18 Unique and Quirky Hotels in Paris For An Unsusual Trip

Paris, the City of Lights, Paris, the City of Love… and Fashion. You know all these clichés by heart, for sure. But let me tell you something: sometimes, it happens that Paris becomes mysterious, strange, and original! Let’s take a tour of these quirky hotels that will help you to immerse yourself in a picturesque, eccentric and unique Paris!



1) Seven Hôtel**** – The seventh art suite

The “seventh art” suite with a movie set atmosphere

Area: Latin Quarter

Seven Hôtel
20, rue Berthollet, 75005

Seven Hotel offers three rooms and seven luxury suites with symbolic names that refer to the number seven. For instance, they have the “seventh day” suite, the “seventh heaven” suite, the “seventh deadly sin” suite and so on.

You will be charmed by the elegant and modern decoration of the suites, always at the cutting edge of fashion, and by the fine fabrics and muted colors.

Have some quality time in the movie-themed seventh art suite, which is more colorful than the other ones and which will put you in the spotlight. With its chic red velvet couch and its spotlights, surrender yourself to your partner for an unforgettable night.

Its cousin the Five Hotel, which is two minutes’ walk away, in the Latin Quarter, offers you as well five rooms which will make you travel without moving.

Wellness Chapel, massage room in collaboration with Paris Premium Massage

The hotel works with Paris Premium Massage to offer some relaxation at any time of the day.

Let the team of professionals take care of you with their beauty services: make-up, hairdressing and manicure.

Relax in the green courtyard or in the living room.

What we like: Cosy atmosphere, unique and elegant decoration

What we love: Get massages and benefit from the services of professionals

Seven Hôtel: services, prices, and availabilities


2) The Splendor*** – A magic hotel

splendor hotel
The Splendor Hotel

Area: Batignolles

38, rue Cardinet, 75017

Grown-ups and kids, be aware, the curtain is about to go up! The show is going to start.

In this 17th district hotel situated near the Parc Monceau, there are no magic shows or conjurers making doves come out of their top hats.

The magic is there: in the rooms!

They were conceived and organized around five different topics.

They’ll remind you of your childhood’s magic tricks.

cartes à jouer room splendor hotel
The “Carte à jouer” room of the Splendor Hotel

With every room comes a new mysterious atmosphere: the room Magie Céleste (“Heavenly Magic”) pictures the motions of the planets.

The Cartes à jouer room (“Playing Cards”) is decorated with the patterns of the cards.

The Levitation room will open the doors of the world of One Thousand and One Nights.

The Illusion room has a whole bunch of magicians’ accessories.

Last but not least, the Méliès room will offer you an escape back in time, a century ago, since it refers to the Georges Méliès movie A Trip to the Moon, shot in 1902.

What we like: The dining room’s starred ceiling.

What we love: The calm and quiet of the neighborhood.

Splendor: services, prices, and availabilities



3) Hôtel du Continent*** – the round-the-world trip

hotel du continent room
A room at the Hôtel du Continent

Area: Place-Vendôme

Hôtel du Continent
30, rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris

If you have always dreamed about striding across the five continents, this hotel is for you.

The Hôtel du Continent consists of six floors, one continent by floor, plus one for the Arctic and Antarctic Poles.

It will make you travel around the world thanks to its rooms and its decoration set up by the famous couturier and designer Christian Lacroix.

hotel continent room
Another room at the Hôtel du Continent

Each room is made up of a splendid combination of various tissues and embroideries, as well as objects of curiosity found across the world.

The hotel, with its globe-like look, will transport you across time, back to the times of the explorers that brought back bizarre and phantasmagoric objects from their journey.

The hotel is perfectly located, next to the Place Vendôme, at a 10-minute walk from the Louvre Museum and from the Champs-Elysées, in the center of Paris.

Be prepared for a breathtaking journey thanks to this little gem.

What we like: the Jardin des Tuileries, at a 5-minute walk.

What we love: its six floors, each one of them representing a different continent.

Hôtel du Continent: services, prices, and availabilities



4) The Hôtel Edgar – the former workshop

hotel edgar
The Hotel Edgar

Area: Sentier/Bonne Nouvelle

Hôtel Edgar
3, rue d’Alexandrie, 75002

The decor is far from being boring in this former workshop recently turned into a hotel by two friends in the Sentier.

