Where Can I Safely Store My Luggage in Paris ? Our Tips

Are you stopping in Paris for a short period of time, something like 24 hours, and your hotel, if you have one, doesn’t allow you to leave your belongings in their facilities for a few additional hours after you checked out? Or maybe you haven’t booked in any hotel at all and you need to get your hands free from your bags and you have no idea how to do so? You want to get rid off your luggage, but you also want to make sure nothing will happen to it and that you will find it in the same condition as you left it? Here are some ideas for you.

city lockers

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Private luggage storage in Paris

You can use some private networks and companies that will store your luggage for a few hours in their own facilities or in their partners’. Here is a list of the most common and famous ones.


1) Stasher

stasher logo

Stasher was the first platform, created in 2015, to allow tourists to safely store their luggage. It has a lot of partners in France, but also worldwide.

Seals are provided to its partners and used on each bag’s zip to secure your belongings.

The opening hours vary across local Stashpoint’s (local businesses, restaurants, and hotels that are storing your luggage in their facilities).

When it comes to the price, it costs €6 per bag per day.

To find your Stashpoint, visit: https://stasher.com/luggage-storage/paris


2) Vertoe

vertoe logo

Luggage storage in Paris happens quickly with Vertoe. Vertoe is highly efficient in keeping your luggage safe and secure. With over 1000+ locations in over 65 cities globally, Vertoe is your trustworthy partner to store your luggage.

You will have many benefits storing at Vertoe. You will have the support of the customer service team, you will get security to your belongings with $5000 insurance coverage, and full refund on cancellations.

Apart from these, the prices are affordable starting at just €5.95/day/item.

Click on the link to explore Vertoe luggage storage locations in Paris – https://vertoe.com/luggage-storage/paris


3) Bounce

logo bounce

Bounce partners with local businesses to offer safe and secure luggage storage in more than 45 locations across Paris, as well as in hundreds of cities all around the world.

For just €4.90/bag per 24 hours, Bounce users in Paris benefit from $10,000 BounceShield™ protection, 24/7 customer support, and a free cancellation policy.

Book online with the Bounce website or app. There’s no size limit on backpacks, suitcases, or bags – simply show your booking reservation to the Bounce partner location, drop off your belongings and make the most of your trip.

To find the best location for you, visit: https://usebounce.com/city/paris


4) Eelway

eelway logo

Eelway offers different options such as storing your luggage in their partner hotels, costing €10 per day per bag, but they can also offer to transfer your bags from the train station or from the airport to your address or your hotel’s, depending on your needs, at a price no less than €25.

They can also ship your luggage in France, but also worldwide, from €10. You can book online on their website, where you can also find more information: https://www.eelway.com/en .

Your bags are insured by Helvetia Insurance.

You can find Eelway at the Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport at different levels, at the Paris-Orly airport (South and West) and also in every train station in Paris (including the Charle-de-Gaulle TGV train station, Marne-la-vallée and Massy-Palaiseau TGV train stations).


5) Nannybag

logo nannybag

Open 24/7, every day of the year with more than 200 spots all over Paris, Nannybag will free your hands of your luggage from €6 per bag for the first day and an additional €4 per extra day.

Its price includes insurance with AXA as well as free cancellation.

Nannybag has formed several partnerships with different businesses and hotels that will allow you to drop your bags safely in their facilities.

To book and to learn more about it: https://www.nannybag.com/en


6) City Locker

A unique solution made in France 100% automatic and 100% secure.

Online reservation then you will receive by SMS and email the unique codes for each reservation.

The price is €12 per day and per locker and it gets cheaper for longer bookings.

Payments are made by credit card / visa, Paypal, GooglePay, ApplePay.

Citylocker has 5 locker places in Paris covering the following geographic and tourist sectors:

  • Marais : 82 rue des Gravilliers 75003 : République/Marais/Beaubourg/Châtelet-les Halles
  • Saint Germain : 6 rue des Bernardins 75005 : Notre Dame/Saint Michel/Saint Germain
  • Gare du nord/est : 9 rue des 2 gares 75010 : Gare du Nord/Gare de l’est
  • Opéra : 33 rue Godot de Mauroy 75009 : Opéra/madeleine/saint Lazare/Grands boulevards.
  • Tour Eiffel : 29 rue de l’exposition 75007 : Tour Eiffel/Invalides/Ecole miitaire/Les bateaux mouches

To book and learn more about it, visit: https://www.citylocker.paris/en/


Left-luggage facilities in Paris: train stations and airports

You can find left-luggage facilities at the following train stations and airports:

1) Gare de l’Est: from 7:30am to 10:30pm, 24/7, Metro Level, near the Paul boutique.

