Is it Worth Visiting the Aquarium of Paris (CineAqua)?

Located under the Colline de Chaillot, not far from the Seine, the Aquarium of Paris, also called CineAqua, opened its door for the first time more than 150 years ago. With its 3500m2, it’s the only Aquarium inside the capital. Here is our guide for a successful visit at the CineAqua.



Our Opinion

We like

  • the shark tunnel and its twenty mammals. It’s amazing!
  • the tons of activities offered to children.
  • the various exhibitions depending on the season.
  • the jellyfish room.

We dislike

  • the quite expensive price for the entrance
  • the lack of activities for adults.
  • the random movies broadcasted on cinema screens (Star Wars, Les Bronzés…)

In our point of view, the Aquarium of Paris is the ideal place for an afternoon with young children because the place is mainly set up for them.

Fun games, the possibility to touch fishes, statues of cartoons characters, Playmobil exhibitions, will marvel children.

On the other hand, for an single adult, this Aquarium is certainly not the best place to go.

More than a simple aquarium, this is like an amusement park for the younger.

Prices for the entrance and the parking are also quite expensive.


A bit of history

Aquarium Paris

The Aquarium of Paris, previously known as the Aquarium du Trocadéro, opened for the first time on the occasion of the 1867 World’s Fair.

It was the first Aquarium in the world to open its doors.

The establishment was closed in 1984 before reopening much later, in 2006, after several years of renovations.

Today, the aquarium includes 45 pools which hold no less than 13,000 fish from all over the world, and also 700 colonies of corals.

Moreover, it has two cinemas, showing animated and other entertainment movies which is much different from the sea-oriented documentaries that we might expect.


Visit the Aquarium of Paris

Aquarium de Paris


The Aquarium has it own parking, but the price is quite expensive (3.50€ for one hour).

We recommend the use of public transports:

  • From the Trocadéro metro station (lines 6 and 9), cross the square and pass the Palais de Chaillot. The Aquarium is located next to the Trocadéro Gardens.
  • From the bus station Varsovie (lines 30 and 82), follow the signs.
  • From the bus station Albert de Mun (line 30), go down the avenue to the roundabout and follow the signs.

The Aquarium is accessible for people with reduced mobility thanks to an elevator located outside. The visit has no stairs and only slight slopes.

The Aquarium is also accessible for wheelchairs.


Prices and Openings

Opening hours:

  • From Monday to Sunday: 10am to 7pm
  • Nocturnal on Saturday evening: 7pm to 10pm
  • Closed on July 14

For a quiet visit, far from the crowd, it is best to visit the Aquarium outside of school holidays and summer vacation.

To make the most of all the activities, shows, entertainment and exhibitions, plan a full day.

But if you only want to admire fish, one afternoon will be enough and save you from having to eat on site.


  • Adults: 20.50€
  • Young (13-17): 16€
  • Children (3-12): 13€
  • Free for children under 3 years old

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Unmissable Activities

Aquarium Paris


The Jellyfish Room

The Aquarium of Paris houses the largest Medusarium in Europe with no less than 2,500 jellyfish spread out on 50 different species, all exposed to the public eye in 25 different pools.

A relaxing spectacle which you will never get weary of as the jellyfish seem to dance under the dim lights.


The Shark tunnel

Our favorite attraction at the Aquarium: the shark tunnel, the largest shark pool in France.

Go through this huge tunnel where you can observe around forty sharks spread out on five different species roam and swim in peace.

It feels like we are walking at the bottom of the oceans.


The Koi Carp Pool

Koi carps, a beautiful species of red and white fish from Japan, have their own pond… and quite a pond it is!

In front of it, there is no glass to keep you away from the water and it isn’tforbidden to dip your hands in it, it is even advised.

Young and old alike will be happy to pet and admire the fish more closely


The Exhibition Halls

Throughout the year, different exhibitions follow one another, all of which have an eco-responsible theme.

With its artistic -yet scientific- exhibitions (which frequently change), there is enough to give you the wish to come back for another visit.


Eat on-site

The Aquarium of Paris has only one restaurant, and the prices are quite high for a simple brunch. It’s impossible to leave the Aquarium to eat and then come back to continue your visit, so we advise you to bring sandwiches and eat on one of the benches inside.

If you still want to eat on-site, the restaurant offers you a dinner surrounded by pools, so you can enjoy the fish even at lunchtime.

The restaurant is only open on Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm to 2pm, and offers a buffet at 19.90€ for adults, 12.90€ for children and 5.90€ for children under 3 years old.