9 Best Sports Bars in Paris Where to Watch Your Favorite Team’s Games

Whether we’re talking about soccer, football, golf, English boxing, or handball, a fan only has one wish when their favorite team is playing: to gather with other fans and friends around a nice, cold beer and some snacks to watch a game. So, if you are one to enjoy the incomparable atmosphere of sports bars – and if you are in Paris – here are my favorite bars in town where the World Cup Final isn’t the only game they broadcast.

But first, let’s locate them on a map:


1) The Belushi’s

  • Belushi’s Paris Canal: 159 rue Crimée, 75019 Paris
  • Belushi’s Paris Gare du Nord: 5 rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

The Belushi’s is the sports bar!

Boxing, soccer, football (be it American or Australian), field hockey, rugby all of which are broadcasted from their respective countries… the Bledisloe Cup, the Champions League, FA cup, international matches and much more are here for you to watch!

There’s a bit (read, a lot) of everything, all of which is on HD TV and even projectors. You can even ask for any sports event to be broadcasted.

The best of all? The fact that they organize game nights, which means meeting up with other fans in an awesome sports-oriented atmosphere. And while one of the shops has a nightclub which could spoil your sport, that one is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 pm to 5 am. Otherwise, the other one -clubless- will let you enjoy your game to its fullest!

All of which can be done while enjoying a pint, a homemade burger or even some snacks!

Pints: from €6.80 to €8.50
Bottled beers: between €6 and 7.50

Snacks (nachos, wings, quesadillas, garlic bread, etc.): from €4 to €20 depending on the amount!
Burgers: from €12 to €15
Salads: from €10 to €14

Belushi’s canal website and its program
Belushi’s Gare du Nord website and its program


2) The Bal Rock

161 rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

This Player is somewhat different, but it still has 32 HD screens, an awesome sound system and game broadcasts.

Here’s a forewarning, if you want to combine a night out and game night, this is the place; if not, pass this one out. Because every weekend at the Balrock is a clubbing starting at 10 pm! A great place combining the best of two worlds allowing you to celebrate your team’s victory after the game!

Of course, you’ll be able to quench your thirst with beers, soft drinks, wine, and cocktails, along with things to eat such as the usual meat and/or cheese assortments, or more complete and original assortments such as samosas, sweet/savory beef kebab, honey ribs… all of which are in portions big enough to share.

Finally, if you plan on dining here, you’ll find real meals as well (hot dogs, burgers, pizzas,…). It is also possible to book a table.

Pints: from €4 to €8
Bottled beers: €6.50 (Orval, Duvel, Augustiner Hell, Saint Bernardus and many more)
Cocktails: from €5 to €12

Cheese/meats assortments: €15 or €19 (for 2 or 4 people)
Pizzas: from €9 to €15
Burgers and hotdogs: from €9 to €18

Website (in French)


3) The Comptoir Rugby Bar

  • 354 rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris
  • 13 rue de Vouillé, 75015 Paris

If you are a fan of French rugby, this bar is the perfect place for you.

It broadcasts as many rugby matches as possible, which you can watch while eating some tapas (onion rings, meats assortments, french fries, Camembert fritters, etc., -even an assortment) or a real meal (fish, meat, omelets, salads, burgers- there’s everything, even desserts!).

This rugby-oriented bar’s little extra consists of its sponsoring and inviting Parisian rugby teams! Even some Honor and Federal Division clubs.

Thus, its colorful and plentifully decorated walls have welcomed -amongst others- the All Blacks, Frères Livremont and Betsen Academy teams.

Prices :
Pints: Tripel Karmeliet, The Brooklyn, La bête, La silver (the bar’s own beer!), Stout, The Demi de Mêlée and La Chouffe. Starting at €5 (€3.50 in happy hour!)
Dishes: around €14 on average.
Tapas: from €4.60 to €14 which includes well-filled meats assortments!

Website (in French) and its program

BEWARE! Foreign matches are not always broadcast here.


4) The Harp Bar

118 boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris

The Irish aren’t the only ones who feel at home in this bar. Every soccer and rugby fan will find their haven in The Harp Bar.

Well, as you can already tell, Tayto and Guinness are to be expected in this casual, relaxed and welcoming Irish pub. No big facilities here, it is the bar’s authenticity and ambiance -especially on game nights- that make this pub stand out.

If Irish and Anglo-Saxon clubs are your thing don’t pass this one out, because you can see their important games in an awesome atmosphere and around a draught or bottled beer, a cocktail, whiskey or even some fresh food produced locally: French charcuterie/cheese boards (€18), French saucissons and terrines (€7).

Especially since the happy hour lasts 3 hours; it’s a great way to meet up with Racing92’s fans. Not to forget a sweet little treat: the draught Magner -Irish cider- available at the bar!

Prices :
Pints: from €5 to €8 (Guinness, Triple Karmeliett, Chouffe, Magners, Goose Island IPA, Vedett IPA…)
Bottled beers: €6.50
Cocktails: from €6 to €10
Whiskey: from €7 to €20

Facebook page


5) The Moose

16 rue des Quatre Vents, 75006 Paris


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As to this sports bar, the Canadians are the ones who will be welcoming you. Within its red walls and wooden furniture, you will be able to watch soccer, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, rugby and many other sports games in a cozy atmosphere.

