Top 12 Kids-Friendly Restaurants in Paris That Are Locals Favorites

We have listed the best kid-friendly restaurants where you can go out with your family without being stared at for taking your sweetie pies with you. These restaurants welcome families and are also equipped to welcome the little ones.


Fan de Carotte

34 Rue Lemercier, 75017 Paris

Google: 4.6/5
TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

fan de carotte nursery
The Fan de Carotte nursery – Credits: Fan de Carotte

Fan de Carotte is a new restaurant that has opened in the 17th arrondissement. It is modern, cozy and offers good food made with love and professionalism in a neighborhood canteen and family restaurant atmosphere.

The cooking, which is prepared with French products, varies according to the week but never compromises on quality and is always tailored to occasions and themes such as Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas for example.

This restaurant also features a grocery section where you can buy high-quality local products. Also available for sale are jars of baby food prepared the same day for as cheap as 3€.

The restaurant is equipped with a game corner, highchairs and is designed to help parents relax and keep their children entertained. On weekends, animators come and take care of the younger ones so that you can have lunch with full peace of mind.

Feel free to consult the menu of Fan de Carotte (in French) to get an idea of what is offered and at what price, but know that you can get an adult menu for around 22€.


750g La Table

397 Rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris

Google: 4.1/5
TripAdvisor: 4/5

750g La Table child's menu
A 750g La Table child’s menu – Credits: 750g La Table

750g is first and foremost a chef who is passionate about cooking and sharing good recipes on his website: 750g, Chef Damien.

To share these recipes, he opened 750g La Table in 2015 in the 3rd arrondissement, a kid-friendly restaurant equipped to welcome families and their little ones.

Indeed, the restaurant has high chairs, a play corner and even a miniature kitchen where children are invited to cook like grown-ups (this is make-believe, so don’t worry, there won’t be any accidental fire).

Regarding the prices, they reach between 20 and 24€ for the adult menu and 8€ for the children’s menu, which is quite reasonable for gastronomic cuisine; go and check the menu (in French) yourself to get your mouth watering.


Grand Central 104

5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris

Google: 3.4/5
TripAdvisor: 3

Restaurant Grand Central 104
Inside the restaurant – Restaurant Grand Central 104

The 104 is a very spacious restaurant with a capacity of 178 seats, 150 stand-up spots, benches, wide aisles where strollers can fit and the possibility to have large tables with families or friends.

The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace, its own entrance, and a grocery section.

Le grand central is in the heart of 104, a cultural center in the 19th district of Paris, a place that dedicates its 25,000m² of usable space (39,000m² including the parking lots) to art in the forms of shows, exhibitions, festivals. A place for sharing and discovering for the whole family.

This is one of the reasons why this restaurant is in this list: a lunch break in a great restaurant with children who can then spend and be marveled in the 104.

Note that the restaurant has a children’s menu for 12 euros, it organizes family brunches every Sunday and offers families coloring books and highchairs if needed.

The prices are not too high, I invite you to consult the menu (in French) to organize your next family excursion.


Rosa Bonheur à l’Ouest

20 Quai du Docteur Dervaux // Pont d’Asnières
92600 Asnières-sur-Seine

Google : 4.1/5
TripAdvisor : 3/5

Rosa Bonheur family
A family at Rosa Bonheur – Credits: Rosa Bonheur

This is the third Rosa-style guinguette (in French), after one in the center of Paris and one in the east; in 2017 Rosa Ouest was opened in Asnières-sur-Seine.

This site offers a friendly atmosphere and a perfect space for families with its games for children (the small park is fenced), its petanque area, its mini-tennis court, its table soccer, its music, its DJs and its delicious oven-baked pizzas.

Rosa has a large space to accommodate many people, and for those who wish to play with their children, there are also board games available to borrow.

Come for a family brunch on Sunday, the buffet is all you can eat, and you can eat in a green space by the water, a real breath of Camargue and a pleasant moment in nature which is so rare in the Parisian region.


La Felicita

5 Rue Eugène Freyssinet, 75013 Paris

Google: 4.3/5
TripAdvisor: 3.5/5

Parent and Child Felicita
A parent and a child in La Felicita – Credits: La Felicita

This “Food and Teuf market” (Teuf means Party) as its managers call it, is a huge 4500 m² park which makes it the largest restaurant resort in France.

This place includes several Italian mini restaurants, juice and alcohol bars and a part dedicated to animations.

It is versatile, during the week it welcomes entrepreneurs who come to eat on the run (it is stuck to the station F, a start-up campus) and on the weekend it welcomes families from the neighborhood and groups of friends who come to have a good time in the many displays of the space.

The atmosphere is fun and friendly with the different stands set up in converted cars, decorated alleys and green plants, lots of colors, Foosball tables… Your children will be in heaven.

No children’s menu but dishes that will surely please them such as revised hamburgers and fries for example.

Moreover, every second Sunday of the month is the day which is exclusively reserved for them. A play area is also open and offers learning workshops with themes that change all the time, such as ecological awareness, sign language, foreign languages, theater or early learning workshops.

You can discover the place on the Facebook page of la Félicita or on its official website (in French).


Le Pássarito

10 Rue des Goncourt, 75011 Paris

Google : 4.3/5
TripAdvisor : 4.5/5

Passarito's children's area
Passarito’s children’s area – Credits: Passarito restaurant

Wine bar, grocery store, wine shop and restaurant, Passarito is a friendly space with a French-Portuguese atmosphere that is perfect for families.

The restaurant provides simple and healthy dishes for children such as peas and bacon, boiled eggs, fruit cakes and many other specialties that are appreciated by children.

There is a children’s area (in French) with books, toys, board games, a large table, drawing materials, as well as the restaurant’s mascots that your children will love: Ulysse, Smarties, Dimitri and Mimi-Ines, the parakeets.

