Best Laptop-Friendly Cafes With WiFi and Outlets in Paris

Whether you are a student, freelancer, digital nomad or you work from home, our selection of the best cafes in Paris with WiFi access where you can work in peace is made for you.

working in a café




Working in a real café (serving real coffee)

We have listed for you the signs where you can sit down with your computer to work and connect to an electrical outlet, as long as you consume at least a coffee, a drink or a pastry.


Le Grand Breguet

17 Rue Breguet, 75001 Paris


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Le Grand Breguet is a very colorful, friendly big café that has an outside seating area for those who would like to work under the sun. It is a cool place where a lot of young people hang out and work.

You can work on your laptop since this café has free wifi and sockets on the floor.
You can order a simple beverage, a dessert or even breakfast. They have vegetarian and vegan options.

Price: Dessert starts at €3, beverage at €2 and a main course is around €15.

We like:

  • A colorful place that puts you in a good mood.
  • Sockets for your devices.

Website (French website only)


Nomade café

8 rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris


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You’re welcome in this refined café to get some work done or chill around a cup of coffee or a pastry.

It gives you free access to the WiFi and has different spaces so you can work on a table by yourself, on a couch or even in front of the shop window. For group work, there is a large table.

The outside seating area could be a great place to work as well since it is in a very calm dead-end, a rare gem in Paris.

Price: Coffee and beverage start at €2.50. Plant-based milk at your request.
Pastry starts at €1.50 (home-made in the local bakery).
Count €8 for a breakfast (coffee or tea + juice + pastry)

We like :

  • Cheap
  • Calm
  • Relaxed ambiance



Columbus Café & Co

• 21 Rue Soufflot, 75005 Paris
• 103 Rue de la Fayette, 75010 Paris
• 53 Rue de Passy, 75016 Paris (in the mall Passy Plaza)
• Métro Hôtel de Ville, Ligne 1 sortie 6, 75004 Paris
• 46 Boulevard Henri IV, 75004 Paris
• 17 Boulevard Vaugirard, 75015 Paris (Montparnasse train station, aisle n°18)
• 56 Boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris
• 193 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris (Gare de Lyon metro stop)


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In this café, you can get a fresh drink like an iced tea or a café frappé or a hot drink like an espresso or a cappuccino and sit down on one of the tables and couches at your disposal.

Free unlimited access to the wifi and sockets in the working space will make you feel at home to work (The working space can be upstairs or in the basement, it is different at every shop).

If you feel peckish, you can get a cake or any other pastry or even a salad, bagel or sandwich. Let yourself be tempted by their speciality: muffins (with or without a molten heart).

Price: Starts at €3 for a cake or drink.
Around €10 for a menu (sandwich + beverage + cake)

We like:

  • Wide choice of treats.
  • A working space.




40 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

Loustic has a calm atmosphere, some cozy couches and comfortable chairs with tables in the backroom.

The café lets you work on your laptop and use the free wifi if you order something to eat or drink. However, there are no sockets so you will have to take an external battery charger for your computer.

We advise you not to work at lunch because the café would accept people who want to eat there rather than people who want to do some work.

The café closes quite early too (at 5:30pm).

Price: Breakfast starts at €3 and a coffee at €2.50.

We like:

  • Plant-based milk options for vegans
  • Breakfast.



Oni Coffee Shop

10 Bd Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France


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You’ll be welcomed by cheerful staff in this vintage café. Sit down on one of the booth seats or at a table and work just like at home.

There are no sockets for customers so take your own external battery charger if you are thinking about working there for a couple of hours.

Even though the café is laptop-friendly, they are not allowed on the weekends so come to work here during the week and avoid lunch hours.

Price: Coffee starts at €2.20. Any other drink is around €4 or €5.
Home-made cakes between €3 and €7.

We like:

  • Plant-based milk options.
  • Atypical decoration.

Website (in French only)


The People

• 59 Boulevard de Belleville 75011 Paris
• 28 Bis Place de la Nation 75012 Paris

In this youth hostel pub, you will get free access to the wifi and comfortable seats and couches to chill or work. There are sockets for the customers and the coffee tastes really good.

You can enjoy an open fire during the winter and the rooftop, giving you an incredible view over Paris during the summer (in Nation because in Belleville, it is only for the people staying over).

Even though the menu is not very large, there is something to please everyone: cheese or deli meats plates, savory tarts and homemade croque-monsieur (there is a vegetarian option at your request). Unfortunately, there is no sweet choice, except for breakfast.

This is another warm and friendly place to work at ease outside your home.

