Best 15 Fitness Centers & Gyms in Paris (Beginners to Pros)

There are quite a few gyms in the capital and it can be really hard to find one that suits you. You do not have to search anymore as I have gathered the best Parisian fitness centers and gyms for you.


1- Basic Fit

Address: 67 Boulevard Bessières, 75017 Paris

Sports: cardio, bodybuilding, stretching, cross-training

With gyms everywhere in Europe and France and their Technogym or Matrix state-of-the-art machines, Basic-Fit is one of the few unmissable gyms for all bodybuilding lovers.

They even have “Ladies Only” gyms for all the women who want to train at ease in a more welcoming and attractive place. You can find a “Ladies Only” gym in Rue de la Chapelle 75008.

With the Basic-Fit mobile app, you can scan the machine’s QR code to see how it works. You can also find recipes to help you maintain a healthy diet as well as audio files to guide you during your training. Basic-Fit being a very famous fitness center, we advise you to train during off-peak periods (meaning when the gym opens and closes).

Price: €19.99 per month with a one-year commitment (+ €9 if you want it to be commitment-free). Registration fees are free.

With the premium formula for €29.99, you can share your card with somebody else (so 2 people can train together with the same card).

What we like: A gym in almost every arrondissement. Low price.



2 – Neoness

Address: 4/6 Passage Louis-Philippe 75011 Paris

Sports: Cardio, cross-training, bodybuilding, boxing, rowing, stretching

Neoness is a sports chain with gyms all over the country and with 18 gyms inside Paris. It offers group classes (special fee) and training sessions with a professional coach to help you reach your objectives (about €60 for a session).

There is a space dedicated to each sport in this gym: a bodybuilding area, a cardio area, a cross-training area, a rowing area etc.

With My NeoCoach mobile app, you can scan the QR code of the machines to see how to stand / sit on them and what kind of exercises you can do. Furthermore, you can use the app to get inside the gym instead of having a card and it also gives training menus according to the muscles you want to stimulate.

Price: It starts at €20 per month with or without commitment. Whatever you choose, you will have to pay €50 for the registration.

What we like: 18 gyms inside Paris. the variety of sports you can practice.

Website: (in French only)


3 – Reebok CrossFit Louvre

Address: 31 Avenue de l’Opéra 75001 Paris

Sports: CrossFit (combines weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio and athletics)

Are you a CrossFit lover? This gym is made for you. Beginners are also welcomed as the kind coaches adapt the exercises to your age and physical condition.

CrossFit Louvre is all about training in groups with high-quality equipment (if you prefer, you can also train by yourself but it would be a pity because the group atmosphere is motivating).

Price: Starts at €120 per month with a one-year commitment. If you just want to try, you can get the “Initiation au CrossFit” formula which costs €99 for 6 hours or €25 for one session.

What we like: The group atmosphere. Everyone can come.

Website: (in French only)


4 – Fitness Park

Address: 65 Rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris

Sports: bodybuilding, cardio, cross-training

With a 1300m2 surface, separated into dedicated areas, you can practice different sports on high-performance machines (Technogym). This gym has a women-only training space, to train away from prying eyes. A dozen Fitness Park gyms are inside Paris.

Fitness Park is sponsored by YANGA Sports Water, a flavored, high-vitamin water that helps you stay hydrated all along your session. For only €5 per month without any commitment, you can get a flask every 20 minutes at the club’s reception (different flavors are available).

The gym also has a SISMO Fitness machine at your disposal to stimulate your blood circulation, burn fat and tone up your skin. It can be worth it to use this machine during your sessions.

Price: Starts at €29.95 per month with a 1-year commitment (without the commitment, it is more expensive), the first month only costs €19.95.

The registration costs €49 except for people between 16 and 18 who only have to pay €15.

What we like: Closes late, perfect for those who want to train after work

Website: (in French only)


5 – Dojo de Grenelle

Address: 21-23 Rue de l’Amiral Roussin 75015 Paris (you need to go inside the Bricorama store to get inside the dojo)

Sports: martial arts (karaté, taekwondo, kung-fu, judo), penchak silat (Indonesian martial art), fencing and much more (several types of boxing and dancing, gymnastics, self-defense classes etc.)

