How Much Does a Coffee Cost in Paris? (Study Carried out on Approximately 120 Cafés)

Coffee, java, brew -no matter how you call it, coffee is an essential drink you can enjoy at any time. At the end of your meal, for breakfast or during the afternoon comfortably seated at a terrace… it is impossible to get bored of coffee. So how much does a coffee cost in Paris? We checked around 120 Parisian cafes and here is the answer!

Cup of coffee


We have carried out our own Study

To find out how much costs a coffee in Paris, we have carried out our own study.

Small local bars (Le Carrefour Café), famous cafes (Café de Flore) or typical Parisian cafes (Le Vrai Paris), our study concerns cafes of all kinds.

Our team has checked around 120 cafes in all the arrondissements of Paris to find out how much a coffee in Paris costs, and here is the answer!


Average price for a coffee in Paris

The average price for a coffee in Paris (on around 120 cafes) is 2.48 euros. The cheapest coffee in Paris costs 0.80 euros at T-Kawa (13th arrondissement). The most expensive coffee in Paris costs 12 euros at WINDO Skybar (17th arrondissement).

Most of these 120 cafes serve espresso except the Blancs Manteaux which serves their coffee of the day for 2.30 euros.

Our comparative chart will help both locals and tourists.

You will never be fooled by tourist traps again, no huge bill anymore! Now you know the average price for a coffee in Paris!


Comparative Chart – Average price for a coffee in Paris

CafésArrondissementType of coffeePrice
Café le Zimmer1erEspresso2.90 €
Café Du Pont Neuf1erEspresso2.30 €
Café Le Corona1erEspresso3.20 €
Bert's café1erEspresso1.90 €
Café des Initiés1erEspresso2.60 €
Café Kitsune Palais Royal1erEspresso2.50 €
MATAMATA COFFEE2eEspresso2.50 €
Café H2eEspresso2.40 €
Café Joyeux Opéra2eEspresso2 €
Le Gramont Paris
2eEspresso3 €
Les cafés San José2eEspresso1.60 €
Fragments3eEspresso2.50 €
Oultma3eEspresso2.50 €
Fringe3eEspresso2.50 €
Grand Café Tortoni3eEspresso1.50 €
Café Crème3eEspresso2.40 €
Strada Café3eEspresso2.40 €
Le Peloton Café4eEspresso2.50 €
Café L'Etincelle4eEspresso2.90 €
Le Carrefour Café4eEspresso1.20 €
Blancs Manteaux
4eCafé du jour2.30 €
2bis café5eEspresso1.50 €
JOZI CAFE5eEspresso2.50 €
Strada Café5eEspresso2.40 €
L'enclos de Ninon5eEspresso2.50 €
Nuance café5eEspresso2.50 €
Numéro 2205eEspresso2.20 €
Cafe Laurent6eEspresso6 €
Malongo Atelier Barista6eEspresso2.70 €
Café le Buci6eEspresso2.90 €
Café de Flore6eEspresso4.90 €
Le Tournon6eEspresso2.40 €
Café Montparnasse6eEspresso2.70 €
Drop Café7eEspresso2.40 €
Cuppa Cafe7eEspresso2.50 €
Le Petit Cler7eEspresso2.60 €
Café la Comtesse7eEspresso3 €
Café des officiers7eEspresso3.20 €
Le Tourville7eEspresso3.50 €
Terres de café7eEspresso2 €
Café Constant7eEspresso2.50 €
Paris Europe8eEspresso2 €
Café Marco Polo8eEspresso3 €
Café Au Départ Gare St-Lazare8eEspresso2.90 €
Café Madeleine Paris8eEspresso3.90 €
Honor8eEspresso3 €
Café Miromesnil8eEspresso1.50 €
FIAT Café8eEspresso4 €
Café Rollin9eEspresso3 €
KB COFFEE ROASTERS9eEspresso double2.50 €
Café Marlette9eEspresso 2 €
La Compagnie du Café9eEspresso2.40 €
Café M9eEspresso2.60 €
Café de l'Opéra9eEspresso2.50 €
République of Coffee10eEspresso2.50 €
Café Petite10eEspresso2.50 €
Radiodays10eEspresso2.50 €
La Chambre aux Oiseaux10eEspresso2.20 €
Café A Bar à Cocktail Brunch Canal St Martin10eEspresso2.70 €
PEONIES - Café et fleurs10eEspresso2.50 €
Café Obrkof11eEspresso2.50 €
Café Foufou11eEspresso2.50 €
Coffee Spoune11eEspresso2.50 €
Café FauveParis11eEspresso2.20 €
Muscovado11eEspresso2.50 €
Café des Anges11eEspresso1.90 €
Oh de Lally11eEspresso2.20 €
Café CC12eEspresso2.50 €
Columbus Café & Co12eEspresso1.50 €
Le Bon Sens12eEspresso2.30 €
Café Pierre12eEspresso2.20 €
Le Triomphe12eEspresso2.40 €
Café Marbré12eEspresso2.50 €
Le Petit Bar13eEspresso2.20 €
Kaf Conç Tolbiac13eEspresso2 €
L'Arobase Café13eEspresso1.70 €
T-Kawa13eEspresso0.80 €
le coffice13eEspresso2 €
BOB’S CAFÉ13eEspresso2 €
Café de la Place14eEspresso2.70 €
Café Bohème14eEspresso2.40 €
Café Odessa14eEspresso2.90 €
Hexagone Café14eEspresso2.50 €
Green Café14eEspresso2 €
Le Moulin à café14eEspresso1.50 €
Café Le Cordon Bleu15eEspresso1.90 €
O Coffee15eEspresso2.50 €
Le Primerose15eEspresso2.50 €
Café Pasteur15eEspresso2.50 €
Café Arthur et Juliette15eEspresso2.50 €
Good News Coffee Shop15eEspresso2.50 €
Café du Trocadéro16eEspresso4.20 €
Café Kléber16eEspresso3.50 €
Café Lamartine16eEspresso2.50 €
Café Belloy16eEspresso2.60 €
DS Café Victor Hugo16eEspresso3 €
Café Contre Allée
16eEspresso2.50 €
DOSE - Dealer de café17eEspresso2 €
Cafuné17eEspresso double2.50 €
Terres de Café17eEspresso2 €
Café Latéral17eEspresso3.10 €
WINDO Skybar17eEspresso12 €
La Main Noire18eEspresso2.50 €
Café Championnet18eEspresso1.50 €
Mignon café18eEspresso2.50 €
Le Café Qui Parle18eEspresso2.30 €
Le vrai Paris18eEspresso2.90 €
Café Pimpin18eEspresso2.20 €
Café Francoeur18eEspresso2.20 €
Lomi18eEspresso2.20 €
Café Jean19eEspresso2 €
Café Caché19eEspresso2.30 €
Le Pavillon des Canaux19eEspresso2 €
La Vielleuse20eEspresso2.40 €
Café Capone20eEspresso2.80 €