Top 15 Best Burger Places In Paris + 2 Quirky Burgers

The burger craze started in Paris a few years ago. One would have thought that the hype would have slowly disappeared, but quite the contrary has happened. Many Parisian burger restaurants continue to innovate more and more, leaving absolutely nothing to chance, whether it is their breads, meat, toppings, or side dishes! Paris gives this famous American dish a French twist by focusing on French products.

Here is the map of the burger places:



173 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

Ralph’s restaurant is located on the boulevard Saint-Germain, home to many luxury brands. As you may have guessed, this restaurant was established by designer Ralph Lauren in an effort to share a piece of America with France.

Ralph’s serves traditional American dishes, including our favorite, the burger, which is presented to diners in a chic version.

Enjoying this burger with fries and coleslaw in Ralph Lauren’s mansion in Paris does not come cheap, however – at €31, this is by far the most expensive burger on our list.

But both the burger and the atmosphere in which it is served are well worth the expense. Ralph’s restaurant has a pleasant and perfectly decorated setting, both inside or on the patio.

Price: €31



Schwartz’s Deli

7 avenue d’Eylau, 75016 Paris


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At Schwartz’s Deli, you feel like you are in the United States!

The decoration here is as American as the cuisine.

The burgers at this establishment will remind you of (or allow you to discover) the way that these sandwiches are prepared on the other side of the Atlantic.

Thanks to quality ingredients, a wide variety of recipes, and welcoming and efficient service, you will forget that you are not dining in New York!

The burgers at Schwartz’s Deli are hearty and cost between €13 and €25.

They are all accompanied by coleslaw and your choice of fries, hashbrowns, or a salad. If the restaurant is full, you can also order your burger to go and enjoy it at home.

Price: from €13

Website (website in French)


Shiso Burger

21 quai Saint Michel, 75005 Paris

Originally from Berlin, Shiso Burger moved to Paris and settled in St Michel to offer Parisians original and surprising burgers.

The restaurant’s name might make you think you it is a Japanese restaurant, as shiso is an aromatic Japanese plant.

The menu resembles that of a Korean restaurant with dishes like bulgogi and kimchi, but Shiso Burger is actually a restaurant where burgers are fused with traditional Asian cuisines.

You will discover exotic burgers like none you have ever tasted served with both American and Asian sides. Choose from edamame beans, kimchi,or potato and sweet potato fries to complement your burger.

Shiso Burger also serves a variety of excellent lemonades and other drinks. Give this Asian take on the burger a chance – your taste buds will thank you.

Price: €15




Burger & Fils

9 rue du commandant Rivière, 75008 Paris


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Burger & Fils offers the perfect mix between high-end dining and fast food.

There is no table service, but a system where you serve yourself with a tray.

The restaurant has rather chic and atypical decorations on white tiled walls with numerous photo frames.

You can create your own custom burger or try the burger of the month, both of which are accompanied by the establishment’s excellent fries.

Combo meals are also available, including a burger, a side dish, and a drink.

Price: €13

Website: (website in French)


Le Mal Barré

47 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris


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Le Mal Barré is our go-to restaurant for a good homemade burger. It’s a place where you can eat well – the dishes are copious, and the French beef is ground in-house.

They also offer pleasant and fast service at a reasonable price. It’s a nice little restaurant to eat at with family or friends.

Burgers are served with your choice of homemade potatoes or fresh vegetables.

Price: €10.50




1 rue Perrée, 75003 Paris


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PNY (Paris New York) is a regular in the rankings of the best Parisian burgers for good reason!

From the food to the decorations, you can’t help but notice that they are striving for quality in everything they do.

Their fries are cut and prepared in-house, and their burgers are undeniably good thanks to their matured beef, which is full of taste and incredibly tender.

To accompany your meal, don’t forget to try their homemade lemonades.

Price: €12

Website: (website in French)



44 rue d’Argout, 75002 Paris


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Blend is another regular in the rankings of the most popular Parisian burgers. Their name comes from the fact that they mix several types of beef for their hamburger patties, which are then matured to gives them a unique taste.

The buns are baked in-house by their own bakers, and the delicious burgers are accompanied by potato fries or sweet potato fries.

Price: from €9

Website (website in French)



14 rue du Cygne, 75001 Paris

Looking for a great burger at a very reasonable price? At Roomies you’ll find quality ingredients and meat portions generous enough to delight all burger lovers.

The Roomies and the burger of the moment are the only two menu options offered, or you can make your own burger and let your imagination run free.