Come and taste fresh products (in French), typical dishes that are updated daily, fruit juices pressed to order and wonderful house wines.


Les 400 Coups

51 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris

Google: 3.8/5
TripAdvisor: 3/5

Dinette 400Coups
The dinette area at the 400 Coups – Credits: 400 Coups

This restaurant is in the Cinémathèque Française in Paris, a place dedicated to cinema which offers animations, workshops around cinema and film screenings.

This restaurant has been conceived for families with its children’s area with books, board games, animations as well as a space for the little ones perfectly equipped with bibs, booster seats, diapers, changing tables, high chairs… everything you may need.

The restaurant has also arranged a parents’ corner with Wi-Fi access, a lounge, access to the press and a comfortable installation.

Children’s menus for brunch cost 15€ with healthy products there is another formula at 12.80€ which is simpler but which will please all children.

The restaurant also offers events for all and it is also possible to celebrate children’s birthdays. Come and see for yourself on the 400 coups website (in French).



47 Quai Charles Pasqua, 92300 Levallois-Perret

Google : 3.9/5
TripAdvisor : 3/5

Table du Brun at Polpo
Family brunch at Polpo – Credit : Polpo

This is a family restaurant on a barge; come and enjoy a brunch with your children who will love the place.

You’ll feel like you’re at the seaside even though the restaurant doesn’t leave the docks, all thanks to the bright marine-themed design and the delicious seafood.

The restaurant has a large extended space because it is a barge. It has a children’s level and much quieter areas for privacy. The tables are widely spaced, and you won’t step on anyone’s toes to get to the buffets.

The brunch buffets are extremely well-stocked and offer a wide variety of dishes based on fresh products. The brunch formula is all-you-can-eat and the dishes are of high quality.

Animations are proposed to the children between 12 pm and 3 pm; you will find clowns, make-up artists, a magician, materials to draw and many other animations.

The children’s brunch formula is interesting, at 17€ with brunch and animations included and it goes up to 39€50 for an adult brunch formula. Look at  Polpo’s menu to prepare your visit.


Chez He

4 Cité de l’Ameublement, 75011 Paris

Google : 4.1/5
TripAdvisor : 4/5

Children's area at Chez He Paris
Children’s area – Credits : Chez He

In this restaurant of traditional Chinese gastronomy, the owner has understood the importance of having a place adapted to families.

In addition to having high chairs and changing tables for the little ones, the restaurant is divided into two levels, a first floor for the restaurant and a basement of 350m² which serves as a playground for the 2 to 12 years old.

The playground is divided into a play area for the very young and a larger play area for children equipped with a ball pool, ball guns, balance games, climbing… a bit like an outdoor playground, but indoors.

The basement is monitored by cameras so that adults can watch the children from screens upstairs, and they have animators who take care of the younger children in the play area.

The entrance to the park is not free, but with the children’s menu, it is only 20€. Concerning the adult menus, the prices go from 10.50€ to 24.50€ and the cooking is entirely homemade in the respect of traditional Chinese cooking.

I suggest you consult the menu of Chez He yourself for more information.


The Recyclerie

83 Boulevard Ornano, 75018 Paris

Google : 4.3/5
TripAdvisor : 3.5/5

Children's workshop La Recyclerie
A children’s workshop in La Recyclerie – Credit: La Recyclerie

The Recyclerie is an eco-responsible space, a real green space, and an urban farm in an old train station in the center of Paris.

You and your children will be able to take part in workshops, visit the henhouse and see the chickens and ducks, see the 4 beehives, the plant jungle and participate in the composting and/or the collective vegetable garden of 400m² activities.

Why bring your children here? In addition to the fact that it raises their awareness, the food that is served is good, organic, and very balanced.

The canteen of the Recyclerie has a family atmosphere and 100% homemade dishes which are regularly renewed. A lunch formula costs 13.90€, a breakfast formula costs 3€ and a snack formula costs 7€, you won’t get broke spending a pleasant moment in this large bright space, surrounded by greenery.


The Cafézoïde

92 bis Quai de la Loire, 75019 Paris

Google : 4.6/5

Le Cafézoïde
Credits: Le Cafézoïde

One of the pioneers of the ‘children’s café’ phenomenon, the cafézoïde is literally made for them.

A café without alcohol or cigarettes, for 0–16-year-olds, full of activities, meetings, games and events of all kinds. It is a place that promotes artistic creativity, supports young people especially those who need it more than others.

It’s a café that is supported by subscriptions and donations, but it’s also a real place to eat and relax for young people and their parents.

Come and eat affordable food in front of singing, dancing or movie shows. The toddler area is equipped with changing tables and baby necessities, as well as early learning games.


Le Chien de la Lune

22 Rue de Jessaint, 75018 Paris

Google: 4.3/5
TripAdvisor: 4.5/5

Le Chien de la Lune
Children’s reading area – Credit: Le Chien de la Lune

Le Chien de la Lune is a restaurant run by Christian Mégevand, a former designer, who wanted to become a restaurant owner like his grandfather. This is a family affair, with a love of cooking that shines through, making it the perfect place for families.

The cuisine is simple and unpretentious: home-cooked with fresh and local products and is suitable for everyone. No children’s menu here because, as the manager says: “There is nothing more obsolete than a children’s menu. Children are customers like any other: I want them to have fun”.

So, at the Chien de la Lune they eat like grown-ups, but in smaller portions presented in a playful way, such as their very pleasant Galettes des Rois as a lollipop.

Children can also have fun in the reading corner with children’s books because this restaurant promotes reading and owes its name to the children’s novel “The Moon Dog” by Nele Moost and Jutta Bücker.

You can enjoy a menu for less than 30€. Check the menu yourself. Note that the store doubles as a furniture store.