Is it Worth Visiting the Parc des Princes (Paris)?

Do you know that it is possible to visit the Parc des Princes? Indeed, this legendary stadium is open to the public outside match periods. Soccer / football fans can come and discover the backstage of France’s fifth-largest stadium and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of their favorite team. Visit, access, rates, opening hours… We will tell you everything!

Panoramic shot of the Parc des Princes
The Parc des Princes is open to visits (Credits : Валерий Дед, Wikimedia Commons, under Creative Commons 3.0)


Our Opinion

We Like

  • the immersion in a legendary stadium
  • A good opportunity to discover the stadium without the crowd
  • A chance to walk in the footsteps of your favorite players

We Don’t Like as Much

  • Expensive
  • Short visit


The Parc des Princes is a legendary stadium in the history of French soccer / football. In spite of the rather expensive entrance ticket, it will delight all the fervent supporters of the Paris Saint-Germain club.

And why not offer this visit as a gift to a friend or a family member who is passionate about soccer / football?


A Brief History


The Parc des Princes in 1932
The Parc des Princes in 1932 (Credits : BNF, Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

Since the 18th century, the Parc des Princes has been a place of relaxation, hunting and walking greatly appreciated by the king and royal princes.

Since the first half of the 19th century, this use was strengthened when the bourgeoisie decided to follow those traditions.

This area which was a natural park until 1855, was gradually developed and urbanized.

The Parc des Princes bicycle stadium was inaugurated in 1897. It then underwent several renovations until it became the current stadium. It can now host nearly 50,000 spectators.

The current design of the Parc des Princes makes it the first stadium in Europe to be equipped with lighting fully integrated to the roof.

Non-sporting events have also taken place at the Parc des Princes.

For example, in 1980, Pope John Paul II gave a speech there as part of a meeting with young people. In 1981, Jacques Chirac’s held a meeting there during his candidacy for the presidential elections.


The Home of the French National Soccer Team and of PSG

 Parc des Princes stadium
Credits : Zakarie Faibis, Wikimedia Commons, under Creative Commons 4.0

From 1972 until 1998, the Parc des Princes became the residence of the French national football team. It is from this moment that the stadium became famous.

This stadium has known several great moments of French soccer / football. For example, we can name the team’s victory in the 1984 Euro final against Spain.

And it was in 1974 that the Parc des Princes became the official residence of the Paris Saint-Germain club.

The first trophy in the club’s history was won in 1982 thanks to a penalty shoot-out victory in the French Cup final against Saint-Etienne.

Four years later, the PSG won its first French championship title against Bastia.

This victory in the quarter-final second leg of the 1993 UEFA Cup against the Real Madrid football club should not be forgotten and remains, in the minds of all PSG fans, a true legendary match.


Visit the Parc des Princes

The Parc des Princes is open to visitors! Come and walk in the footsteps of your favorite players.



Located near the Bois de Boulogne, the Parc des Princes is not too far from the centre of Paris.

By metro: line 9 (Porte de Saint-Cloud station), line 10 (Porte d’Auteuil station)
By bus: lines 22-62-72 (Porte de Saint-Cloud stop), lines 32-52 (Porte d’Auteuil stop)
By car: via the ring road, exit D910 / Boulogne

Opening hours: every day

  • from 10am to 8pm in summer and from 10am to 7pm in winter
  • closed on match days and the day after the match until noon

Visitors’ entrance: access to the Stadium Tour is at the main entrance of the Parc des Prince gate L.


How Much Is the Entrance Ticket?

Tickets for the visit of the Parc des Princes, the Stadium Tour, cost €24.90 for adults and €14.90 for children under 13 and people over 65 years old.

The visit is free for children under 5 years old.

The number of tickets to visit the Parc des Princes is limited. That is why it is highly recommended to book your tickets online.

Duration of the visit: about 1h30.

Please note: an audio guide section is available in the official PSG application “services at the stadium”.

Feel free to download the application to get the best out of the Stadium Tour experience.

The application is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


What Can You See During the Visit?

The Stadium Tour formula includes:

  • the visit of the stadium
The players' tunnel
The players’ tunnel (Credits : PSGMAG.NET, Flickr, under Creative Commons 2.0)

Enjoy a guided tour behind the scenes of the stadium. You will see the stands, the Borelli VIP boxes, the mixed zone, the conference room, the players’ changing rooms, the showers, the massage room, the subs bench, the pitch edge and the players’ tunnel with a 3D sound experience.


  • access to the History Room
French football cup trophies (Coupes de France) of the PSG
Credits : PSGMAG.NET, Flickr, under Creative Commons 2.0

The History Room is an ultra-modern museum in which you will find the trophy wall. Come and admire the cups that bear witness to PSG’s sporting prowess.

This museum has an impressive collection of shirts, trophies and archives around the PSG.

To conclude the visit, an immersive video of about twenty minutes is presented to you simultaneously on 6 screens and retraces the great moments in the history of the club.


  • 1 token for a 360° virtual reality experience

Virtual Reality

The VR Arcade is an arcade hall of almost 400 m² dedicated to virtual reality experiments. Everything becomes possible in this virtual reality room.

You can step into the shoes of one of the club’s heroes and train with Edinson Cavani or Kylian Mbappé.

A dozen animations are available.


  • an audio and video guide available in English, French, Spanish, Portugueuse, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic


Our Recommended Restaurants Near the Parc Des Princes

Restaurant Marius

Address: 82 Boulevard Murat, 75016 Paris

This restaurant is a must for all fish lovers as it has made it its speciality.

You will be welcomed in a warm setting and an elegant atmosphere. The products are fresh and the dishes varied and bountiful… Special mention for the soufflé au Grand Marnier.

Count between 40-45 euros per person to really appreciate the flavor of this quality restaurant.

Opening hours:

  • from Monday to Friday 12pm-2:30pm and 7:30pm-10:30pm
  • Saturday 7:30pm-10:30pm

To learn more about Restaurant Marius, click here (link in French)


La Garçonnière

Address: 98 Rue Michel Ange, 75016 Paris

Come and relax in this charming neighborhood brasserie with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The products are fresh, the dishes are original and the value for money is excellent. It is an ideal place to come and have a bite to eat or a drink after your visit to the Parc des Princes.

Count about 20-25 euros per person.

Opening hours:

  • from Monday to Friday 7am-11:45pm
  • Saturday 8am-11:45pm
  • Sunday 8am-11pm


Invictus Rive Droite

Address: 98 Rue Boileau, 75016 Paris

This cosy restaurant offers fine and refined cuisine served in full plates. The products are seasonal and the choice of wines is very varied.

Expect around 30-35€ per person and let yourself be surprised by the quality of the dishes.

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm and 7pm-10pm.

To learn more about Invictus Rive Droite, click here (link in French)


Last Thoughts About a Visit to the Parc des Princes

Match au Parc des Princes
Crédits : PSGMAG.NET, Flickr, sous Creative Commons 2.0

If you are a football / soccer fan or if you simply dream of seeing this magnificent stadium that you have only seen on TV with your own eyes, a visit to the Parc des Princes is for you.

It is easy to imagine the euphoric atmosphere felt on match nights in this mythical place of French football.

Whether you are a PSG fan or not, a visit to the Parc des Princes offers a moment of wonder for all soccer / football fans.