Indeed, its two owners had asked several artists (among whom include: stylists, designers, photographers, set designers) to conceive 13 rooms, each unique and singular.

hotel edgar dream room
The “Dream” room at the Hotel Edgar

The hotel’s style is vintage, pleasant, and polished. It is full of colors and ambiances, there are as many possible: dark blue shades for the very restful Ma Nuit room (“My night”), The Incredible Hulk action figures and toy cars displayed all over the very playful room called Dream, and the photo lab-like black shades of the Ebène Rock (this is a play on words: a very famous hotel in Antibes, in the South of France, is called the Eden Rock).

What we like: The Grand Rex cinema is accessible in a five-minute walk.

What we love: The room called Lala Salama, created by the world-famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, with its sober and peaceful atmosphere colored in the shades of Africa.

Hôtel Edgar: services, prices, and availabilities



5) The Hôtel Fabric**** – the former textile factory

hotel fabric
The Hotel Fabric

Area: Oberkampf

Hôtel Fabric
31, rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011

The Fabric used to be a textile factory; the factory has been replaced by a hotel but the large windows and the brick walls still remain.

For the most part, the owners have chosen to display impressive lamps and old (and sometimes refurbished) furniture found in second-hand shops.

hotel fabric room
A room at Hotel Fabric

So that the building keeps the industrial hint from its past, they asked the architect Vincent Bastie and the decorators Agnès Louboutin and Patrice Henry for some help.

The Fabric is spacious, fancy, and modern, as trendy as the area where it was built. The lively neighborhood of Bastille and the bars of the rue Saint-Maur are reachable in three minutes by tube.

But don’t worry! There’s no need to be young to enjoy the Hôtel Fabric because there is something for everyone here!

What we like: The lively and young neighborhood, which is close to the Place de la République.

What we love: The « French-style » breakfast.

Hôtel Fabric: services, prices, and availabilities



6) The Kube Ice Hotel Bar**** – the ice hotel

kube hotel paris ice bar
The Kube Hotel Paris Ice Bar

Area: Goutte d’Or

Kube Hotel Ice Bar
1-5, Passage Ruelle, 75018

In the 18th district, the Ice Kube Bar, with its groundbreaking concept, has already made a reputation for itself, as it is mostly attended by Parisian trendy youth.

The Kube Hotel follows the same path: inside, it is as cold as in the Arctic, thanks to the very effective air conditioning system which keeps the temperature below zero.

Let’s not forget the ice counter! Brrr …

kube hotel paris ice bar lounge
The Kube Hotel Paris Ice Bar’s lounge

Eating, sipping cocktails, meeting your friends in a very… frozen atmosphere; here is the concept of this ambitious hotel.

As for your night of sleep, you’ll spend it in a Scandinavian-like room, in a muffled atmosphere of cool colors.

The all-white furniture, the Plexiglas walls, the suspended beds illuminated by blue light bulbs … they’ll all take you to the ice floe.

And if you’re seized with the urge to eat some snacks, don’t worry: La Table du Kube (“The Kube’s Table”) does not just serve fish!

What we like: The location: you’ll reach Gare du Nord railway station, the Sacré-Coeur basilica and the Buttes-Chaumont in a few minutes’ walk or a few metro stations.

What we love: The fitness room.

Kube Hotel Ice Bar: services, prices, and availabilities



7) Vice Versa Hôtel**** – sins in the pure state

vice versa hotel
The Vice Versa hotel

Area: Saint-Lambert

Vice Versa Hôtel
213, rue de la Croix Nivert, 75015 Paris

avarice room hotel vice versa
The “Avarice” room of the Vice Versa hotel, based on the sin of gluttony

In this hotel located in the 15th arrondissement, the seven deadly sins come to life.

On every floor, you will discover rooms with a different theme, focused on a sin: gluttony, and its tea room with pastel colours; greed, and its rustic decoration papered with banknotes; wrath, with its bright colours; pride, that will make you feel like a prince; envy, where luxury is within arm’s reach; sloth, which comes straight from a tale; and lust, with its seductive and sensual aspects.

The hotel in its entirety has been decorated by the fashion designer Chantal Thomass.

It also has a hammam in its basement to relax with great serenity.

The entrance is designed to make you think that you’re in heaven. How not to be bitten by such beauty…

What we like: its decoration chosen with care.

What we love: its hell-like hammam

Vice Versa Hôtel: services, prices, and availabilities



8) Hôtel du Triangle d’Or*** – the music hotel

hotel du triangle d'or
The restaurant of the Hotel du Triangle d’Or

Area: Madeleine

Hôtel du Triangle d’Or
6, rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009

You like music, don’t you? You are lucky because we have found you the perfect hotel, a place only dedicated to music.

