Top 14 Best Affordable Classic Bistros in Paris

Bistros are part of the Paris’ heritage. Indeed, these small cafés you can eat at are legion in the capital city. From traditional food to the more recent concept of “bistronomie”, which combines gastronomy and affordable food, here’s our selection of the best bistros in Paris.

Credits: Croquant / Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons 3.0



1) Chez France €

Chez France
© Bistrot Chez France

Located between the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, this bistro, with its pink-toned frontage, is a great place to go to!

It offers French meals made with fresh products. The courses may seem simple but they truly are delicious.

Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere alone or with your friends and taste the great meals on the menu such as the confit de canard and its sautéed baby potatoes.

Moreover, Chez France has an unbeatable quality-to-price ratio: from 23€ for a three-course menu (starter, main course, dessert).

Address: 9 rue Amélie, 75007, Paris


2) Tempero €

© Tempero (Facebook)

Do you want to try something new? At Tempero and its second restaurant, Le comptoir Tempero, you can taste French dishes with a Brazilian influence.

The concept? A simple menu: 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts, all made with fresh products.

The courses are colourful and will please your eyes as much as your taste buds! Everything is done so you can enjoy your meal in the small room with an intimate atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to taste the slightly exotic dishes such as the mango-passion fruit or the porc confit!

The little extra? The three-course menu (starter, main course and dessert) costs only 20€, so you might as well enjoy it!

Address: 5, rue Clisson, 75013, Paris
Facebook page:


3) Sourire €€

© Sourire (Facebook)

Sourire and its second restaurant specialized in French tapas will have you taste French cuisine that will make your mouth water.

With names worthy of a 3-star restaurant like the “truite rosée confite, crème de menthe fraîche, and jus caramélisé, pickles de légumes”, the dishes will delight your palate. Indeed, the tastes show the work done in the kitchen with fresh and quality products!

You must go to this bistro if you want a meal full of discoveries!

For lunch, the three-course menu (starter, main course and dessert) costs 30€, a good quality to price ratio considering the quality offered by the Sourire. Don’t miss it!

Address: 15, rue de la Santé, 75013, Paris
Website: (French link)


4)  Comptoir Montevideo €

Comptoir Montevideo
© Comptoir Montevideo

This Latino bistro will charm the many with its South American flavors!

The two owners offer colorful dishes and a meal full of taste.

But the courses made with meat are the best dishes of this bistro. Indeed, a wide range coming from Uruguay will delight any meat lover.

Le Comptoir Montevideo also serves exotic-flavored cocktails which will make you feel like you’re on vacation!

If you prefer desserts, you won’t be disappointed: maracuja, coconuts, dulche de leche… so many flavors which will make you think of the tropical sun!

The bistro has a good quality-to-price ratio: 22€ for a three-course meal (starter, main course, dessert) for lunch!

Address: 44, rue coquillière, 75001, Paris


5)  Le Stendhal €€

Le Stendhal
© Le Stendhal

Exotic food enthusiasts, take note!

This bistro has a distinctive characteristic… For lunch, it serves classic French meals such as eggs and mayonnaise or cold meats.

For dinner, the restaurant only serves African food: chicken mafé, yassa chicken… so many meals that you’re not used to eating. Be careful, the food might be spicy!
Prices are different for lunch and for dinner; starting from 13,80€ for the three-course menu at lunch.

Address: 30, rue Stendhal, 75020, Paris
Website: (French link)


6) Les Arlots €€

Les Arlots
© Les Arlots (Facebook)

This bistro was chosen as the best sausage/mashed potatoes of 2017… and for good reason!
Here, you can eat delicious French meals, in a warm atmosphere; just like on a Sunday with your family.

Close to Gare du Nord; the dishes which are served in a generous quantity make this little bistro’s reputation.

You can also pick a good wine from the selection on the menu to go with your meal

The three-course menu costs 22€. Don’t hesitate!

Address: 136, rue du Faubourg poissonnière, 75010
Facebook page:


7) Le Coq Rico €€€

Le Coq Rico
© Le Coq Rico

We’ve found the perfect place for poultry lovers! Indeed, Le Coq Rico only serves poultry dishes. Nothing is wasted here: from the meat to the eggs, the owner shows us his love for this food in his French meals.

