11 Best Shops Where to Find All Kind of Yummy Cupcakes in Paris

The cupcakes are not only an American product anymore; they have become a staple in France too. From the classics to the more eccentric, they delight our taste buds. Here are some ideas of the places where you can find the best cupcakes in Paris and improve your teatime snack!


23 Rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris

Halloween cupcakes

Between the themed cupcakes and the simple ones, your desire will come alive in this bakery just a few meters away from the Louvre and the Halles where you will be able to eat your cupcakes on the spot, on the deck, or take away.

A special event? The customized Berko’s cupcakes are made for you.


From €2.40 each
From €14.40 for a box of 6 cupcakes.

Website: https://www.berko.fr/cupcakes/ (website in french)



L’Atelier des Gâteaux

23 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris

Customized cupcakes box

By building your box on your own, your greed will be able to speak freely!

Indeed, you can choose each cupcake of your box of 4, 6 or 12 and taste them in the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is located just 9 minutes away on foot.

For those who are not gourmets, you can also build a box with mini cupcakes.


From €3.80 each
From €0.95 for a mini cupcake

Website: https://atelierdesgateaux.com/pages/cupcakes (website in french)



Love and Cakes

16 Rue Ferdinand Flocon, 75018 Paris

Classics cupcakes

Stay simple with this bakery’s cupcakes, located 10 minutes away from the Quartier Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur.

Traditional but delicious tastes!

From the tutti frutti to the all-chocolate, you will enjoy your selection whatever you choose.

You also have the possibility to have your choice personalized if you want to.

Price: From €32 for a box

Website: https://www.loveandcakes.fr/cupcakes-prod-eng



Cloud Cakes

6 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris

Mini cupcake

Vegan people take note: here is a bakery to go to after having visited the Louvre, as it only uses bio and vegan ingredients in its pastries, and thus its cupcakes.

It’s also possible to ask them to provide you with a gluten-free option.

For the unusual flavor enthusiasts, the Mexican Hot Chocolate made with chocolate, Cayenne pepper and vegan chantilly could fit the bill for you!


From €3.50 each
From €12.90 for a box
From €1.90 for a mini cupcake

Website: https://boutique.cloudcakes.fr/en/



Chez Bogato

7 Rue Liancourt, 75014 Paris

Unicorn cupcakes

Located near the Gare Montparnasse and the Jardin du Luxembourg, here is a bakery with cupcakes that are each as tempting as the others.

Between pretty decorations and a variety of flavors, you will hardly be able to choose the one which will make you succumb: the panda, the unicorn or the cloud?

Let your desire speak!

Price: From €4 each

Website: https://chezbogato.fr/notre-carte/cupcakes-popcakes/ (website in french)



Vegan Folie’s

53 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris

Two-tone cupcake

Here is another bakery that offers sweets such as cupcakes, that are bio and 100% vegan; and you can eat them next to the greenery between the Jardin des Plantes and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

There is no place for habit here because the selection changes every day in this bakery.

But the fruit or the chocolate cupcakes stay as best-sellers.

Price: From €20 for 6 cupcakes

Website: http://veganfolies.fr/patisserie-vegane/ (website in french)



Sandy’s Cupcakes

15 Rue Léon Frot, 75011 Paris

Multicolored cupcakes

To all the big gourmets – this bakery located in the 11th district of Paris is made for you.

From the mini cupcakes to the giant ones, from the sweet ones to the salty ones, you have all the options at your disposal!

Praline or olive/bell pepper cupcake? If you don’t find the one for you, you can also personalize it.


From €3.70, or from €2 for a mini sweet cupcake
From €3.90, or from €2.20 for a mini, salty cupcake
From €55 for a giant cupcake (for 12 people)

Website: https://www.sandys-cupcakes.com/la-carte/ (website in french)



Debo Gato

83 Rue de Longchamp, 75116 Paris

Mini praline cupcakes

Sometimes the simplest is the best – with Debo Gato’s classic cupcakes the taste is guaranteed, as well as a low price.

Chocolate, fruits, vanilla make for a simple taste yet delicious.

You also have the possibility to eat them on the spot near the Place du Trocadéro in the 16th district.

Price: From €1.80 individually.

Website: http://debogato.com/13-cupcakes#top_page (website in french)



Stoney Clove Bakery

71 Rue Greneta, 75002 Paris

Strawberry cupcake

Come try the real cupcakes from the United States in this American bakery located near the Halles and the Louvre.

There is nothing fancy about them, but they will still delight your taste buds.

You’re not a big gourmet or you want to taste more varieties? You can also choose mini-sized ones (sold in packs of 10).


From €3 each
From €1.50 each for a mini cupcake

Website: http://www.stoneyclovebakery.com/cupcakes



Notre Plaisir

20 Rue Dulong, 75017 Paris

Baby shower cupcake

Located next to the Quartier de Montmartre this bakery’s cupcakes will amaze you.

More colorful and refined than the others, even if you don’t find the one you like you can customize it.


From €3.50 each (minimum 12 pieces)
From €4 each for the customized cupcakes

Website: https://www.notreplaisir.fr/gourmandise (website in french)



Jo and Nana Cakes

6 Rue Rennequin, 75017 Paris

Box of various cupcakes

Here is another bakery which, in addition to having pretty sweets – including cupcakes – makes them with vegan products and/or gluten-free.

In this shop, the cupcakes are tailor-made: you choose the flavor of each part of your cupcake (base and foam) on your own.

Buy 2, 4 or 6 – you choose! Then, you will be able to eat them in the Parc Monceau, which is 10 minutes away on foot.

Price: From €8 for 2 cupcakes

Website: https://joandnanacakes.com/produit/les-cupcakes/ (website in french)