Eiffel Tower: Our Tips For Your Visit (Tickets, Restaurants, etc.)

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A little bit of history

Organized in Paris, Universal Exhibition is the opportunity to show to the world architectural and technical performances of France to increase the fame of the monument. This year, the theme is The French Revolution and the progress of science and technology made in France since 1789. After electricity in 1881, France wants to boast of its merits in terms of technology and industry.

The American desire to build a 300-meter high tower during the universal exhibition spreads to France.

It is in 1884 that two French engineers from the company Eiffel Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier undertake the draft and work on a metal tower of 300 meters to present at the 1889 World Expo.
The latter holds Gustave Eiffel’s attention, who file a patent on his behalf and those of Nouguier and Koechlin, called: “for a new configuration allowing the construction of metal supports and pylons capable of exceeding a height of 300 metres.” The Tour then took his name: the Eiffel Tower.
The Iron Lady was built in 2 years, 2 months and 5 days: the work began at the end of January 1887 and ended at the end of March 1889.

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How to go to the Eiffel Tower


To get to the feet of the Iron Lady, you have several ways:

By metro: reachable by subway line 6, Bir Hakeim station, you will reach the Quai Branly and go up to the Tower.

If you wish to go through the Trocadero and walk to enjoy the greenery, then prefer line 9 of the underground, Trocadero station and go down the steps to go up the garden and cross the bridge of Iena.

By bus: with the lines:
– 82, stops: “Eiffel Tower” or “Champ de Mars”
– 42, stop: “Eiffel Tower”
– 87, stop: “Champ de Mars”
– 69, stop: “Champ de Mars”

By car: you can park your car on the parking spaces but also in car parks, both for a fee.
You have among those the car park Quai Branly Tour Eiffel, Vinci Park Services, Pullman Tour Eiffel car park.


Eat at the Eiffel Tower

Located on the first floor, the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel offers a panoramic view of Paris. The lunch is an elegant picnic-type.
Led by the chief Alain Soulard, enjoy simple but nevertheless gastronomic meals in a chic but relaxed ambiance. Count between 21 and 40€ depending on the set menu selected.

For the dinner, menus ranging from 80 to 170 € are proposed to you to enjoy a gourmet meal with a spectacular view of the capital … Warm ambiance, softened light, the chef intoxicates you with his exceptional dishes, both classic and refined.

Book a table at the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel

As well on the first floor, a buffet is at your disposal for little snacks. With its terrace, you can enjoy a relaxing break with a view of Paris.
On the second floor, go to the Eiffel Tower Buffet. In this chic minimarket, you can enjoy a light snack to gather strength before climbing the hundreds of remaining steps. You will find it on the ground, but also on the first and second floors.

For the gourmets, the gastronomic restaurant Le Jules Verne invites you to discover or rediscover the Alain Ducasse chiefs’ cooking. For a sparkling and a light lunch, or for a soft and sensational dinner, Le Jules Vernes offers a selection of typical meals combining both French traditional and modernity.

For lunch, count between 98 and 230 € the menu made up of 3 to 6 dishes.

For dinner, count between 185 and 230 € the menu of 5 or 6 courses.

On the top floor, a Champagne bar awaits you, making you feel even more privileged in the City of Light at the top of the Iron Lady.

Prices range from 12 to 21 € and you can choose between rosé or white champagne.

View form the restaurant le Jules Vernes
Crédits: Christopher Michel, flickrCC BY 2.0


Visit the Eiffel Tower

The three floors of the Eiffel Tower respectively extend over 4.220 square meters, 1.650 square meters and 350 square meters. Offering various restaurants, exhibitions, shops, but also panoramic panels to discover the exceptional view, a model of the tower, story windows, a porthole with view on the ground to admire your progression, a cinema retracing the history of the tower, or a reconstitution of the visit of Thomas Edison in the tower with wax statues, you will have plenty to occupy your visit and come down from the Eiffel tower with a head full of memories.

During your visit, we advise you to enjoy the view from the 2nd floor. Indeed, it is at this level that you will take full advantage of the panoramic view. The buildings are at a right height, you will always be able to discern them and you will be high enough to admire the whole city and its close suburb.

For a visit of the Iron Lady, here is the matrix of prices (in 2017):

> Elevator entrance tickets (to the 2nd floor)
Adults: 9.00 €
Young: 7.50 €
Reduced rate*: 4.50 €

> Stairs entrance tickets (to the 2nd floor)
Adults: 5.00 €
Young: 4.00 €
Reduced rate*: 3.00 €

> Elevator entrance (to the top)
Adults: 15.00 €
Young: 13.50 €
Reduced rate*: 10.50 €

* Children 4-11 years old and disabled persons

Book a tour “Behind the scenes of the Eiffel Tower”


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On the 1st floor, you can enjoy the gift shop Pavilion Ferrié: postcards, books, souvenirs, T-shirts, toys …
You will also discover the Observatory Movements Summit which allows to watch in real time the wobbling described by the top of the tower according to the time.
“Le Génie de Monsieur Eiffel” is a movie in synthetic images that you will be able to watch, in particular with the youngest who will discover how the Tower was built and its history.
You will also see a piece of the circular staircase that Gustave Eiffel used to climb to the top of the tower. It is a remains of the Iron Lady and was cut into several pieces and spread around the world during auctions in the 1980s.
Panoramic tables are present all around the circular gallery. Thus, you will be able to find the famous monuments of the capital.
For the curious, the Cineiffel should please you. Indeed, this space is dedicated to the history of the Tower. Thus, you can watch animations in a movie theatre covered with screens, or discover works of artists inspired by the tower in an exhibition hall.

On the 2nd floor, another gift shop is provided (the third being outside, on the ground).
The window displays will explain to you how the current and how the old, hydraulic elevators work. As well, you will discover how the Eiffel Tower was built.
On the floor of this level, the Puits de Vision is a glass window that offers a view from up eye. People prone to vertigo: be careful! 125 meters from the ground is quite impressive!


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On the top floor, the office of Gustave Eiffel is a reconstruction of the interview Eiffel and Thomas Edison, both represented in wax statues.
To admire the city and its surroundings, the panoramic panels of orientation will offer you a breathtaking view and will allow you to discern more clearly the famous monuments of the capital.
The Model of the Eiffel Tower will give you a good overview of the tower’s composition.
Designed to last beyond 20 years, the Eiffel Tower is today the symbol of Paris and France. If it has drawn criticism and questions for a long while, from now on it is an essential element in the country for tourism, economics and aesthetics.
It is the constant object of unusual installations, exceptional illuminations and memorable settings for major events.
A lighthouse enlightening the City of Light, it shines throughout the entire capital like a source of warmth and kindness.
You will have the pleasure of seeing it sparkle every night with its 20,000 light bulbs for 5 minutes at nightfall until 1am every hour, but you will also enjoy the annual fireworks on July 14th, on the occasion of National Day. At nightfall until 1am every hour, but you will also enjoy the annual fireworks on July 14th, on the occasion of National Day.