This hotel is close to the very central and lively neighborhood of La Madeleine.

The place was planned and imagined by musicians, singers, and rappers down to the very last detail. American saxophonist Archie Shepp, French rapper MC Solaar, French drummer Manu Katché, French singer and songwriter Jacques Higelin, and American singer and producer Rickie Lee Jones all added their own personal touch to this very novel concept.

These five artists share opposite influences. Nonetheless, they all equally participated in the design of the Hôtel du Triangle d’Or.

hotel triangle d'or room
A room at the Hotel du Triangle d’Or

Apart from this original advantage, the Triangle d’Or lives up to its 4-star quality and its reputation: there is high tech audio equipment in every room, and, what’s more, you can listen to the 5 artists’ tracks through headphones while watching their video clips and some excerpts of their concerts on a screen, even in a reception room.

Every floor is dedicated to one artist.

What we like: The decoration details: the gold discs above the bed, the djembes that replace the bedside tables, Jacques Higelin’s poetic drawings and quotes painted on the walls.

What we love: The Turkish bath and the massages.

Hôtel du Triangle d’Or: services, prices, and availabilities



9) Hôtel Original Paris**** – enchanting and imaginary

hotel original room
A room at the Hotel Original

Area: Bastille

Hôtel Original Paris
8, boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 Paris

Here is a hotel that fits its name well! The Hôtel Original Paris, located only a few minutes away from the Place de la Bastille, could come straight from a fairytale with its sublime decoration.

Imagined and created by the off-the-wall designer Stella Cadente, the decoration of the rooms and the hotel is fantastic, well-designed and unique.

hotel original room
Another room at the Hotel Original

Each room has its theme, whether it’s an enchanted forest, the world of Alice in Wonderland, Donkeyskin or the tales of Andersen, you will certainly find a world that suits you.

Every detail is designed to be harmonious and to make your stay the most enjoyable.

What we like: its location in the 11th arrondissement, one of the most appreciated districts of Paris.

What we love: its quality-price ratio compared to other hotels of the same range.

Hôtel Original Paris: services, prices, and availabilities



10) Hôtel Odyssey by Elegancia*** – The quirky capsule hotel

hotel odyssey by elegancia room
A room of the Hotel Odyssey by Elegancia

Area: Les Halles

Hôtel Odyssey by Elegancia
19, rue Hérold, 75001

This hotel used to have another name. It used to be called “Hôtel O,” and it might be the quirkiest of the list. Indeed, its initial concept will not appeal to everyone …

The quirky story we are about to tell you started in Japan. The kapuseru hoteru, capsule hotel in English, is a kind of room that looks like an actual box, with the most elementary and rudimentary comfort: there is a bed, a television, the most basic sanitation, etc. in a very small space.

Young French designer Ora-ïto knew that the narrowness of the kapuseru hoteru wasn’t going to be a guarantee of success in Europe, so he modified it a little bit.

hotel odyssey by elegancia chambre capsule room
The rooms are inspired by the Japanese capsule hotels

The rooms of the Odyssey are wide and simple: the ceiling was made out of wood, the sheets are white, the space is lit up by a halo of soft light coming from above the bed, and the bathroom is very simple and comfortable.

Ora-ïto managed to mix luxury with purity, and refinement with starkness.

This “Zen hotel” has proved its worth!

What we like: The rooms will make you feel like you’re in a cocoon.

What we love: The O Love package for lovers.

Hôtel Odyssey by Elegancia: services, prices, and availabilities



11) Apostrophe Hotel *** – Simply a poem

apostrophe hotel room
A room at the Apostrophe Hotel

Area: Montparnasse

Apostrophe Hôtel
3 rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris

You can’t miss this hotel, located only a few minutes away from Luxembourg gardens: you’ll recognize it by its facade decorated with handmade tree shadows.

This is the first hint that you’re entering a “poem-hotel”.

apostrophe hotel paris paradis room
The “Paris-Paradis” room of the hotel

The name derives from the idea that it seduces its clients through its 16 different rooms, each one related in one way or another to literature.

You can choose between the “printers”, the “newspapers”, the “urban writing”, the “travel journal” or even the “Sheherazade” room.

Each one is unique and a specialized designer has worked to create a coherent universe from the bottom to the top, not only in each room but also in the whole hotel.

