12 Great Hotels For a Perfect Honeymoon in Paris

Paris, “the most beautiful city in the world,” the city where romanticism and closeness melt together. An idyllic setting which has been attracting more and more newlyweds every year. At the heart of the capital, many hotels offer both original and varied services. In between modernism, chic, originality, and historicity of Paris’ older times, let’s discover together 10 Parisian hotels that will offer you a magic moment for your honeymoon.

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1) Hotel Design Secret de Paris**** – A romantic interlude

Hotel Design Secret de Paris lit

Area: Opéra – Haussmann

2, rue de Parme, 75009

In the very centre of the 9th district of Paris, in the Trinité quarters, very close to the Galeries Lafayette, the Opéra and the Montmartre village, you’ll be enchanted by the Hotel Design Secret de Paris luxury and sense of privacy and intimacy. A few minutes away from the Moulin Rouge cabaret, the hotel provides you with a great opportunity: a love escape in a romantic setting. The purpose is simple: let the client discover the beautiful side of Paris; with every new room comes a new discovery, a new trip.

All the rooms are unique and embody one particular Parisian monument. Thus, micro worlds have been created for you inside the building. One of the rooms is dedicated to the Moulin Rouge: its atmosphere is romantic, which makes it cosy enough for a couple. A poster of the renowned cabaret hangs on the wall, along with fire red curtains and sconces.

The “Tour Eiffel” room reveals a rather less hushed but equally romantic atmosphere. The style comes from the 20th century, and the whole room is a mirror of the actual iron tower: the carpeting is tweed grey, the silvery bed head represents the pillars and the bathroom has a deep blue lighting. Everything was made so as to remind you of the monument’s magical setting.

One of the hotel services is called “Romance in Paris”: rose petals are scattered all over your bed, along with a bunch of flowers, upon the day of your arrival. You will also enjoy a bottle of champagne and you even have the possibility to drink it with your partner in one of the double bathtubs provided for you by the hotel. Once again, you see how well the pursuit of privacy and romanticism has been achieved! You will also benefit from a spa opened 24 hours a day, for a relaxing moment as a couple.

Hotel Design Secret de Paris

What we like: its close location to the Moulin Rouge

What we love: the unique atmosphere of each and every room dedicated to the most famous Parisian monuments.

For further information about the Hotel Design Secret de Paris, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


2) Four Seasons Hotel George V***** – Parisian and fancy

Suite au Four Seasons

Area: Champs-Elysées – Madeleine

31, avenue George V, 75008

The Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris personifies Paris elegance with its private terraces contemplating the capital. The setting, a few minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées, is idyllic. The neighborhood’s atmosphere is unique; you’ll realize how magical the “City of Lights” is. The Parc Monceau is also located a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel; such romantic scenery for a walk as a couple in the capital!

The rooms and suites follow the charming path of the area. The rooms are wide and modern; however, they keep the enchanting and the intimate aspects of the whole place. You will pick either classic rooms, or “superior,” or “deluxe” rooms; they all tend to achieve one particular goal: amazing you by offering you a romantic and home-like setting. What’s more, flats with balconies are available; they dominate the fancy and historical neighborhood of the Golden Triangle of Paris (“Triangle d’Or”), thus giving you an opportunity to admire Paris’s most beautiful monuments, like the Eiffel Tower, by night.

Nonetheless, the hotel’s strength lies in the number of suites it provides: 11 types of suites, all different and unique. The Royal Suite, for example, is equipped with 18th-century style furniture, and it is an elegant French Renaissance room. Famous cabinetmaker Boulle’s dressers are displayed in the suite, leading towards a marvelous living room where you will dine and relax. The French windows open onto a private balcony.

The staff is very accommodating and competent. One of the hotel’s biggest assets is its restaurant, Le Cinq (“Five”). It won three Michelin stars; the dining room opens onto the inner marbled courtyard through its French windows. The setting and the ambiance are even better, thanks to the restaurant menu. The meals are inspired by both traditional French cuisine and new gastronomic trends.

