14 Restaurants Recommended for Groups (6+ People) in Paris

It is not easy to find a restaurant in Paris when you are in a group. Fortunately, we are here to give you a hand! It doesn’t matter if you are in a group of 6, 12, 20, 40, 50 or more, you will find the perfect place for you in one of these restaurants. They are the best so we promise you won’t have to give up on the flavor!

In a hurry? Here are my top picks:


Here is a map to locate the restaurants of my list:



1) Alimento

9 rue de Pontoise 75005 Paris

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Between colleagues or friends, Alimento is THE place to spend an evening. You’ll be taken directly to Rome and its beautiful pizzas.

Once it’s aperitif time, warm up the atmosphere with a glass of prosecco and a soft focaccia accompanied by piatti piccoli, unless you prefer to settle down to start your dinner.

As a starter, there are piatti (plates to share), octopus carpaccios accompanied by citrus fruits, or a nice plate of greenery (zucchini, aubergines and grilled artichokes). The pizzas are clearly a must in this restaurant: made with Italian Molino Spadoni flour, which the chef leaves to rise for 3 days. And if you prefer pasta, let yourself be tempted by the spaghetti carbonara—the real Italian recipe.

With its capacity of about forty people, this restaurant is perfect for private or professional events.

Price: €9 for appetizers, €18 for pasta, €16 for pizzas and €8 for desserts

Website (in French)

⭐ Are you coming for a birthday, an afterwork or an event? Privatize or book part or all of the establishment (up to 20 people).


2) Pratolina

11 bd. Bonne Nouvelle 75002 Paris

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In this restaurant, Tuscany and its products are on the forefront. You can eat pizzas surrounded by Florentine wallpaper. 100 seats are divided between the first floor—with a large pizza oven— and the second floor, a classy ancient ballroom.

On the menu you will find the usual antipasti, pasta, risotto… traditional, sure, but delicious, just as the tuscanian fougasse (rosemary and salt flower), the tomato tuscanian soup with bread, the artichoke risotto, etc.

About those 100 seats, you can book some tables for a “relatively” small group or a closed space on the second floor that can hold 50 people or more for a big festa.

Price: €11 for appetizers, €20 for pasta, €17 for pizzas and €10 for desserts

Website (in French)

⭐ Are you coming for a birthday, an afterwork or an event? Privatize or book part or all of the establishment (100 people downstairs and up to 60 people upstairs).


3) Maïz

54 rue d’Argout, 75002 Paris

maiz paris
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If you’ve never tasted Venezuelan cuisine, come to Maïz. Stop by this place and try their incredible tapas. Maïz welcomes you, in the company of your friends, your family or your colleagues.

Adorned with a nice decoration in a perfect combination of yellow and green, this restaurant is known for its South American specialties. Besides that, it offers two rooms for an unforgettable reception.

This exceptional place can fit up to 40 people and has an internet connection. During your birthday party, dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs.

Price: €12 per tapas (recommended 2 per person) and €8 for desserts

Website (in French)

⭐ Are you coming for a birthday, an afterwork or an event? Privatize or book part or all of the establishment (up to 40 people).


4) Le Monteverdi

5 Rue Guisarde, 75006 Paris

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Monteverdi is the kind of restaurant that will make your guests’ eyes sparkle. The chic décor, with its leather armchairs, antique books, wooden furniture, etc., gives the place a smoking room atmosphere that will appeal to history buffs.

The Monteverdi offers refined and authentic Italian cuisine that will delight its guests.

The two private lounges available – the business lounge and the lounge with the fireplace – can accommodate between 16 and 25 people.

Prices: from €45 to €60  for the group menus, and 40 € for the cocktail reception


⭐ Are you coming as a group for a birthday or any other event? Privatize part of the restaurant or the whole restaurant (from a few tables up to 100 people, Piano Room up to 30 people, Fireplace Room up to 10 people, and Curiosity Room up to 35 people).


