The 15 Best Family Travel Destinations in France

France has a lot of gorgeous spots in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains. Take your family on a relaxing or more adventurous trip to places that French people do not really know about. Here are my recommendations for the top family destinations to go to in France.


In the countryside


Kind of destination: green, nature, city

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

The Drôme department is part of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It is located in the South-East part of the country and is named after the river.

This place is known for its rivers and never-ending forests. It is perfect for a family trip. If you sleep at a campsite in front of the mountains during the summer time, you can let your children come and go to the swimming pool. You can also rent a holiday cottage in front of the lavender fields.

During the summer, spend some time on a paddle steamer on the Isere river, visit the crocodile farm with your family or the Palais Idéal du facteur cheval (website in French only).

During the winter, visit the Grignan castle, the Pont-en-Royans or the Choranche caves or bring your children to the indoor playground of Valence (website in French only).



Kind of destination: green, city, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, you will also find the Ardèche department, located in the southeast of France. The department is named after its river: the Ardèche.

Discover the cliffs, rivers, forests and villages with stone houses while enjoying a relaxing holiday with your family. Stay in a campsite (website in French only) down the mountains or in a holiday cottage surrounded by nature.

Visit the Désaignes village, which dates from the Middle Ages; discover the Ray-pic waterfall, go hiking on the Vercors plateaus and passes, visit the Peaugres safari park, the Charmes-sur-Rhône labyrinth and the Jardin des trains ardéchois.



Kind of destination: city, nature

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

The Alsace region is in north-east of France, at the border with Germany and Switzerland. Its capital city is Strasbourg.

Its canals, timbered houses and hills are perfect for family time. Try their specialties such as pretzel, flamenkuch and sauerkraut and book a night in a holiday cottage with an uninterrupted view.

To learn more about the region, visit the Strasbourg cathedral, spend some time in the Parc Naturel des Vosges du Nord, visit the toy museum with your children, the gingerbread museum or check out the monkey’s hill.



Kind of destination: green, city life, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

The Gers department, named after its river, the Gers, is located in the south-west of France and is part of the Occitanie region.

With its red bricks, prairies, rivers, its rolling countryside and its beautiful view of the Pyrénées mountain range, you can enjoy the Gers with your children by staying in an old building or in a campsite in the midst of nature.

Discover the Lupiac village (website in French) with your family thanks to Randoland, enjoy nature with the bulk farm (no English version), le Benquet farm (website in French only), the Kangaroo park (no English version) and the buffalo farm (no English version). Have fun with your children in the aquatic outdoor activities centers of Castéra-Verduzan (no English version) and of Saint-Clair (no English version).



Kind of destination: city life, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 6-12

Provence is a region in the south-east of France located at the border with Italy and by the Mediterranean sea.

Have your family discover its diverse landscapes: the Southern Alps, the Camargue prairies, the rolling vineyards, the olive groves, the pine forests and the lavender fields. Stay at the Flower Camping Provence vallée among the pines or in a holiday cottage during the summer or winter.

Visit the Monaco oceanographic museum (website in French only), follow the Miroir des Oiseaux path in Martigues for a walk in Provençal Venice. Try out a treetop adventure course in Bollène (website in French only) or the prisoners Escape game (in French only) in Fréjus with your children. Discover the department’s heritage by visiting the If castle (in French only) on the coast.


By the sea



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Kind of destination: city life, nature

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

Vendée is a French department in the north-west of France, in the Pays de la Loire region and in the Poitou historical province. Its river is also called the Vendée.

Its large beaches, pines and cliffs are perfect to recharge your batteries. Visit the famous medieval-themed Puy du Fou park, spend an unforgettable night in a bubble room (in French only), travel in the Orient Express (in French only), a restaurant and train, and visit theVendrennes labyrinth in a corn field.


Pays Basque

Kind of destination: city, nature

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

Pays Basque is the western part of the Pyrénées-Atlantique department.

In the Pays Basque, you can find cliffs by the sea, green hills and red and white timbering houses. We advise you to rent an airbnb with a view on the hills or on the sea.

Concerning the things to do there, you can climb the Rhune mountain range by yourself or with a funicular, visit the Isturitz and Oxocelhaya caves (listed historical monuments), visit Biarritz or spend a week-end in Iraty in the mountains.



Kind of destination: green, nature, city, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

The Camargue region is located near the Mediterranean sea in the Bouches-du-Rhône and Gard departments. It is well-known for its fauna  (wild horses, bulls, flamingos) and for its rice and salt industries, its sand carrots, sand potatoes and its melons.