Behind the smallest detail, there is a hidden intention, a meaning. Some rooms, called “balneo”, are equipped with a tub or jacuzzi where you can not only relax and take a hot bath, but also enjoy a session of chromotherapy while reading a good book.

What we like: the facade beautifully decorated

What we love: the balneo rooms and their ceiling that makes you feel on the clouds

Apostrophe Hôtel: services, prices, and availabilities



12) Da Vinci Hotel & Spa **** – Discover the secret of Mona Lisa

hotel da vinci et spa
The Hotel Da Vinci & Spa

Area: Saint-Germain

Hôtel Da Vinci & Spa
25 rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris

This hotel, near the Louvre museum, comes straight from the Italian Renaissance.

All the decor was inspired by this period and especially by the genius Leonardo Da Vinci, whose enlarged paintings decorate the walls behind the head-boards.

All the 24 rooms of this hotel have an evocative name: Medicis, Inventions, Renaissance or even Mona Lisa.

The walls of the elevator that go to the rooms are glazed so that the guests can admire the different drawings made by this wonderful Florentine artist.

spa hotel da vinci and spa
The spa of the hotel

The hotel pays attention to the smallest details in terms of decor; for example, the bar where you can take your breakfast in the morning or have a drink at any time is an almost identical reproduction of the Florian cafe, the most ancient and famous coffee bar in Venice.

But if all of this is not enough, there is also a spa in the basement, decorated with mosaics that regroup the colors used by Da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa, and with a copy of his famous drawing the Vitruvian man.

What we like: the glazed elevator

What we love: the spa and its starry vault

Hôtel Da Vinci: services, prices, and availabilities



13) Banke Hotel Opera Autograph Collection *****- Diamonds never die

hotel banke opera autograph collection room
A room at the Hotel Banke Opera Autograph Collection

Area: Opéra

Banke Hotel Opera Autograph Collection
20 rue La Fayette, 75020 Paris

Located in an ancient diamond bank from the early twentieth century, some meters away from the Opera Garnier and the Grands Magasins, we find the Banke Hotel.

The facade of this hotel, which opened in 2009, keeps the magnificence of the Belle Epoque.

The rooms will surprise you with their Haussmann style, and the red, black, golden and baroque tones of the hotel create a warm, design and romantic atmosphere.

hotel banke opera autograph collection
The Hotel Banke Opera Autograph Collection

As soon as you enter, you will be impressed by the spectacular hall that announces the size of the hotel: 91 rooms and luxury suites that will leave you without words.

The hotel has three different styles of restaurants to offer the guests a great variety of dishes: the Josefin restaurant, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, the Lolabar where you can try some tapas and cocktails, and the Banke restaurant, ideal for congresses and businesses meetings.

What we like: the glamour rooms

What we love: the mix of periods that results in a modern style

Banke Hotel Opera Autograph Collection: services, prices, and availabilities



14) Les Bulles de Paris Hotel**** – For the fans of champagne

hotel les bulles de paris room
A room at the Hotel Les Bulles de Paris

Area: Latin Quarter

Les bulles de Paris
32 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris

What a well-chosen name for this hotel because it is totally dedicated to…champagne! 44 rooms split up in 6 stories, each one inspired by a particular topic related to champagne, such as Paris and champagne, art and champagne, women and champagne, party and champagne or even love and champagne.

And as if this was not enough, each one of the seven suites honors a Champagne House (Nicolas Feuillatte, Pommery, Charles Heidsieck, de Castellane, Lanson, Duval Leroy et Bollinger).

Even if all of them are very comfortable, the principal difference lies in the bottle of champagne given as a present in each room because it corresponds to the name of the suite.

hotel les bulles de paris bar
The bar of the hotel Les Bulles de Paris

You can have a drink in the champagne bar of the hotel, and if you really like it, it is even possible to taste champagne for breakfast!

What we like: the champagne bottle offered in the suites

What we love: the super original concept

Hôtel Les Bulles de Paris: services, prices, and availabilities



15) Mason Souquet ***** – Ancient brothel

maison souquet lobby
The lobby of the Maison Souquet

Area: Pigalle

Maison Souquet
10 rue de Bruxelles, 75009 Paris

Some meters away from the famous Moulin Rouge, in the emblematic Pigalle quarter, we find the Maison Souquet, a hotel setted up in an old brothel from the beginning of the twentieth century.

maison souquet room
A room at the Maison Souquet

Jacques Garcia, the decorator of the hotel, decided to preserve the codes of these places, even in the discreet facade where there is a red lantern for all lighting.