Price: €11

Website (website in French)


Big Fernand

40 place du Marché Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris


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At Big Fernand, they don’t talk about hamburgers, but about “Hamburgés.”

As you may have gathered from this, the traditional American burger is reenvisioned entirely in the French style: you can see evidence of this in the names of the burgers, the fries, and the origin of the ingredients used.

Their bread is made by their bakery, Monsieur Fernand, and the burger is completed by French meat cooked to your taste, French cheese made with raw milk, homemade fries, and sauces that are also made in-house.

And all of this is offered with pleasant service!

All of the meat served at Big Fernand is of French origin. Fries, known as “Fernandines,” will cost you an additional €3.

They also have a Click & Collect service.

Price: €13.50

Website: (website in French)


B&M Burger

98 rue des Martyrs Paris


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For those who know what they like in a burger and don’t want to have a recipe imposed upon them, B&M Burger is the right choice.

Patrons can create their own burgers, which are all prepared with fresh ingredients.

All of their burgers are made with potato-based buns baked by Rachel’s Cake and ground meat from Hugo Desnoyer.

While allowing diners to create their own burgers from scratch is their specialty, you can always try one proposed by the team if your inspiration has run dry.

Price: from €9



Hank Burger

55 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris


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Hank Burger is a canteen that (almost) makes us want to become vegan.

Their bread is handmade in Paris, their sauces are specially created by their chef, and their vegetables are delivered fresh every morning.

With the best vegan burgers in the capital and very reasonable prices, you’ll often struggle to find a seat in the restaurant at mealtimes.

But if seating is unavailable, you can simply take your burger to go!

Price: €9.50

Website: (website in French)


Hamler’s Burgery

12 rue Monge, 75005 Paris


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At Hamler’s Burgery, they go back to the burger’s roots!

The restaurant incorporates both the Hamburg origins of the famous sandwich and its American influences.

You will find good burgers made from Angus beef and topped with fresh market vegetables, farmhouse cheddar, and sauces.

Every burger is served on corn bread made in house and accompanied by homemade fries.

What more could you ask for? A good dessert? You’re even in the right place for that – Hamler’s offers 100% natural, homemade, fresh milk-based ice creams and milkshakes!

Your burger alone will cost you between €4.90 and €11.

Some extras like bacon, avocado, blue cheese, or onion compote (an onion confit) cost an extra €1.80 each.

The homemade fries without palm oil are €2.90, and quenching your thirst with a lemonade (also homemade) will cost you €2.90 as well.

Price: from €4.90




1 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, Paris 6e

Being vegan often means accepting nicknames like seed-eater, but what people forget is that it is now possible to combine veganism and great eating.

Today’s vegans know how to enjoy themselves through restaurants like Naked that offer variations of traditional fat products without any trace of meat.

They offer a multitude of crazy recipes with vegetable “steaks” that are based on pea protein, cheddar made from coconut oil, and even vegan bacon.

And to top it all off, the restaurant is home to a 100% Venice Beach flashy pink decoration that attracts every social media user who passes through Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Price: from €5.90



Le Ruisseau

22 rue Rambuteau, Paris 3e

For a gourmet filet-o-fish that is 100% French art de vivre, we recommend the Le Ruisseau burger.

Often mentioned as the best burger in Paris in terms of value for the money, this burger makes you fall in love with its thick and shiny bun (which also happens to look great on Instagram!).

They offer other recipes as well, but the filet-o-fish is definitely the best: a crunchy house-breaded filet of pollack served with tartar sauce, capers, lime juice, and iceberg lettuce.

It is a filet-o-fish from the very top, in short.

Price: €11

Website: (website in French)


To complete our list, here are 2 quirly burgers as a bonus!


The Sushi Burger by Sushi Soba

81 rue Miromesnil, 75008 Paris


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The sushi burger has finally arrived in the capital. As its name implies, here the traditional hamburger buns are replaced by rice and the steak is replaced by raw salmon.

For those who do not like raw fish, Sushi Soba also offers the Yakitori burger.

The Sushi burger and the Yakitori burger each cost €9, and the experience is well worth everything you spend.

Price: €9



The Bao Burger of SAaM

59 bis rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris


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The bao burger gets its name from the baos, or steamed buns, that replace the traditional buns found on most burgers.

At SAaM, bao burgers are served in the Korean fashion, with tofu, fried chicken, entrecote (bulgogi), and other Asian-inspired ingredients.

Even traditional burger lovers will enjoy the spicy, sweet, and salty flavors mixed with the unique texture of bao.

Price: €7 for a meal