Bike-Sharing Services in Paris: My Full Comparison

🚲 The use of bicycle sharing systems in Paris has shot up the last few years thanks to the many bicycle paths now set up in the capital. Many start-ups emerged but only a few are still on the market today. I compared the bike sharing systems still working in the capital for you.

You may already know Vélib’, the most famous bicycle sharing system in Paris, that is why it is NOT included in this article.

Self-service shared bikes in Paris, this is what I talk about in this article!


Bicycle sharing systems in Paris



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Une publication partagée par Lime (@lime)

Lime is an American company well fitted in the French capital which has plenty of electric bikes everywhere inside Paris.

Lime bicycles are perfect after a shopping spree since they have baskets in the front to put your belongings and a light in the front and in the back for a safe ride. Their color, white and green, makes them easily recognizable in the streets.





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Une publication partagée par Dott (@ridedott)

Dott is a Dutch company that encourages you to use electric bikes in Paris instead of other means of transport. It has the ambition to overcome Lime by offering more sustainable bikes.

For now, Dott offers bikes with a better autonomy than Lime (+10 kilometers of autonomy) but prices remain the same for both companies. The start-up would like to extend its services to the Parisian suburbs in the future.





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Une publication partagée par Vélos ⚡️ partagés (@zoov_eu)

Zoov offers elegant blue and black bikes with great autonomy for cheap prices and without any unlocking fees to pay.

The drawback of this company is that their services are only available in Paris-Saclay (an area that includes cities like Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, Bourg-la-Reine, Massy, Palaiseau, Orsay, Antony etc). It does not concern internal Paris. There are about a hundred bikes in the area.

There is a mentoring system to get discounts on your fares so do not hesitate to invite your friends on the app.





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Une publication partagée par pony (@getapony)

You will love these blue and purple bikes for their low prices defying all competition.

The company encourages you to use the bicycle paths along the metro lines 1 and 13 with a fixed price in the area, because the company parks and recharges its bikes there. If you really enjoy the bikes, you can even buy one.

The little drawback of Pony is that you must send a photo of your bike parked or pay a fine. Pay a €25 deposit when you create your account on the app.





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Une publication partagée par Véligo Location (@veligo_loc)

These bikes are turquoise blue and black and are available in Paris.

The Véligo Location service operates with a rental system for a minimum period of six months from the date of delivery of the bike.

The rental price varies between €20 and €40 per month depending on the model you wish to rent, with maintenance and assistance included.

Simply register on the website or download their application.

You can renew your subscription after 3 months of use.





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Une publication partagée par TIER Mobility (@tier.mobility)

These turquoise electric bikes are safe in addition to being beautiful! Indeed, Tier bikes are designed not to fall.

To use them, you will have to pay €1 to unlock, and then the price will be €0.23 per minute of use, or €13/hour.

They also offer an offer of €29.99 per month with 300 minutes included, or 5 hours of riding.

The battery goes up to 80 km of autonomy, which is more than all other rental bikes.





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Une publication partagée par @motto.ride

Motto only offers e-bikes on a subscription basis, so it won’t suit you if you’re just visiting the capital.

The subscription costs €79 per month and includes breakage and theft insurance, as well as an ultra-efficient repair system (less than 48 hours).

The design is also very modern and very beautiful, all the bikes are entirely matte black.

To get a Motto, simply download the app or go to the website.



Comparison table of the bikes’ features

All bikes are electrically assisted ones and do not exceed 25 km/h.

Autonomy Parking Where to use and park Additional information
Lime 30 km Free-floating, anywhere you want Inside Paris Plenty of bikes in the capital
Dott 40 km Specific area (see the app) Inside Paris Only a few bikes
Zoov 40 km Station to recharge or free-floating Paris-Saclay (south-west of Paris) Mentoring system to get discounts
Véligo 70 km Station to recharge or free-floating Inside Paris You are responsible of your own bike.
Tier 80 km Station to recharge or free-floating Inside Paris /
Motto 60 km Station to recharge or free-floating Inside Paris You are responsible of your own bike.
Pony 30 km
  • Along the metro lines 1 and 13 (Velopolitain paths) for a special price.
  • Or specific area shown on the map (pink logo on the app)
Inside Paris
  • A €25 deposit to give when you create your account. If you wish to delete the app, you can get it back (see the app settings)
  • Possibility to lock and unlock the bike to use it again without paying extra cash.
  • Photo of your bike parked to send after each fare (if you park in the wrong place, you will have to pay €25)


Comparison table of prices

Unlocking fee Price per minute Contract Further information
Lime €1 €0.23
  • Ride pass 24h: unlimited unlocking, booking and fare for €9.99 (for fares of 30 minutes maximum)
  • Ride pass 1 month: unlimited unlocking, booking and fare for €19.99 (for fares of 30 minutes maximum)
Free for the first ten minutes, then you pay the price per minute.
Dott €1 €0.23 / /
Zoov none €0.20 / /
Véligo none / Between €20 and €40 per me depending on the model chosen. There are 4 different types of models.
  • Commitment of minimum 6 months for rental per month.
  • Breakage and maintenance insurance included.
Tier €1 €0.23 €29.99 per month for 300 minutes, or 5 hours of riding. /
Motto none / €79 per month.
  • Breakage and theft insurance included.
  • Repair or replacement system (less than 48 hours.)
Pony Starts at €0.34 Starts at €0.07
  • €2.99 for 3 months to pay no unlocking fees anymore
  • €4 for free unlimited fares for 24 hours
  • €8.50 (instead of €19) for free unlimited fares for a month
  • Rent a bike for the whole day for €7 per day.
  • Vélopolitain price (if you cycle along the metro lines 1 and 13): fixed price for the first 20 minutes, after that it is the regular price per minute.