Founded in 1970, this dojo is the biggest one in Europe. More than 50 different sports are taught by famous teachers known for their expertise (one of them won the title of French Sambo champion a couple of times).

Children and adults are welcomed in the classes to start martial arts or to improve. You can participate in lessons to improve but you will need to book them (see the program on their website to know when they take place).

Price: The price depends on the sport. It starts at €470 for the year (a year is 10 months because the dojo is closed during July and August).

The permit is €65 for fencing, €60 for Penchak Silat and €45 for other martial arts.
If you do not want to subscribe, you can pay €23 for a session.

What we like: Wide range of sports, for beginners and pros.

Website: (in French only)


6 – Modo Yoga Paris


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Address: 21 Boulevard Richard-Lenoir 75011 Paris (9636 is the code to open the gate)

Sports: Yoga (modo, yin, meditation, prenatal, Hatha etc.)

In this yoga center, you can practice different types of yoga, one of which is modo yoga, a “warm” yoga practiced in 35°C to 38°C rooms. It helps to focus and get stronger. The sessions are supervised by teachers and you can even follow the class from home on Zoom.

Committed to the environmental cause, classes called “Karma” are organized every week and their profits are donated to charities. There is also an annual event called “Grow Your Yoga” to collect funds.

Every member has a 15% discount on the e-shop that sells yoga equipment.

Price: €139 per month with a minimum of a 3-month commitment.
There is a discovery bundle at €49, available for 2 weeks and allow you to come to try yoga with 2 friends.

What we like: We can contribute to a more sustainable world. The possibility to introduce yoga to your friends with the 5 free invitations per year.

Website: (website in French only)


7 – Tennis club de Paris

Address: 15 Avenue Félix d’Hérelle 75016 Paris

Sports: Tennis, cardio, bodybuilding, swimming, fitness

This 3-hectare tennis club sets 18 tennis courts at your disposal (clay courts and green sets, both indoors and outdoors) and much more. You can practice other sports in the gym (bodybuilding and cardio) and the club has a pool. Every week, you can also play bridge with other people.

The club has its own bar and restaurant for members and a shop which sells the equipment required to play tennis. Moreover, a big living room with wifi will allow you to take a break and to watch big sports events. The members have access to a private parking lot and spacious changing rooms with saunas. The children can play in a playground.

Price: Starts at €1 040 per year (access to every sport and service such as the restaurant, parking lot and changing rooms). The club’s membership card costs €25 and a subscription is required (starts at €825).

What we like: Numerous services and sports.

Website: (French only)


8 – L’Usine Opéra

Address: 8 Rue de la Michodière 75002 Paris

Sports: bodybuilding, yoga, cardio, cycling, pilates

L’Usine, in French “the factory”, was a plant oil factory before it was turned into a gym. The place kept an industrial style which makes it quite original. High-quality equipment and coaches are at your disposal to guide you.

Steam rooms and sauna in the changing rooms will allow you to have some rest after your hard training session. You can also get a massage in the massage room.

Price: €1800 for a year with commitment.

What we like: The place’s charm

Website: (in French only)


9 – Gym Suédoise

Address: 6 Rue du Montparnasse 75006 Paris (in the basement of the school)

Sports: Fitness

Gym Suédoise has a combination of cardio and bodybuilding to work on your suppleness, coordination and balance.

You train in groups with lively tunes in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere. There are different kinds of sessions adapted to your level, physical condition and expectations.

Price: €35 per month without commitment. You can also pay for just one session (starts at €10).

What we like: Friendly atmosphere

Website: (in French only)


10 – Cercles de la Forme

Address: 3 Boulevard Lannes 75016 Paris

Sports: aquafit, fitness, bodybuilding cardio, yoga, dance (Zumba)

You will find everything you need in this 500m2 gym: an area for cardio, one for bodybuilding and one for the group classes and the changing rooms have a sauna to relax after training.

