15 Activities to Do in Paris on August 15th (Not Everything Is Closed!)

Are you planning to visit Paris on August 15th but you’re afraid everything will be closed? Don’t worry, between the museums, the parks, and the many workshops, Paris will keep you busy even during the public holiday. To give you a little bit of inspiration, here is a list of activities to do on August 15th in Paris.


⚡ In a rush? Here are my personal favorites in brief: 


Visiting a Museum

louvre pyramid

Paris is full of interesting museums of all sorts, and many of them are open on August 15th. Here is my personal selection:


The Louvre

You simply have to visit this iconic museum. With its one-of-a-kind architecture, you will find a large number of exhibitions all throughout this stunning building.

To name a few, there are complete collections on Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

And of course, we can not talk about the Louvre without mentioning the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo.

Price: €17

Information and reservations


The Grévin Museum

If you are looking for an original outing, the Grévin Museum is the perfect place.

There, you will meet your favorite celebrities in wax figures!

Whether it’s Marilyn Monroe, Katy Perry, Edith Piaf, or even the French President, there will be plenty of reasons for you to snap a picture.

Price: €21

Information and reservations


Trying Out a VR Arcade

vr room

For a fun night out with your friends, try out this unique experience at MindOut Paris, an arcade specializing in VR.

No matter your age or your preferences, MindOut Paris will have something that you’ll enjoy, be it escape games, racing games, or even roleplay games.

Price: starting at €19

Information and reservations (website in French)


If you are more of an architecture aficionado or you are simply looking for a calmer activity, Flyview gives you the opportunity to visit the most iconic sites using VR.

For example, you can visit the Pyramids of Egypt or the Notre Dame Cathedral before it got set on fire. You can even fly over the city of Paris with a flight simulator!

Price: starting at €19.50

Information and reservations


Trying an Escape Room

escape room windmill

For the past few years, escape rooms have been taking over Paris. Here is my selection of interesting and unique escape rooms in Paris that are open on August 15th.


Le Bureau des Légendes

Take the role of a special agent and try to elucidate the mystery of the Bureau des Légendes in James Bond style settings. Get ready for an epic and immersive experience.

Price: starting at €49 / person

Information and reservations (website in French)


Cabaret des 2 mondes

Discover Paris during the 1910s in this escape room where you will play the role of a detective on a mission in the heart of Parisian cabarets.

Price: starting at €20 / person

Information and reservations (website in French)


The Submarine

Trapped inside of a submarine, your mission is to find a way out before running out of oxygen. So stressful, yet so exciting!

Price: €23 / person

Information and reservations (website in French)


DIY Workshops

tufted rug

Take this public holiday as an opportunity to learn how to make a variety of things yourself. From your own perfume to your own leather handbag, many workshops are available for a rich and bonding experience with local craftsmen.


Make your own leather handbag

Become an expert on leather manipulation and create your own leather handbag with this workshop.

With a large choice of different styles to choose from, you will learn the many steps of creating a bag while making your own. You will get to take home your creation right from the workshop!

Price: starting at €129

Information and reservations (website in French)


Create Your Own Tufted Rug

Make your own tufted rug with this unique DIY workshop. The tufting method consists of using a tufting gun to create unique patterns for an original creation.

Price: starting at €250

Information and reservations (website in French)


Make Your Own Perfume

Alongside a perfume professional, discover the intricate world of perfumery while making your own.

You will start with learning what is inside a perfume, then you will choose from a selection of 180 different fragrances to create your own.

Price: €95

Information and reservations (website in French)


Trying a Laser Game

laser game

If you are looking for a fun and athletic activity to do with friends or family, Urban Laser Game has got your back.

Put on a safety vest and wave your gun in one of the three labyrinths!

The goal is very simple: shoot at the enemy team without getting shot yourself.

Each team must consist of at least eight members.

Price: starting at €11

Information and reservations (website in French)


Taking a Champagne Cruise

cruise on the seine

Enjoy the public holiday with a cruise on the Seine to grasp a unique sight of Paris.

The emblematic Bateau-Mouches welcomes you on board with a small bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne to make your trip even more enjoyable.

While sipping on your champagne flute, you will pass by the most iconic sites of Paris like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Plus, a tour guide will reveal all their secrets to you.

