23 Bachelor Party Ideas in Paris for a 100% Fun Weekend

Your best friend/brother/cousin is getting married and you’ve decided to throw him a stag party (bachelor party) in Paris – but you want to get away from the traditional cliché of the biggest meat eater and a visit to the strip club. Here are a few ideas we carefully selected to help you organize a successful bachelor party in Paris.


Immersive theater and cocktails in prison

bar perpette
Prisoners enjoying their “special soup” behind bars…

Dive into the extraordinary with Perpette, the Parisian bar that transports you to a 1960s prison for an immersive theatrical experience.

Don your orange jumpsuit and join LA FOURMI, the Ace of Smuggling, for an extraordinary adventure.

Discover a hidden cocktail bar in this movie-like setting, where ‘special soups’ (cocktails) will be served throughout the experience.

Perfect for a bachelor/stag party, Perpette promises a memorable evening, combining theater, intrigue, and delicious cocktails.

Price: €49.50 per person.

Information and bookings (website in French)



A one-of-a-kind experience with your friends!

If you are not interested in gliding, maybe you will be more interested in falling!

The sports wind tunnel or free-fall simulator is an incredible activity for adrenaline lovers. Within a 14-meter high glass tube, you will have the impression of flying like during a parachute jump!

Price: From 69.90€ per person

Reservation & Information


Privatize a party bus

Party all night on this bus!

Want to party but don’t want to end up in a crowded discotheque?

The solution is to privatize a night bus.

Discover the city of lights by night (Paris By Night) on board an elegant bus, passing iconic sites such as the Concorde, the Champs-Élysées and the Eiffel Tower.

Choose from several attractive formulas, from Basic to Premium with karaoke, champagne, sweets and themed decoration.

Prices: from €390 / hour.

Information and reservations



Paintball is a classic activity in which you can be sure to have a good time with your friends.

The groom has already found the “victim” with whom he will spend the rest of his life, but for you, the hunting season has opened!

The groom will be lent a bunny costume to make sure that you do not miss him!

Average price: From €39 per person.

Reservation & Information (website in French)


Water Skiing on the Seine


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You know very well what the Seine looks like – you have walked along its banks, you have taken a tour on a tourist river boat, and maybe you have even eaten in a barge restaurant or had a private cruise.

What if you completed this list with a water ski or wakeboard lesson?

That is what the CN19 (in French only) (Nautical Center of the 19th district) and the SNCP (in French only) (Paris Water Skiing Club) offer.

The latter will even give you an apéritif for free. Go for it!

Average price: From €50 per person.


BAM Karaoke Box


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Immerse yourself in a reinvented karaoke experience with BAM, based on private karaoke rooms in Asia.

Whatever the size of your group, they’ve got room to suit, from the tropical BAM Parmentier to the Art Deco BAM Étoile. With a collaborative playlist of 25,000 songs, get ready for a personalized evening from the moment you arrive. Sip Signature Cocktails and share gourmet tapas in a crazy atmosphere.

Capture your performance on in-room video and enjoy flexible payment options.

At BAM, the ultimate karaoke chic awaits you!

Information and reservations


Festive tour of Mouffetard

A wild and wacky course right on the street!

Get ready for an unforgettable stag party in the heart of Rue Mouffetard, one of the most emblematic streets in Paris!

Immerse yourself in a crazy “FIESTA” with zany activities, from sumo wrestling to color battles, kebab making and vitamin-packed insect tasting.

Untie yourself from the pole in a flash, become the star bartender with delicious cocktails, take on your friends at beer pong, attract passers-by with fiery street karaoke, and test your musical knowledge in a blind test.

A special stag party program guarantees moments of sharing and unforgettable madness!

Price: from €49 per person.

Information and booking (website in French)


Beer Bike tour

Put your calves to the test (and your beer tolerance too).

Discover Paris in a unique way with a Beer Bike! This fun and friendly ride takes you through the capital’s iconic sites while enjoying a festive atmosphere with friends.

The Beer Bike accommodates 6 to 10 people, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable experience with a dedicated driver. You’ll be able to enjoy beer or champagne, in a convivial and … a bit sporty moment.

Opt for the 1h or 1h30 Crazy Bike Tour, exploring iconic landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées, and offering spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower.

You won’t have to pedal for 2 hours without a break – rest assured, you’ll be able to stand at your feet to take in the panorama.

Price: from €25 per person

Information and booking


Quiz Room

Share a crazy experience on this TV set!

Dive into the unique experience of Quiz Room, which reinvents the quiz for an entertaining and immersive adventure!

With settings inspired by the most famous game shows, this activity promises guaranteed fun, in the style of Burger Quiz. Rooms accommodate up to 18 players, offering three rounds, wild cards and signature questions for a thrilling competition.

Choose from six varied themes, making the game accessible to everyone, even the least expert in general knowledge. For a personalized touch, add customized questions for your stag party. An unforgettable experience where the pleasure of playing is guaranteed!

Price: from €24 per person.

Information and bookings (The website is in French but the activity is also available in English).

Survival training

Discover your inner adventurer!

The groom is an absolute fan of the TV shows Lost and The Last Survivor?

No need to audition for this survival training (in French only) of 2 days and one night under the stars!

You will learn hunting and gathering techniques as well as techniques for purifying water or making fires. Everything is done in a friendly and fun atmosphere. It’s a true inner adventure, with no filters or avoidances!

Price: €184 per person

Reservation & Information (website in French)




At Lac de Daumesnil, Bois de Boulogne or Bois de Vincennes, an adventure challenge awaits you.

Select from 10 (back-to-back race, cake race, balloon explosion, unusual rugby, egg crossing, etc.) and get ready for one or two hours of laughter!