5) Brasserie Barbès

2 Boulevard Barbès 75018 Paris

restaurant barbès
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The urban landscape embellishes the restaurant because you can sip on a drink or have a bite while watching the aerial metro through the windows or on the patio.

You have to try each of the 4 floors (they can be privatized at any time of day or night) to understand the many facets of the establishment. Lunch is varied with classic dishes like tartars or fillets, as well as more original ones like a citrus and goat cheese salad for the summer season.

And for the evening, each floor has its own use: bistro, dancefloor, rooftop.

In short, first you can enjoy good food, dance to digest, before relaxing while looking at the sky—an unforgettable evening!

Price: €8 for appetizers, €17 for mains, €13 for snacks and €7 for desserts

Website (in French)

Privatize or book part or all of the establishment (restaurant for 60 people, rooftop for 40 people, patio for 60 people, and ground floor for up to 100 people)


6) Rôtisserie Coquin

119 rue des Amandiers 75020, Paris

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This restaurant offers contemporary cuisine with Mediterranean accents as well as a wide variety of French meats cooked on the spits of the rotisserie, the centerpiece of the house.

Coquin offers a continuous-service menu, accompanied by a wide selection of wines. Here, everything revolves around French meats prepared on the restaurant’s spits.

On the menu, you can find the classics of French cuisine as well as Mediterranean dishes such as oven-roasted eggplant. A nice variety of meat is offered, such as Norman chicken leg, roast of the week or even pork ribs. All accompanied by the vegetables of your choice: salad, potatoes, mashed potatoes… there’s something for everyone.

The establishment has 2 rooms. The first room, the cocktail bar, can accommodate up to 40 people. The second—called the “Salle Coquin”—has a capacity of up to 70 people.

Price: €4 for appetizers, €12 for mains and €5 for desserts

Website (in French)


7) Le BB

8 rue Pierre Sémard 75009 Paris

bb restaurant
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Every object comes from antique stores, which gives it a really unique vibe. From the flower-patterned couch to the wooden bar and its marble top, including its ancient tiled floor, the place truly has an identity.

In terms of cuisine, from sea bream risotto to broths of all kinds, including semi-cooked sea bass carpaccio and pan-fried veal liver, you’ll enjoy the chef Maxime Beauvais’ delicious dishes.

Let’s not forget its fabulous vinyl corner full of surprises. The two DJs sure know how to impress you, so get ready to push the tables aside and dance to their mix.

You can book a few tables and enjoy a Happy Hour from 6 to 8 pm. Whether you’re coming for a night out with friends, a birthday, or an afterwork, this place (that can hold up to 50 people) is perfect for all of these options.

Price: €11 for appetizers, €25 for mains (€17 for the dish of the day) and €10 for desserts

Website (in French)

⭐ Are you coming for a birthday, an afterwork or an event? Privatize or book part or all of the establishment (up to 100 people).


8) Le Pollop

15, rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris

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Running the length of the beautiful counter, there’s a second room with higher ceilings and a lot of books on the walls. There is also a mezzanine, separated from the rest of the restaurant by a window, which is ideal for a private party between friends or colleagues.

The chef’s cuisine is inspired by Asian cuisine. On the menu, you will find a carrot velouté with ginger, miso cod with wakame seaweed or pork tenderloin with herbs, served with black rice and a strong yuzu juice.

For your private parties, between friends or with family, for a business or team dinner, the mezzanine is a great option.

Price: €34 for the diner menu

Website (in French)


9) L’Alsacien

9 rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris

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Want to taste the famous Alsatian atmosphere? You have found the right address!

At L’Alsacien, good mood and good food are the order of the day. In addition to a very welcoming staff, you will be able to eat delicious typical Alsatian flambé flamenkeuchs.

Two rooms are at your disposal to organize your events. The lower one has a dance floor, a beer-pong table and a karaoke. The upper one can accommodate much larger groups.

Both rooms are equipped with a self-serve beer dispenser that will enable you to drink as much as you want. Isn’t life great?

Price: group menu at 15,50 €.

