Best of the Brunch: 15 of Paris’s Most Cracking Breakfasts

Whether it’s to help with hangovers, fulfill your hungry needs, or just satisfy the Sunday slackers, brunch is one of the few activities (apart from soccer) that everyone is fond of.

Here is our selection of the best brunches in Paris.

But first of all their distribution on the map:


Available every day



1, rue Charles François Dupuis 75003 PARIS


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Season relies on fresh products all year long and renews its menu every three months to take advantage of fresh seasonal products all year long.

There is no predefined menu for this brunch but a well-stocked and complete set offering all kinds of dishes from all over the world.

You can find, for example, burgers alongside burritos and naans. For vegetarians, there is no problem, several sandwiches, salads and burritos are at your disposal.

As for desserts, besides the classics (chocolate cake and fruit salad) you will have the possibility to taste one of the many mueslis that the shop offers and even a banana sandwich! As for the meal, you have a big choice.

Available brunches: Every day

Price: €20

We love: The variety of dishes and the vegetarian options.

Website (in French)




83 rue du Bac – 75007 Paris


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With a festively colored decor, huge ceilings, and a huge terrace, Coya is the cocoon you won’t want to leave.

The brunch they offer is in the image of its warm and festive decoration.

You will find a whole range of flavors, each more appetizing than the last: veggie pumpkin taco, grilled mushroom skewers which are all soft and melting to start your meal, delicious sea bream in escabeche, Ají amarillo, ají panca, tamarillo and red onions.

Sit down in one of their soft armchairs for a gourmet, hearty and varied brunch.

Available brunches: Every day

We love: the multitude of elaborate dishes they offer.

Price: €15




58 rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris


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Kozyshop is the trendy place par excellence: there is a minimalist and slightly bohemian decoration, colorful dishes and a multitude of identifications on Instagram.

Here brunch is all week long and à la carte, so the choice is tough considering the amount of snacks they offer: pancakes, toast, sweet and savory bowls, cakes, everything it is there, even juices.

The store also offers some formulas for 2, for 4 or gift cards of the amount of your choice.

Available brunches: Every day

We love: their (very) soft pancakes covered with fresh fruits.

Price: €55 (for 2 people)

Website (in French)


Forty six and Third

46 Rue De Turbigo, Paris 75003


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A decor that takes you straight to Brooklyn: flat plates, bowls, savory and sweet dishes… There is no doubt we are in one of the temples of fine brunchers.

Here, all the brunch essentials are on display (eggs Benedict, avocado toast, hummus, fries, pancakes, bowls, and so on. You can also find an American influence in others like the belly bun sandwich (a mega sandwich with thick and soft bread), the scrambled eggs or the grilled bacon.

In short, it’s the perfect place for a weekday brunch.

Available brunches: Every day

We love: the seasonal menu and the local products.

Price: From €9.



Open on Saturdays and Sundays

Umami Matcha Café


22, rue Béranger 75003 Paris

In this typically Japanese Café, you will find a brunch with Asian flavors associated with classic French brunch dishes.

Several formulas are offered to you: The Matcha Morning (served until 12pm) which is entirely composed of sweet dishes and looks like a traditional French breakfast except that the usual butter croissant is replaced by a matcha croissant and the granola has yuzu.

You also have the Veggie Brunch (served from 11:30 am to 3 pm every Sunday) which is perfect for vegetarians and other fruit and vegetable lovers since you will find homemade tofu with sesame yuzu, an asparagus donburi and a cucumber sunomono.

As for the Umami Brunch formula (served from 11:30 am to 3 pm every Sunday), you will be able to enjoy a chicken with ponzu (Japanese citrus sauce) as well as a tabbouleh with Japanese spices.

The specialty of this café? Matcha, so don’t hesitate to try one of their many products with said flavor.

Available brunches: Saturday and Sunday

Price: €30 for a brunch

We love: The specialty of this café: matcha.

Website: (in French)


L’Atelier Saisonnier


15 rue de Charonne – 75011 Paris

The most filling address of the list, without any doubt. Here the brunch is all you can eat (and in a buffet, this is what we appreciate the most).

