20 Instagram Accounts To Follow if You Love Paris

Instagram accounts about Paris are many, and for good reasons! Beautiful and famous monuments, delicious and splendid gastronomy, iconic and off-the-wall art and fashion… everything is perfectly fit for Instagram. I have selected the most beautiful Insta accounts that reveal the City of Light from every angle for you.


The Most Beautiful Instagram Accounts About Paris


This photographer catches moments in the almost deserted streets of Paris. The simplicity of these shots is what makes all their beauty.

From the most famous monuments to the unknown alleyways, @freeaparis’ lens captures all the nooks and crooks of Paris.

Discover Paris life as you have never seen it: peaceful and poetic.



Through her lens (and her glass marble), Lydie unveils a magical Paris where hinges of purple and gold are what dominate.

The lights and shots are breathtaking, particularly because of one small detail that changes everything: a glass marble in front of the lens.

This account does not show an umpteenth classic version of Paris, but a magical and unique vision of the French capital.



Are you looking for unusual accounts? @doorwaysofparis is made for you.

This account is a real patchwork of the doorways of Paris. Yes, doorways.

From the most majestic gates to the most modest doors, by way of every color and form, everything is shown for your greatest pleasure.

The result is surprising and enchanting, so do not hesitate any further and go like it!



This young Parisian artist creates original and colorful artwork, which he stages on his Instagram account.

In the middle of the traffic on the Champs Elysées, in front of the Louvre pyramid  or the Pompidou Center, @enfant_precoce exhibits himself with his works, always with a sign saying “Exposez-moi” (“Exhibit me”).

An unusual and rather crazy way to make a name for oneself and one’s art, for a very Instagram fit result: you will love him.



Visiting this Instagram account is like immersing yourself in a book of visual poetry. Each picture is incredibly sweet and soft.

Here, you will find almost no famous monuments, but keep looking, there are a few and they are superb.

What the artist mostly shows is the traditional Paris, with its haussmannian buildings and the flowers that adorn them.

An idyllic escape through enchanting photographs.



With this bright Instagram account, Olivier Wong establishes himself as the king of the “golden hour”.

From the emblematic monuments to the paved streets: all Paris is bathed in a bright golden light.

With all these sunrises and sunsets, the City of Lights really deserves its nickname.



This artist offers an authentic and light vision of the French capital.

Lovers embracing each other, a rainy Paris through a window, a flight of birds or a solitary stroller walking in the streets: all the Parisians’ intimate and fleeting moments are captured with touching accuracy.

Simplicity and poetry meet on @vutheara’s Instagram account.


Discovering and Visiting Paris With Instagram



Each day, this account posts good tips about the French capital.

Food, exhibitions, family tours, unusual activities… there is always something to do in Paris, and @vivreparis won’t let you miss anything.

An account that is not only useful, but also enjoyable, with its aesthetically pleasing shots as we like them.



An Instagram account created by the bank Crédit Agricole, I kid you not.

But far from presenting zero rate loans or savings accounts, @lesfranciliens reveals all the cool and unusual places to visit, not only in Paris but in all of the Île-de-France region.

Anecdotes, unknown spots, young artists portraits, etc… you always have something to discover with @lesfranciliens.



All the Parisian’s good tips and firm favourites are revealed on @parissecret’s account .

The account is fueled each day with Parisian news (“The first floating guinguette-raclette opens in Paris”!), (almost) secret spots, tour ideas and historical and bizarre anecdotes… thanks to @parissecret, you will never get bored in the French capital.



Focus on this unmissable neighborhood of Paris.

This account follows the cultural news of the Marais and gives you all the good addresses you should not miss when you visit the trendiest neighborhood of Paris.

Discover the Marais, from its art at the limits of underground to its terraces where you can have a drink with your friends.



Marine Le Cam invites you for a guided tour of Paris and its history.

Far from the great monuments, this account is a real museum of the unknown Paris.

Did you know the Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre church, just next to the Notre-Dame cathedral? And did you know that the Square de la Roquette used to have two prisons?

Dive into the bizarre history and culture of the French capital.



Between stolen moments and good food and culture tips, Marie Anne’s account shows you how to live like a real Parisian.

Unknown exhibitions, craftspeople who start their business, restaurants you’ve never heard of and you don’t want to miss; you can count on @marieannebruschi to reveal all of Paris’ well kept secrets.


Instagram’s Food Addresses



Alex’s crazy bet, via her Instagram account, is to make you discover the best food addresses of the French capital.

This influencer will make your mouth water with well thought out and colorful pictures that seem straight out of a food magazine.

Each post contains a quick description of the address and the restaurant’s Instagram account, followed by the food Alex ate there and the price she paid.

You will particularly appreciate her Highlights that introduce restaurants sorted by arrondissement.

And the little extra that makes all the difference? More than just the delicious food addresses, this account reveals the secret spots for the most beautiful strolls and the most Instagram fit places of Paris.



This account turns into a culinary critic and review, for your greatest pleasure!

Each post contains a thorough description of the restaurant and the food that is served there, with detailed prices and the instagramer’s opinion.

An essential account for all the food lovers in the French capital!



People addicted to sweet treats will not be able to live without this account.

Desserts, pâtisseries, cakes and tarts; the most beautiful pastries in Paris are staged in the most aesthetically pleasing way, and the result will make your mouth water.

The Highlights present food addresses in all the French capital.

The little extra of this account: it also gives recipes to cook the best pastries yourself.

Do not hesitate, follow and like it.



On @paris_food’s account, no time is lost on long descriptions: a picture is worth a thousand words.

The account is perfectly staged so as to present the best restaurant addresses of the French capital.

The posts only indicate the address, and the picture is enough to make any true food lover’s mouth water.

Do not miss any good restaurant in Paris thanks to @paris_food.


Parisian Style on Instagram



This fashion instagrammer reveals all the secrets of the Parisian boho-chic style.

Monica de la Villardière knows how to dress and teaches it to you brilliantly.

The brands of the centerpieces of the outfits are indicated in each post so that you can copy her styles.

An essential fashion note for budding Parisians.



On this Instagram account, there is not one instagrammer, but an infinity of them, each of which is more stylish than the other.

Their staged pictures give the impression of skimming a divinely Parisian fashion magazine.

Let yourself be bewitched by this overview of Parisian elegance par excellence.



@parisiensinparis does not teach you how to dress with style, it only shows you true Parisian style.

This account is a real overview of Parisian fashion, without staging nor frill.

Discover Paris and Parisians as they are, and truly understand why Paris is the world’s capital of fashion.