The atmosphere is muted and the decoration makes you think about the Belle Epoque, a period when brothels were still in operation.

The hotel has many lounges for its clients where they can have a drink, enjoy a piano spectacle, read next to the chimney, play and so on.

The 20 rooms (including 6 suites and 2 small apartments) are unique and are named after famous courtesans such as La Païva or Liane de Pougy.

The Maison Souquet is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World network, which is considered to be proof of its excellent quality.

What we like: the spa that can be privatised

What we love: the decor that makes you travel in time

Maison Souquet: services, prices, and availabilities



16) The Cottage of the 9Hotel*** – For a countryside vibe

cottage 9hotel montparnasse
The cottage of the 9hotel Montparnasse

Area: Montparnasse

9Hotel Montparnasse
76 rue Raymond Losserand, 75014 Paris

The 9Hotel is located at the heart of the 14th District. It welcomes you in its Cottage for a romantic night that will make you feel like you are in the countryside, but in the middle of Paris. The room offers all the comfort of the city but in a relaxing and cosy setting.

terrace 9hotel montparnasse
The private terrace of the cottage

You access the Cottage – a sort of wooden ecolodge – through a footbridge surrounded by plants. The inside feels just like a cabin: there’s wood on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and the furniture, the decoration is made of warm and soft tones, the television turns into a fireplace and the large sliding windows bring in a lot of light. You also have access to a beautiful private terrace where you can bathe in the sun and the greenery at the same time.

What we like: the large bathroom with a beautiful Italian stone shower

What we love: the terrace made with artificial grass on which you can enjoy a drink in the sun.

9Hotel: services, prices, and availabilities



17) Paris Boutik – To live in a Parisian boutique for one day

librairie suite paris boutik
The “Librairie” suite at the Paris Boutik

Area: Bastille and Le Marais

The Marais Library
12 Rue Caffarelli, 75003 Paris

The Bastille Grocery Store
12 Rue Parrot, 75012 Paris

Paris Boutik is the first split, Parisian boutique hotel.

The concept of a boutique hotel is to be unique but they took it… quite seriously. The two suites have been created inside former boutiques. They’re furnished as if they were still in activity, but for you only and with all the necessary comfort.

You can book The Marais Library and The Bastille Grocery Store.

Each suite has been carefully selected for its large space (between 35m² and 45m², which is four times bigger than an average hotel room), its proximity with places of interest and cultural spots and its location in a calm and quiet setting.

You can choose to sleep in The Library, a 45m² suite which welcomes happy couples as well as happy families. Each wall is covered with large bookshelves but it is also furnished with all the necessary equipment for your stay (bathroom, sofa, Nespresso coffee machine, etc.). It is the perfect place for a relaxing and peaceful book night. This one-bedroom suite can be turned into a cozy room for 4 to 5 people.

suite epicerie paris boutik
The “Epicerie (Grocery Store)” suite at the Paris Boutik

If you prefer the Grocery Store ambience, you can choose to go for the Bastille suite. It is a duplex room which can either be composed of two bedrooms or one bedroom and a living room, depending on your needs. The walls are covered by large shelves on which sit different cans, bottles, and vials of French delicacies, as in an authentic, old grocery store.

What we like: the website on which there’s a the list of restaurants and takeaways nearby

What we love: having breakfast on the terrace of the Grocery Store suite

For further information about Paris Boutik, its services, prices, and availabilities, click here



18) VIP Paris – For a night cruise

nature suite jacuzzi vip paris hotel
The “Nature” suite at the VIP Paris

Area: Bercy

VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel
7 port de la Rapée, 75012 Paris

The VIP Paris welcomes you for a night cruise along the Seine river. The yacht is composed of no less than 24 cabins and 6 suites. You can book for the night only or for a Dinner Cruise in the panoramic restaurant – from which you will have a breathtaking view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The gourmet cuisine is sophisticated.

Two types of cabins are available: the standard one and one with a view on the river. The relaxing sound of the calm waves will lull you to sleep right away.

Six unique and very comfortable suites are also available. Each one is equipped with a private spa for two.

What we like: the Nature Suite and its wooden spa

What we love: the Deluxe Suite and its large living room, perfect for a weekend

VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel: services, prices, and availabilities


And if you want to stay in this fun and unique atmosphere, check our article on the quirky activities in Paris !