The hotel also includes a spa and a sauna: the founders put an emphasis on relaxation and well-being! You can go there as a couple because the spa and the sauna are made for two. The environment there is more modern than the rest of the establishment.

And, as an end to your trip in Paris, you might want to go for a few lengths in the swimming pool. The pool provides all the equipment and comfort you need.

Bar au Four Seasons

What we like: the hotel location, a few minutes away from the Champs-Elysées.

What we love: the hotel suites, including the Royal suite with its balcony.

For further information about the Four Season Hotel George V, its services, prices, and availabilities, click here.


3) Hôtel Résidence Henri 4 **** – The royal welcome

Area: Saint Germain – Sorbonne

50, rue des Bernardins – 75005 Paris

In the Hotel Residence Henri 4, you will enjoy a moment of peacefulness in the lively city center. You will love the calm of each room and their refined and elegant decoration with your lover, and at the same time, you will enjoy going out to discover the effervescence of this very chic student quarter. During the 19th century, it used to be a town hotel where the royal family and Henri the 4th’s loved ones used to stay. Your honeymoon is bound to be as extraordinary as its setting.

This hotel owns eight rooms as well as five apartments, which all have a small kitchen for those who wish to stay intimate. You might want to have your breakfast at the hotel restaurant, or in your room, or why not have your breakfast in bed in order to enjoy the comfiness to the maximum. The marble fireplaces, the chandeliers, the ancient mirrors… You’ll find it hard to leave your room!

However, it would be too bad to only stay at the hotel! Being in the middle of the Latin Quarter will only be an advantage for you. Notre-Dame, the “Île de la Cité”… Numerous historical sites will be accessible from there in a few minutes. You will also be able to walk along the Boulevard Saint-Germain to discover its luxurious shops and stop by one of its cafés. And if you want to go deeper in the city, after a 10-minute walk you will get to roam around in the romantic Luxembourg Garden. For its sculptures, its fountains, or simply to sit on a bench, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of the garden.

What we like: The services of the hotel.

What we love: The peacefulness of the hotel in the middle of the Latin Quarter.

For further information about the Hotel Residence Henri 4, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


4) The Pavillon de la Reine**** – French tradition

Le Pavillon de la Reine lit

Area : Temple – république

28, place des Vosges, 75003

At the heart of the Marais quarter, on the renowned Place des Vosges, the Pavillon de la Reine illuminates the whole neighborhood. The place is ideal if you want to go for a walk and discover one of Paris’s most beautiful areas, somewhere in between the Place de la Bastille and the Île de la Cité. However, the Marais is just an appetizer compared to the hotel we’re about to describe. Indeed, the Pavillon is a dream institution in the purest French tradition, a peaceful haven in the heart of the capital, the former house of Anne of Austria, queen of France in the 17th century and mother of King Louis XIV.

Behind the hotel’s refined façade, one can penetrate a poetic world. Conceived by interior designer Didier Benderli, the whole environment stands as a compromise between tradition and modernity. Sometimes you feel like you’re in a Parisian salon, where the nobility used to gather. The place is quiet, and the silence is golden! This is what the staff is looking for, so that you can spend this unique moment together in complete peace.

The 4-star hotel has 54 rooms. The 17th-century influence is everywhere, alternating between modern decorations and much more traditional ornaments. Nevertheless, the rooms are far from being out-of-date or old-fashioned, because the establishment wishes to display “French sophistication.” In addition to the rooms, the Pavillon de la Reine provides suites decorated with the colors of Queen Anne of Austria and 19th-century writer Victor Hugo, two major figures of the Marais history.

A modern spa awaits you, extending on a 250 square meters wide surface (and even more). The spa comprises a fitness center, a hot tub, and a steam bath; you will also be offered body and face beauty services, which will enhance the feeling of relaxation and help you make the most of your stay. In an up-to-date and Zen spirit, you will enjoy your holiday and take some rest, thanks to the calming bubbling of the running water and the play of light.

