Top 8 Brazilian Restaurants Where To Have The Best Rodizio Or Feijoada In Paris

Fancy trying Brazilian cuisine at lunch or dinner-time without actually leaving Paris? No problem! Look below to find our selection of the best Brazilian restaurants in town that will certainly bring you the spirit of Brazil.


O Corcovado

152 Rue du Château,75014 Paris

Credits: O Corcovado

O Corcovado has been serving Brazilian dishes for over fifteen years now. Settle down in this warm and friendly nook for authentic, home-made Brazilian cuisine.

Regarding the menu, you will find some typical specialties from various Brazilian regions such as Xinxim de galinha, an Afro-Brazilian dish made with chicken, specific to the Bahia region, or even Moqueca de Peixe (a fish stew) from the Brazilian northeast.

Several variations of the caipirinha, this famous Brazilian cocktail, can be found on the drinks menu.

The little extra: Vegetarians can have the restaurant cook vegetarian dishes on request, for a price of € 13.90. The option of ordering food online for delivery is also possible through the Deliveroo.

Price range: Between €7.50 and €25.50

Website: (in French)



114 Bis Rue des Moines, 75017 Paris

Credits: Tropicalia

In this bistro-like restaurant, you will enjoy generous and tasty Brazilian cuisine.

We especially recommend the desserts which are as diversified as they are delicious.

They serve tapioca cakes, donut assortments -also available as cakes, as well as brigadeiros… your taste buds will thank you.

The restaurant also has a terrace where you can enjoy your food with some Brazilian Bossa Nova music playing in the background. Quality time guaranteed!

The little extra: Online orders are possible

Price range: €24 for a full menu including starter + main course + dessert; €20 for a formula including main course + dessert while a single dish’s price is €15



Do Brazil

16 rue Ganneron, 75018 Paris

Located in the heart of Montmartre, this restaurant is a little piece of Brazil in the middle of Paris.

In its warm, friendly and lively setting, you will enjoy the best Brazilian traditional dishes such as Feijoada: a black beans stew,  Picanha: skewered meat steaks or brigadeiros, a dessert made of chocolate garnished with grated coconut.

The little extra: The possibility of ordering dishe online to collect it in-store or home delivery via Deliveroo. In addition, the house offers fitness dishes such as “tapioca recheada”, a dish made of tapioca pancakes garnished with chicken, beef jerky or cheese (you choose) and lettuce; but also detox juices such as pineapple, mint, green cabbage and ginger or even acai and orange juice.

Price range: Between 10€ and 19€

Website: (in French)



La Bahianaise

85 bis boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris

Specializing in South American and more particularly Brazilian street food, La Bahianaise is a restaurant with a friendly atmosphere with a cheerful decor, where you will have the best Tapioca pancakes garnished like Tacos or even Moqueca de banana, a specialty of the Bahia region, made with plantains, red peppers, tomatoes along with their coconut milk sauce.

Another positive point to note is the quality of the service.

The little extra: The restaurant is located in the Saint Quentin market. You can stroll around when you get there to stock up on fresh produce.

Price range: The average price for a menu varies between €9 and €21

Website: La Bahianaise (in French)


Uma Nota

129 Rue Legendre, 75017 Paris

This bicultural restaurant combines influences from Brazilian and Japanese cuisines.

On the menu, mainly street food style dishes while the house specialties are the amarillo ceviche with marinated squid, prawns and ají amarillo.

The kawasabi cocktail is a must-taste and perfectly reflects the spirit of this fusion restaurant.

It is indeed a mix between Brazilian cachaça and Japanese wasabi syrup.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly.

The little extra: Every Saturday, after 8 p.m., the restaurant turns into a dancing bar where you can dance to Brazilian songs as well as dances with artistic performances led by dancers, capoeiristas etc … in a party in a Rio atmosphere.

Price range: €18 for a formula main course + dessert or starter + main course and €20 for a full menu.




129 Rue Legendre, 75017 Paris

Here, the tricolor decoration in the colors of the Brazilian flag enhanced with posters and paintings of the city of Rio, definitely takes you to Brazil as soon as you walk in.

On the menu, you will find grilled meat, emblematic dishes of Brazil as well as specialties named after some icons of Brazilian culture such as the assortments of donuts named Ronaldinho and Rei Pelé for instance.

The little extra: For a more lively atmosphere, we suggest you go there on Friday and Saturday evenings to enjoy your dinner with upbeat Brazilian music played live.

Price range: Between  5€ and €15

Website: (in French)


Boteco Lapa

48 Rue de l’Echiquier, 75010 Paris

This is the place to go if you are looking for a cozy nook with good music playing in the background.

Green plants, cushions, wooden tables make this place a relaxed yet warm setting.

The Brazilian specialties served up among others here are Dadinho de tapioca, a dish cooked with tapioca, ham and a sweet and sour citrus fruits sauce; the typical ceviche as well as the Mandioquinha which is a dish made of cassava fries with sweet paprika and a lemon-pepper sauce.

As for drinks, multiple cocktails with fresh and sunny ingredients await you.

The little extra: You can sign up for their introductory workshops on the preparation of the best caipirinhas every first Saturday of the month for €35. It is also possible to order carefully designed bottled cocktails to take away (5 cocktails in each bottle),. You will therefore have the choice between an iced maté made with maté, lemon juice flavored with rosemary, a mulata or the cocktail of the month.

Price range: From €9 to €14 for the dishes. Between €8 and €12 for the drinks and cocktails.

Website: (in French)


Pau Brasil

32 Rue de Tilsitt, 75017 Paris

It is a cabaret-like restaurant with a large performance hall, musicians and dancers in Samba attires. You will feel like you are at a stunning Rio carnival.

The restaurant is accessible on  reservation and offers various dinner-shows formulas ranging from the simplest formulas to more VIP formulas.

On the menu, you will find rodizio of grilled meats, side dishes, cocktails, wines and champagnes according to the formula you have chosen.

The little extra: The meat rodizio is cooked over a wood fire like a barbecue and is served right on your plate. A real tantalizing show for the eyes and the taste buds!

Price range: Between €90 and €250 according to the formula

Website: (in French)