Top 12 Cheap Destinations in France (Weekends, Holidays)

Map of France
You can travel to France without ending up broke. Here’s how!

You want to travel but you cannot afford to go to popular and expensive destinations?

After a lot of research and more than 10 hours of work, we have set up our selection of the best cheap destinations for a weekend or holiday in France.



Théâtre Ducourneau in Agen
Théâtre Ducourneau in Agen – Picture credits to jean-louis Zimmerman under CC BY 2.0

Price examples in Agen:

Low season High season
Hotel des Iles (room for 2 persons) – 1 star

€50 – 60

€60 – 80

Appart’City Agen (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars

€65 -75

€60 – 75

Airbnb (2 persons)

€40 – 60

€60 – 70

Airbnb ( 4 persons)

€60 – 85

€65 – 85

L’Assiette au Boeuf restaurant

€13 – 19

La Grande Brasserie

€13 – 22

Show at the Théâtre Ducourneau 


Musée du Liège et du Bouchon 


Halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse, discover Agen, known as the “Perle du Midi”.

Start your visit to the city with a free guided tour (French website). Visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts (French website), located in the historical heart of the city.

Discover one of the most important museums of the South-West of France on your own with a digital tablet, or on a guided tour. The ticket costs €5.80.

Then, visit the Musée du Liège et du Bouchon (French website) in Mézin for €4. You will discover the industrial history from the 18th century to the 1950s and the daily life of the workers.

In the evening, attend a show at the Théâtre Ducourneau (French website), starting from €7.

Regarding food, go to the Prunelier Bopi to taste the famous Agen prunes. You can also go to L’indé (French website), an artisanal brewery. There,  you will have the opportunity to understand the beer manufacturing process and to taste their local brews.

Concerning accommodations, many Airbnb housings are proposed for a price between €50 and €70 per night, depending on the period of the year.

This 17th-century windmill which can accommodate 3 persons is for rent at €50, and this Haussmann-style flat accomodating 4 people located in the historical centre of the town is rented out at about €60.

Finally, the Hotel des Iles offers rooms at affordable prices about €60-70 per night.



Tapestry museum in Angers
Museum Jean-Lurçat de la Tapisserie Contemporaine – Picture credits to rené craps under CC BY-NC 2.0

Price examples in Angers:

Low season High season
Hôtel Iena (room for 2 persons) – 2 stars €50 – 60 € 60 – 70
Hôtel de Champagne (room for 2 people) – 3 stars

€55 – 70

€55 – 80

Airbnb (2 persons) €45 – 65 €60 – 80
Airbnb (4 persons) €60 – 80 €75 – 95
Musée Jean-Lurçat de la Tapisserie contemporaine €6 (free with the City Pass)
Pignerolle Memorial Bunkers Free
Le Noë restaurant Less than €20
Osé restaurant  €23 – 37

Visit Angers, a city of art and history, and discover its numerous green spaces and cultural richness.

Use the Angers City Pass (French website) which will allow you to access numerous tourist attractions such as castles and museums, or to take advantage of 2 hours of free parking. Three options are available: 24 hours for €16, 48 hours for €25 and 72 hours for €33.

Visit museums such as the museum Jean-Lurçat de la Tapisserie contemporaine (museum of contemporary tapestry), a former hospital dating back to the 12th century. Then, visit the Atelier la Marge (French website), a contemporary art gallery dedicated to handcrafting and the promotion of graphic and literary works.

Discover the city by Vélo Calèche and walk through the parks such as the Arboretum Gaston Allard park. Admire the Jardin des Ombrages, the Jardin d’Essais and the Jardin des 5 sens.

Taste specialties from Angers like the galipette of Anjou, a sort of stuffed mushrooms, the gouline, a pie filled with rillauds and mushrooms or the Crémet d’Anjou.

Savour an Angevine salad with rillauds or stir fry eels at the Le Noë restaurant.

Taste the organic cuisine of the Osé restaurant and choose among the numerous dishes including marinated crab meat, chayote parmentiere or homemade iced nougat.