Discover the two major cities of Camargue: Saintes-Marie-la-Mer and Arles. Rent an original accommodation like a caravan in Saintes-Marie-la-Mer to raise your children’s curiosity.

Discover or rediscover the Gard bridge, spend some time in the household soap museum (French website only), bring your children to the Arles arenas (French version only), discover the olive traditional workmanship at the Jeanjean olive grove (French website only) or just take a walk in the ornithological park of the Gau bridge (website in French only).



Kind of destination: green, city, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

The Brittany region, in the north-east of France, is a peninsula aimed towards the Atlantic ocean. Its capital city is Rennes.

Its villages, cliff landscapes, shingle beaches and cool water are full of history. Rent a cabin in the trees to enjoy quietness during your stay.

Hike near the Nantes canal to Brest to enjoy the sea landscape, discover the numerous megaliths in Carnac (stones and menhirs full of history), visit a castle such as the Josselin castle or the Ranroët castle and enjoy the theatre performances about knights.


In the mountains


Kind of destination: green, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 6-12

From east to west, between the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Vaucluse departments, there is the Luberon, a small mountain range.

Perfect for a family trip, it is known for its lavender fields, red cliffs and mountains. If you stay there a couple of days, rent a holiday cottage made of beige bricks or stay in a campsite.

Wander around the Roussillon village, which has red-brick houses and craggy streets. If you want more action, you can climb and hike in the Via Ferrata of Cavaillon. Visit the ochre mines in Bruoux (in French only) or go for a horse ride in the fields or in a horse-drawn carriage.


Le Queyras

Kind of destination: green, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 6-12

Le Queyras is a valley located between the gorges of Guil and the high peaks of Briançonnais, Piedmont (Italian region) and Haute-Ubaye.

The Queyras nature reserve preserved these mountain landscapes and these charming villages. Give in and stay in a wooden holiday cottage.

This region is enjoyable all year round. During the winter, try downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or hiking. During the summer, enjoy horse rides (in French only), go for a ride on mountain bikes or for a treetop adventure course, paragliding, hike in via ferrata and visit lakes.


The Pyrénées

Kind of destination: green, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 6-12

The Pyrenees is a mountain range in the south of France that separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. Its hiking paths go up and down the entire range, crossing several nature reserves.

This mountain range at the Spanish border is known for winter sports and for its dozen ski resorts, but you can still enjoy it during any season. For an original trip, book a wooden tiny house with a spa (in French only).

To fully enjoy the Alps, do a walking tour of Lourdes city, hike near the Gaube lake in snowshoes, try out animal photography at the Payolle lake, let your children over 5 years old do their first paragliding flight at the Tourmalet pass or climb up Via Ferrata of Tourmalet in the National Park of the Pyrenees.



Kind of destination: green, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

The Auvergne region is located in the center of France. It is mainly rural and mountainous with vast forests and extinct volcanoes like the Puy de Dôme. Vichy and Clermont-Ferrand are the main cities.

Enjoy the green lands with your family and book a bubble in the mountain slope (French website only).

To discover the region, find gold in the gorges of Allier (French version only), bathe in the numerous lakes (French version only) like the Lavalette lake, go treasure hunting with your children in Allier (French version only), become a keeper for a day (French version only) in Dompierre-sur-Besbre and fly over the gorges of Loire in a hot-air balloon (French website only).


The Cévennes

Kind of destination: green, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

The Cévennes is a mountain range in the Massif Central, located between the departments of Lozère and Gard, and extending to Ardèche and Haute-Loire.

The green landscapes, the mountains, and the numerous rivers are ideal for enjoying the holidays. Rent a yurt in front of the mountains (French website only) to enjoy the tranquillity of the region.

Enjoy the Gorges du Tarn: a canyon carved by the Tarn with picturesque villages along the way, take a walk in the Bamboo Park, visit the impressive Aven Armand cave (French website only), take a steam train ride (French website)  in Saint-Jean-du-Gard, have your children discover the Témoin d’Alès mine, go for a railbike tour in the Cevennes Park or visit the Prehistoric museum (French website only).



Kind of destination: green, nature, sports

Ideal age bracket for children: 3-6 / 6-12

Savoie is a French department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, whose main city is Chambéry. It is known for its production of French cheese.

Its landscape is composed of snow-capped mountains, green plains, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls. Take the opportunity to book a wooden chalet in the mountains with your family.

During the day, visit the Dent du Chat museum (French website only) and the aluminium museum, take your children to the Louis Mandrin Den (French website only): a fun and educational space about the region, visit the Saint-Christophe caves, a historical site, or hike up to the Cirque de Saint-Même (French website only) (an hour and a half walk).