Top 13 Best Lebanese Restaurants in Paris (All Budgets)

Looking for authentic Lebanese flavors in the heart of Paris? From casual snacks to gourmet dining, my list of the best Lebanese restaurants in the city has something to satisfy every palate. Experience the essence of Lebanese hospitality and culinary tradition without leaving the French capital.

First, let’s locate them on a map:



Less than €15

Chez le Libanais

35 rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris


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In the course of a walk in the heart of the Saint Michel district, don’t miss a halt at the Lebanese caterer Chez Le Libanais.

Its keywords? “Ancestral” for the traditional oven cooking, the Saj, “Healthy” for the organic bread and spices directly imported from Lebanon and “Balanced” for the salads, vegetable soups and vegetarian plates which will change from the Falafels and Manakiches.

So, let’s roll!

Price: €8.50 for the midday menu with a manikiche, a drink, and a dessert

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L’Olivier Beyrouth

25 rue Francisque Gay, 75006 Paris

This Lebanese restaurant offers hearty and affordable dishes.

You will be able to choose from a great choice of Lebanese dishes such as Shawarma.

For a more filling meal, the restaurant offers many hearty and nutritious plates such as chiche tchaouk, which has marinated skewers, tabouleh, and roasted potatoes.

Then, for a shared meal, the mezze menu offers a mezze assortment to share such as moussaka, or hummus.


  • Menus from €6
  • Plates from €15

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Au Vieux Cèdre

2 rue Blainville, 75005 Paris


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Au Vieux Cèdre is the perfect fast food if you want to eat Lebanese for just a few pennies.

At any hour, (the restaurant is open 7 days a week from 11 am to 2 am), the owner prepares delicious sandwiches with flavors and spices of his home country; a perfect alternative to the usual Shish Kebabs.

Give yourself a treat with the Makanek, a sandwich with small beef sausages, pine nuts, and houmous, or with the Chawarma, a sandwich with thin slices of marinated beef and lemon sesame cream.

Price: €8 for the menu with a sandwich, a drink, and a baklava

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Le Traiteur du Bois Le Vent

63 rue de Boulainvilliers, 75016 Paris

Traiteur Le Bois Le Vent
Credits: Le Bois Le Vent

Just a few steps away from the Trocadero, Dalal Abi-Khalil warmly welcomes you to the Lebanese restaurant created by his father.

The team prepares classic Lebanese cuisine. You’ll find the famous Labné (Fromage blanc covered with curds), the unavoidable Fatayers (buns filled with spinach) or the Chich Taouk (chicken skewers marinated in lemon, oil and garlic).

With the fast service and the small prices, the place is perfect for eating on the go without spending a fortune.

Price: Menus between €8.50 and €12

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Between €15 and €30

Aux Délices du Liban

3 rue de l’Estrapade, 75005 Paris


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At a stone’s throw from the famous rue Mouffetard and the well-known Pantheon, indulge yourself with a good meal at Aux Délices du Liban.

As a forerunner of Lebanese gastronomy in France, this restaurant exists since 1968!

Whether you are a neophyte or a connoisseur, you’ll be able to discover or rediscover the classics of Lebanese cuisine, made using fresh products.

The owner and her daughter, whose kindness and smile remind you of Mediterranean people’s warmth, will attend you.

This is a safe bet to enjoy Lebanese food without breaking the bank!

Price: Menus from €19.50

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Olive & Thym – Par Man’ouché

60 rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris

Olive & Thym is a concept imagined by two brothers of Lebanese origin, Olivier and Jad, who were brought up by Mediterranean cuisine, over the years helping in their parents’ Lebanese restaurant.

In concrete terms, they draw their inspiration from new food trends to bring Lebanese cuisine up to date.

Their specialty? The Cartounée, a salad that combines products from France and ingredients from Lebanon.

How about the Cartounée “Chicken Capellini” made with chicken filet capellini and fried baby potatoes with coriander, garlic and garlic cream?

Unless you prefer the Cartounée “Falafels” with its falafel balls, sumac-smoked onions and grilled eggplants, all of which are accompanied by a sesame cream?

In short, for a healthy and trendy Lebanese restaurant, This is the place!

Price: Cartounée from €16 and €20 if they are on a menu with a drink

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La Pause Libanaise

10 rue de l’Isly, 75008 Paris

This chic yet simple restaurant offers a filling and delicious Lebanese cuisine.