Regarding accommodation, stay in this flat located in the heart of Angers, for 4 persons, for about 40 euros. If you want to visit the city with a partner, take advantage of this flat located downtown for about 40 euros.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel rather than in an Airbnb, opt for the Hôtel de Champagne.



Palais de l'Isle in Annecy
Palais de l’Isle in Annecy

Price examples in Annecy:

  Low season High season
Hotel du Château (room for 2 persons) – 2 stars €60 – 80 €75 – 90
Ibis Annecy (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars €60 – 80 €80 – 100
Airbnb (2 persons) €60 – 80 €70 – 90
Airbnb (4 persons) €70 – 80 €90 – 100
Stand-up paddle and kayak €14
Canyoning €40
Oxo Restaurant  €15 – 40
Cozna Restauran €20 – 38

If you want to enjoy a stay in the heart of nature and to have fun with sporting activities, go to Annecy, the Venice of the Alps.

Have fun at the famous Lake Annecy and participate in numerous activities such as diving, water sports, cycling, etc.

You can rent a stand-up paddle or kayaks starting from €14, a sailing boat starting from €33, or a bike starting from €8. You can also take part in a canyoning activity starting from €40. Finally, you can take a walk or rest by the lake.

Take advantage of your stay to discover the old city and stroll along the water’s edge. Visit the Palais de l’Isle, a former prison, law court and administrative centre. The ticket costs €3.80.

You can also visit the Conservatoire for Art and History freely. The Conservatoire is a former seminary from the 17th century and is now home to the documentary resource centres, the Department’s cultural services and you can also attend a permanent exhibition dedicated to animated films.

Enjoy a full menu for €32 at the Cozna (French website), in the old city. You will have the opportunity to taste their smoked salmon and lamb rack.

The Oxo restaurant (French website) is a little more affordable: €19 for the lunch menu or €11 for the dish only. Enjoy the restaurant’s green terrace.

Concerning accommodation rentals, expect to pay between €80 and €90 per night. This three-floor apartment located in the historical centre, for 4 persons, is rented out at about €70. This studio flat located in the heart of the old districts, for two persons, is rented out at about €50-€60.

If you prefer to stay at the hotel, the Hotel du Château offers double rooms from €60.



Arras old town

Price examples in Arras: 

  Low season High season
Bed and breakfast Intra Muros (room for 2 persons) €70 – 80 €80 – 90
Hotel Moderne (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars €80 – 90 €90 – 100
Airbnb (2 persons) €55 – 70 €60 – 80
Airbnb (4 persons) About €60 – 80 €85 – 100
Chemin de Traverse (escape game) €23/per person
MDV and DESIDERI workshop /
Le Domaine de Chavagnac restaurant (traditional cuisine)  €14 – 35
Le 58 restaurant (traditional cuisine) €12 – 40

Arras is known for its Flemish squares and its typical architecture of the North of France.

Discover the workshops and art galleries of the city. Go to the MDV and the DESIDERI workshop where many artistic works are presented. You can also go to the Artois Expo and its 6,000 m2 surface area which hosts congresses, exhibitions, shows, competitions and seminars.

Have fun participating in escape games. Le Chemin de Traverse (French website) offers different adventures, from 2 to 6 players, among which Chevaliers et Enchanteur (Knights and Enchenter), Magie et sortilèges (Magic and Spells) or Enquête et Roman noir (Investigation and Noir). Expect to pay about twenty euros per person for an indoor adventure.

Before leaving the city, do not forget to taste the local specialties such as the Arras andouillette, the coeurs d’Arras, gingerbread biscuits with white honey, and the confits d’chicons, chicories with different flavours (figs, speculoos, walnuts, etc).

Regarding accommodations, this studio flat is located close to the Beffroi, a famous monument in the city, and is rented out for at about €50. This renovated duplex for 4 persons, close to the city centre, is rented out starting from €60.

You can also stay at the Hotel Moderne, one of the city’s first Art deco buildings, for about €80.