Price: From €15 per person.

Reservation & Information (website in French)


Compose and distill your own gin

A large choice of aromas to create your own gin.

Since 2018, Bastien, Julien, and their team have been welcoming you to the heart of Paris, in one of the oldest addresses transformed into a distillery. Create your own gin while exploring the history and techniques of production, accompanied by tastings of cocktails and spirits between 6 and 12 people.

Guided by the team, compose your own gin with a group of 3 to 4 people, choose from around 30 organic botanicals, taste a signature cocktail, then bottle your creation.

Leave with a 200ml bottle of unique gin, a fusion of savoir-faire and gustatory pleasure.

Price: €65 per person.

Information and reservations (webpage in French but activity available in English)


Create your own artisanal rum

Every note counts in your personalized gin!

Explore the world of rum in this 2-hour workshop, designed for 6 to 10 participants aged 18 or over.

Start by tasting an authentic rum while learning the secrets of its ancestral manufacture. Discover the diversity of the world’s rums with over half a dozen tastings from different countries.

The final part of the workshop is dedicated to blending your own personalized rum, the heir to Navi’s award-winning rums. Thanks to Olivier’s expertise, you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge, unforgettable memories, and your very own refined 200 ml flask of rum.

Price: €85 per person.

Information and reservations (website and activity mainly in French)


Brew your own beer

Does your friend have the soul of a brewer? Then why not help him to make his dream come true by offering him a brewing session?

The workshop lasts 4 hours, you will learn the brewing techniques to be able to make your own beer, to your taste and to your image.

It is possible to brew about 20 types of beers (wheat, amber, pale ale, IPA, red, stout, etc.).

You will leave with 15 liters of beer of your own making after 2 weeks of fermentation.

Price: From €160 per duo.

Reservation & Information (webpage in French)


Laser Sword Class

If the groom is more a Star Wars fan than a nature lover, maybe a laser sword class will please him.

May the force be with you as you accomplish your first steps as a Jedi Knight.

Price:  €30 per person (1.5h).

Reservation & Information


The Party Barge

A unique way to party on the Seine.

Climb aboard Benjamin’s ‘Party Barge’ and admire the most beautiful monuments of Paris from the Seine (2-12 people).

See the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, the Louvre, Notre-Dame, and the Conciergerie in a new light while staying aboard an unusual boat in a festive atmosphere.

This boat is specially designed for partying on board, offering a unique and entertaining experience.

Ideal for a bachelor party with friends, this pontoon boat offers a refreshing alternative to ordinary motorboats.

Price: (for 2 hours) €430 for 1 to 6 passengers, €70 per passenger from 7 to 12.

Information and reservations


The Dark Dreams

Explore pure horror with “The Dark Dreams Paris”, a terrifying experience in Paris. Immerse yourself in a 1,200m² labyrinth, guided by costumed actors, where every nook and cranny hides the unthinkable.

Special effects and lighting effects create an eerie atmosphere for unforgettable moments of terror. Challenge the unknown with friends, but stick together, because horror can strike at any moment.

What better way to bury your single life than by burying yourself in the underworld of this immersive show, and who knows, maybe just bury your life here…

The team offers a stag party package for €69 per person.

Information and reservations (website in French)


Axe throwing

axe throwing
Feeling like a Viking!

If the groom is a bit stressed out as the wedding day approaches, take him to throw a few axes.

It is as efficient as a yoga class but way more fun!

Price: €57 per target, 3 people per target maximum, 1 hour.

Reservation & Information


Bubble Bump Football

bubble football
A fun way to play football!

Let’s remain in the fun sports area for a moment: have you ever heard of bubble bump football?

The concept of this game is very simple: it is like playing football (soccer) in teams of 4 or 5 people but with your upper body locked in a giant bubble.

The main difference with football (except for the bubble) is that bumping into other players is strongly recommended!

Price: €19 per person, 1h30.

Reservation & Information (website in French)


Introduction to Quidditch

muggle quiditch
Credits: Anton Bielousov / Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA

If the groom is a big fan of Harry Potter, why not offer him an initiation class for quidditch (in French only), the major sport in the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling.

Lessons take place in Vincennes, and the teachers are the Frogs, the 2014 Quidditch French Cup champions!

The only issue is that you cannot be more than four people for an initiation class, so it can be a good idea only if you plan on having a restricted group of friends on that day.

Lessons generally take place on Sunday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, but you can also call to ask for different hours.

Average price: €350 per group


Virtual Reality

vr stag party

Playing video games as a group can be fun, but not very festive nor original for this special day. But if it is what the groom loves most, why not try virtual reality?

Playing virtual reality (or VR) is like playing a video game except that you really are the character and you can interact as a group.

Price: €39 per person.

Reservation & Information (website in French)


Bicycle ride

paris bicycle

A bicycle ride around Paris, discovering its greatest monuments, will be perfect for a quieter stag party.

For 3 hours, walk along the banks of the Seine and discover Paris by pedaling along the water.


Price: €45 per person

Reservation & Information (website in French)

Electric Bicycle:

Price: €65 per person

Reservation & Information (website in French)


Commando training

For the most adventurous and sporty, you can do a commando internship at Xtreme Nature Bootcamp (French website).

Whether it is survival, hand-to-hand combat or a boot camp, come and test the groom during half-day sessions in a commando course (commando course involving water/mud, smoke, stretcher-bearing, ramping in the mud …) or in a commando bivouac course (commando course, building shelters to spend the night in the forest, initiation to survival, night orientation walk in the woods and breakfast offered).

A photo report is even offered at the end of the course to all participants.

Open to all, the internship includes a minimum of 8 people – enough to have a sports bachelor party!


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