Velib or Bicycle Sharing?

In comparison, a 45-minute fare with a Vélib’ electric or regular bike costs €3 (with a temporary pass and no subscription). It costs even less with a subscription.

Knowing that most companies I talked about ask for €0.23 per minute, it means a 45-minute fare costs €10.

It is more advantageous to take a Vélib’ if you want to cycle for a long time, and if not, you should get a bike from the other companies (Pony, Zoov, Dott or Lime) because you will save up more.

If you are not used to cycling, you should get an electrically assisted bike rather than a regular one. Moreover, every company (except Pony) is deposit-free, unlike Vélib’.


How do shared bicycles work?

Shared bicycles are waiting for you in the streets!

How to use a bike?

Application Dott
Dott App

It is pretty simple: you download the app of the company (Lime, Dott, Zoov or Pony, available on every smartphone), you create an account and save a payment method.

When it is done, you can book any bike on the app and get it where it is parked or you can scan the QR code of a bike in front of you. After that, it is yours! 🙂


What are the prerequisites?

You need a smartphone and an internet connection of course, but you also need to create an account on the app, add a payment method (Paypal, credit card etc.) and turn on your Bluetooth and your GPS tracking.

You must know the Highway Code and respect it, and be more than 18 years old.

Tourists can use bikes as long as they are over 18.


Can I book a bike for an entire day?

It depends on the companies. With Lime and Pony, you can book a bike for the day for unlimited fares at a fixed price.


Where can I find a shared bicycle?

Use the apps and look at the map to find a bike close to your location. The bike can be parked in a specific spot (with a road marking), in a station with other bikes or anywhere in the streets (free-floating).


Where do I park my bicycle when I do not need it anymore?

It depends on the company. Sometimes you have to bring it to a station (to recharge it), to a specific spot or you can leave it where you want. Please do not leave it in the way on the pavements. I will talk about that in detail in the next answer.

Furthermore, you need to leave the bicycle in the area of service. If you leave it outside, extra fees will be debited from your account (up to €30).


Are there any rules for shared bicycles?

Yes, there are. The city council took measures for the use of shared bicycles.

First, you must respect the Highway Code, which means you will respect the traffic flow direction, the rights of way, the traffic lights and you will not drive on pavements.

You can park your bike on pavements if it does not disturb pedestrian flow, especially for people with reduced mobility. There must be 1.40 meters large free for a smooth flow on pavements.

If you would like to know more about the measures taken by the city council, read the charter (in French only).


Do I need a driving license?

No, since no bikes exceed 25 km/h. You only need to know the Highway Code and follow it.


Do I need to wear a helmet on shared bicycles?

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory (and not provided anyway) because you are not considered a cyclist when you use a shared bicycle, but a user of a means of transport.

However, I strongly advise you to wear one for your security.


How do I know if the bicycle has enough battery?

Application Zoov
Zoov App

Do not worry: you can see how much battery the bike has on the app (for instance: 25 km left).

Moreover, you can tell the app where you are and where you want to go to compare the kilometers left with the kilometers you want to do.

If the bike does not have enough battery, please find another one. Bikes get recharged on a regular basis so that you will always find one with enough battery.


What do I do if I have a problem with my bike?

Please contact the customer service on the apps. A team will help you, and if necessary, will come to repair the bike (please stay in the service area shown on the app).


What should I do if someone stole the bike?

You are responsible for the bike when you unlock it. If it was stolen when you were still using it, you will have to pay a certain amount (see with customer service). If you locked the bike and finished the fare, then you are not responsible for this theft.


I had an accident with the bike… What should I do?

I hope you are alright. Bikes are insured, so if you were not responsible for the accident, you have nothing to fear.

There is no bike where there should be one, according to the map.

Please contact customer service to let them know of any problem with the bikes.


The bike’s battery is dead. What should I do?

If you can still use it a bit, please leave it in a station where it can recharge. If there is no station, finish your fare on the app and take another bike if you are not at your final destination.

The teams will come to recharge bikes when it is necessary.


What are the advantages of using those bikes instead of Vélib’s bikes?

Shared bikes are cheaper than Vélib’s for small fares. Moreover, you will not have any deposit to pay (except with Pony).


If you rather rent a bike directly from a store in Paris for half a day or a day, then do not hesitate to check my article The best bike rental stores in Paris compared.

Note: As of September 1, 2023, shared electric scooters have been removed in Paris.