Valentré Bridge in Cahors
Pont Valentré in Cahors

Price examples in Cahors: 

  Low season High season
Deltour Hotel Cahors (room for 2 persons) – 2 stars €40 – 60 €45 – 65
Le Quercy (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars €50 – 60 €60 – 70
Airbnb (2 persons) €45 – 60 €50 – 65
Airbnb (4 persons) €50 – 80 €70 – 90
Gouffre de Padirac €18.50
Vineyard Château de Gaudou €10
Visit of Rocamadour /
Le Balandre restaurant Average price €40
L’Escale restaurant Less than €20

Discover Cahors, in the Lot department, with its southern atmosphere and historical wealth.

If you are passing through the city, admire the unmissable Valentré Bridge, a medieval bridge with 3 fortified towers dating back to the 14th century.

Walkthrough the city’s historical centre and discover its medieval houses and historical vestiges. Admire the Porte de la Barre, a former access point to the city, the Saint-Jean Tower and the ramparts.

In the surrounding area, you can visit the Gouffre de Padirac, a must-see in the region. Discover its 2km of practicable tunnels. The ticket costs €18.50.

About 1 hour’s drive away, you can also visit Rocamadour, a small village hanging against the cliff.

Do not forget to taste the city’s specialty, the Malbec, a Cahors wine. Go go the Château de Gaudou to enjoy this wine. Discover this vineyard for €10.

You can also taste a bistronomic menu for €23 at the Le Balandre restaurant, or taste regional dishes starting from €14 at the L’Escale restaurant.

Around Cahors, you can stay in a small house in the countryside for about €40 per night, or in a small, unusual stone house for a price starting from €80.

If you prefer to stay at the hotel, go to the Deltour Hotel Cahors which rents out rooms starting a €40.



Port of Dieppe

Price examples in Dieppe:

Low season High season
Egg Hotel (room for 2 persons) €45 – 55 €50 – 70
Hotel Windsor (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars €90 – 110 €85 – 110
Airbnb (2 persons) €50 – 70 €60 – 80
Airbnb (4 persons) €65 – 80 €75 – 95
Tourist train €7
Rosalies €10 to 20
L’Entrepôt restaurant About €15
L’Auberge du Vieux Puit restaurant €15 – 40

To discover Normandy, go to Dieppe, the oldest French seaside resort.

Discover the city with the tourist train for €7. You will discover the city’s ports, monuments and old districts. Walk along the water edge in rosalies (a three or four-wheeled bicycle found in tourist areas). Expect to pay between €10 and €20. Stroll along the marina and go to the bathing-beach in Dieppe.

You can attend shows at the Dieppe Scène Nationale where more than 40 shows are presented every season: dance, theatre, music, circus, etc. Movies are also shown as DSN is an “Art & Essai” cinema.

Have some seafood and local Norman products at the Auberge du Vieux Puits. Expect to pay about €30 for the meal.

At the L’Entrepot restaurant, enjoy some cooked meats, galettes and savory tarts for about €15.

As for accommodations, you may pay about €70 per night. This renovated flat for 5 persons is located in a pedestrian street; you can rent it starting at €70. For less than €50, you can stay in this duplex located at a 10-minute walk from the beach, for 2 persons.

You can also stay at the Egg Hotel for about 50 euros.



Castle of Foix
Château de Foix

Price examples in Foix: 

Low season High season
Hotel Restaurant Lons (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars €80 – 90 €80 – 100
Airbnb (2 persons) €60 – 70 Between €65 and 85
Airbnb (3 persons) Between €40 – 60 €65 – 80
Underground River of Labouiche €11
Château de Foix €11.50
Le Vertigo restaurant €18 – 35

If you like historical visits, discover Foix and its numerous castles. Visit the Château de Labarre and the Château de Crampagna, which has been a witness to civil unrests like the war against the Protestants and the French Revolution.

You can also visit the Château de Foix where you will discover a 2,000 m2 museum space, immersive rooms and animations.