For example, you will be able to try mezzes, which are an assortment of dishes to share.

There are also plates which will let you discover the many flavors of Lebanese cuisine or salads.

There are also a lot of options available for vegetarians.

Price: €25.50 for the mezze menu

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Les Passagers de Beyrouth

18 Passage de la Bonne Graine, 75011 Paris

Les Passagers de Beyrouth (Beirut’s Travelers), the name says it all… Wooden chairs and tables, intimate lights, walls covered with paintings representing the Land of Cedar. Entering this rococo restaurant is like being transported in the streets of the Lebanese capital.

The experience continues on the plate thanks to the chef who thinks about nothing else than the taste of the food, the quality products, the plentiful dishes, and the affordable prices.

If this is your first time, the mezzeh, an assortment of hot and cold hors-d’oeuvres, will be perfect for discovering a wide range of Lebanese specialties, all of which are accompanied by a rose, date, and blackberry syrup. You can go there in blind faith!

Price: €25 for the midday menu with starters, a main dish, and a dessert

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12 rue de Candie, 75011 Paris


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Ahmad el-Turk, a self-taught Lebanese cook, created the Maldito.

In this restaurant, there is only one fixed menu, the “dégustation” menu with an assortment of cold and warm starters, dishes to share, and a dessert. This menu can also be adapted to dietary restrictions.

This is the perfect place to discover Lebanese cuisine and all it has to offer.

Price: €29 for the menu

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More than €30

Le Loubnane

29 rue Galande, 75005 Paris


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If you are looking for an authentic and high-quality Lebanese restaurant, then Rendez-vous at Loubnane, a restaurant located a few steps away from the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

In this restaurant, which exists since 1984, the know-how is transmitted from father to son.

Just as you pass the threshold of the door, the charm of the visible stones, added to the character of the raw lumber beams and the subdued lights create an atmosphere which takes you straight to the Land of Cedar.

In the basement, a vaulted cellar houses an oriental-style secret garden which is perfect for groups or more quiet meals.

As a starter, don’t miss the Rakakat (crispy cigars fried with sheep’s cheese and mint), to continue with the Kebbe Naye (lamb tartar seasoned with crushed wheat, onions, and spices), before ending with a Mouhalabieh, a dessert as long to pronounce as it is quick to eat.

Price: €27 for the mezze menu, and dishes from €17



9.  Liza

14 rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris

Right by the Bourse, with its rattan chairs, its beige mosaic matching with the sofas’ cushions, and its decoration sprinkled with oriental vibes, Liza is a genuine replica of the classy and contemporary Beirut.

Liza Soughayar, who is from Beirut, offers you sophisticated dishes accompanied by high-quality Lebanese wines on an oriental jazz background.

As a starter, don’t hold back in front of the Baba Ghanouj (grilled eggplants accompanied by sesame cream and pomegranate seeds), then give in to the Kharouf Meche (a five-hour cooked lamb candied with five sweet spices), to end with the Ossmaliyeh (a milk cream with crispy vermicelli and seasonal marmalade).

Price: menu from €22

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Le Cherine

74 rue de La Croix Nivert, Paris 75015

Le Cherine is a family story, a father-daughter duo between Paris and Beirut.

Lebanon lovers and proud of their culture, Cherine and her father help us discover the cuisine of their country following traditions, all in a pleasant atmosphere and a modern restaurant with warm hues.

You’ll find the parsleyed Tabouleh, the Hummus chickpeas and sesame, the traditional Falafels, as well as the crispy Baklavas.

A safe bet tested and approved by the Michelin Guide!

Price: Mezze menu from €39




6 rue Pierre Chausson, 75010 Paris

Credits: Assanabel

Assanabel is one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in the capital.

With its know-how of more than 30 years, it is nowadays known as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Paris.

Opinions are unanimous: the team is nice, smiling, and sometimes amusing.

The portions are plentiful.

The interior looks chic with its quilted booth seats, chandeliers and large mirrors.

As for the chef, he commits himself to preparing traditional Lebanese dishes, making fresh and organic products his first choice.

As a victim of its own success, the restaurant is quickly full, so it is preferable to book beforehand.

Price: €27 for a mezze plate

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