There are many departures during the day, so you can choose the one that fits best in your schedule.

Price: starting at €29 (champagne included)

Information and reservations


Going to the Spa

massage bed

Either alone or with your significant other, come relax at the spa at Mon MasSage. In a cozy and calming setting, you will enjoy all sorts of body care for amazing “me time.”

The 1.5 hour formula consists of a body scrub, a hammam session, and a massage. It’s the perfect activity to take care of yourself.

Price: starting at €95

Information and reservations (website in French)


Visiting the Sainte-Chapelle

sainte-chapelle stained-glass windows

Even if you’re not religious, the Sainte-Chapelle still welcomes you to admire its stunning gothic architecture built during the 13th century.

Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, The Holy Chapel is famous for its 1,113 stained-glass windows.

Price: €11.50

Information and reservations


Going to Disneyland Paris

minnie mouse

Come pay a visit to your favorite Disney characters at Disneyland Paris!

The park is suited for everyone with various attractions like the Haunted Mansion, the Big Thunder Mountain, or Peter Pan’s Flight.

Many shops are open in the Disney Village as well as restaurants, such as the Bistrot Chez Rémy.

Price: starting at €62

Information and reservations


Visiting Paris While Riding a Segway

segway ride paris

Visit Paris riding a segway alongside a passionate tour guy. Whether you’re already familiar with the city or not, you’ll still find the ride pleasant and educational.

Don’t worry if you’ve never been on a segway before because each session starts with a quick guide on how to ride this vehicle.

Different courses are available. You can choose to visit the Parisian monuments, go through the Vincennes Woods, or sight see the street art.

Price: €39

Information and reservations


Going for a walk at the Luxembourg Gardens

luxembourg gardens

A peaceful haven in the heart of this animated city, the Luxembourg Gardens is the perfect place to relax under the sun.

You’ll find an apiary, orchid greenhouses, rose gardens, and many statues decorating this 25 hectare park.

Children will particularly enjoy this park with its playgrounds, puppet shows, and merry-go-rounds.

Price: free entry


Partaking in a Culinary Workshop


Join local craftsmen and learn how to make fun and unique recipes that you can replicate at home and personalize.


Make Your Own Ice Cream

Learn how to make ice cream with an ice cream artisan.

You’ll start with a lesson on all the different types of ice cream while tasting samples.

Then you’ll create your own with the help of the artisan. The session ends with tasting the result of your own creation!

Price: €79

Information and reservations (website in French)


Create your own rum

Under the guidance of Maëlic the mixologist, you’ll learn how to make your own rum.

Again, you’ll start with a theoretical lesson before getting to the real thing.

Price: €79

Information and reservations (website in French)


Prepare your own macaronnade with seasonal fruits

For dessert amateurs, learning how to make a typical macaronnade will also teach you how to use different baking techniques.

The baker will start by presenting his kitchen and his creations before introducing you to the different baking techniques you’ll use to make your macaronnade.

Price: €79

Information and reservations (website in French)


Wandering Around The Jardin des Plantes

garden of plants

The Garden of Plants welcomes you to discover its rich biodiversity in the very heart of Paris. You’ll find 11 gardens there, like the Alpine Garden or the Rose Garden.

The Garden of Plants is also the home of a zoo that fosters more than 146 species of animals from the cute red pandas to the fierce snow panthers.

Various activities will teach you how to recognize these species as well as learn the right behaviors to help save biodiversity.

Price: €13 for the zoo (the garden is free)

Information and reservations


Going to the Tuileries Gardens Funfair


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All throughout summer, The Tuileries Gardens turn into a funfair. More than 60 attractions are available for a fun time, from bumper cars to the phantom train.

Many food shops are also present selling funfair staples such as cotton candies and churros.

Price: entry is free of charge except for the attractions

More Information


Going to the Aquarium of Paris


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The Aquarium of Paris is the perfect place for a fun and magical family night out.

With its 13,000 sea creatures divided into pools that perfectly recreate their natural habitats, you’ll discover the ocean world and all its mysteries.

Your visit will be filled with fun and creative activities that will help you be aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

Price: starting at €20.50

Information and reservations