Cross the Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge), a bridge that was built by the Devil, according to the legend.

Participate in a 1h15 guided tour of the underground river of Labouiche. The adult ticket costs €11.

Discover different workshops such as the Alteres workshop, a small ceramic workshop, the Luthier Thibault Popall workshop, a creator of double bass, or the Facteur d’accordéons workshop (French websites).

For restaurants, you can go to Le Vertigo, a contemporary restaurant offering over 1,000 bottles of wine and menus starting from €18, or the Lons where you can enjoy a traditional cuisine starting from €18 as well.

Stay in this atypical accommodation surrounded by nature for two persons starting from €60, or in this small house near the forest for less than €50 per night.



Lake of Gérardmer
Lake of Gérardmer – Picture credits to gasdub under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Price examples in Gérardmer:

Low season High season
Hotel Gai Relais €60 – 80
Hotel Restaurant l’Aubergade (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars About €60 – 75 About €80 – 100
Airbnb (2 persons) €60 – 80 €70 – 90
Airbnb (4 persons) €70 – 90 €90 – 110
Paddle and kayak From €10
Snowboard rental €22 for the day
L’Assiette du Coq à l’Âne restaurant €16 – 35

Gérardmer is one of the most affordable ski resorts in the Hautes-Vosges.

In summer as in winter, you will find plenty of things to have fun with. In summer, you can organize hikes. Go for a 1h30 walk along the lake of Gérardmer, or go to the Saut de la Bourrique via the Urson path. This hike takes almost two hours to complete and you will have the opportunity to admire the Saut de la Bourrique waterfall.

Take part in activities such as paddle and kayak, starting from €10 with this club (French website). You can also try tree climbing starting from €14.

In winter, enjoy the ski resort and its 40 km of pists. The resort provides equipment. Expect to spend €88 for 6 days (ski and shoes included). If you want to rent a snowboard for a day, it, will cost €22.

As for restaurants, you can go to L’Assiette du Coq à l’âne and taste local products for about twenty euros, such as a pâté en croûte de noix de porc, veal rib with mushrooms and many others.

You can stay in this flat, a 7 minutes walk from the city centre, for 2 persons, for about €50.

You can also stay in a chalet for several people. This chalet for 4 persons located in a residence is rented out at about €50. You can also rent this chalet with a view of the lake for a price starting at €40.



Granite Rose Coast in Brittany

Price examples in Lannion:

  Low season High season
Hotel Ecume de Mer (room for 2 persons) €60 – 70 €80 – 90
Hotel Cerise Lannion (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars €70 – 80 €80 – 90
Airbnb (2 persons) €45 – 65 €50 – 70
Airbnb (4 persons) €60 – 70 €70 – 80
Horse ride From €9
Sporting activities From €7.60
La Brasserie de la plage Average price €20
Le Brelevenez restaurant €30 – 40

When going to Lannion, you will be charmed by this city which is ideally located near Perros-Guirec and Trégastel and its traditional architecture.

Visit the historical city and discover the manors, the old convent and the city cloister. Climb the 140 steps leading to the Brélévenez church and admire the structure dating back to the end of the 12th century.

You will have the opportunity to ride a horse starting from €9. You can also take part in numerous activities starting from €7.60: kayak and rafting, paddle, tree climbing, archery and many others (French Websites).

Do not hesitate to visit the surrounding area to admire the landscapes. Visit the seaside resort of Perros-Guirrec. Walk along the beaches, such as the Trestraou beach, a long beach protected by rocks, or the Trestrignel beach where you can admire superb villas.

You can also visit the city of Trébeurdeun, located at the end of the Granite Rose Coast, and admire said coast.

Enjoy a quiet accommodation. This village house located 10 km from the sea is available for about €60. To enjoy nature, stay in this peaceful house near the beach, for about €70.



