The 12 Most Beautiful and Pretty Restaurants in Paris: My Picks

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a meal in an enchanting setting, these selections promise not only exquisite cuisine but also breathtaking interiors that enhance every dining experience. You’ll discover tropical-themed, exotic, and aesthetics-oriented restaurants, as well as those with Art Deco themes. They truly are impressively cool.

Here’s on a map where you’ll be able to find these restaurants:



5 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris

Red velvet seats
Photo Credit: Beefbar

This restaurant combines chic and contemporary decor in a setting worthy of a palace. With lacquered walnut tables, mosaics, and art pieces adorning the walls, you clearly get the impression of being in a royal banquet hall.

They specialize in preparing meat in various forms, sourced directly from France, Japan, Korea, and Italy. The selection and quality will delight even the most discerning palates.

An added value: they offer appealing “Lunch” packages in addition to their regular menu.

Prices: The cost ranges between €25 and €50 for meat menus.

Website: Beefbar


Bouillon Julien

16 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris

Celadon green and painting
Photo Credit: Bouillon Julien

This establishment, dating back to 1906 and designed in the “Art Nouveau” style, embodies the Parisian “Bouillon.” Parisian bouillons are restaurants known for their simple, affordable, and seasonal cuisine.

The setting is exceptional, offering a true journey back in time.

Indeed, you can admire the meticulous craftsmanship that led to the creation of this incredible restaurant.

From glass panels featuring four flower-women representing the four seasons (a nod to the iconography of Alphonse Mucha), to the tiles and drawings on the skylight, as well as the dominant color of the place, a stunning celadon green.

The dining room itself is understated yet elegant, with chairs made of polished ebony, mirrors, and lights tastefully placed throughout.

Here, they serve good, uncomplicated, and flavorful cuisine.

Among the various dishes on the menu, you can indulge in delights such as braised pork shank with beer on a bed of sauerkraut or a confit duck leg served with mustard sauce and fries.

The extra touch: As the motto of the house goes, “here, everything is beautiful, good, and affordable.” Indeed, you can truly savor delicious dishes like the Julien broth (beef broth, fregola pasta, beef shoulder, ginger, lemongrass), a specialty of the house at a very reasonable price, all served with impeccable quality and service.

Prices: Between €8.80 and €14  for à la carte dishes.

Website: Bouillon Julien



1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris

Glass roof Kong Restaurant
Photo Credit: Le Kong

This spectacular and unique restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the Samaritaine building.

It offers a panoramic view of Paris from its open-air terrace.

Seated beneath its large skylight, you can enjoy a cuisine that blends French and Japanese flavors.

The restaurant also features an intimate and refined bar.

An added value: the option to organize corporate or private events.

Prices: The lunch menu is priced at €40 or €50.

Website: Kong


Train Bleu

Place Louis Armand, 75012 Paris (Gare de Lyon)

This restaurant welcomes you to a sumptuous historical setting from the “Belle Epoque” era for a gastronomic experience rich in flavors.

Indeed, the ceiling moldings, artists’ paintings, chandeliers, and floor lamps will transport you on an extraordinary journey.

Here, you can not only enjoy high French cuisine in a venue with a royal décor but also experience impeccable and impressive service with spectacular culinary presentations such as flambéing and carving.

Regarding the menu, dishes with sauces, slow-cooked dishes, and broths are the signature of this establishment.

An added value: A bar area can be found in small lounges with décor as luxurious as the main dining halls.

Price range: From €18 to €48 for à la carte dishes. Check out the menus which cost between €49 and €110 for adults while the children’s menu costs €25

Website: Train Bleu


The Ice Kube Bar

5 Passage Ruelle, 75018 Paris

Photo credits: The Ice Kube Bar

Are you looking for a bar and restaurant with a unique style?

At the Kube Paris Hotel, the Ice Kube Bar will charm you.

It’s a bar-restaurant entirely made of ice that promises an unprecedented experience.

Immerse yourself in a polar world for a cocktail or shot, at -20°C. Warm clothing will be provided.

