18 Best Italian Restaurants in Paris (Pizza, Pasta…Yum!)

We offer you today a tour of the best Italian restaurants in Paris. Each of them has its own specificity and above all their own prices; all these restaurants will delight your palate.


From 10€ to 25€

Roberta abbesses

5 B rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris

Roberta Abbesses
Credits: Roberta Abbesses

Roberta Abbesses is located in the heart of Montmartre; it was set up in an old workshop and offers all kinds of Italian dishes.

The price of the menu will vary between 8€ and 20€ depending on the chosen menu, al of which are affordable prices which will satisfy everyone.

The restaurant’s little extra: it closes late at night.

Indeed, Roberta Abbesses closes every day at 11pm.

We recommend this restaurant for its location and for its availability to large groups.

Average price for the menu: 20€



The little Italy

5 Place De Clichy, 75017 Paris

The Little Italy
Credits: The Little Italy

Do you want to find the Manhattan ambiance and the warmth of Italy?

Little Italy is the perfect mix for that. Rediscover the spirit of Manhattan’s famous neighborhood -Little Italy- in this restaurant in the 17th district.

The price for the menus is attractive, costing around 20€.

The restaurant’s little extra: it offers a brunch service every Saturday and Sunday.

Average price for the menu: 20€



Arrivederci pizzeria

47 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005, Paris

This restaurant located in the 5th district will offer you delicious pizzas and more.

Indeed, Arrivederci Pizzeria also offers some pasta dishes, cooked in the Italian way, of course!

The price you will pay for the menu can vary depending on the dish you pick, it can go from 13€ per pizza to 20€ for pasta and specialty pizzas.

We recommend this restaurant for its low prices and for the quality to price ratio, you will not be disappointed during your visit to Arrivederci pizzeria.

Average price for the menu: 20€



Pizzeria Popolare

111 Rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris

The pizzeria popolare is located in the 2nd arrondissement.

As its name suggests, this restaurant is specialized in pizzas, but just as in Arrivederci Pizza which was earlier mentioned, this pizzeria also offers some pasta.

The price for the menu varies depending on the choice of food you make.

We recommend this restaurant for its neat decoration and for the warm atmosphere.

Average price for the menu: 25€




37 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75006, Paris

This restaurant in the 6th district will offer you fresh pasta cooked the Italian way.

The Pastamore restaurant will offer you fresh ingredients from the start to the end of your meal which, by the way, is what makes the food so good.

The price for the menus goes from 13€ to 25€

We recommend this restaurant for its true Italian identity and for its innovative dishes.

Average price for the menu: between 13€ and 25€


Amore da Francesca

80 rue du Mont-Cenis, 75018, Paris

Amore da Francesca is a restaurant which offers a lot of different choices in its menus.

Whether it is pizzas, pasta or ravioli, you will find whatever makes you happy in the different dishes available in this restaurant.

Depending on the dishes you will choose, the price differs, costing around 25€.

We recommend this restaurant for its warm ambiance, its delicious food and its romantic decoration.

Average price for the menu: 25€


Between 30€ and 45€


89 Boulevard de Courcelles, 75008 Paris

This Italian restaurant in the 8th district will offer diverse typically Italian dishes.

Just like Amore da Francesca, the restaurant we mentioned earlier, the menu offers a lot of different Italian dishes, everything to make you happy.

Once again, the price for the different menus will differ, but the menu will cost approximately 40€.

We recommend this restaurant for its possibility to welcome large groups, whether familes or a group of friends and for the diversity in terms of dishes.

Average price for the menu: 40€


The Godfather

41 Allée Vivaldi, 75012, Paris

This Italian restaurant in the 12th district offers different typical Italian dishes, but what makes it so special compared to the others is that it also serves American dishes in addition to the Italian ones.

Indeed, in this restaurant, you will find a mix between the two cultures and twice as many choices.

The average price here is 30€

We recommend this restaurant for two things: for its mix of the Italian and American cultures and for its diverse choice of menus.

Average price for the menu: 30€


58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris

This lovely Italian restaurant located in the 1st district will make you travel directly in Italy.

The owners, two siblings with Italian origins, traveled all around the furthest places in Italy to be able to offer authentic dishes today.