Introduction classes take place regularly to make you discover new sports.

There are several Cercles de la Forme gyms in the capital but this one is the only one to have a pool and, therefore, to offer aquafit classes.

Price: Starts at €15 per month with a 12-month commitment. The registration fee is €60.
If you want to use the gym’s lockers and towels, you will have to pay an extra €12 and €7.

What we like: Cheap. Aquafit available.

Website: (French website only)


11 – Centre équestre de la Villette

Address: 9 Boulevard Macdonald 75019 Paris

Sports: horse riding

Located in the Parc de la Villette, this equestrian center welcomes children as well as adults to introduce horse riding to them.

In this riding school, you can go hiking with the horses and ponies in the park, pass riding exams (in French the diplomas are called “les galops”) or compete (competitions are held on Sundays). People with the same riding level are put together for their classes.

If you still hesitate, you can come on certain weekends to get an introduction to horse riding with ponies and horses in the club (starts at €30, see their website for the program).

Price: €770 per year to ride ponies and €880 for horses. A subscription of €50 is required for all members.

What we like: Lively riding school inside Paris

Website: (in French only)


12 – Front de Seine


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Address: 44 Rue Emeriau 75015 Paris

Sports: Squash, bodybuilding, cardio, cycling, cross-training

Front de Seine has 4 squash courts and a gym for bodybuilding, cardio, cross-training and cycling. The gym offers three types of training:

  • Open Gym: train by yourself in a gym equipped with Technogym machines. You can ask questions or advice from the coaches.
  • Team Training: train in groups (10 people maximum) supervised by professionals. More impelling and friendly.
  • Personal Training: train by yourself while supervised by a coach who helps you to reach your objectives.

Price: €29 for a squash game. €18 if you buy 20 games.
If you want to take squash classes, it starts at €55 per class.

What we like: Before you subscribe to the gym, you are welcomed by a coach who tries to find what’s best for you and you can have a quick visit of the place.



13 – Keepcool

Address: 22 Rue de Châteaudun 75009 Paris

Sports: cardio, bodybuilding, stretching, cycling

With more than 260 gyms in France, Belgium and overseas, Keepcool has a wide network of gyms with high-quality machines. On your own or with a coach, you can train however you want.

The members have access to more than 300 videos showing them how they can train. You can also filter the videos and choose the coach, sport or level that suits you the best.

Price: €29.99 per month, the first three months are at €9.90.

What we like: Affordable. Multiple gyms inside Paris.

Website: (in French only)


14 – L’Orange Bleue

Address: 131 Rue Saint-Denis 75001 Paris

Sports: bodybuilding, cardio, boxing, dance, yoga, cycling, pilates

In l’Orange Bleue, you have quite a variety of machines for your training (machines, whether guided or not, treadmills, rowing machines, leg curl machines, weights, etc.).

Several group classes, supervised by coaches, are organized every week such as Yako 360 classes (to work all your body muscles), Yako Boxing classes (cardio and muscle building) or even Yako Détente classes (stretching).

You can benefit from free advice from a nutritionist and you can see an osteopath for free as well.

There are a couple of these gyms in the capital.

Price: €49.90 per month with a 12-month commitment.

What we like: you can see a nutritionist and osteopath for free.

Website: (in French only)


15 – Forme Express

Address: 131 Rue Cardinet 75017 Paris

Sports: cardio, bodybuilding, cross-training, HIIT, yoga, stretching, Zumba, pilates

In the Forme Express gym, you can work on your own on a wide range of machines or you can participate in Zumba, pilates and HIIT group classes. It is common for the members to run together outside the gym in the nearby areas to clear their minds. Don’t be shy and join them.

You can enjoy electrostimulation sessions to optimize your muscular contractions during your training. It could be worthwhile to add this to your daily training routine.

Price: Starts at €29.90 per month with the first three months at €19.95.
The registration fee is €99.

What we like: Numerous group classes

Website: (in French only)