Horse ride on the beach

Price examples in Soulac-sur-Mer:

Low season High season
Hotel L’Écume des jours (double room) – 2 stars €65 – 75 €75 – 85
Residence Pierre & Vacances Les Dunes du Médoc (double room) – 3 stars €50 – 60 €55 – 70
Airbnb (2 persons) €55 – 75 €70 – 90
Airbnb (4 persons) €60 – 80 €75 – 95
Jet-ski and tubing From €20
Discover the villas Free
Le Grill Océan restaurant Average price €20
La Table Corto restaurant Average price €30

If you want to go to the seaside without getting broke, go to Soulac-sur-Mer.

Enjoy the city’s supervised beaches such as the Naïades beach, where you can play in a basketball court, a skate park and where you can go to a surf school. You can also enjoy a horse ride along the beach, for an hour or a day.

Discover the city with its 500 villas by organizing a walk to see the villas in Soulac. You will enjoy a 2km walk for 1 hour.

Have fun with water activities such as jet-ski or tubing. Jetflyevasion offers these activities starting from €20 (French website).

Stay in a house near the beach for 6 persons, for around €60 per night, or in a flat with an ocean view for €50 to €80 depending on the season.

L’Écume des jours hotel rents out rooms starting from €65.



Troyes city center
Troyes – Picture credits to monnuage under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Price examples in Troyes:

Low season High season
Ibis Troyes (room for 2 persons) – 2 stars €45 – 55 €50 – 70
Brit Hotel Privilège (room for 2 persons) – 3 stars €60 – 80 €70 – 90
Airbnb (2 persons) €50 – 60 €60 – 70
Airbnb (4 persons) €70 – 90 €70 – 90
Maison de l’outil et de la pensée ouvrière €7
Orient Forest Natural Regional Park /
Visit Free
Le Moine Gourmand restaurant €15 – 30

If you like architecture and history, go to Troyes, a medieval city.

Discover the city’s religious heritage for free by visiting the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, classified as a historical monument, and the Gothic-style Church of Sainte-Madeleine which is one of the oldest churches in the city.

Discover the Maison de l’outil et de la pensée ouvrière and its 12,000 tools from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. You can observe 4 categories of tools: wood, iron, animal and mineral. It costs €7 to enter.

Apart from religious and historical visits, you can also enjoy nature. Take a walk in the Orient Forest Natural Regional Park. You will find plenty of things to have fun with there, like fishing, water-skiing, horse riding or cycling.

You can also take part in guided trips, available with different themes: bird watching, discovery in the forest or discovery of the natural heritage.

Make the most of your stay by renting typical accommodation. This studio in a 16th-century building is available for less than €50.

You can also stay in this accommodation in the historic heart of the city for around €50.



Ice climbing in Villard-de-Lans

Price examples in Villard-de-Lans:

Low season High season
Hotel Les 4 Montagnes (room for 2 persons) €50 – 70 €80 – 90
Auberge des Montauds (room for 2 persons) – 2 stars €75 – 95
Airbnb (2 persons) €45 – 60 €55 – 75
Airbnb (4 persons) €60 – 75 €80 – 100
Dog sled ride From €60
Tree climbing From €9
Hikes /
Les Playes restaurant /

Villard-de-Lans is one of the most famous ski resorts in France as well as one of the most affordable.

In both summer and winter, you can choose among many activities to enjoy. In winter, organize a dog sled ride, starting from €60. Discover ice climbing and try climbing one of the 12 routes, 30 meters high, starting from €40.

To relax at the end of the day, get a massage, starting from €25.

In summer, organize hikes on the marked trails. Have fun on the paths between Lans en Vercors and Villard-de-Lans with Nordic walking, walk with donkeys, trail run or perform orienteering.

Discover the adventure course with tree climbing and zip lines, starting from 9 €. Finally, try out some archery, starting from 7 €.

Taste local products such as Fario trout, Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage (a cheese) or Clairette de Die (a sparkling wine). Taste delicious local dishes at the Les Playes restaurant.

As for accommodations, relax in the heart of the Vercors Massif in this flat for about €50. Stay in a mountain chalet for less than €80 per night.