The restaurant’s first specialty is the reason why we recommend it; indeed, the Damigiana is located on the second floor.

On the first floor, you will find a bar where you can taste the famous cicchetti as an antipasti and on the second floor, you will find the restaurant where all the traditional Italian dishes, modernized or not, are served.

Average price for the menu: 35€


Il Toscano

42 Rue de l’Amiral Hamelin, 75016 Paris

In the 16th district, you will find the Il Toscano restaurant. This restaurant offers a light and delicate Italian cuisine, which makes every customer happy.

This restaurant uses fresh ingredients every day to serve the best of the Tuscany cuisine.

We recommend this restaurant for the authenticity of its dishes and the warm welcome.

Average price for the menu: 35€


Il Duca

26 Rue Yvonne le Tac, 75018 Paris

Il Duca restaurant is located in the 18th district, it offers typical Italian dishes and most of all fresh pasta and good Italian wine.

This lovely restaurant also has a terrace which will allow you to eat your meal out in the sun.

The Il Duca’s little extra is that it offers a takeaway service.

It is for those reasons that we recommend it. The menu’s price will obviously vary depending on the food you choose, but the average price for the menu is around 40€

Average price for the menu: 40€



Via del Campo

22 Rue du Champ de Mars, 75007, Paris

Via del campo is located not far from the Eiffel Tower and offers Italian specialties.

Offering seasonal products, this restaurant is a real gem for everyone who loves Italian cuisine.

The menus are many and the pasta dishes numerous; you will also be able to taste some delicious carpaccios or others antipastis.

We recommend this restaurant for its pure Italian essence and for the facility that the vegetarians can have on finding a meal that will satisfy them.

Average price for the menu: 45€



More Than 65€

To finish, let’s talk about the best top-of-the-range restaurants that you can find in Paris.


Le Vinci

23 Rue Paul Valéry, 75116 Paris

Le Vinci, with its elegant and sophisticated style, is a restaurant where you will find many traditional Italian dishes.

The little extra this restaurant has is that the Italian dishes are enhanced with a touch of French cuisine.

Moreover, it is possible to privatize the restaurant; all those little things make us recommend it.

Average price for the menu: 65€



20 Rue du Cirque, 75008 Paris

Credits: Tosca

Tosca is located in the 8th district. This restaurant is said to be warm but relaxed.

It offers different Italian specialties, all of which are modernized depending on the dish.

All the products in the restaurant come from Italian producers and are specifically selected by the restaurant.

Just like Le Vinci restaurant, it is fully possible to privatize the second floor for a business lunch or a celebration with friends and family.

We also recommend it for its ideal location, in the heart of the faubourg of Saint-Honoré.

Average price for the menu: 80€



Mori Venice Bar

Mori Venice Bar
Credits: Mori Venice Bar

27 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris

This sophisticated restaurant offers typically Venetian Italian dishes, a cuisine only known by few people.

Here, you will be able to taste dishes like shelled Venetian style spider crab, or delicious tagliatelli.

We recommend it for its reputed and talented chef, and its specialties unavailable in many other Italian restaurants. Depending on the menu you will choose, the price will vary between 80€ and 100€

Moreover, the Mori Venice Bar also offers a bar service in addition to the restaurant; everything is here to satisfy as many customers as possible.

Average price for the menu: 84€


Assaggio Hotel Castille

37 Rue Cambon, 75001 Paris

Assaggio Hotel Castille
Credits: Assaggio Hotel Castille

To finish this list of the best Italian restaurants in Paris, let us introduce you to the Assaggio Hotel Castille.

This restaurant is located in a chic and elegant Hotel.

The restaurant offers Italian dishes from all over the country to satisfy everyone and each taste.

We recommend it for the multitude of services it offers, such as: A Hotel, a restaurant, a tea room.

All those services for the same customers.

Average price for the menu: 115€


Armani Ristorante

7 Place du Québec, 75006 Paris

The Armani Ristorante belongs to the same owner as the Mori Venice bar; as such, if you loved the restaurant but want to see other places, this one is perfect for you.

The Armani Ristorante mixes tradition and modernity in the dishes it offers to satisfy the its customers as best it can.

We recommend it for its perfect location and for its café located on the first floor, under the restaurant.

Average price for the menu: 110€