TOP 15 Best Vintage & Second-Hand Clothes Shops in Paris

During the last few years, the vintage style has made a big come-back. Fashion style going from the beginning to the end of the 1900’s are taking over Paris’ streets. Nowadays, many clothes shops specialized in vintage clothing are opening, some offer copies of the last century’s most popular styles and others exhibit real fashion gems in second-hand shops. There is no better way to discover this new fashion trend than stepping inside some of the best vintage and second-hand clothes shops in Paris.

vintage shop paris



17 rue Moret, 75011 Paris

Credits : Casablanca

Hidden in a small street of the 11th district, Casablanca is a shop pre-war style lovers won’t want to miss.

Originally specialized in 30s fashion, this institution now offers clothes going up to the hippie years.

Here, you won’t find any real vintage clothing, but mass reproductions of suits and clothes going from the 30s to the 70s instead.

It is perfect to adopt a retro style without giving up on buying new pieces of clothes.

The shop also has its own vintage hairdresser to get your hair curled or have your beard styled in the same way as the last decades.

More information on the official website


Opulence Vintage

  • 107 rue Reaumur (75002)
  • 3 rue Jean du Bellay (75004)

opulence vintage

In its 2 shops at Opulence Vintage you will find a curated selection of vintage and preloved luxury items from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Dior always in really good condition.

You will find a large selection of 60’s Hermes bags as well as some vintage 90’s jewelry from Chanel.

Don’t forget to have a look at their Instagram (@opulencevintage) to keep updated on their new arrivals.

Website: Opulence Vintage


Célia Darling

5 rue Henry Monnier, 75005 Paris

Célia Darling
Credits : Célia Darling

Located in the middle of the 9th district, between bars and modern shops, you will find the little piece of paradise which is Célia Darling.

Behind this perfectly organized facade worthy of a big fashion house, discover vintage pieces brought back from all around the world.

Try out French and international fashion from the 50s to the 80s at affordable prices.

You can also find, here and there, some haute couture pieces at (slightly) cheap prices.

Célia Darling’s Instagram


Kiliwatch Paris

64 rue Tiquetonne, 75001 Paris

Credits : Kiliwatch Paris

Kiliwatch is one of the most famous vintage shops in Paris.

In more than 600m² you will find second-hand clothes, designer brands and even brand-new pieces.

Every month, a section of the shop will showcase a theme or a piece of clothing.

This urban concept store is organized in such a way that you won’t even be able to guess what it is really about.

Enjoy wandering along its many aisles and sections looking for the piece of clothing of your dreams.

Kiliwatch is the perfect place for everyone and every budget.

More information on the official website (website in French)


Thanx God I’m a VIP

12 rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris

Thanx God I’m a VIP
Credits: Thanx God I’m a VIP

After having recently been expanded, Thanx God I’m a VIP is one of the biggest names in Parisian vintage shops.

Held by two of the most famous 90s event organizers, this shop is overflowing with pieces of clothing each more beautiful than the other.

You will find retro clothes coming from all around the world for both men and women.

This institution also has a big showroom of more than 400m², welcoming exhibits and fashion shows, as well as a tea salon in the middle of the shop where you can come and enjoy a coffee between two fittings.

More information on Thanx God I’m a VIP (website in French)


Mamie Blues

69 rue Marguerite de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris

Mamie Blues is a vintage clothes shop located in the 9th district and spread across three different floors.

The staff is constantly looking for the best jewelry, clothes, shoes and accessories dating from the 20s to the 80s.

The shop offers the possibility to rent some clothes or suits for dress-up parties as well as the chance to ask for custom-made clothes to be perfectly in style.

More information on Mamie Vintage (website in French)


Kilo Shop

69-71 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris
10 rue Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris
125 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

Originating in the UK, Kilo Shop, and its three shops in Paris is a second-hand clothes chain with an original concept.

In this XXL warehouse, clothes are tagged using three different colors. Make your pick and weigh your bag.

One color equals one price per kilo.

You will find anything going from very recent pieces of clothing to older ones at all prices.

A must-see for any vintage (or discounts) lover.

Kilo Shop’s website


Noir Kennedy

22 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris

With a name like that of a British rock band, Noir Kennedy will take you back to the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Here, most of the pieces you find are second-hand and have a very rock’n’roll feeling.

Leather jackets, studded boots, punk clothes from the 80s are all on display.

Tie your bandana, climb on your motorbike and drive to this shop located in the Marais.

Noir Kennedy’s website (website in French)


Retro Chic

57 rue Condorcet, 75005 Paris

Located only a few streets away from Célia Darling, you will find this temple of high-end vintage fashion.

Here, you can find various pieces such as signed Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent and more.

In addition to pieces coming from the 50s and 80s, this institution also offers “recycled” clothes; meaning new clothes made out with fabrics and leather taken from old vintage pieces.

The owner of the shop is passionate and also regularly organizes the very popular Marché Rétro d’Oberkampf (Retro Market of Oberkampf).

Retro Chic’s Facebook page



  • 52 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris
  • 61 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris
  • 20 rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris
  • 66 rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Paris
  • 51 rue Saint-Denis, 75001 Paris


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Une publication partagée par FREE’P’STAR (@freepstar_officiel)

Free’P’Star has a lot of vintage pieces among its five stores. It’s one of the cheapest second-hand stores in Paris and you can find anything there: clothes, shoes, accessories, both for men and women.

On top of their cheap-priced items, you can also find a “1€ tray” where you can find exceptional treasures.

Free’P’Star’s website (in French)


BIS Boutique Solidaire

  • 7 boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris
  • 19 rue Lamartine, 75009 Paris
  • 96 rue St Charles, 75015 Paris

Created by a man who’s passionate about fashion, Bis Boutique Solidaire has some second-hand luxury items to offer, in a boutique that looks like a high-end fashion store.

Managed by an organization, this second-hand store is both a way to reuse clothes and reinvent fashion, but also a way to do an act of solidarity. The clothes are bought from organizations helping people to fund their projects.

The clothes that can’t be sold as they are will be recycled to avoid producing more waste.

Bis Boutique Solidaire’s website (in French)


Urban Vintage Paris

50 rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75011 Paris

Urban Vintage is a second-hand store focusing on fashion from the 80s and 90s. Everything is carefully chosen and organized by theme. There is something for everyone there, no matter what your style or tastes are.

Cynthia, the founder of Urban Vintage Paris, created a place where people can meet and where fashion connects all kinds of people.

Urban Vintage Paris website (in French)


Brut – Vintage Archives

3 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris


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Une publication partagée par Brut Clothing (@brut_archives)

Brut is a second-hand store created by the funder of Brut Clothing, a brand for men.

There are a lot of US-style clothes: military clothes from the US army, varsity jackets, vintage Levis jeans, etc…

The store will make feel like you travel time from the 50s to the 90s.

Website for Brut Vintage



61 rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris

L’obscur is a second-hand store specialized in luxury items, carefully chosen.

You can find designer pieces and luxury clothes for all styles, at a cheap(er) price, for men and women.

You can also get a bubble tea while shopping there.

L’obscur’s website (in French)



35 and 56 rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris

Adöm is a second-hand store owned by two siblings, Rebecca and Mickaël, who both have a sharpened fashion sense.

Everything there is at a low price, but it’s also a well-organized store. Unlike most second-hand stores, everything is easy to find.

Adöm is made of two stores: one for men and one for women. Everyone can find what they are looking for!

Adöm’s Facebook Page