Le Pavillon de la Reine

What we like: the modern spa and the steambath.

What we love: the hotel’s charm, a mix of modernity and tradition.

For further information about the Pavillon de la Reine, its services, prices, and availabilities, click here.


5) Hotel Fabric**** – A new life

Area: Bastille – République

31, rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011

If you’re looking for a quirky place for your honey, the Hôtel Fabric will suit you just right! In the heart of Paris’s 11th district, near the metro station Oberkampf (lines 9 & 5), this former textiles factory will offer a complete change of scenery! Those of you who love change will be happy to discover such a singular place. The architecture of the building is much more original than the bigger part of more “classic” Parisian hotels. Indeed, the hotel is made of a metal structure, of raw materials and brick walls, and it is ornamented with huge windowpanes. The hotel looks like a penthouse; the whole place is very “rock”-like. However, it is still very comfortable.

The rooms all provide the best services: a present-day decoration and wide bathrooms. There is a sauna and a fitness room, too. This recent piece of equipment will give you the opportunity to loosen up and to relax with your partner and enjoy your holiday!

Hôtel Fabric

What we like: the sauna.

What we love: the singular and unique style of this former textile factory.

For further information about the Hotel Fabric, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


6) Montmartre Mon Amour****– The lovers’ quarters

Montmartre mon amour lit

Area: Montmartre – Pigalle

7, rue Paul Albert, 75018

In the centre of Montmartre village, the hotel Montmartre Mon Amour (“Montmartre My Love”) is a promise, that of an enchanting city, an idealized town where you will want to take many pictures. In this neighborhood, lovers kiss on public benches and romanticism is at every corner of the streets. Newlyweds will be charmed by the poetic setting, a few blocks away from the Sacré Coeur basilica. Cafés, breweries, restaurants, etc., all along the avenues, participate in that cosy feature of the area.

The hotel in itself doesn’t corrupt the neighborhood’s general aspects, and the emphasis is laid on Love as a whole, love with a capital L. The glamorous rooms and suites all have their own ambience. You’ll find rooms inspired by singer Edith Piaf and boxer Marcel Cerdan’s love affair, along with other rooms dedicated to writer Victor Hugo and his muse Juliette Drouet. They are invitations to dream and travel, the place’s best asset!

A total of 24 rooms are available. They were created by the atmosphere designer Sandrine Alouf. The “stolen kisses” suite (“baisers volés”) will take you into a world full of colors, decorated like a 1950s movie set. The suite will allow you to relive those famous movie scenes in which time seemed to hold its breath, like lovers’ lips on the verge of kissing. The ambiance is magical and captivating. You’ll feel like a movie star!

Montmartre mon amour autre lit

What we like: the neighbourhood,

What we love: every room’s unique ambience, designed according to the capital most beautiful stories.

For further information about the hotel Montmartre Mon Amour, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


7) Hôtel Saint Jacques *** – The Golden Age

Hôtel Saint Jacques lit

Area: Latin Quarter
35, rue des Ecoles – 75005 Paris

The Hotel Saint Jacques is located in the middle of the Parisian Latin Quarter, and what would be more romantic than spending your honeymoon in the heart of the city of lovers! You will be few minutes away from Notre-Dame and the Île de la Cité. You will be close to many cultural sites, and you will probably want to walk holding hands with your other half along the Seine banks to discover the wonderful Parisian bridges.

Besides the cultural tours, you can do many other outings. In this district, you will get to choose between many different options of bars, cafés and restaurants that will enchant your nights out. Your honeymoon will be a festive one!

In the hotel, you will be immersed in their art collection from the 18th and the 19th centuries. The decoration, the furniture and the whole atmosphere will remind you of the great era of French romanticism. At the hotel bar, you might want to try new things, such as some absinthe served the old way or a flute of champagne. And if you have trouble waking up in the morning, you can get your breakfast served by room service.