Website (in French)

⭐ Are you coming as a group for a birthday or any other event? Privatize part of the restaurant or the whole restaurant (up to 40 or 60 people).


10) Alcazar

62 Rue Mazarine, 6th district

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The sophisticated and modern cuisine of this restaurant is ideal for everybody: you will find not only traditional dishes, but also international ones.

There is even a choice for those who are vegetarians or vegans.

On Sunday, come and enjoy the generous brunch of Guinguette d’Angèle.

The elegant and natural atmosphere will delight you: the restaurant is located under a glass roof and its decor is inspired by the jungle; nothing better to enjoy your meal!

However, the Alcazar is not only about food: from Thursday to Saturday you can come become a clubber in its mezzanines to the rhythm of a trendy musical program (the program changes every week, and you can find it on the Alcazar’s official website).

This is the perfect place for your birthday parties, after-work, and other group events.

Price: menus between €37 and €44


⭐ Are you coming as a group for a birthday or any other event? Privatize part of the restaurant or the whole restaurant (up to 500 people).


11) Septime

80 Rue de Charonne, 11th district


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In this restaurant with a slightly raw decor (wooden chairs and tables, iron stairs and columns, etc.), chef Bertrand Grébaut, who learned from Alain Passard, welcomes you.

Its sophisticated cuisine will introduce you to unexplored associations of flavors, such as the pea pod sorbet. In terms dish presentation, it is quite simple and focused on the produce.

In fact, most of the produce comes from local producers. Due to the high quality of the dishes served in this restaurant, it is very popular and the booking list is quite long, so if you want to enjoy a delicious meal in this fantastic restaurant, book in advance.

Besides, there is an “open” menu, divided into many sections, that is based on the creativity of the chef, so just trust him and taste it!

For groups, there is the guests table that is big enough for 10 people.

Price: from €65 to €110 for the “open” menus



12) Mio Posto

24 Rue Keller, 11th district


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Italy – what a beautiful country!

There will be no unpleasant surprises in this Italian bar-restaurant: fresh homemade pasta, delicious firewood oven-cooked pizzas made by real Neapolitan pizzaiolos and cheeses that come directly from Italy.

Simply by looking at the long menu, your mouth will already be watering and you will want to try everything! But don’t worry, whatever you order, you won’t be disappointed, the flavors are so authentic that you’ll feel like you are in Italy.

But what about groups? Well, everybody wants the big table, but it is not as easy as it seems; you need to earn it, and to do so everybody should arrive on time and order not only a drink but also something to eat. That’s the price to pay for an Italian culinary experience as a group…

Price: Cocktails €10, pasta €15, pizzas around €16



13) Beurre Noisette

68 Rue Vasco de Gama, 15th district

The Beurre Noisette is a welcoming bistronomic restaurant operated by chef Thierry Blanqui. As soon as you arrive, the staff will offer you some bites as a welcome. The menu changes all the time depending on the season.

Even though it serves sophisticated cuisine, it remains a classic bistro with its classic dishes (rabbit terrine, pork belly, cod back, etc.).

In short, it is a chic restaurant, but not a sumptuous one, with good value for money.

Groups are more than welcome in one of the small private rooms with their black and white tiles and their bottle crates.

Price: lunch menu between €28 and €36, dinner menu between €45 and €60

Website (in French)


14) Carboni’s

45 Rue de Poitou, 3rd district


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Here, Italy is at the heart of the experience. In fact, this is the concept of the restaurant, specializing in Italian dishes. Its friendly atmosphere and chic decoration will remind you of fancy restaurants: scraped walls, old leather banquettes, marble tables and hanging plants.

The restaurant can welcome groups of up to 10 people. Beyond this number, you’ll have to privatize the restaurant. Moreover, a special menu has been created for groups.

The menu may change depending on the season and the available produce, but in general, it is composed of signature dishes from refined Italian cuisine.

And if after your meal you want to continue the party, don’t worry – just go to the cocktail bar located in the basement. It is open until 2:00 am.

Price: €70 per person