25 Souvenirs and Things to Buy in Paris & Where to Find Them

Welcome to the ultimate guide on ‘What to Buy in Paris’! Whether you’re a tourist seeking the perfect Parisian souvenir, a shopper on the hunt for unique and specialty items exclusive to the City of Light, or looking for that ideal gift to bring back for a loved one, my article has got you covered.


1) Macarons

A coffee and some macaroons

These small pastries made of almond powder, egg whites and sugar are called Parisian Macaron when they are upgraded with a ganache in between their two biscuits.

Whether you are adventurous or like classic flavors, you will always find one to suit your taste. It’s the favorite French dessert of most foreigners. It’s hard to resist the pull of delicious sweets, and these are definitely worth tasting, so just go for it!

Where to buy it?


The brand owns several stores throughout Paris, you can locate them on the website.

You’ll find more options in my article Places to Find & Buy the Best Macarons in Paris.


From €19.30 for one assorted box of 7 macarons to €104 for one assorted box of 40 macarons.


2) Wine

A grapevine

Wine is one of France’s ultimate symbols!

We produce wine in almost every region and it is therefore the most consumed alcohol in France. Moreover, there are so many different types that it can fit almost any kind of taste buds, for any budget, so there is no need to hesitate.

Go to a wine store and try some! Whether it’s red wine, white wine or a rosé, you will definitely find a bottle which will suit both you and your loved ones.

Where to buy it?


Nicolas owns many stores throughout Paris, you can locate them on the website.

Decent French wines can also be bought in most supermarkets.


The average price is €15 for a bottle.


3) Champagne

Some flutes of champagne

It is the most festive alcoholic drink in France!

This drink from the Champagne region is now consumed everywhere in France and in the world.

If you want to share a bottle with friends to celebrate an important event (or not), a bottle of champagne would be a perfect gift for your friends and family who love to celebrate, or simply who like to treat themselves to something good.

Where to buy it?

22 rue de Savoie, 75006 Paris

You’ll also find pretty good Champagne at Nicolas’s stores and in most supermarkets.


Around €20 – €45 for a bottle.


4) A beret


There are many clichés about France and one of the most famous ones is that French people always wear Bérets. This knitted wool hat is often associated with Parisian artists.

And even if French people don’t wear them that often, it remains a strong symbol and a great gift to bring home from the French capital.

You can find some cheap “Made in China” ones in pretty much every gift shop in Paris; however, getting one manufactured in France should be more appealing.

Where to buy it?

There are multiple stores throughout Paris, you will find them in this article


around 35€


5) A marinière (Striped Shirt)


A Marinière is a long-sleeved jersey that was originally worn by the French Marine since the 19th century.

Before, it was blue and white and had 21 20mm white stripes and 20 or 21 10 mm blue stripes.

The “Tricot Rayé” (Striped Jersey) became popular ever since Coco Chanel introduced it to the fashion industry. Other fashion designers followed this trend, such as Yves Saint Laurent, and Jean-Paul Gaultier who completely took it over to make it an imaginative -sometimes eccentric- fashion statement.

Where to buy it?


The brand owns several stores throughout Paris, you can locate them on the website.

You’ll find more options in my article Best Places To Buy a Beret In Paris (For All Budgets)


From €40 to €85 depending on the product.


6) Saucisson (Dried Sausage)


This is one of the many French culinary specialties.

This delicacy – which is usually made of pork meat yet sometimes boar meat, donkey meat, beef or even poultry will be used – will probably surprise you.

Taste it just once with some French baguette and you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Why not share some with your friends?

Where to buy it?

Le Roi du Saucisson
22 rue du Poteau, 75018 Paris
https://www.epicery.com/epiceries/roi-saucisson (in French)

You’ll find saucisson of various qualities in every supermarkets in Paris.


The average price is €7 per item.


7) Cheese

A cheese platter and wine

In France, it is said that there are 365 types of cheese, which means that you can have a different one each day of the year. Even if it seems a bit hard to taste them all during your 2-day stay in Paris, you should still try to discover as many as possible and gift your favorite ones to someone.

Where to buy it?

30 rue du Grenier Saint Lazare 75003 Paris
https://www.saisons-paris.fr/plateaux-cadeaux-fromage (in French)

Or in the cheese aisle of supermarkets. The bigger the supermarket, the most options you’ll find.


Between 4 and 8€ for one cheese and €37 cheese platter.


