The 10 Best Board Games Stores in Paris (For Adults and Kids)

Board games are coming back in our lives and we can understand why: they are a great way to spend time together, with family or with friends. Whether you are looking for new games to buy or a place to meet people and play, we have what you are looking for.

Check out our selection of the best board games stores in Paris.


Ultra Jeux

Ultra Jeux is specialized in trading card games (Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, etc.) and board games of all types (strategy, adventure, puzzle, etc.).

Events are organized on a regular basis such as discovery nights to introduce new board games to people (the entry fee is €2 and it gives you a 10% discount on the introduced games) and even card tournaments.

We advise you to follow their discord (in French only) to keep up to date with the news and events.

Address: 13 rue Amelot 75011 Paris

What we like: A lively shop and the possibility to pre-order new card decks.

Website: (in French only)


Damier Opera

Specialized in chess, Damier l’Opéra sells chess boards, chess sets, chess clocks and other equipment required for it. More than 1 000 books about chess are also available in French and in English.

You will also find all the classic board games (Monopoly and Saboteur), family games like Mimtoo famille (a French charades game) and Mollo l’Escargot (a French game), puzzles and escape games.

The shop also has classic games such as draughts, dominoes and darts.

Address: 7 rue de la Fayette 75009 Paris

What we like: Has been specialized in chess for more than 45 years.

Website: (in French only)


Jeux Descartes

Since 1977, Jeux Descartes has been offering exclusive and innovative board games of all types (ambiance games, card games, games for 2 players only and so on…).

If you are looking for a new game but do not know which one to get, you can go on their website and see their selection, the team’s firm favorites, to help you make your choice.

You can order games online and have them delivered at home, shipping is free for orders over €60.

Address: 52 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris

What we like: the possibility to order online and have the games delivered to your home.

Website: (in French only)


L’Oeuf Cube

As the oldest board games shop in France, l’Oeuf Cube sells countless board games, miniature games, war games as well as derivative products of pop culture such as Funko pop! figures, stuffed toys, tee-shirts and pendants.

One of the peculiarities of this shop is its imported board games, meaning in their original version and language (mostly English). Moreover, the shop sells second-hand games for small budgets.

You can also get Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh cards for card lovers.

Address: 24 rue Linné 75005 Paris

What we like: Some games are in their original language (imported).

Website: (in French only)



Since 1996, Starplayer, located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, has been offering card games, board games, role-playing games, war games and miniature games for sale.

Second-hand games are also available in the shop and there are sales on a regular basis for the smaller budgets.

Starplayer is a lively store with miniature painting workshops every week (free for everyone) and with airbrush miniature painting workshops (free but phone booking is required). Board game nights are organized as well for people who are looking for partners to play or for people who just want to chill (the shop closes at 11pm).

The shop buys your old games and miniatures if they are in good condition and if there is no missing pieces (for the games). If you are interested, call them to talk about it.

Address: 16 rue Lagrange 75005 Paris

What we like: the games are available in several languages (French, English, German and Italian)

Website: (in French only)


Le Repaire du Dragon

Le Repaire du Dragon, held by game enthusiasts, is a shop specializing in board games, roleplay games, cards (Vampire The Eternal Struggle, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft and so on) and figures.

The particularity of this place is his LARP (Live Action Role-Playing Game) section where you can get armor, fake bows, crossbows, quivers and swords, decorations, make-up products and clothes of your favorite roleplay games characters to play the game in real life.

Address: 43 avenue Simon Bolivar 75019 Paris

What we like: LARP section

Website: (in French only)


Playin by Magic Bazar

Founded by fans of the card game Magic: The Gathering, this shop has been specialized in card games for more than 12 years as well as in board games of all types suitable for everyone.

If you do not want to miss any events in the shop such as the cards tournaments, allowing you to earn points to get discounts on games, check the program on their website.

You can buy games in the shop or online and have them delivered home for free for orders costing over €50 (or €20 if you are only ordering cards).

Address: 131 avenue de France 75013 Paris

What we like: Events for players




This card and board games shop sells card albums, decks and baize of your favorite trading cards (Yu-gi-oh, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Keyforge, Force of Will, Marvel Champions, etc.).

Board games and role-playing games of all kinds are available in the store: games playable alone or with other people, games for children and games for adults, puzzle games, strategy games and so on, are all for sale.

Address: 15-17 Place d’Aligre 75012 Paris

What we like: Range of products

Website: (in French only)



You will find everything you need at the Variantes shop: board games, Chinese draughts, Japanese chess (called shogi), Chinese chess (called Xiang qi), chess, puzzle games as well as tarot cards (both divinatory cards and cards to play with) and casino games (cards, chips and poker baizes and even blackjack baizes and roulettes).

If you cannot make it to the shop, you can order online and have your package delivered to your home for free for orders costing over €60.

Address: 29 rue Saint-André des Arts 75006 Paris

What we like: The large choice and the original games such as Chinese and Japanese chess.

Website: (in French only)


Les Mauvais Joueurs

Les Mauvais Joueurs is a game bar where you can gather with friends to play or buy games of all kinds.

The concept is simple: you pay €3 per person every two hours and you have unlimited self-service access to all the games.

On the menu, you can order a soda, a fruit juice or a hot drink such as tea or coffee. You can also get alcohol (a beer, cocktail or any other aperitif).

Feeling a bit hungry? You can ask for homemade cookies. If you want something with your aperitif, you can get a cold cut or a cheese plate (€16 each) made with local produce. This can be really nice to share with friends.

Hustles and bustles are organized all year round such as Werewolf game sessions, Blind-tests and tournaments, so follow them on Facebook (in French only) to not miss anything.

Address: 46 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris

What we like: Welcoming place to play

Website: (in French only)