The dishes aren’t limited to chicken. You will be able to taste pigeon, duckling, guinea fowl and many other poultry. Each animal comes from French farmers, all of which are listed on the bistro’s website

Prices can quickly rise when you order a whole chicken, but you will have the option to get individual servings. Starts at 22€.

Address: 98, rue Lepic, 75018, Paris


8) Victor €€€

© Victor (Facebook)

Since 1911, this restaurant has been offering sophisticated and delicious French cuisine.

Victor managed to establish itself by carrying on its traditions from the last century.

You will be able to eat a variety of meals that changes depending on the season, like lamb chops or a delicious rump steak. Each dish is made with fresh products coming from the market.

The restaurant offers an old-style elegant setting to enjoy delicate meals.

You can also get a glass of good wine because the bistro has a wine cellar. So, it has a large selection of bottles.

Prices change depending on what you choose to eat.

Address: 101 Bis, rue Lauriston, 75116, Paris
Facebook page:


9) Tavolino €€

© Tavolino

Want to eat Italian food? We have the perfect bistro!

Near the Invalides and located in a quiet street, the Tavolino is a great place to eat peacefully.

Here, they have all of Italy’s most famous flavors: risotto, gnocchi, and pasta. You just have to choose.

The menu changes regularly according to the season, so you won’t get bored.

This widely recommended bistro guarantees you a good meal starting at 16€

Address: 38, rue de Bourgogne, 75007, Paris


10) Les Marches €€

Les Marches
© Les Marches (Facebook)

This bistro belongs to the “Relais Routier” since 1972. Therefore, there is history.

You will be charmed by the old-style checked tablecloth, but mostly by the food. No fuss here, they serve simple food.

You will be full after eating the generous and tasty meals in a warm and friendly atmosphere!

You will be able to taste French classics such as kidneys with Dijon sauce or a good rib steak.

Located near the Eiffel Tower, Les Marches is an authentic restaurant – far from Parisian tourist traps – that deserves your attention.

Address: 5, rue de la Manutention, 75116, Paris
Facebook page:


11) L’Ourcine €€€

L’Ourcine is also a bistro that serves French cuisine, but not just any meal. Here, they serve “bistronomie”: traditional yet sophisticated meals.
For a 38€ menu, you can have dishes made with fresh products. The cooks really work on their dishes. They use nearly unknown vegetables such as stachys affinis or Jerusalem artichokes to have you discover new things.

The menu often changes to use seasonal products. Moreover, the restaurant has a wine list that corresponds to any budget.

Address: 92, rue Broca, 75013, Paris
Webpage: (French link)


12) Le Bizetro €€

Le Bizetro
© Le Bizetro (Facebook)

This bistro, hidden in a little street, offers traditional French meals; recipes of days gone by are modernized.

You can taste gratins or even a good blanquette de veau… Classics that you can have with a glass of good wine, thanks to the bistro’s wine list.

Starts at 13,50€ a dish.

Address: 6, rue Georges Bizet, 75116, Paris
Facebook page:


13) Le Bouchon et l’Assiette €€€

Here’s a must-see in Paris near the Square des Batignolles!

This bistro serves modern French meals made with quality products coming from the market or small French producers.

You can feel the love of cuisine in the beautiful and well-presented courses. Many dishes are from the South West and you can even order the famous gâteau Basque.

The three-course menu (starter, main course, dessert) will only cost you 26€. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it, especially with this kind of quality.

Address: 127, rue Cardinet, 75017, Paris


14) Le bistrot d’Yves €€€

Le bistrot d'Yves
© Le Bistrot d’Yves (Facebook)

Finally, last but not least… Le Bistrot d’Yves!

Located near parc Monceau, you will be able to taste updated traditional French meals. The dishes are of great quality and their presentation is similar to that of a 3-star restaurant.

Most of the dishes are made with local fresh products that change depending on the season, which offers a large menu. You can taste their homemade French fries or even a steak tartare.
The three-course menu costs 32,50€, a reasonable price if you take into account the elegance and flavors of the dishes.

Address: 33, rue Cardinet, 75017, Paris