9 Restaurants in Paris Where to Eat the Best Snails

Human beings have been eating snails since prehistoric times. Nowadays it is no less than 16,000 tonnes that can be found on French tables, restaurants and in supermarkets every year. Whether an escargot is good or not depends on the quality of the ingredients and the know-how of the cook. Here is my list of Parisian restaurants at which you can enjoy delicious escargots.


Short on time? Here are my quick recommendations for snails in Paris:


1) Au Doux Raisin

29 rue Descartes, 75005 Paris

Au Doux Raisin
Photo credits: Au Doux Raisin

At the heart of the 5th district of Paris, this wine bar takes you straight back to the 50s, to the time of Michel Audiard’s movies and Jean Gabin.

On the menu? Platters of cheese and cold cuts, foie gras, hot goat cheese, gratins cooked according to different French recipes, culinary delights from Bourgogne and escargots, of course.

No sophisticated recipes here. Only fresh ingredients, butter, garlic, parsley and a lot of expertise. The food quality is high and you can taste it.

You can enjoy your meal with some traditional white wine or some natural and biodynamic one if you prefer. The selection is rich and each wine has been carefully selected by the owner, who knows his business.


Price: €20 for a dozen escargots.

(The website is not yet available in English)


2) L’Escargot Montorgueil

38 rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris


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Established since 1832 at the heart of the Les Halles district, the restaurant with its Second Empire style is an institution which received Marcel Proust, Sacha Guitry and Salvador Dali. Throughout the years it has managed to reinvent itself, without ever forgetting its history, and it now intends to be the guardian of the eponymous radiance of the district.

The magic happens at the very door: the storefront, the ornaments and the ground floor rooms are classified as historic monuments.
The inside is decorated with woodwork, chandeliers, red velvet sofas and spiral staircases. The atmosphere is cozy and makes you feel at ease.

You can satisfy your afternoon craving (the word on the street is that their crêpe Suzette is one of the best in town), enjoy an aperitif or even go for the famous escargots if you are ready for a full meal.

You can have them: traditional, with truffle butter or duck foie gras, 3 Saveurs (garlic, curry, Roquefort) or even stamped with edible 24-carat gold.

If you are accompanied, you can also share a selection of 36 pieces of different flavors.

The owners will advise you as to which wine goes best with your choice. Bon appétit.

Price: Starting at €12 for 6 escargots.

(The website is only available in French)


3) Benoit

20 rue Saint Martin, 75004 Paris


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Bought in 1912 by the Petit family, the bistro “Benoit” grew quickly and became a staple of Parisian bistros.

It underwent some changes in the 60s when the original owner passed it down to his grandson. In order for the restaurant to be more in tune with the times, a private lounge was created on the 1st floor, the reception room was extended and the kitchen was renovated, as well as the basement in which the wine was bottled according to the Beaujolais tradition. To this day, you can see the hook with which the barrels were taken downstairs.

The bistro was bought in 2005 by Alain Ducasse Entreprise which managed to preserve the atmosphere of the place while bringing in some much-needed modernity. “Benoit” is now the only Parisian bistro with a star from the Michelin Guide.

Velvet sofas, tiled floors, woodwork, copper objects and engraved windows: no effort has been spared to recreate the atmosphere of an old Parisian bistro.

The food is traditional (Chicken combs and kidneys, Lucullus veal tongue, Mille-feuille, etc…) and the portions are generous.

The escargots are also cooked in a traditional fashion (garlic butter and herbs) which does not make them any less than excellent.

The secret is the expertise and “Benoit” has a lot of it.

Price: €22 for 9 escargots.



4) La Maison de l’Escargot

79 rue Fondary, 75015 Paris


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Founded in 1894, the “Maison de l’Escargot” is renowned throughout France for its high-quality products.

It is not a restaurant – you cannot eat on site – but they do sell freshly prepared escargots, as well as canned and frozen ones. All products are homemade. Originally the store was the only one in Paris which re-shelled the gastropods before the eyes of the clients.

The first thing that jumps out at you – or rather at your nose – when you enter the store is the smell of garlic butter.

All the steps (the baking process, the sizing and the buttering of the shells) are made by hand. There is no question of compromising on the quality.

The suppliers of all the ingredients are carefully selected: the butter is from Normandy, the garlic from Billom in Auvergne and the parsley, and all the vegetables for the broth, are from quality greengrocers.

Whether you want them fresh or canned, you can choose the caliber (14 is the smallest size and 5 is the biggest) as well as the species (Helix pomatia or Cornu aspersa) of your escargots.

Empty shells are available at the shop if you go for canned ones, so you can re-shell them at home.

A wide range of snail delicacies are also available: the frozen Croustilles d’Escargots (a shell of crispy crust stuffed with an escargot and garlic butter), the chilled Mini Escargots Bites (puff pastry topped with an escargot and garlic butter) and the Escafine (a pie made of puff pastry and topped with escargots and a smooth leek fondue).

The recipe of the filling may be a secret but its exquisite flavour isn’t one.

Price: starting at €9 for a dozen escargots.

(The website is not yet available in English)


5) Lescargot

6 Rue Sainte-Isaure, 75018 Paris


Blending French and Italian culture, this restaurant offers an innovative concept with an escargot pizza, the restaurant’s flagship dish!

However, it also offers other more traditional dishes, such as entrecôtes, escargots, steak frites and more!

A singular experience to be tried at least once in your life, just for the fact of saying that you’ve tasted an escargot pizza, it’s one of a kind!

Price: €18 per snail pizza



6) L’escargot Bar

50 Rue de la Villette, 75019 Paris


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Nestled in the lively streets of Paris, L’Escargot Bar offers an extraordinary culinary experience, featuring snails in all their forms.

Here, guests can enjoy a selection of creative dishes featuring this delicacy.

Whether as an aperitif or a main course, snails are prepared with care and accompanied by a touch of originality that will appeal to lovers of French cuisine.

Price: 5€ per snail casserole



7) Le Clos Bourguignon

39 Rue de Caumartin, 75009 Paris


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Located in the heart of Paris, Le Clos Bourguignon is a veritable sanctuary for lovers of traditional French cuisine, with a particular specialization in snails.

Nestled in an elegant, rustic setting, this restaurant offers an authentic experience where diners can enjoy a variety of dishes highlighting this delicacy of French gastronomy.

From classic recipes to innovative creations, each dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail and flavor.

Price: €9.50 for 6 pieces



8) Le Poulbot

3 Rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris

Le Poulbot offers authentic, refined French cuisine, with a particular specialization in snails.

Its varied menu highlights the traditional flavors of French gastronomy while offering contemporary touches to satisfy every palate.

In addition to their delicious snail preparations, the restaurant also offers a selection of classic French dishes, such as varied starters, main courses made with fresh, seasonal produce, and exquisite desserts.

Le Poulbot strives to create an unforgettable dining experience by combining quality cuisine with attentive service, all in a friendly, typically Parisian setting.

Whether for a casual meal during the week or a special occasion at the weekend, Le Poulbot promises a memorable gastronomic experience for its guests.

Price: €12.50 for 6 pieces



9) Les Fêtes Galantes

17 Rue de l’École Polytechnique, 75005 Paris


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A small, unpretentious restaurant in the 5th arrondissement, Les Fêtes Galantes offers a varied menu featuring dishes typical of French gastronomy.

The original decor, with letters, postcards and newspapers hanging on the wall, gives the place a feeling of authenticity that adds to its already pronounced cachet.

Their escargots are a delicacy not to be missed when visiting Paris for several days.