The icing on the cake: all the products are fresh and homemade: scrambled eggs, savory pies, avocados, beet hummus, assorted cheeses, smoked salmon, guacamole and bacon. As for sweets, you can enjoy fresh fruit salad, pancakes, chocolate or chestnut cake, tiramisu and speculoos cheesecake.

In short, the place is very warm and welcoming which makes it an ideal place for families where you can enjoy unlimited elaborate dishes.

Brunch available: Saturday and Sunday

We love: the homemade products.

Price: €24 for the 10 am service and €28 for the other two services

Website: (in French)




16, rue Henry-Monnier – 75009 Paris

We all love brunch, but the food has to be suitable for everyone.

This place offers a true culinary experience through plant-based products.

In spite of its bias, brEAThe manages to convert even the most doubtful thanks to a well-stocked buffet: sweet potato mille-feuille with potato brunoise, bell pepper sauce, Provençal-style cherry tomatoes and black sesame broccoli tempura, “roast chicken” style seitan brochettes and mini peppers stuffed with ricotta with basil, freshly squeezed juice of the day, hot drink of your choice: soft banana, passion fruit or almond cream.

Available brunches: Saturday and Sunday

We love: the sweet potato mille-feuille.

Price: €29

Website (website in French)



8 rue de Poissy 75005 Paris

Why not leave everything behind and go to the Caribbean for a Saturday?

Julia Sedefdjian and her two Martinican associates, Grégory Anelka and Sébastien Jean-Joseph, have cleverly succeeded in bringing you this pleasure.

Here, on the menu, you will find, of course, a western part (Viennese pastries from the Boulangerie de la Tour, homemade butter bread as well as thinly sliced golden brioche, to dip in a warm chocolate milk made with homemade peanut butter) as well as, and above all, a string of typical Creole dishes (an avocado shrimp salad, perfectly seasoned; homemade chili jam; a chiktay of smoked chicken laid out as a frayed flesh and seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and sweet peppers, a shrimp bisque and ultra-soft ti cod bread).

To top it all off, there are some unmissable desserts that have been set up to the flavor of the islands: guava and mango shortbread, passion fruit mousse, roasted pineapple and cocoa crumble.

Of course, this feast is accompanied by hot drinks and fresh fruit juices.

Price: €39

Available brunches: Saturdays

We love: the change of scenery that the place offers.



BigLove Caffé


30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris


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For Italian food lovers, here is a brunch that finally lives up to your expectations at BigLove Caffé by Big Mamma Group.

The house offers brunches provided 7 days a week, all year long. On the program, there are two formulas:

The BIG BRUNCH: An English breakfast with a ritual twist: full-veggie scotch eggs, bomba pugliese with béarnaise sauce, beans all’uccelletto, small slices of cereal bread, heavy cream and kale fried in garlic OR a too-good brioche topped with scrambled eggs, cacio e pepe cream, chives + a fluffy pancake with an avalanche of maple syrup + 1 juice or 1 Spritz.

The TRUFFLE BRUNCH LOVER: a brioche covered with scrambled eggs with truffle, cacio e pepe cream, seasonal fresh truffle and chives + mafalde fresche, seasonal fresh truffle, black truffle cream, mascarpone and small mushrooms + ultra creamy vanilla panna cotta and seasonal fresh truffle + 1 juice or 1 Spritz.

Available brunches: Saturday and Sunday

Price: €25-32

We love: the shop’s know-how and their dishes straight out of Italy.




Available only on Sundays

Brunch du First, hôtel Westin


234, rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

The restaurant of the Westin hotel offers a wellness brunch buffet including great brunch classics revamped by chef David Real such as breads and pastries, salads, seafood…

You will also find a bar with organic fruit juices prepared before your eyes as well as a seaweed bar (spirulina, samphire…) to help you discover their unbeatable nutritional values.

And to finish, you will find a large dessert buffet among which there are pastry puffs, macaroons and fruit verrines; enough to satisfy the most greedy of you.

Available brunches: Sunday only

Price: €69

We love: The seaweed bar, never seen before.



Brunch Hôtel du Collectionneur – Le Safran


51-57, rue de Courcelles 75008 Paris

The restaurant Le Safran, located in the Hotel du Collectionneur, will welcome you in an Art Deco atmosphere with a room surrounded by bay windows overlooking three flowery terraces.

