13 Most Popular Traditional French Salads

Salads have a place of choice among the plethora of traditional French dishes. As they are easy to make and can come up in virtually any combination of ingredients, it’s no wonder nearly each part of France has its own version. If you like food, or just wish to know a little bit more about French gastronomy, go on and learn about our numerous typical salad recipes.


1. The Parisian salad

Parisian salad
Credits: Yuko Honda under CC BY-SA 2.0

It is to French salads what a ham-and-butter sandwich is to its kind: an absolute classic.

It is also easy to prepare: take a bit of green salad, diced Swiss cheese, a bit of ham, one or two hard-boiled eggs and some bread croutons, and you have a healthy and delicious salad.

Example of Parisian salad recipe


2. Seafood salad

Seafood salad

As the name says, this salad may use several kinds of seafood which are easily cultivated or fished in France.

This salad with a green salad base generally includes bell peppers and shrimps, and may also be completed with either mussels, salmon or any other seafood.

Example of Seafood salad recipe


3. The “niçoise” salad

niçoise salad

This salad, which comes from southeastern France, is generally made with specific ingredients, which act as reminders of the typical southern sun and wind.

Green bell peppers, olives, artichokes and tuna (or anchovies) are often used in addition to the usual green salad, tomatoes and eggs base to make up a sunny dish.

Example of niçoise salad recipe


4. The “landaise” salad

Landaise salad
Credits: Arnaud 25 under CC0 1.0

The “landaise” salad, with a green salad, tomatoes and cucumber base, owes its specificity to the few ingredients served warm with it, that is duck breast fillet and gizzards.

Add a few asparagus for an original and tasty dish, and if you so wish, some sauteed potatoes and/or croutons to give it a nice crunchy touch. It is also not uncommon to add some foie gras for extra flavor!

Example of landaise salad recipe


5. The “franc-comtoise” salad

franc-comtoise salad
Credits: Arnaud 25 under CC BY-SA 4.0

This salad showcases a mix of charcuterie and cheese typical in the Franche-Comté region.

Green salad and browned potatoes act as base for smoked ham (or alternatively lardons), some Morteau sausage and Comté cheese, resulting in a delicious and nourishing harmony.

Example of franc-comtoise salad recipe


6. The “lyonnaise” salad

lyonnaise salad
Credits: Danielle Fenske under CC BY 2.0

This salad originating from the city of Lyon is recognizable due to its use of poached eggs instead of hard-boiled eggs during its preparation and presentation.

Additionally, it also traditionally uses dandelions instead of green salad, on top of which are generally displayed bits of smoked bacon (or lardons) and croutons.

Example of lyonnaise salad recipe


7. The “auvergnate” salad

auvergnate salad
Credits: Guilhem Vellut under CC BY 2.0

Like many salads in this list, the auvergnate salad is identifiable thanks to the type of cheese it uses, in this case, usually some Bleu d’Auvergne or Cantal.

When associated with green salad, tomatoes, ham and potatoes, they gracefully add their particular flavor to the other traditional ingredients.

Example of auvergnate salad recipe


8. The “savoyarde” salad

Savoyarde salad
Credits: Martin Thomas under CC BY 2.0

Another salad associated with typical cheese from its original region in the Alps. The “savoyarde” salad tends to be composed of potatoes, although some green salad may be added.

Made with ham or lardons, mushrooms and Raclette cheese, it makes for a warm and friendly dish.

Example of savoyarde salad recipe


9. The “vosgienne” salad

The vosgienne salad is also inspired from typical mountain dishes and is only all the more delicious for it.

Eggs, lardons and crème fraîche on top of green salad and potatoes make it a dish easy to make for yourself, yet still tasty and delicious.

Example of vosgienne salad recipe


10. Warm goat cheese salad

Warm goat cheese salad
Credits: Emily Heath under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Another one of the typical French salads to include cheese in its recipe, the toasted goat cheese salad can be enjoyed anywhere in France.

The base of green salad is generally topped with tomatoes and lardons, which carefully enhance the flavor of the goat cheese toasts, served warm straight out of the oven and directly on top of the salad.

Example of warm goat cheese salad recipe


11. The “cauchoise” salad

Cauchoise salad
Credits: Ludovic Péron under CC BY-SA 3.0

The cauchoise salade, with a potato base, is quite remarkable by its peculiar use of herbs, generally, watercress or fennel, which are treated as actual ingredients rather than mere seasoning or dressing.

Ham dices and cream (or cider vinegar) are generally added to complete it.

Example of cauchoise salad recipe


12. The “piémontaise” salad

Despite the name suggesting an Italian origin, this salad has gradually become a classic in French gastronomy.

Add a few tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and ham dices to a base of potatoes and cream to obtain a fresh salad that everyone will appreciate.

Example of piémontaise salad recipe


13. The “Norman” salad

norman salad
Credits: Ludovic Péron under CC BY-SA 3.0

Finally, a sweet and savory mix to stimulate your taste buds.

The Norman salad, on a base of green salad (and sometimes potatoes), generally contains apples, Camembert cheese and walnuts, with a seasoning made of vinegar cider, to make up an original and still delicious dish.

Example of Norman salad recipe



It is also quite important to note that each salad may have several variations, and some ingredients may easily be changed or outright left aside. Feel free to modify these recipes to suit your taste… Ready, set, eat!