8 Eco-Friendly Hotels In Paris That Care About The Planet

I have made a list of eco-friendly hotels located in Paris. Solicitous over the environment, these hotels make changes to their structures and to their services to minimize their impact on nature. Respectful of the latter, they have to follow some commitments and have to be conformed to some practices.



1) Hôtel de la Porte Dorée


Area: Bercy
273 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris
Public transport: Michel Bizot (M8)

The Hôtel de la Porte Dorée welcomes you in the 12th borough near the district of Bercy, to only 210 meters from the wood of Vincennes and 20 minutes on foot from AccorHotels Arena.

This establishment proposes you rooms embellished with parquet floor and decorated with a period furniture.

Sustainable development and ecotourism are the keywords of the hotel’s politics and that’s why it had been awarded the label “Green Key”, a qualification already granted to more than 1 500 establishments in 28 countries.

Concerning the hotel’s actions in favour of the environment, there are numerous and are about:

  1. the bedrooms whose air conditioning is reversible (hot/cool), a system that allows an electricity saving up to 75%. Moreover, they are lighten up with low-consumption light bulbs
  2. the newspapers: they should not be inevitably handed out to every hotel customers; indeed that is a waste of paper and resources. They can be read online
  3. TV: all TV’s rooms were replaced by more ecological television sets. They turn off when you are out the room
  4. the ecological cleaning: the hotel recommends the employment of ecological cleaning products
  5. the use of recycled products (papers, tissues, envelopes, etc.);
  6. the economy of water thanks to the implementation of water’s preservation techniques
  7. regular maintenance operations: replacement of the worn elements and of the household electrical appliances out of order by more effective devices that fulfill the requirements of ecological standards
  8. the breakfast that is organic

Price: From €96

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2) Hôtel Kleber Champs-Élysées Tour-Eiffel Paris


Area: 16th district
7 Rue de Belloy, 75016 Paris
Public transport: Boissière (M6)

Settled in an elegant typically Parisian building provided with wrought iron balconies, this sophisticated hotel, that is decorated with a lot of objects of antique items, is about 10 minutes on foot from the Champs-Elysées and 1,5 km from the Eiffel Tower.

Environmentally responsible, the Kleber Champs-Élysées Tour-Eiffel Paris hotel reached the Gold level of the TripAdvisor eco leaders program and obtained the ecological Label and the Award of the sustainable development of the Paris Tourist Office. Thanks to it, the hotel joined the fifth position among the ecological hotels in Paris.

Every standard and installation is shaped so as to honor the commitment of the hotel in their ecological approach.

  1. Ecological shower products
  2. Recharging station for electric cars
  3. Paints with low volatile organic compounds content (that allows a clear decrease of the direct and indirect impacts on animals and nature)
  4. Ecological conveniences of the bathroom
  5. The measures taken in favor of the spending economy linked to the energy and to the water
  6. The maximal reduction of the contribution to waste and improvement of the efficiency of the resources are the key elements of the environmental policy of the establishment.

Price: From €72

Further information about the Hotel Kleber Champs-Élysées Tour-Eiffel Paris (photos, services, price lists and availability).


3) Best Western Paris Montmartre Saint Pierre


Area: Montmartre
66 Boulevard Barbès, 75018 Paris
Public transports: Château Rouge (M4), Marcadet-Poissonniers (M4-M12)

The Duc de Saint-Simon is similar to a house far from your own house. Settled in a wonderful mansion of the 18th century, the Duc de saint Simon is an exceptional address in Paris and it reserves you many delicate surprises.

Twentieth on the podium of the ecological hotels in Paris, the Best Western Paris Montmartre Saint Pierre invests itself a lot into the sustainable development to limit the impacts of its activity on the environment and contribute to the fight against global warming, to reduce, to recycle and to value waste, to limit the harmful emissions and to protect natural resources.

To reach its goals, the establishment uses products environment-friendly.

Below, the company describes its products, its services and its responsible eco initiatives:

  1. Use of low-energy light bulbs
  2. Water flow-reducer
  3. Recycling of paper
  4. The establishment has hives on the its roof and a small production of honey
  5. If you wish, you can taste the breakfast made of organic products and/or from the fair trade
  6. Contribution to the environmental protection
  7. Member of the program ” Plant for the Planet “, the hotel plays a role into the reforestation of the planet which involves to change towels only at the request of the customers

Price: From €87

More information on the hotel Best Western Paris Montmartre Sacré Coeur (photos, services, prices and availabilities


4) Hôtel Napoléon


Area: La Défense
40 Avenue de Friedland, 75008 Paris
Public transports: George V (M1), Ternes (M2)

This ecological establishment is a member of the Green Key, which is a program that measures the impact of an establishment according to one or several of the following elements: the environment, the community, the cultural heritage and the local economy.

