Budget For a Trip to Disneyland Paris (Our Study)

Do you want to visit Disneyland Paris and are wondering if you can? To properly visit the park, a 3-day stay is recommended.

In this article, I present several types of budgets for each aspect of your stay: accommodation, food, activities, and transport, over the course of three days.


3 days (2 nights) at Disneyland Paris: Estimated total cost per person

Limited budget Average budget Luxury budget
Accommodation €50/night €200/night €700/night
Meals (3/day) €15/meal €25/meal €50/meal
Entry ticket 1 day
  • Ticket 1 park: €72
  • Ticket 2 parks: €97
  • Ticket 1 park: €72
  • Ticket 2 parks: €97
  • Ticket 1 park: €72
  • Ticket 2 parks: €97
Transportation (from Paris)
  • Car : €30 parking
  • RER: €7.60
  • Car: €30 parking
  • RER: €7.60
  • Car: €30 parking
  • RER: €7.60
Total/day About €130 About €380 About €950
Total/3 days About €300 About €830 About €2000


💡 Tip: You can sometimes benefit from preferential rates when you buy your tickets along with other activities (like a trip on the Seine).



disney castle paris

The prices of entrance tickets to Disneyland Paris vary significantly during the year.

For the 2023-2024 season, they vary from €52 for 1 day and 1 park visited (child) to €368 for 4 days and 2 parks visited (adult).

The price of the tickets is defined according to:

  • Age (free for children under three; child rates apply from 3 to 11 years old; adult 12 years and over)
  • Date of the visit
  • Number of days of visit
  • Accessible parks: Disneyland and/or Walt Disney Studio
  • Pricing period

⚠️ Be careful though, to watch shows you need an additional ticket.

💡 My advice: Prepare your stay in advance. Before booking your tickets, check the pricing periods to get them at the lowest price.



Disney village
Hotels on-site.


The Disneyland Paris Park has themed hotels. There are hotels on-site and nearby.

Here are some examples of these hotels and their average cost per night in high or low season for a double room:

High season Low season
Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel (in the park) €750 €339
Disney’s Newport Bay Club (in the park) €500 €195
Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch  (8 km away from the park) €350 €110
Au Lévrier de Chessy (8.6 km away from the park) €126 €94
Staycity Aparthotels (5.5 km away from the park) €230 €129
Elysée Val d’Europe Hotel (5.6 km away from the park) €230 €150
Ace Hotel (6.5 km away from the park) €150 €92
B&B Hôtel (6.3 km away from the park) €170 €74


⭐ Here are some hotels that I recommend:

👉 For the Top 10 Options to Sleep in or Around Disneyland Paris, check out this article.



There are plenty of Airbnb accommodation options.

The price range is quite wide and starts at €50.

You have the choice between a hostel, a private room in an accommodation, or an entire accommodation close to the park (on foot or by bus).

Here are some options to explore:



Disney snack castle



For breakfast, I advise you to opt for a bakery (if breakfast is not included in your accommodation).

Pastries (€1-3) and coffee (€2) will be cheaper and just as nutritious as a breakfast in a hotel at €10 or more.



Disneyland Paris Park offers a variety of lunch and dinner options.

I’ve put together a list of places with their prices so you know in advance what to expect.



Restaurants Price
Auberge de Cendrillon €95 adult menu / €50 child menu
Agrabah Café Restaurant €40 adult menu / €22 child menu
Captain Jack — Pirates’ Restaurant €45 adult menu / €25 child menu
Plaza Gardens €45 adult menu / €25 child menu (all-you-can-eat buffet)
Silver Spur Steakhouse €35-45 adult menu / €25 child menu
Walt’s  €55-75 adult menu / €30 child menu



Fast-food restaurants Price
Au Chalet de la Marionnette €15-17 adult menu / €9 child menu
Hyperion €15-20 adult menu / €9 child menu
Casey’s Corner €10-11
Cowboy Cookout €15-16 adult menu / €9 child menu
Fuente del Oro €7-12
Hakuna Matata €15-17 adult menu / €9 child menu



In this table you will find examples of typical snacks served in the park and their prices.

Snacks Price
Mickey Doughnut €4.50
Magic Ice Cream €5
Mickey Milkshake €6





If you come by car from Paris, you will drive about 40km (between 40 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on traffic). Count about  €6 of gas round-trip.

That said, parking costs €30 for the day.



For the train, you can take the RER A to its Marne-La-Vallée terminus which will cost you €7.60 for around 40 minutes.


My advice

  • Book your tickets and accommodation in advance to make it cheaper.
  • Buy your breakfast in a boulangerie.
  • If you are going to Disneyland with a particular attraction in mind, check to see if it will be available before booking your tickets.
  • Avoid high season; prefer mid-January to early March, or late August to late September.
  • Weekday visits are cheaper than weekends.
  • Enjoy “free” park activities. For example, even if you are not staying at Disney Animal Kingdom’s Lodge, you can still visit their zoos.


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