Top 10 Spa Weekend Getaways Less Than 2h From Paris

If you want to spend one or more weekends in peace but not too far from Paris, we have found the perfect places for you to relax and fully enjoy yourself. Here are the top 10 spa stays and weekends at less than 2 hours from Paris.

For those in a hurry :

Cheaper Spa: Hyatt Regency Chantilly
Best Private Spa: Le Manoir des Impressionnistes, Honfleur
Best Spa with kids: Le Domaine des Vanneaux, Presles


Comparison of the best spas less than 2 hours from Paris

Lowest price for a 1 pers. massageHighest price for a 1 pers. massagePrice per night, starting from
Domaine des Vanneaux4,853€315€177€
Hyatt Regency4,4130€245€112€
Auberge du Jeu de Paume4,580€165€432€
Mont Royal4,795€250€425€
Trianon Palace4,590€500€350€
Manoir des Impressionnistes4,549€174€256€
Forges Hotel4,530€199€135€
Spa Augerville4,555€140€215€
Royal Champagne Hôtel & Spa4,5115€365€425€
La Caserne Chanzy Hôtel & Spa4,455€220€126€



Domaine des Vanneaux

45 minutes from Paris

A 4-star domain with heated outdoor pool and a superb jacuzzi and a fireplace, heated to 37°minimum awaits you at Domaine des Vanneaux.

You can also rest and relax in the magnificent rooms of this domain, as well as stroll or bicycle in the nearby forest or go play golf on Isle Adam just in front of the hotel.

Thanks to its spa, you will discover a variety of massages inspired by the best techniques drawn from around the world which will offer you an unforgettable and unique sensory journey.

As for their spa treatments, you have a wide choice of services. From signature treatments to facial massages, treatments for children or even parents/children treatments, you will not be disappointed and will inevitably find your own happiness.

Their signature treatment “Vol au-dessus du Green” which lasts 80 minutes for 165 € is a must-try; it combines different massage techniques, from Lomi Lomi, to Californian as well as the Yogique (related to yoga).

Address: 1 Route Du Golf Des Vanneaux, 95590 Presles

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Château Hôtel Mont Royal

1h from Paris

With your family or friends, come and relax in this castle in its wellness area. You can also do a little sightseeing in the superb town of Chantilly.

This beautiful hotel with spacious and well-equipped rooms, as well as a very good restaurant in a magnificent and well-decorated setting will surely delight you.

At Mont Royal, in Chantilly, you will discover an aquatic world with an indoor pool, an integrated jacuzzi and a sauna with a forest view, all of which are very calm and relaxing.

Their Californian massage is one of the customers’ favorites; for 110 € you will have a massage combining slow and fluid strokes which is ideal for relaxation. It relieves muscle tensions and relaxes and stimulates the whole body in order to regain a natural balance.

On their treatment list, spa treatments are proposed as well as many others; one of them is the “rite holistique de la forêt” for 125 € which is a rub based on molten brown sugar and a massage composed of pressure hits rolled and slided and a seance of bamboo kneading.

Address: Allée des Marronniers, 60520 La Chapelle-en-Serval




Auberge du Jeu de Paume

1h from Paris

The Jeu de Paume hotel is home to one of the most formidable spas in the Oise, on the Chantilly domain. Its spa, composed of a hammam, a sauna and a relaxation pool with a jacuzzi, will enchant and relax you. And so will their rooms and suites, which reflect the refinement of the houses of the Age of Enlightenment.

Right next to the Chantilly domain and the horse museum, you have plenty of things to do if you want to stroll around.

Many massages and treatments are available in their spa treatments, here are a few that will delight you facial ones such as the one-hour Hydration Ritual for 155 €. It will hydrate you deeply, your skin will be plumped deeply, and dehydration wrinkles will be reduced.

The Deep Tissue massage is also very popular, at 80€ for 30 minutes and 145€ for 60 minutes you will benefit from a slow and sustained body massage for perfect muscle relaxation.

You can obviously take a look at their spa treatments, which offer a wide choice of these.

Address: 4 Rue du Connétable, 60500 Chantilly


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Trianon Palace

40 minutes from Paris


Right next to the royal domain of Versailles, the Trianon Palace combines contemporary luxury and the wealth of the French heritage in one ideal hotel for a relaxing weekend near Paris.

A big Guerlain spa with a heated indoor pool, a sauna and a hammam will give you a wonderful experience with treatments that are equal to the reputation of the Maison Guerlain.

You will enjoy a unique moment of well-being and relaxation thanks to the treatment you choose and an analysis of your needs which will allow you to choose the most suitable and tailored ones.

There are many body, facial and massage treatments.

The signature treatment seems to be the best of their spa, called “the secret of the queen / king”, it is an exclusive treatment at the Guerlain spa; you create the treatment you want, according to your wishes you compose your own protocol where each of the steps is to be imagined according to your needs and preferences.