8) Foie Gras

Some foie gras

If you spent December 25th in France, you probably have already tried one of the most representative Christmas dishes: the Foie Gras.

This French delicacy is basically made of the liver of a goose or a duck; it can be eaten fresh, semi-cooked, or cooked.

Eating it at Christmas has become a tradition. That’s why it is one of the best gifts you can think of if you want your loved ones to taste the magic of French Christmas celebrations.

Where to buy it?

30 place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris

You’ll also find it in bigger supermarkets (like Carrefour, Leclerc or Auchan) all year around and in smaller supermarkets at Christmas time.


€50 for a 150g can, on average


9) A scarf

a few scarves

Most countries are quite envious of French scarves. So why not buy one for someone?

In Paris, you can find one for any budget, material and shape. It is a fashionable accessory which will keep you warm and stylish during winter while giving you that Parisian chic appearance that everyone likes.

Where to buy it?

The brand owns several stores throughout Paris, you can locate them on the website


90x90cm silk scarf from €50


Where to buy it (other option)?

40 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris


Prices start at €30.


10) A Louis Vuitton Handbag

Louis Vuitton handbag

Those who have a (much) bigger budget should probably go to the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in the beautiful Louis Vuitton boutique. The most famous French leather shop welcomes many visitors and we all know why.

Their handbags and travel cases are well-known and worn throughout the entire world. They have often been imitated but remain unrivaled. It is definitely one of the best Parisian gifts you could give to someone you know.

Where to buy it?

The brand owns several stores throughout Paris, you can locate them on their website


From €800


11) Books, Posters or Postcards

Ancient books

While walking on the banks of the Seine, along the Quai Voltaire, you can’t miss the green boxes that border the riverside. The Bouquinistes de Paris are a symbol of the city and are registered as a UNESCO World Heritage since 2011.

The books there are all second-hand so they are quite cheap and you can find some beautiful masterpieces. Also, the postcards and posters are usually vintage. Therefore, you will always be able to find something within your budget depending on the authenticity and the reputation of your purchase.

Where to buy?

Banks of the Seine – From the Quai de la Tournelle to Quai Voltaire
Les bouquinistes de Paris


From a few cents to more than €20.
The average price is €10.


12) A miniature Eiffel Tower

Mini Eiffel towers

Yes, it is a cliché souvenir, but it does not mean we should completely put it aside.

The “Iron Lady” is one of the most visited monuments in France, and it is probably the most iconic monument in Paris.

From there, you have one of the greatest views of the city of love. So, share your experience in the Eiffel Tower by giving your friends some of these replicas.

Where to buy it?

103 quai Branly, 75015 Paris
https://www.souvenirs-paris.fr/~souvenirf/ – French


4.5 x 2cm Eiffel Tower: €1
8 x 3.5cm Eiffel Tower: €1.90
30 x 12cm Eiffel Tower: €19
48 x 13cm Eiffel Tower: €39


13) A French Knife

An Opinel knife

If you want to buy a useful, French-manufactured gift, then don’t look any further and buy an Opinel knife. These wooden-handled knives are made in Savoie and are one of the symbols of the “Made in France” movement.

Having one will be useful if you are out in nature for a picnic or camping, as well as when you are at home.

Where to buy it?

The brand owns several Opinel stores and Relais throughout Paris, you can locate them on their website.


Around €15 for a classic stainless knife.


14) Antiques

Some vintage cameras

In Paris, there is quite a large choice of antiques and pieces worth checking out.

You can start your quest for unique and historical pieces in many Antique dealer shops, or flea markets for those courageous enough to browse through all those alleys and stores.

Where to buy it?

1 rue du Marché Popincourt, 75011 Paris

Porte de Clignancourt, 93400 Saint-Ouen


The price differs depending on the shape and the scarcity of the object.


15) Beauty Products

Colorful bar soaps

In France, there are many unique soaps and skincare products that foreigners love and can’t get in their home countries. Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Avène, L’Occitane… These products are quite easy to get in France, however, in other countries, they are much more expensive.

So when you come to Paris, how about taking advantage of those attractive prices and letting your friends discover some French brands?

Where to buy it?

The brand owns several stores throughout Paris, you can locate them on the website


From €20 for a face beauty box.


16) Perfume

Some bottles of perfume

If you want to get a more refined gift, you should go for a bottle of perfume.

Whether it is to smell up a home or a person, your loved ones will be crazy about the delicate smells created by great Parisian perfumes. With this scented gift, They will travel to the most beautiful city in the world.