With 14 screens and some good poutine, along with beers and cocktails, The Moose is on top. Therefore, it is quite popular, and you may have to wait a little bit before getting a table sometimes.

But don’t worry, if you are the kind of person to take a chance without booking beforehand, you will still be able to wait for a table at the bar -which is available for everyone. You could even give in to some snacks (mozzarella sticks, onion rings, quesadillas, etc.).

But yeah… we know what you’re really interested in the poutine. It is one of this bar-restaurant’s biggest best-sellers. And we can understand why: 5 recipes (out of which one is often renewed), made with real Quebecker cheese curds, and none priced above €14.

You will also find delight on the beer side: Fosters, Newcastle, Edinger, Guinness, Brooklyn Lager, Paname Brewing Co, etc. for the draught beers. And Budweiser, Coors light, Rothus Pils, Sol Cerveza (a Mexican one), Yardbird Pale Ale, and many more for bottled ones.

Prices :
Pints: from €7.50 to €9
Bottled beers: from €6.50 to €7.50
Cocktails: from €9 to €12

Snacks: from €6 to €10
Burgers/salads/poutines: from €12.50 to €16



6) The Bombardier

2 place de Panthéon, 75005 Paris 


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Finally, if you’re aiming for a 100% English ambiance, we advise you choose The Bombardier.

British beers such as Charlie Wells, John Bull, Wells Banana Bread Beer, Young’s London, etc. are in the taps but also in the fridges with bottled beers such as Wells Waggle Dance, Young’s Special London Ale or their Double Chocolate Stout.

Not to forget all the available English ciders; though, classics lovers worry not, Corona, Bud Lager and Cubanisto are also available and waiting for you.

On the menu: fish & chips, English-style curry, or pie of the week. If you’re more of a snack person, the classics are there to please you: mozzarella sticks, onion rings, bowls of fries, assortments… and there is also room for more audacious, less classic snacks such as Cask beer breadcrumbed cod loin.

Although The Bombardier mainly broadcasts soccer; basketball, cricket, rugby, golf, F1 and tennis are also to be seen, and always in a tremendous atmosphere on game nights thanks to all the English supporters that meet up there.

Pints: €6.90 or €8
Bottled beers: €8
Cocktails: €8

Dishes: €12 to €16
Snacks: €5 to €9
Assortments: €24 (terrine, cheeses, dried sausage and Serrano ham)

Website and its program


7) The Café Odilon

16 quai de la Marne, 75019 Paris


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If you would rather find a family-friendly sports bar, both quieter and adapted to children, then the Café Odilon is where you should go. European soccer championships are broadcasted in the back of the room, for more calm. You can also eat on the spot as well.

The house offers homemade fruit juices which the whole family will appreciate as well as dishes made with organic products. But of course, it comes at a cost; therefore, expect higher prices than in other bars/brasseries.

We should also mention the bar’s big patio door that offers a beautiful view on the canal.

Pints: from €6 to €8
Cocktails: from €8 to €12

Snacks : from €3 to €18
Pizzas: from €12 to €16

Facebook page


8) The Long Hop

25 rue Frédéric Sauton, 75005 Paris


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A rather classic sports bar with a very friendly atmosphere. Their terrace is quite large, you will be able to enjoy the sun or stay in the shade if you want.

Their choice of draft beers, bottled beers, and even wines is very wide.

Feeling hungry while watching your favorite team? You can enjoy the wide snack range offered by this bar: burgers, fish and chips, chicken wings…

By the way, they took advantage of a long period of time when they needed to close their bar and they did some refurbishing: the inside of the bar is brand new.

If you were a regular customer before, you will be as surprised as someone who discovers the place. They broadcast a lot of football (soccer) and rugby.

Prices :
Pints: from €7 to €8.50
Bottled beers: €6 to €8
Wines, champagnes, and Kirs: €5 to €10.50 for a glass, €25 to €85 for a bottle.

Snacks (poke bowls, hot dogs, fish and chips, burgers and others): €8 to €16
Snacks to share: €6 to €35



9) The Lions

153 rue Chevaleret, 75013 Paris

The Lions are said to imitate the atmosphere and style of an English pub. Its decoration looks just like the traditional pubs you can find in London.

You can go there to watch sports games and enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere.

And of course, you will be pleased with a wide choice of beers, especially the English ones.

There are also some music bands coming to play to add some background music to the scene, most of the time before or after the broadcasted games. Some of them are musicians that play on a regular basis for the bar, such as the band called Anfa.

About the food: you will have a ton of options. Club sandwich, chicken curry, even traditional English brunches: you will have no excuse for leaving the Lions Pub with an empty stomach!

Pints: from €5 to €8
Bottled beers: from €6 to €6.50
Shoots: from €6.50 to €12

Burgers: from €12.50 to €15
Dishes: from €12 to €16
Snacks you can share (or not…): from €5 to €20

Website (in French) and its program