Navigo Pass or Paris Visite: Which One Is the Best for You?

You are coming to visit Paris for a few days, or you are traveling to the capital, and you want to move throughout the city. Parisian transports have a large number of offers, so we sometimes don’t know which one to choose. So, for your unlimited journeys by metro, RER and bus; between the Navigo Pass or the Paris Visite Package, which one should you go for?


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Pass Navigo or Paris Visit? Our comparison (Crédits photo : DXR / Daniel Vorndran / CC BY-SA)


Navigo Pass

navigo pass
Source : Chabe01, CC BY SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As an essential tool for Parisians, the Navigo Pass is the most used transport ticket in Paris, and is also the cheapest way to go around the capital.

There are various Navigo Pass options. But for a short time in Paris—at most, for a week—we advise you to choose the Navigo Week Pass.

This Pass gives you an unlimited access to different means of transports: Metro, Bus, RER, Tram, Noctilien (night bus), Montmartrobus and Montmartre Funicular.

It’s important to note that the Pass is not valid with the Orlyval (automatic shuttle serving Orly airport).



Navigo Pass works in several different areas, and it’s important to take them into account in order to know which ones will allow you to move around as you wish during your stay.

Please note that Paris corresponds to zone 1 and if you wish to go to Disneyland Paris or Versailles, you will need a Navigo Pass “All Areas” (1 to 5).

If necessary, it is possible to supplement with a ticket for a journey.



The price for a Navigo Week Pass varies, depending on the areas you wish to use it in:

Zones  Price
All Zones €30
2-3 €27.85
3-4 €26.60
4-5 €26.10

You can find out more on the Île de France Mobilités website. (in french).

The Navigo Pass doesn’t have any special rates for children.

This Weekly Pass works from Monday to Sunday. Please note that this schedule cannot be changed!

You can’t, for example, use it from Wednesday to Tuesday. If you only stay for the day in Paris, you can choose the Navigo Day Pass.

To use the Navigo Week Pass, you will first need to obtain a Navigo Discovery Pass, which you can get at a Navigo agency or at some tickets offices in stations.

Once this Pass is obtained, you can charge your Week Pass on the card, at any RER or metro station.


Disadvantages of the Navigo Pass

There are, however, some drawbacks with the Navigo Pass:

  • If you take the Navigo Week Pass, it is valid for the full week, from Monday to Sunday, regardless of the length of your stay.
  • You must obtain the Navigo Discovery Pass to charge the Week Pass.
  • The Navigo Discovery Pass requires a photo ID.
  • The Navigo Discovery Pass magnetic card will cost you 5 non-refundable euros.


The Paris Visite Pass

At first glance, this package seems ideal for spending a few days in Paris.

The Paris Visite Pass will allow you to use public transports in an unlimited way, from the most basic (Metro, Bus, RER, etc) to the most unusual (Montmartre Funicular…)


Validation and use

Paris Visite Pass
Ticket Paris Visite – Crédits: STIF / Public domain

The Paris Visit Pass is available for periods of 1, 2, 3 and 5 days.

These are full days that are counted from midnight on the first day to midnight on the last, regardless of the time of the first use.

Once in possession of the ticket, you will need to write down your name and the period of use.



The Paris Visite Package is available for two different areas:

  • the first includes zones 1 through 3, which means that you are staying inside Paris, with the exception of some nearby places, such as the Saint-Denis Basilica or the Stade de France.
  • the second includes zone 1 through 5, which will allow you to not only go everywhere in Paris, but also to the Orly and Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airports, or to places such as Versailles, Disneyland Paris, Fontainebleau or Vaux-Le-Vicomte.

Please note that this package allows you to benefit from discounts in certain places or activities such as the Grévin Museum, cruises on the Seine or the tourist bus.

You can find more information on these reductions on this site.



The price of the Paris Visite Pass varies depending on the area and the number of days.

Zones 1 day
2 days
3 days
5 days
1-3 (adult) €13.55 €22.5 €30.10 €43.30
1-3 (children between 4 and 11) €6.75 €11 €15.05 €21.65
1-5 (adult) €28.50 €43.30 €60.70 €74.30
1-5 (children between 4 and 11) €14.50 €21.65 €30.35 €37.15

You can find out more on the Île de France Mobilités website (in french).

A special rate is applicable for children from 4 to 11 years old.

This pass can be purchased at Paris Metros or RER stations, at airports or at information points.


Disadvantages of the Paris Visite Pass

However, this package has two major drawbacks:

  • It is available for 5 days maximum, and you need to get another one if you want to spend more time in Paris.
  • This package is quite expensive, according to many, and offers little advantages compared to a Navigo Pass “All Areas” which is much cheaper.



Here is a small summary table of the main points of this comparison:

Navigo Week Pass Paris Visite Pass
Zones Specific areas or all areas Zones 1 through 3 or 1 through 5
Prices €30 for a full week “All Areas” pass From €28.50 to €74.30 on a 1-5 adult package (depending on the number of days) with discounts on certain activities
Drawbacks You need to have the Navigo Discovery Pass (5 €) to charge the Week Pass High price for only a few days
Use Magnetic card easily usable at the station Paper ticket to insert in the machine for validation

The price of the Paris Visite pass is quite expensive, so it’s profitable, in my opinion, only for people who stay a short time in Paris, and wish to visit Disneyland Paris, Fontainebleau, go to the airport or take advantage of the activities on which the Paris Visite offers a discount.

For people staying more than 3 or 4 days, it’s cheaper to choose the Navigo Pass, knowing that the “All Areas” pass will allow you to join Disneyland Paris or Versailles. Of course, it’s always possible to buy single tickets if you wish to make more distant visits.