We like:

  • The friendly simplicity of this pub
  • Low prices



Strada Café

• 24 Rue Monge 75005 Paris
• 94 Rue du Temple 75003 Paris


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A quiet place, a studious atmosphere, and a good coffee produced by organic farms: these are the perfect ingredients to work in good conditions.

On the weekends, although you will be hosted if you want a brunch, a lunch, or just a coffee, do not try to work there or you will have to leave: laptops are forbidden on Saturdays and Sundays.

Price: Coffee starts at €2.40. Beverage at €5, dessert at €3.50and main course at €10.

We like:

  • Fresh produce
  • 100% homemade.
  • Vegetarian options.

Website (in French only)


Working in a café-restaurant (avoid lunch hours)

This is our selection of the best café-restaurants to work in with your laptop for several hours.


Kozy Kanopé

  • 46 Rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris
  • 79 Avenue Bosquet, 75007 Paris
  • 6 Rue du Petit Pont, 75005 Paris


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At Kozy Kanopé, it’s brunch all week, coffees and smoothies. You have the choice between: the English menu and the French menu.

The space is large and inviting, it has many small tables. Perfect for settling into a corner and completing your tasks.

Price: Brunch from €2.50 for drinks and €9 for food.

We like:

  • Colorful decoration that puts you in a good mood
  • Electrical outlets for your devices

Website (in French)


La Recyclerie

83 Bd Ornano, 75018 Paris


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La Recyclerie is an eco-responsible café-canteen.

The place is gigantic and many tables are big, this place is great for working with several people.

There is also a large green area outside with tables to enjoy nature.

Price: from €3

We like:

  • The eco-responsible concept.
  • Vegetarian and vegan choices.
  • The large garden.

Website (in French)


Le Pavillon des Canaux

39 Quai de la Loire 750019 Paris

Le Pavillon des Canaux, on the edge of Bassin de la Villette, looks like a life-size dollhouse, and for a good reason: Le Pavillon is a real house! Pick a room and get settled in a chair, a sofa, or even inside the bathtub!

Le Pavillon des Canaux is self-determined as a friendly place where you can both work and relax. Laptops are not allowed on weekdays. On weekends and at lunchtime, you are forced to relax! After 7pm, you will be most welcome to have a drink and/or take your dinner there, but not to work!

Events such as conferences, exhibits, cooking classes, etc. are organized on a regular basis. Check the program on their social media.

Price: Main course starts at €12 and dessert at €2.50.

We like:

  • Uniqueness of the place
  • Colorful decoration that will put you in a good mood
  • Vegetarian and vegan options.

Website (in French only)



47 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire 75006 Paris


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You know what to expect from the name: “colorova” means “colorful” in Polish. Indeed, the colorful atmosphere will put you in a good mood just by getting inside this restaurant.

The owner of this place, Guillaume Gil, is the former pastry chef of the Plaza Athénée, and bakes all the pastries of Colorova himself, changing the recipes all year long. Only the caramel, peanut and speculoos tartlet can accompany all your studious afternoons.

There is a large space between each table; thus, the noise coming from other groups will not disturb you.

Price: Drinks start at €5 and main course at €18.
Menu for €29 (starter + main course + dessert)

We like:

  • High-quality food.

Website (in French only)


The classics



There are many Starbucks coffee shops all over Paris – you can check the complete list here.


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The Internet café pioneer has now become a classic which does not need any introduction anymore.

Starbucks coffee shops are often packed with businessmen and businesswomen at breakfast and after office hours, but outside the peak time you should be at ease to work there.

Becoming the “third place” is even one of Starbucks policies: not home, not the office, but something in-between, somewhere where you feel good both to relax and to work.

The best Starbucks: There are many Starbucks in Paris so I recommend you check out the one at 34-36 rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris.

The chandeliers, moldings, gildings, and other decorations will remind you of those of the Garnier Opera, just around the corner. It’s a change from the usual industrial Starbucks decor.


Prêt à Manger

• 10 Place de Budapest, 75009 Paris
• 11 Rue de Sèze, 75009 Paris
• 110 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris
• 123 Boulevard Haussman, 75008 Paris
• 19 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris
• 31 Avenue de l’Opéra, 75002 Paris
• 34-36 Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris
• ZAC Les Batignolles, 39 Rue Mstislav Rostropovitch, 75017 Paris
• 40 Boulevard Haussman, 75009 Paris
• 45 Rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris
• 57 Rue des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris
• 58 Avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris
• 66 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris
• 91 Boulevard Haussman, 75008 Paris
• CCO Passage du Havre, 109 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 Paris
• Triangle d’Or, Place Louis-Armand, 75012 Paris
• 49 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris


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Prêt à Manger has been serving sandwiches, salads and pastries made daily with fresh produce and organic coffee since 1986.