2) Gare de Lyon: from 6:15am to 10:00pm, 24/7, Hall 3, Level 1, on the rue de Bercy side.

3) Gare Montparnasse: from 7:00am to 11:00pm, Hall 1, Level 2 near platform 24, follow the taxi lane.

4) Gare du Nord: from 6:15am to 11:15pm, 24/7, Level 1. Accessible through the escalators, in front of platform 3 and next to the rue de Maubeuge exit.

5) Gare de Marne-la-vallée-Chessy: from 7:00am to 10:00pm, 24/7, Level +1, on the west gallery side.

6) Gare d’Austerlitz: from 7:00am to 11:30pm, 24/7, in the services area, platform 1 to 7.

7) Gare de Bercy: there is an Eelway meeting point at the bottom of the escalator outside of the train station, but the SNCF itself doesn’t offer left-luggage services.

8) At the entrance of Disney Parks:
Disneyland Park: from 8:00am until 45 minutes after closing time.
Walt Disney Studio Park: from 10:00am to 5:00pm on the busiest days.

9) CDG 2 TGV Airport: from 6:00am to 9:30pm, 24/7, Level 4, above the train station.

10) Paris-Orly Airport, by Eelway:
South Terminal: Level 0, in front of the check-in desks numbers 60 to 88, accessible through exit B, in front of the PAUL boutique.
West Terminal: Departures level, Level 1, in front of exit C and the “FNAC” store.

The prices in the SNCF facilities are all the same in every train station: €5.50 for a small locker, €7.50 for a medium locker and up to €9.50 for a big locker. Those are the prices for 24 hours and if you leave the luggage for more than 24 hours, then you will be charged €5 for any additional period of 24 hours.

As for the Disneyland Parks, the prices of the lockers are cheaper: €3 for a small one, €7 for a medium one and €9 for the biggest one.

Be careful! You will not find left-luggage services offered by the SNCF in the following places: Saint-Lazare train station, Bercy train station and the Charle-de-Gaulle TGV 2 airport train station. You can only use networks such as Eelway, for example.


Where can I shower in Paris during a long trip and when I don’t have any accommodation?

The weather is hot, and you have been traveling for more than a day – you cannot stand it anymore and you need to freshen up?

You already checked out from the hotel and you spent the day sweating, so you need to take a shower?

If you don’t want to pay for a hotel room just to take a quick shower, it’s good to know that it is possible to take a shower in several places all over Paris.

Some of them are free of charge, and some have a cost.

city shower


City showers

In almost every district of Paris, you can find city showers with single cabins, and you can shower for free.

The opening hours differ from place to place, so I would recommend you visit their page here to check that out (website in French).

Do I need to bring anything with me? The answer is YES!

– your shower gel and shampoo
– your towel

They are open all year long, except during the following holidays: 1st of January, 1st of May, 14th of July, 15th of August and 25th December.

They are usually clean and well maintained.


CDG Airport

If you can afford it on your travel expenses and you find yourself in the heart of the Paris CDG Airport, in the international transit area of Terminal 2E, gate L, you can access a shower cabin in the Lounge Instant Paris area.

The cost is €20 for one person and €30 for two persons, which will allow you to enjoy a nice shower for up to 45 minutes.


Gas Stations

If you are driving and are getting close to Paris, or just leaving it, you also have the possibility of taking a shower in one of the gas station offering this option.

They usually charge you for it, but nothing is better than a nice shower during a long trip!

Outside of Paris, you can find showers in the following gas stations:

– Aire de Lisse (A6 highway)
– Aire du Plessis-Picard-Ourdy (A5a highway)
– Aire de Galande La Mare-Laroche (A5b highway)
– Centre Routier Paris Sud-Est (A5b highway)

You can also check which other gas stations are offering shower cabins to travelers in other parts of France here (website in French).