Afterward, you can head to the restaurant, in an incredible setting dedicated to nature and plants, to enjoy dishes with flavors sourced from organic farming. The menu is presented in the form of shareable plates.

An added value: All the amenities of a well-located hotel, the possibility of organizing private events, and a Sunday brunch.

Prices: At the Ice Kube Bar: 25€ for two cocktails and a shot. In the restaurant, dishes range from 9€ to 21€.

Website: Ice Kube Bar


La Felicità

5  Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris

la felicita
Photo credits: La Felicità

La Felicità is a space dedicated to Italian cuisine directly sourced from producers and 100% homemade.

Enjoy on-site dining or make purchases in a festive atmosphere.

Outside, you will be charmed by its large terrace, colorful umbrellas, and vibrant lights.

You’ll find a pizzeria, a trattoria, an Italian bakery, a cocktail bar, an ice cream shop, a beer bar, a cafeteria, and a dance floor with an incredible musical ambiance.

It’s the ideal setting to indulge in generous and flavorful Italian cuisine, all in a festive atmosphere.

An added value: event and party organization. Childcare services are available on Sundays.

Prices: Between €9.50 and €18.50 for pizza and pasta menu items.

Website (in French)La Felicità



62 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris

This restaurant is located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, combining luxury and nature in a green space.

It features an indoor terrace surrounded by greenery.

Enjoy a breathtaking view. The cuisine is traditional and flavorful.

An added value: the option to organize events in a private lounge and the hosting of parties from Wednesday to Saturday.

Prices: Lunch set menu ranges from €30 to €44. À la carte prices vary between €15 and €90.

Website: Alcazar



47 Quai Charles Pasqua, 92300 Levallois-Perret

Located on the banks of the Seine and accessible by bus or Metro, Polpo is a seafood brasserie offering traditional cuisine and seafood tasting.

Along the water, its beautiful decoration and terrace will charm you for lunch or dinner, after enjoying a cocktail at the bar.

The restaurant also offers private space rental or event organization for groups.

An added value: The establishment has set up a sandy beach area with umbrellas and benches, all along the Seine. Electric boat rentals are also available.

Prices: Shared dishes or à la carte range from €16 to €29.

Website: Polpo


Dragons Elysées

11 Rue de Berri, 75008 Paris


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In the Champs-Élysées neighborhood, this restaurant offers Chinese cuisine in an exceptional Asian-inspired setting with remarkable décor.

The menu is diverse, featuring refined traditional dishes and a selection of steamed delicacies.

An added value: a constantly evolving and creative culinary experience.

Prices: Dishes range from €16 to €45.

Website: Dragons Elysées



19 Chaussée de la Muette, 75016 PARIS


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This restaurant offers a diverse Latin American ambiance in a stunning green and exotic setting.

Its terrace surrounded by nature complements this atmosphere and contributes to the total change of scenery.

The menu will take you on a culinary journey from the Andes to Mexico and through the Caribbean.

An added value: On Sundays, a complete brunch is offered, with the option of childcare and entertainment in a separate area.

Prices: À la carte dishes range from €16 to €38.

Website: Andia


Pink Mamma

20bis rue de Douai, 75009 Paris


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In a “Garden of Eden” setting spread across four levels, Pink Mamma is a trattoria offering quality Italian products directly sourced.

This restaurant welcomes you with or without a reservation, and you can even enjoy a cup of tea in a beautiful space.

A diverse menu of Italian cuisine awaits you, featuring selected meats or vegetarian dishes.

An added value: Possible privatization of the space for a party or group.

Prices: Starters, pizzas, main courses, and desserts range from €8 to €25.

Website: Pink Mamma


Mondaine de Pariso

23 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

With a unique and intimate “Parisian Night” decor, this restaurant-apartment only welcomes guests in the evening.

This original and one-of-a-kind setting offers quality cuisine for sharing, complemented by fine wines and cocktails.

A musical and festive atmosphere will make for a splendid evening.

An added value: Professional singers and musicians.

Prices: From €21 to €175.

Website: Mondaine de Pariso