Just remember that this service must be planned beforehand.

About to jump off the plane at Paris Jump

The airfield also has a snack bar that allows both instructors and students to relax.

We love: the snack bar that allows you to wait for your jump in a nice environment.

Information and booking (site in French)


Gege Skydive

Distance: 1 hour and 58 minutes away from Paris

Skydiving at Gégé Skydive

While the parachute team of Gege Skydive is mainly located in Péronne, they also also have locations in Montargis, Royan, Arcachon, and Castelnau-Magnoac.

Eric “Gégé”, the owner of the drop zone in Péronne, has no reason to envy the birds: he has completed more than 7,000 skydives since 1993.

Gégé and his team know how to give you confidence for your baptism in the air.

Price List:

👫 Tandem: around €260 for one skydive on a weekday and €289 for one skydive on the weekend.

🙋 Initiation skydiving for PAC (solo): around €490 (this includes a full day of theoretical training and an analysis video of your skydive)

For photos and videos, Gege Skydive offers several different packages:

  • For a tandem skydive, you can choose between a Video Package for €130 and a VIP Video Package that includes an on-board video and skydive at €180.
  • the APF initiation (solo skydive) you can pick the USB Drive Package that includes a videographer and a personalized montage for €130 (you can receive a €5 discount if you bring your own USB drive).

Skydiving at Gégé Skydive

We love: the relaxing atmosphere and the quality of the images (they are Spielberg worthy!).

Information and booking (site in French)


Abeille Parachutisme

Distance: 2 hours and 42 minutes away from Paris


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Abeille Parachutisme has completed no less than 85,000 skydives in its 26 years of existence.

Well-known in the skydiving community, the team will give you all the keys you need to complete a skydive with confidence.

The organization owns two drop zones: one at Havre (2 hours and 42 minutes away from Paris) and another at Avranches (3 hours and 40 minutes away from Paris).

Price List:

👫 Tandem: €289 for one skydive on a weekday and €349 for one skydive during the weekend.

🙋 Initiation skydiving with APF (solo): this service isn’t available here.

The thing that makes Abeille Parachutisme stand out the most is without a doubt the Marriage Proposal Package, which includes all the elements of the VIP Package but adds a bunch of extra goodies and the option to attach a banner to the plane.

Like its competitors, it offers numerous photo and video packages:

  • On-Board Video Package: your skydive will be recorded by your carrier, who’ll be equipped with a GoPro on his wrist (€119)
  • On-Board Video and Photos Package: like in the previous package, your carrier will be equipped with a GoPro that will take both a video and pictures of your skydive (€149)
  • VIP Video Package: your carrier, equipped with a GoPro, will record everything from boarding the plane to landing AND a videographer will also record everything from beginning to end (€219)
  • Airplane Exit Photos Package: a camera attached to the wing of the plane will record your initial burst into the sky (€30)
  • Videographer Package: a videographer will record everything from beginning to end in HD (€149)

We love: the food corner available at Le Havre and the goodies (a T-shirt and diploma are offered as souvenirs).

Information and booking (site in French)



Distance: 2 hours away from Paris

Skydiving at 2Dive

2Dive has drop zones at Mans and La Flèche.

The closest drop zone to Paris is the one at Mans (plan around 2 hours for the road trip).

Price List:

👫 Tandem: around €285 for a tandem skydive over Mans.

🙋 APF initiation skydiving (solo): this service is not available.

Here are their photo and video options:

  • Video (OR Photos) Package: the Photos Package includes a pack of 500 photos that chronicle your dive from your equipment on the ground to your landing. The Video Package includes a video in Full HD from the beginning of your dive to the landing (€100).
  • Video and Photos Package: a combination of both of the above packages (€130)

Skydiving at 2Dive

This center is the perfect place to perform your first tandem skydive.

It offers the basic packages, and the prices are slightly lower than average.

We love: the quality of the images, which is really top-notch for the price.

Information and booking (site in French)


Abalone Parachutisme

Distance: 4 hours and 2 minutes away from Paris

It may be the farthest, but it’s without a doubt the most beautiful spot on the list. Abalone Parachutisme gives you the opportunity to skydive on top of Granville and Mount Saint Michel.

During the whole flight (30 minutes), you’ll have an unparalleled view of the Normandy beaches and the salt marshes of the Mount.

You and your instructor-carrier will have three to four minutes in the sky to admire the splendid setting from up close – almost as if you were looking at a postcard!

Price List:

👫 Tandem: around €293 for one skydive on a weekday and €316 during the weekend.

🙋 APF Initiation Skydive (solo): price available upon request (note that the training is done over two or three consecutive days).

Unfortunately, there is no videographer option here. The center does have several other options, however:

  • <Airplane Exit Package: a photo taken right at the moment you leap from the plane (€30)
  • Raw Video Formula: a video taken by your carrier with no editing (€80)
  • Photos OR Video Formula: you can choose between 300 photos or one edited video (€114)
  • All-Inclusive Formula: a video taken by your carrier (with editing) and 300 photos (€139)

This is the center you should choose if you want to mix adrenaline and stunning scenery.

We love: the beauty of the area.

Information and booking (site in French)


Fly Attitude

Distance: 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Paris

Skydiving at Fly Attitude

With a drop zone located in Montargis-Vimory, Fly Attitude is by far the center that is closest to the capital.

This spot may not be the most beautiful and the packages are rather limited, but if you are a beginner ready for your first skydiving session, this center will totally meet your expectations.

This team of professionals with 30 years of experience is composed of two skydiving enthusiasts who have completed no less than 7,000 skydives each.

Skydiving at Fly Attitude

Fly Attitude is a small, user-friendly, and welcoming center that knows how to train you and give you enough confidence to make this moment a magical one that you’ll never forget.

Price List:

👫 Tandem: around €260 for one skydive on a weekday and €295 during the weekend.

🙋 APF Initiation Skydive (solo): the center doesn’t offer this service.

There are no packages here, but a Dive and Video Pack (for €395) includes an edited video that will let you relive your experience from putting on your equipment to landing.

We love: the family-friendly and warm atmosphere of the center.

Information and booking (site in French)


Comparative table of the skydiving centers near Paris

Distance from Paris Tandem Skydive Price APF Dive Price Packages
Paris Jump 2 hours and 4 minutes (89600 Chéu)
  • €255 (weekdays)
  • €280 (weekend)
  • VIP Package (€215)
  • Simple Video Package (€95)
  • Video + Photos Package (€125)
Gege Skydive 1 hour and 58 minutes (80200 Monchy-Lagache)
  • €260 (weekdays)
  • €289 (weekend)
  • Video Package (€130)
  • VIP Video Package (€180)
  • USB Key Package (€130)
Abeille Parachutisme 2 hours and 42 minutes (76620 Le Havre)
  • €289 (weekdays)
  • €349 (weekend)
  • On-Board Video Package (€119)
  • On-Board Video and Photos Package (€149)
  • VIP Video Package (€219)
  • Airplane Exit Photos Package (€30)
  • Videographer Package (€149)
  • €285 (low-season)
  • €300 (high-season)
  • Video OR Photos Package (€100)
  • Video and Photos Package (€130)
Abalone Parachutisme 4 hours and 2 minutes (50290 Bréville-sur-Mer)
  • €293 (weekdays)
  • €316 (weekend)
On request
  • Airplane Exit Package (€30)
  • Raw Video Package (€80)
  • Photo OR Video Package (€114)
  • All-Inclusive Package (€139)
Fly Attitude 1 hour and 20 minutes (45700 Vimory)
  • €260 (weekdays)
  • €295 (weekend)
  • Video Package (€395)