Address: 1 boulevard de la Reine, 78000 Versailles


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Manoir des Impressionnistes

2h from Paris


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This magnificent place and its superb view will seduce you during your weekend; in addition to enjoying the spa, you can stroll in the city of Honfleur and even enjoy the sea if the weather is nice.

The rooms of the manor are carefully and meticulously decorated to please its customers as much as possible.

With a breathtaking view of the sea, you can privatize this spa to make the most of it and relax while taking in some fresh air. The one-hour private access costs 45€ per person.

In addition to access to the outdoor swimming pool which is an invitation to relax in a very pleasant location, you will be able to use a sauna and a hammam. Quality treatments are also possible such as massages, rubs and rituals, which will make you forget time and enjoy an excellent moment of relaxation.

For example, you can enjoy a tailor-made massage for 110 € per hour; it is the massage that will suit you the most and you will be sure to be satisfied because it is a whole body massage, personalized according to your preferences,; before the massage, you can choose the rhythm, the pressure force as well as the olfactory experience.

Obviously, if you prefer something else you can find it on the spa treatments (in french).

Address: 23 Route de Trouville, 14600 Honfleur


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Forges Hôtel

2h from Paris

This hotel is a haven of peace at the heart of Normandy. Far from the agitation of the capital, you can take the opportunity to relax in the hotel spa with a magnificent swimming pool, a hammam and a sauna,as well as in one of the 89 rooms and suites which offer a spacious and bright environment that favour rest and relaxation.

During your weekend, you will also be able to take a stroll in the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the hotel.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy treatments which, according to the opinions of their customers, are mostly great and particularly relaxing such as the Singaporean or Californian massages. The former combines Chinese, Indian and Malaysian techniques to combat fatigue and low energy and costs 109€ for 85 minutes. The latter costs 85€ and lasts 55 minutes, it combines gentle, slow, and full body gestures.

Therapeutic care such as acupuncture also exists, lasting 35 minutes for 45€, performed with needles placed on strategic points, its purpose is to restore the strength of vital energy.

Address: Avenue des Sources, Forges-les-Eaux


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Spa du château d’Augerville

1h20 from Paris

Near the Château de Fontainebleau, you can come here for a walk during your relaxing weekend or enjoy the golf course.

The castle, its common areas and its rooms are beautifully preserved historical places; the latter are very beautiful and spacious.

This 5-star hotel and its spa, where relaxation and well-being are in the spotlight, should delight you. Many services are offered such as swimming against the current, a hammam, a sauna, an ice wall, atmospheric showers with alternating hot showers, cold mist, music, and even lights.

Thanks to its treatment area, you can enjoy massages and facial treatments. For example, there is a tailor-made relaxing massage where you can compose your own treatment according to your desires by choosing your scented oil, the duration, the areas that have to be massaged as well as the desired pressure; 30 min at 55 €, 45 min at 70 €, 60 at min 90 € and 90 min at 130 €.

There are obviously other massages as well as facial and body treatments to see on their treatments list (in french).

Address: Place du Château, 45330 Augerville-la-Rivière



Hyatt Regency

1h from Paris

At the heart of the national forest of the Château de Chantilly and crossed by the La Nonette river, the Hyatt Regency welcomes you to its very pleasant and spacious spa composed of a hammam, two saunas and a large relaxation area.

You should not miss out on the spa services that will definitely meet your expectations. You have the choice between several services such as a tailor-made body massage lasting 45 minutes for 130€ or 1 hour 45 minutes for 245€; this will relax, tone and detoxify you.

This spa also offers facial treatments, duo treatments, signature treatments and tailor-made treatments according to your choices that you can discover on their spa treatments.

Adress : 4 Route de Senlis, 60500 Vineuil-Saint-Firmin

Website :


Royal Champagne Hôtel & Spa

1h45 from Paris

The Royal Champagne Hotel offers you a breathtaking view over the Marne valley and its vineyards. You can rest in their carefully decorated rooms in a refined style as well as in their spa. Composed of two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a hammam, a sauna, and hot tubs, this spa will seduce you.

The treatments and massages last 45 minutes, 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes, from 115€. There are many -for example, there is the candle the massage , it will allow you to relax thanks to a unique sensation on your skin created by the adapted wax which will make your skin shine.

Address: 9 Rue de la République – Hameau de, Rue de Bellevue, 51160 Champillon



La Caserne Chanzy Hôtel & Spa

1h30 from Paris

A few steps from the majestic Reims Cathedral, within a former fire station, the Caserne Chanzy is the only luxury hotel in the center of Reims.

This former barracks will charm you with its relaxing universe, its rooms in natural colors and its ideal location and with a breathtaking view of the cathedral.

The hotel spa is a positive point thanks to the massage jets pool, sauna, hammam, and shower with a waterfall bucket. After having fully enjoyed it, you can rest with a massage or treatment such as the Signature L’Immersion massage, for 55€, which has been created for detachment.

After having fully enjoyed the hotel, you can also enjoy the city of Reims.

Address: 18 Rue Tronsson Ducoudray, 51100 Reims