Where to buy it?

68 rue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris


The average price of a 100ml bottle of perfume is €120.


Where to buy it (other option)?

196 boulevard Saint Germain, 75007 Paris


Around €30 for the Home Scents
Between €30 and €90 for a bottle of perfume


17) A Scented Candle

A lit candle

On the subject of scents, perfumes, and other intoxicating fragrances, you can buy a Parisian-scented candle. Parisian perfumeries are well-known in the entire world for their enchanting smells.

These candles will help you spread a unique atmosphere at home thanks to a natural and charming smell.

Where to buy it?

34 boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 Paris


Between €46 and €60 for a 190g candle.


18) French Linens

Fine French Linens

French tablecloths, napkins, and kitchen towels are renowned for their quality and stylish patterns.

Each piece is a true textile masterpiece, adding a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

Floral patterns, classic stripes, and delicate embroidery offer a variety of choices that will remind you of your Parisian journey every day.

Where to buy it?

33-35 Rue Nicolo
75016 Paris


Between €10 and €20 for a set of 2 table napkins


19) Mustard

field of mustard

Mustard is one of the most common condiments in the world; however, nothing can outshine the ones you can get in France.

You can find so many different types that you won’t know which one to choose. There are stronger ones like the Dijon Mustard, sweeter ones such as Honey Mustard, or ones that are flavored with many different tastes.

Where to buy it?

6 place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris


From €12.5 for 5 tiny jars of different mustard to €70 for Truffle Mustard sets.


20) Salt

Some salt

In France, there are many very different – yet equally delicious – varieties of salt. You can bring home salt coming from different regions.

While the Sel de Guérande is the most famous one, many flavored or colored salts are available as well.

Where to buy it?

38, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris
https://www.lagrandeepicerie.com/fr/epicerie-salee/sels–poivres-et-baies/ (in French)


From €5 to approximately €20 per pack.


21) Herbs and Spices


To enhance the taste of your meals, you can find any kind of spice or aromatic herb you’ve ever dreamed of in Paris.

Common ones include Persillade (parsley, garlic and olive oil mixed together), Herbes de Provence (a mix of basil, thyme, bay leaf, rosemary, tarragon, and many other dried herbs), Bouquets Garnis (a mix of dried thyme, bay leaf, sage, garlic and a few more herbs), or other spices such as Espelette pepper.

These spices will bring life to your dish.

Where to buy it?

38, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris
https://www.lagrandeepicerie.com/fr/epicerie-salee/epices–herbes-et-aromates/ (in French)


€4-€6 for 20g


22) French Tea

A cup of tea

For those who enjoy drinking tea or infusions, France is the right place for you. Indeed, the British are not the only people to make aromatic teas.

There are great French Tea Houses which will tickle your taste buds. So don’t hesitate and share some with your friends and family.

Where to buy it?

32 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 75004 Paris


The average price goes from €20 to €30 per box.


23) Madeleines

Six madeleines

This is one of the most popular sweets. These small pastries have a peculiar shape and are well-known worldwide ever since Marcel Proust mentioned them in Du côté de chez Swann (Swann’s Way). If you send some to your loved ones, you will be able to share and create great memories with them.

Where to buy it?

37 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris

You’ll also be able to find them in most supermarkets.


Mini madeleine sweet or savory, €0.70 per unit
Flavored madeleine, €2.50 per unit
Garnished madeleine sweet or savory, €3.50 per unit
The “Gourmande” madeleine, €4.50 per unit


24) Chocolate

Some chocolate bites

Chocolate is one of the greatest Parisian culinary specialties. That is the reason why there are so many talented chocolatiers.

Here, you can find chocolate in all possible forms, scales and tastes. You cannot stay in Paris without trying out some of these delicacies.

Where to buy it?

The brand owns several stores throughout Paris, you can locate them on the website.


€40-€60 for their assortments


25) Authentic French Cookbook

French Cookbook

Explore the richness of French cuisine by bringing back an authentic French cookbook from Paris. These books will allow you to recreate the delights of French cuisine at home.

From classic recipes like quiche Lorraine and coq au vin to macarons and croissants, you’ll discover the secrets of French gastronomy.

Be inspired by the flavors and culinary techniques that have made France famous. A French cookbook is a delicious souvenir that will let you relive the culinary experience of Paris.

Where to buy it?

FNAC Paris – Montparnasse
136 Rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris


Around €10 – €20