Hôtel Saint Jacques

What we like: The location of the hotel in the middle of the Latin Quarter.
What we love: The decoration from the 18th century.

For further information about the Hotel Saint Jacques, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.

8) The Hotel Britannique*** – British coziness

Hôtel Britannique lit

Area: Louvre – Châtelet

20, avenue Victoria, 75001

In the heart of the capital, the Hôtel Britannique will offer you an exceptional location. This charming hotel, which is surrounded by the Seine River banks, has put the emphasis on a classic high-class comfort and homelike decor. Settled in an 1860 Haussmannian building, it contemplates the surroundings and the very close Place du Châtelet.

The classic rooms are welcoming and romantic at the same time. They look just like the other rooms of the institute, with their warm colors. A lot of hotel services are available for couples: “romantic baskets,” for example, rich in champagne, chocolate, and flowers. The rooms of the Hôtel Britannique are all air-conditioned and soundproofed. They provide a cozy nest for your dreams and expectations, with their alternation of cool and warm colors, their luxurious bedding, their glistening bathrooms, and a lot of pretty features that make the whole place even more homely and elegant.

The Britannique serves generous buffet breakfasts, with homemade omelets and soft-boiled eggs, English breakfast meat, and French cheese. The establishment cares so much about the customer’s appetite that you will also taste pastries made by French cooks and some fresh fruit juice prepared every day.

Hôtel Britannique

What we like: the full breakfasts that mix French and English traditional dishes.

What we love: the “romantic basket” composed of a bunch of roses and a bottle of champagne.

For further information about the Hotel Britannique, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


9) La Tamise**** – The beautiful side of Paris

Hôtel de La Tamise Esprit de France lit

Area: Louvre – Châtelet

4, rue d’Alger, 75001

The hotel La Tamise (in English, the Thames) stands in the center of the town in a stylish shrine, rue d’Alger, in the 1st district, a few blocks away from the base of the fashion and creation flagship. Indeed, the hotel used to host great figures of the fashion industry, like costume designer Madame Grès models and internationally famous fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. This used to be a mansion house, a property of the French noble family de Noailles, built in the 19th century. It was entirely renovated. Thus, the hotel owners have kept several elements of the time and have them restored so as to revive the hotel’s history nowadays. The interior designer Cybèle Paluel-Marmont succeeded in recapturing a sophisticated atmosphere and exquisite aesthetics.

The Tuileries gardens and the rue de Rivoli stores are both a few steps away from the establishment. You can go for a walk in this magical neighborhood! This is Paris’s oldest garden; it provides a sublime setting for lovers. Auguste Cain’s sculptures were dispersed all along the alleys of the garden: the lion and its prey (“Le Lion de Nubie et sa Proie”), the tiger and the crocodile (“Tigre terrassant un crocodile”), etc., will lead your steps in this splendid place.

The rooms are ideal for a couple, thanks to the inner courtyard quietness. The fancy rooms will increase the spirit of elegance. The windows are wide and let the light pour into the rooms. La Tamise manages to stay in the game by combining modernity and tradition. Well-being and happiness … this is what is important!

Hôtel de La Tamise Esprit de France

What we like: the tranquillity, ideal if you wan to rest!

What we love: the Tuileries gardens and the rue de Rivoli are a few steps away.

For further information about La Tamise, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


10) The 123 Sébastopol Astotel**** – A romantic movie

Le 123 Sébastopol Astotel lit

Area: Opéra – Bourse

123, boulevard Sébastopol, 75002

In the 2nd district, in the middle of the town, there you will find the 123 Sébastopol Astotel! Its central location will allow you to go for a walk on the Seine River banks. You can pick one from among the various shops, restaurants, and cafés of the area to spend some time as a couple. The hotel is juxtaposed to the prestigious Pompidou Centre.

