11 Restaurants in Paris Where You Can Eat a Delicious Cassoulet (The Best!)

Would you like to switch up your Parisian habits a bit for a meal? Why not go for a cassoulet that will remind you of the south of France? Between the dried beans, the meat, the herbs and the cooking, each restaurant reinvents the cassoulet in its own way: you’re going to love it !


In a rush? Here are my top picks:



181 Rue du Château, 75014 Paris

cassoulet from L'Assiette

The restaurant L’Assiette (website in french) welcomes you in its authentic Parisian bistro setting – the cuisine will remind you of old-time family lunches.

The man behind the stove is a former butcher who loves quality products, balanced seasonings and perfect cooking times.

The cassoulet they serve in the restaurant is made with duck confit and lamb neck, and it is delicious.

Price for a Cassoulet maison: €39

Website (in French)


Domaine d’Olléac

20 rue Rousselet, 75007 Paris


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The Domaine d’Olléac is the perfect place for duck and Southwest France cuisine lovers.

Located in a calm street of the 7th district, you will be able to eat a delicious cassoulet in a warm and authentic setting.

Everything is made to take you to the Southwest from local ingredients to traditional recipes.

Price for a Cassoulet maison: €16.20

Website (in French)


Le Refuge du Passé

32 Rue du Fer À Moulin, 75005 Paris


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The chef Alexandre Hamy invites you to Le Refuge du Passé to share with you his traditional French cuisine.

The cassoulet is made with duck confit and you can taste the quality of the ingredients.

As its name suggests , the Refuge du Passé is an authentic and timeless restaurant with theater posters on the walls and vinyls. It is the perfect setting to taste a traditional cassoulet.

Price for a Cassoulet au confit de canard: €26.90



D’Chez Eux

2 avenue de Lowendal, 75007 Paris

D’Chez Eux is a restaurant built is an old coaching inn from the XVIIIth century.

You will be able to eat an authentic French cuisine, and a generous traditional cassoulet in this charming and timeless place.

Price for a Cassoulet au confit de canard: €38

Website (in French)


Auberge Pyrénées-Cévennes

106 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris


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The Auberge Pyrénées-Cévennes is located at the heart of the 11th District and is a renowned French bistro.

Even though most of the dishes served are traditional French ones, the speciality of the establishment is the cassoulet.

The beans are cooked with carrots and tomatoes and the sausage is a bit spicy. The portion served is quite generous.

Price for a Cassoulet de l’Auberge: €36



Bistrot de l’Oulette

38 rue des Tournelles, 75004 Paris


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This little bistro is specialized in French Southwestern bistronomic cuisine. The chef, Sylvain Tracard, will make you travel for a meal to his childhood region of Perigord.

You will be able to taste the delicious homemade cassoulet. This famous winter dish will please everyone with its authentic flavors, its tasty meat and its vegetables.

Price for a homemade cassoulet: €26



Au Trou Gascon

40 Rue Taine, 75012 Paris


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Au Trou Gascon – which has received a Michelin Star – is a restaurant that reinvents the culinary classics coming from the south-west of France.

In a constant balance between innovation and authenticity, Alain Dutournier perpetuates the tradition of the establishment by only cooking with quality ingredients.

The corn beans are cooked in duck fat and mixed with the different pieces of juicy meat.

Price for a cassoulet: €32



La Grange Aux Canards

23 rue Frédéric Sauton, 75005 Paris


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As its name shows, the Grange Aux Canards mainly serves duck-based dishes, a specialty from the Southwest.

In the main room or on the terrace, you will be able to eat a tasty cassoulet, cooked with three meats: duck, Toulouse sausages and pork. 

Come and discover the Southwestern culinary traditions in a familar and warm place.

Price for a gros cassoulet de Sissi aux 3 confits: €27



Auberge Etchegorry

41 Rue de Croulebarbe, 75013 Paris

Auberge Etchegorry
© Auberge Etchegorry

L’Auberge Etchegorry used to be called Chez Madame Grégoire – a reference to the eponymous cabaret that used to stand in its place and which inspired many authors, including Victor Hugo.

It is in a romantic atmosphere that the restaurant invites you to discover the south-west and Basque cuisine – its speciality.

The cassoulet is really tasty – cooked in a traditional fashion. It is the perfect place to eat an authentic cassoulet.

Price for a Fameux cassoulet aux trois confits: €20



Chez Gladines

30 Rue des cinq Diamants, 75013 Paris


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Chez Gladines is a franchise that is more and more common in the capital. Its concept is to push people to discover the Basque cuisine thanks to very attractive prices.

There are currently 5 Chez Gladines restaurants throughout Paris.

We especially recommend the original establishment, which opened in La Butte aux Cailles District.

The Toulouse sausage and the chorizo are united with white beans cooked in duck fat.

Price for a Cassoulet Basque: €17



La Forge

14 Rue Pascal, 75005 Paris

cassoulet La Forge

It is in the Mouffetard historical district that the restaurant La Forge (website in french) welcomes you and invites you to share their love for the Basque cuisine. It was even cited in the New York Times.

All the dishes are home-made with fresh, in-season ingredients. 

Between the perfect cooking of the meats and the beans, the quality ingredients and the expertise and creativity of the chef, the Cassoulet façon “La Forge” is definitely one of the best in Paris.

Price for a Cassoulet façon “La Forge”: €26