The restaurant offers a menu that evolves with the seasons and combines French gastronomy and world flavors. For your brunch, you will find a buffet composed of salads, a cold buffet (sushi, cold cuts…), a hot buffet (scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon…), a sweet buffet (fruits, pies, verrines, eclairs…) and pastries.

The restaurant also offers animations for children (drawings, paintings, collages…) in a space reserved for them, if brunch seems a little long.

Brunch available: Sunday only

Price: €88 (adults), €44 (children under 12)

We love: The large choice of dishes from all over the world.



Brunch Berkeley


7, avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris


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Just a stone’s throw away from the famous Avenue des Champs Elysées, the legendary establishment, Le Berkeley, is located on Avenue Matignon, opposite to Square Marigny. The decor is sumptuous and very warm. There is a very chic French atmosphere.

The brunch formula is offered every Sunday and includes the classics of a French brunch.

To start: a freshly squeezed and delicious fruit juice, a basket of pastries or butter and jam toast, as well as a hot drink of your choice. The staff makes sure that the food arrives little by little so that you can enjoy everything at the same time.

Next, you are offered scrambled eggs (plain, with herbs or with cheese). Then comes a plate of smoked salmon or cured parma ham according to your choice. If you still have some room, you can finish with cottage cheese with a berry coulis or granola, and a fruit salad.

Available brunches: Sunday only

Price: 42€ (classic brunch), 55€ (premium brunch with glass of champagne)

We love: the homemade granola.




49, rue Berger 75001 Paris

Chef Daniel Renaudie’s cuisine is tasty and generous, with Mediterranean accents, inspired by the Near East and its many spices reworked by the chef to bring modernity.

The brunch includes a cold drink and a hot drink, then you will have the choice of the menu between 3 brunches around the theme of the Middle East offered by the chef. Among these brunches you will find the Israeli, the Greek, the Lebanese, the Iraqi, the Turkish, the Egyptian, the Moroccan and the Kurdish; enough to delight the most adventurous!

Available brunches: Sunday only

Price: €25

We love: The invitation to travel through Middle-Eastern spices.

Website: (in French)


Les Fauves


33 Bd Edgar Quinet, 75014 Paris

At Les Fauves all the products are fresh and mostly organic and local and all the dishes are homemade, of course.

The menu is simple but appealing and even has a vegetarian option.

You will be able to enjoy scrambled eggs with truffles, a veggie salad, mini-pancakes or a homemade brownie.

Available brunches: Sunday only

Price: €29

We love: The fresh and organic products.

Website: (website in French)


Chez Félicie


174, avenue du Maine 75014 Paris


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At Félicie’s you will find the typical atmosphere of a bistro and will be able to taste a traditional and authentic cuisine.

For an unbeatable price, you will find no less than 11 different teas, organic bread, coffees from all over the world and a delicious hot chocolate.

As for the rest, it’s classic but nevertheless of quality: scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, fresh fruit, cottage cheese and pastries. The little bonus? Newspapers are always at your disposal and there is a friendly atmosphere.

Available brunches: Sunday only

Price: €29

We love: The wide variety of teas and the typical Parisian bistro cuisine.

Website (website in French)


Le Cirque


141, rue Saint-Martin 75004 Paris


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A true entity in the neighborhood, this former mansion (recently transformed into a big top) offers a beautiful show every day, but that’s not all.

Le Cirque offers the most sociable of Parisians a real moment of sharing and complicity.

Every Sunday you will find large tables filled with food (fresh salads, comforting dishes, gourmet cakes and other little treats).

You will have understood that this address is the place to be when you simply want to have a good time.

Available brunches: Sunday only

We love: the (very) friendly atmosphere.

Price: €30 for a brunch





37 quai de Valmy, Paris 75010 Paris

After bringing sun and warmth to the Sentier, Tigermilk now enchants the many passers-by of the Canal Saint-Martin. This establishment, specialized in Mexican cuisine, offers many typical dishes such as quesadillas, tacos, ceviches and others.

The best is that recently the address also launched its 100% Mexican brunch:

  • homemade iced tea
  • hot drink
  • sweet and savory plates
  • avocado toast with roasted sweet potato
  • bun Chimi Carnitas with pulled pork
  • dulce de leche cheesecake

Available brunches: Sunday only

We love: the bun chimi carnitas

Price: €24