The 6 Best Sewing Workshops in Paris for All Levels

You want to start sewing but you don’t know where to? It is sometimes very complicated to learn with Youtube tutorials… Don’t panic, everything is possible. In this article, I have gathered the best sewing classes to awaken your creativity.


1) Rose Sélavy Art Gallery Workshop

5 rue Fromentin 75009 Paris

Rose Sélavy workshop
The Rose Sélavy’s creative workshop area.

Whether you want to learn how to make your first stitch or to refine your sewing skills, this workshop will be your best ally.

Two fashion designers will be there to accompany you during each class, whether it is a one-off or a regular class.

From the initial pattern to the aesthetic finishing touches, you will make everything from A to Z. You will make your own creations according to your desires.

In 2 or 3 hours, you will have the opportunity to learn a large number of techniques that you will be able to reproduce at home (hand stitches, gathers, straight stitches, bag handles, and so on).

A sewing workshop that is ideal for starting and maintaining your progress while having fun.

💰 Price: from €59
🕓 Duration: 2h or 3h per class
Levels: beginner – intermediate – pro (the workshop also provides training for pros)
Group size: small groups

❤️ We love: the fact that students can participate in humanitarian operations such as the UNICEF “frimousse” operation.

Rose Sélavy Workshop: information and booking (in French)


2) L’Atelier Fanchon

20 rue Gustave Zédé 75016 Paris


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Without a doubt, this is one of the best workshops to start sewing.

The workshop offers holiday sewing courses as well as a multitude of package courses.

It is possible for you, or even your children, to follow courses from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Indeed, you can register your children from 6 to 12 years old for sewing courses that are specially dedicated to them (making a pencil case, a diary cover, a purse, a school bag…).

And even if the workshop is specialized in beginners’ courses (use of a machine, basic stitches, making a slide, English sewing, fitting a piping etc…), it also offers more technical courses, including a program dedicated to young mothers (a deal when you know the price of bodysuits and other baby clothes).

For all courses, the workshop provides fabrics, machines and accessories.

💰 Price: from €35 for a 10 class card for children and €40 for adults
🕓 Duration: 2 hours per class
Levels: beginner – intermediate – pro (the workshop also provides training for professionals)
Group size: not specified

❤️ We love: the box to offer which contains 2 hours of lessons.

Atelier Fanchon: information and booking (in French)


3) Chez Flanelle – A Stylist Workshop

24 rue de Montreuil 75011 Paris


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Prior to opening her studio, Lou was a passionate stylist. She has worked for many Parisian brands.

As you can see, at Flanelle they don’t just talk about theoretical sewing but also experiment with the more subjective aspects of styling.

Here, they sew trendy clothes in an old-fashioned way, since the workshop has neither sewing machines nor patterns. You are taught to create unique pieces with your own hands. From the choice of fabric (wax, skai, fake furs etc…) to the fashion show, everything is produced through your little hands.

There is something for everyone: styling workshops, customization workshops, embroidery workshops, patchwork workshops, sketching workshops, doll clothes, etc.

In addition, this fashion enthusiast regularly invites numerous designers to share their knowledge and their vision of fashion.

A very good and unique experience.

💰 Price: from €40
🕓 Duration: from 1 to 2 hours
Levels: beginner
Group size: not specified

❤️ We love: the fact that you can create everything with your own hands (you’ll be even prouder).

Chez Flanelle: information and booking (in French)


4) La Textilerie

22 rue du Château Landon 75010 Paris


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La Textilerie is a large space that is divided into a shop, a back shop (workshops) and a café.

Here, you can learn the fundamentals of sewing and more.

In addition to offering workshops and courses on textiles, La Textilerie contributes to ethical awareness in the field.

Indeed, the team offers you to work on eco-responsible fabrics with a short and responsible logic.

A good and conscientious concept to curb the ever-growing fast fashion. You will find sewing courses to learn the basics, as well as knitting, natural dyeing, pattern making, customization and screen printing.

The opportunity to create or customize clothes that really fit at a surprisingly low price and which will be exclusively yours.

💰 Price: from 55 € for beginners’ courses
🕓 Duration: 3 hours
Levels: beginner
Group size: not specified

❤️ We love: the many events offered alongside the courses on the subject of ethics and eco-responsibility.

La Textilerie: information and booking (in French)


5) Brin de Cousette

2 rue Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris


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Let’s have a chat about Brin de Cousette.

The particularity of this workshop is that it is divided into two parts: the class part and the project support part.

In other words, apart from the fact that you can choose between crochet, knitting and sewing courses, you can also come with your own project and complete it with the help of the staff.

All these courses are open to people from 7 to 77 years of age, which means that you can start creating your own clothes whether you are still at school or already retired.

The sewing workshop offers all levels of sewing, from stitch making to slide skirts. The added bonus (especially with the current health situation) is that it offers a “I sew my wardrobe at home” module that will allow you to follow these courses at home.

Now you won’t have any excuses to finalize your piece!

💰 Price: from €42 to €60 for 3 hours
🕓 Duration: from 2h30 to 3h
Levels: beginner to advanced
Group size: not specified

❤️ We love: the adaptability to the health context with distance learning.

Brin de Cousette: information and booking (in French)


6) L’atelier d’Ines B

58 Rue Stephenson 75018 Paris


Contrary to the previous ones, this last sewing workshop is not dedicated to all levels.

Indeed, this class is reserved for advanced students who would like to start making patterns.

Here, you will learn about morphology analysis, magazine mood board creation, sketches etc.

The goal is to leave with a custom-made pattern in hand and then turn your new creation into reality.

If you already know all the secrets of sewing but are tired of buying off-the-shelf patterns that don’t always suit your desires, look no further.

This is the place for you. After this workshop: the sky is your limit, you can perhaps try to launch your own clothing or accessories line.

💰 Price: €189 per day
🕓 Duration: one day
Levels: advanced
Group size: 6 people

❤️ We love: the fact that you can finally learn how to create your own patterns.

L’atelier d’Ines B: information and booking (in French)