Top 10 Best Bubble Tea Shops in Paris (Map Included)

Discovering the best bubble tea in Paris can be a delightful yet daunting task. Navigate effortlessly through the Parisian bubble tea scene with my top picks, offering insights for each spot to optimize your flavorful journey through the city.

Let’s first start with the map to help you locate them all:


In a rush? Here are my recommendations:


Bubble Tea Sin From Heaven

33 rue Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris

Come and drink a bubble tea in a cozy and refined setting at Sin From Heaven.

This bubble tea shop offers a wide selection of bubble tea separated into 7 categories, ranging from classic flavors, such as fruit or milk bubble teas, to more original ones like flower bubble teas called Butterfly Tea.

You will also be able to taste Vietnamese coffee, a traditional coffee that is both strong and sweet, or order a bobun to accompany your drink.

Moreover, board games are available for a good time with friends.

Prices: Between €4 and €5.80

We like it for:

  • Its original drinks
  • Its calm atmosphere with board games available

Website (in French)


Bubbolitas – Bubble Tea Bar

17 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris

Bubbolitas Paris - Bubble Tea Bar
Credits: Bubbolitas Paris – Bubble Tea Bar

This Bubble Tea shop is located a few blocks away from the Centre Pompidou and provides delicious Bubble Tea with perfectly cooked tapioca pearls.

Their flavor range is quite large, offering options that will make everybody happy.

Their menu is divided into 3 categories:

  • The Classic with green tea or black tea: Classic without milk (cold beverages) and Classic with milk (cold or hot beverages)
  • The Bubbolitas Specialties: Homemade (cold or hot beverages)
  • The Frappabubbles: Bubble-coffee (iced or hot beverages) and Fruitea (tea-based smoothie; cold)

Prices: Between €4.50 and €6.90

We like it for:

  • Its diversified menu
  • Its quick service
  • The home delivery service

Website (in French)



13 rue Chabanais, 75002 Paris


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Come and try ZenZoo, the pioneer of Bubble Tea in Paris.

ZenZoo is both a tea shop and a restaurant. There, you will discover the authentic flavors of bubble tea, a Taiwanese specialty.

You will be able to order from a wide selection of drinks, with something for your tastes, including milk or fruit bubble tea. You can also personalize your own drink by combining several flavors or opting for soy milk.

To go with your bubble tea, ZenZoo also serves Taiwanese food such as dimsum or stir-fried prawns.

Prices: Between €5 and €6

We like it for:

  • The Taiwanese restaurant
  • Its quite affordable prices
  • The bubble tea personalization options

Website (in French)


Tea’Ke Your Time

44 rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris

Tea’Ke Your Time offers delicious bubble tea with fresh fruits or milk to enjoy in-house or take away.

You can savor your drink alongside popular Asian desserts such as mille-crêpes or mochis either on the terrace or upstairs.

In this bubble tea shop, board games are also available.

Prices: Between €4.50 and €8.50

We like it for:

  • Its desserts
  • The shop staying open until 1:30 am
  • The wide choice of personalization

Website (in French)



  • 19 Rue de Montmorency, 75003 Paris
  • 68 Passage Choiseul 75002 Paris
  • 62 Rue du Temple 75003 Paris
  • 8 Rue de Valois 75001 Paris
Laizé - Bubble Tea
Credits: Laizé

Located in the Marais, this tea salon boasts a style that is simple yet refined, offering high-quality tea grown in Taiwan and well-cooked tapioca pearls.

Laïzé provides high-quality ingredients in its expansive tea selection, all within a charming setting.

Unique to this salon is the option to customize your beverage size (Medium or Large), sugar ratio, and desired amount of ice.

Prices: Between €5.50 and €7.20

We like it for:

  • Its satisfying and quick service
  • Its custom-made orders
  • Its extensive selection



Noom Tea

78 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris


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Noom Tea welcomes you to savor a bubble tea in a cozy and modern setting.

Whether you prefer milk, fruit bubble tea, or even their delicious matcha one, you will find something to your taste.

You can even personalize your own bubble tea or enjoy their seasonal flavors.

Prices: Between €5 and €8

We like it for:

  • Its friendly welcome
  • The matcha bubble tea
  • The ambiance



Bubble House

45 Avenue de Choisy, 75013 Paris

Bubble House - Bubble Tea Bar Paris
Credits: Bubble House – Bubble Tea Bar Paris

Bubble House welcomes you in a cozy and stylish setting.

If you’re looking to switch up from your usual milk Bubble Tea, their menu is perfect for you!

The shop provides a large beverage selection which can be customized depending on your tastes: tea intensity, fruit flavors, toppings, size, temperature, and sugar amount (sugar-free, less sugar, or normal).

Prices: From €6.90

We like it for:

  • Its warm welcome and quick service
  • Its room upstairs with seats which allows you to take the time to appreciate your drink

Our advice: Takeaways are a great option.

Website (in French)


Yi Fang Pyramides

44 rue Richelieu, 75001 Paris

Do you like original bubble teas? Yi Fang Pyramides is the perfect place for you.

Enjoy a bubble tea from the wide selection available in a spacious setting, which is ideal for either working or having a great time with friends.

There are even unique flavors such as winter melon latte or mango fruit tea with cream cheese.

To accompany your drink, you can order egg pancakes that resemble bubble teas.

Prices: between €4.50 and €8.30

We like it for:

  • The limited seasonal collections
  • The wide selection of classic and original drinks




10 Rue des Moulins, 75001 Paris

Credits: Teayammi

Near the Place Vendome, this somewhat recent Bubble Tea shop is open for you to taste their delicious beverages in a relaxing atmosphere.

To satisfy their customers -mostly Taiwanese people- the shop offers a tea recipe with whipped cream which is very trendy in Taiwan.

It also offers more classic recipes as well.

You then pick your topping (an additional €0.50 for the tapioca pearls, red beans, or jam), the temperature of your drink, and its sugar ratio.

Prices: Between €5.90 and €7.80

We like it for:

  • Its friendly welcome
  • Its non-dairy alternatives

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Whale Tea

41 rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris


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This small traditional bubble tea shop offers many delicious bubble teas with sliced or crushed fresh fruits, such as the crushed peach bubble tea.

The Whale Tea also provides original drinks made with coffee like the mango coffee latte.

With the €10 menu, you can select a sandwich to accompany the bubble tea. There are three options: tuna, eggs, or truffle.

Prices: Between €5.20 and €7.80

We like it for:

  • The bubble teas made with fresh fruits
  • The taro bubble tea
  • The traditional flavors