The 123 Sébastopol Astotel revolves around cinema, also known as the “7th art.” Every floor of the building is dedicated to an actor or a moviemaker. Movie posters and filmmakers’ portraits hang on the walls; the aficionados will be enchanted! Every morning, you will savor a full and varied buffet breakfast under the big canopy, or even inside your bed if you desire!

The first floor was inspired by legendary movie composer Ennio Morricone. The setting is monochromatic and recalls a piano keyboard; on the other hand, the wallpaper is reminiscent of a musical score. But this is not the highlight of the show: the bedpost comprises headphones so that you can listen to the Western movie master’s concerts. And so it goes: if you climb up the stairs until the last floor, you’ll enter a room created as a tribute for French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. The bed is covered in red velvet pillows embroidered with Cannes film festival Palme d’Or.

This love for cinema is also present in the bar, space which is lit by its huge canopy. The decoration echoes a movie set, and mirrored tables are mounted on tripods like actual cameras. You and your partner will sip your cocktails there and you can even keep on having a good time in the armchairs that were conceived by Philippe Maidenberg for Claude Lelouche himself. Every evening, the bar serves cocktails created for movies. “Kill Bill”, “Black Swan”, and “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” all are nods to cult films and to movie lovers!

Le 123 Sébastopol Astotel

What we like: the bar serves cocktails based on the greatest movies of all time.

What we love: the references to the Seventh Art.

For further information about the 123 Sébastopol Astotel, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


11) The Littré**** – The heart of the city

Le Littré lit

Area: Saint-Germain – Luxembourg

9, rue Littré, 75006

In between Montparnasse and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, on the rue de Littré, let’s discover the hotel Littré, a tranquil and discreet place. It is at the same time protected from the city’s turmoil and close to its vibrancy: it is located only a few miles away from the Luxembourg garden, the Invalides, and the Eiffel Tower. There are a lot of activities possible in the surroundings, like walking on the Pont des Arts or taking a drink at the Café de Flore. The location is ideal if you want to discover Paris magic.

The institution is perfect for all couples because the hotel is quiet and cozy. There is a sauna, and a winter garden if you want to take some rest together near the most romantic places in Paris.

Nevertheless, apart from the neighborhood, the main event is … the rooms, of course! They are large and romantic: the best conditions to spend the holidays. You’ll enjoy a pure moment of intimacy under the lights of the Eiffel Tower. Indeed, you can admire the sun’s reflections glowing on the iron of the Tower and the light show at nightfall. A wonderful sight you’ll watch together.

Le Littré

What we like: the quarter of Saint-Germain is the ideal place to take a walk and discover the best aspects of Paris.

What we love: the rooms’ balconies that contemplate the Eiffel Tower.

For further information about the Littré, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.


12) Saint James Paris**** – The fairy tale

Saint James Albany Paris Hotel Spa lit

Area: Porte Dauphine

43, avenue Bugeaud, 75116

Marriage is definitely a fairy tale, a tale you can keep on writing during your honeymoon. Would you like to live that tale inside a true castle? Then you’ve found what you need! Saint James Paris was made for you! The fancy and exquisite setting echoes Paris’s nicest looks, not far from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées.

This 19th-century castle was built in the memory of French president Adolphe Thiers. When it was renovated, this atmosphere of the past was kept.

The air-conditioned suites and the wide rooms offer elegant scenery.

The rooms all comprise spacious bathrooms with double bathtubs for you to spend a relaxing moment with your partner. Saint James will serve you your breakfast in your room.

Surrounded by its own private gardens, the gourmet restaurant awaits you! It has already made a reputation for itself in the whole city. You will savor your dishes on the terrace. In the evening, you’ll enter this chic place, half-library, and half-bar, and you’ll have fun in a timeless and sleek atmosphere.

Saint James Albany Paris Hotel Spa

What we like: the gourmet restaurant.

What we love: the fact that it is the only castle hotel in Paris. A unique place in the capital!

For further information about the Saint James Paris, its services, prices and availabilities, click here.