The criteria are established at the international level and are regularly revalued to preserve the avant-gardism and to satisfy the environmental requirements of the Foundation for the Education to the Environment (FEE).

They cover the various fields of the sustainable management that are:

  1. the environmental policy (general environmental management, training of the employees and the social responsibility)
  2. the environmental awareness to the environment (information to the hosts and natural activities)
  3. water resource management (management of the resource and purification, pipework, the watering, to save the water it is asked to the customer if it is possible to change sheets once a week)
  4. the waste management (incitement to make the selective sorting, the sorting of waste, reduction of the volumes and biological processing of waste)
  5. the management of the energy (management of energy resources, heat and refreshment, domestic equipment and the lighting)
  6. responsible purchases (food, maintenance, other purchases and organic range of ecological products)
  7. living environment (internal and outside environment)

To know more about the ecological criteria of the establishment, do not hesitate to download the criteria grid of the green key!

Price: From €413

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5) Hôtel du Brésil


Area: Latin Quarter
10 Rue le Goff, 75005 Paris
Public transports: Cluny-la Sorbonne (M10)

Ideally situated in the heart of the Latin Quarter in the center of Paris, the hotel is located in a quiet street near the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Boulevard Saint Michel, and near the Sorbonne and the Pantheon Universities.

You can go in an instant on foot in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, or to Notre-Dame de Paris.

The hôtel du Brésil is concerned about environmental issues, that is why it implements proactive measures to help to reduce our carbon footprint. They include:

  1. the LED lighting that enjoys a longer lifecycle than a traditional lighting in the bulb which leads to a reduced recycling rate)
  2. the LCD TV that owned the European ecolabel
  3. an electric elevator classified in term of energy consumption the maximal
  4. the maximum reduction of the paper consumption
  5. the use of new technology for the hot water production and heating systems to reduce the consumption of natural resources
  6. the awareness to the adoption of eco-responsible practices
  7. the maximal use of hygiene products that own ecological labels
  8. the subscription to a supplier of 100% renewable electricity

Price: From €86

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6) Hidden hôtel


Area: 17th district – close to the Arc de Triomphe
28 Rue de l’Arc de Triomphe, 75017 Paris
Public transports: Argentine (M1), Charles de Gaulle-Etoile (M1, M2 et M6)

Located at 450 meters from the Arc de Triomphe and from the Champs-Elysées Avenue, this boutique-hotel is characterized by a hand-made and elegant eco-design atmosphere.

The common parts of the hotel are decorated with terracotta walls and orange paper lamps.

This Zen atmosphere is as well created by the natural materials used in the decoration: the flax, the slate, the wood, the marble, the stone, the glass and the ceramic.

A day at Hidden hotel can begin with an excellent biological breakfast made up of yoghurts farmers, of fresh fruit and of smoked salmon, that can be quietly eaten on the high American stools.

But also, this 4 stars setting, “ode to natural”, offers rooms of which beds are made with organic farming’s materials.

The owners opted for mattresses in fiber of natural coconut, designed by the Greek brand Coco-Mat.

Raw materials used to create these rooms are from biological cultures what are making the product definitely hypoallergenic.

Price: From €155

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7) Hôtel Duc de Saint Simon


Area: Saint-Germain-des-Prés
14 Rue de Saint-Simon, 75007 Paris
Public transports: Rue du Bac (M12)

The Hôtel Duc de Saint Simon building during the XVIIIth century is situated in the center of Paris, just a few minutes’ walk from the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and at 750 meters to the Musée d’Orsay and the Seine. This charming hotel 4 star is at the heart of the 7th district of Paris.

The 34 bedrooms, decorated with refinement in an old-style, possess their own personality. For the most sophisticated of them, they reserve you a wonderful flowery and private terrace or a relaxing view on the interior garden.

With its ecological approach, the hotel favors equipment in LEDs and the treatment of light bulbs.

LEDs constitute an excellent alternative to classic bulbs use since they use 90 % less energy than classic incandescent light bulbs.

It also recommends waste recycling and thus contributes to the development of renewable energies.

Finally, as for the clothes processing, the establishment avoids the overuse of the laundry service, always in accordance with their ecological ethics.

Price: From €232

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8) Solar Hôtel

22 rue Boulard 75014 Paris

Solar Hôtel

The Solar hotel is an eco-chic activist hotel composed of 22 comfortable rooms completely renovated in 2014.

It uses only natural and recycled materials and shows its commitment through many facilities and services:

  • Rooms are in white zone (no wifi waves while sleeping). Internet connections are however perfectly possible in the hotel lounge
  • The hotel also offers free bicycles for walking in Paris
  • Solar panels on the façade
  • Rainwater recuperator
  • Energy and water-saving
  • Organic breakfasts

An activism which is also felt in the prices.

Here you will have all the luxury of a 5-star hotel for a very reasonable price.

Price: From  €121

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