Just like Starbucks, it is a quiet place with a couple of sockets to sit and work in.

Price: About €12 for a pastry and a beverage.

We like:

  • Lots of Prêt à Manger in Paris.



La Felicita

8 Rue Eugène Freyssinet 75013 Paris


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Located in la Halle Freyssinet, La Felicita is a kind of Italian food market where you order food and drinks at the bar and then you choose where you want to sit. They do have tables outside as well for the sunny days.

Everything is home-made on the menu: pizzas, pasta, mozzarella, burrata as well as coffees, aperitifs and fresh drinks.

A nice and cozy place that unfortunately does not have sockets, take an external battery charger with you.

Work there during the day because in the evening, DJs come and party.

Price: Coffee starts at €1.70, beverage at €2.50 and dessert at €3.
Main course starts at €8.

We like:

  • Cosy
  • Chill atmosphere.

Website (in French only)


Working in a coworking café

Co-working cafés are the perfect places to work alone or in groups with comfort and peace. You pay a certain amount every hour for services such as unlimited access to wifi and the use of sockets.


MAIF Social Club

37 Rue de Turenne 75003 Paris


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The particularity of this café is its versatility: a co-working space, a café, an exhibition place and even an art studio. Moreover, the place is completely free for everyone. No, you are not dreaming; entirely free.

In the working space, more than 4 000 bibliographic sources (books and other mediums) about different topics are at your disposal.

The wifi is free and the access is unlimited. The café has beverages and snacks (juices, sandwiches, etc.). Sockets and large tables are here for you to work comfortably.

We like:

  • A working space with free access to bibliographic sources.

Website (in French only)


La Permanence

  • Moulin : 2-4 Rue du Fer à Moulin, 75005 Paris
  • Alesia : 48bis Rue d’Alésia, 75014 Paris
  • Marcaret : 52 Rue Marcaret, 75018 Paris


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La Permanence was aptly named as “permanence” means both “study room” and “duty period” in French and as it is open 24/7 and the general atmosphere is very studious.

You have unlimited access to the wifi and cheap snacks and drinks are available (you can also bring your own food and use the microwave and fridge at your disposal).

Price: €2 every hour (€1.50 for students).

€150 per month with a minimum of a 1-month commitment (access to the café all day long, wifi, etc). (€120 for students)

You can book a meeting room for 5 people at €5/hr. Black and white photocopies will cost you 7cts, 30cts for a colored one; scans are free.

We like:

  • Being able to look first on the Internet how many seats are left; this way, you will never come for nothing.
  • Prices are cheap compared to other co-working cafés.

Website (in French only)



• Louvre: 10 Rue Richelieu 75001 Paris
• Beaubourg: 79 Rue Quincampoix 75003 Paris
• République: 6 Rue du Château d’Eau 75010 Paris
• L’Atelier (with a Clue&Co escape game): 33 Rue Albert Thomas 75010 Paris
• La Fayette: 76 Rue de la Fayette 75009 Paris
• Station F: 55 Boulevard Vincent Auriol 75013 Paris
• La Défense: 2 place de la Défense, 92800 Puteaux

L’Anticafé is perfect whether you want to work alone or with a group: you may book a table or an area apart from the rest of the café for a meeting, or even the entire café for one of your private events. You will enjoy a high-speed wifi connection, all-you-can-eat snacks (both sweet and savory) and drinks, as well as board games to relax between work sessions.

Projectors and printers are available.

Price: €7 per hour. After more than 4 hours and 30 min spent, you must pay the daily fee which is €29.
The loyalty card allows you to get free hours (for €1, you get 10 points on your account and you can get 1 free hour every 600 points. Meaning for 10 hours bought, 1 hour is free).

We like:

  • The atmosphere, both studious and relaxed
  • The decoration, both simple and colorful

Website (in French only)



67 Rue Beaubourg 75003 Paris


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Unicorners has a cozy atmosphere and high-speed wifi connection, making your workday a bit better. They only sell food which is homemade, gluten-free and from organic products such as tartlets, cakes, fruits, hummus and coffee.

The products come from My Pie, Confiture Rebelle and even l’Atelier des Lilas to quote but a few.

You can book meeting rooms for work projects or even the entire building (or just certain rooms) for events or meetings (projectors, paperboards, wireless microphones and speakers are at your disposal).

Price: €6 per hour (3€ for every additional 30 minutes), €27 for the day. You can pay for several days to get a discount on them (€343 for 15 days).

We like:

  • The café’s charm.
  • The personal style of the café with the little unicorns (on mugs, in the decoration and so on).