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Logis Hotel Darcy Dijon Centre
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Dijon (France)
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Tourist Information


In short

  • Dijon used to be the capital of the dukes of Burgundy: this is where you will find their palace, which is worth seeing! It is also known as the "One Hundred Bell Towers City" because of its important amount of churches, abbeys, chapels, and basilicas which you will discover unexpectedly while wandering around.
  • Jazz festivals take place all year long: in May, in July, or in August; the Biennales d’Art Singulier or the Internationale des Arts populaires both bring life to the city.
  • Among the town's numerous monuments, go and admire Notre-Dame church owl, Guillaume gate, Darcy square, or the Tower Philippe Le Bon in the Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne ("the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy"), and the Jacquemart of Notre-Dame church. You'll have the opportunity to take some time to breathe in the Darcy garden after all these visits! 
  • Dijon is a town mostly dedicated to gastronomy: mustard, the crème de cassis, snails, truffles, beef Bourguignon… This is an incomplete list of all the Burgundy meals you should taste while you're in town. Moreover, every year the city programs the International Gastronomy Fair ("Foire Internationale et Gastronomique"), a very popular event.


Dijon's climate is continental, with frequent precipitation every season of the year and frequent snowfalls during winter. Average temperatures are 1.6°C in January and 19.7°C in July.

Our best tips

  • Take this opportunity to visit the surrounding vineyards: they are worth going!
  • You'd better pick good dates for your stay: the town changes in accordance with the many festive events.

Average prices for hotels

  • Low budget: 39€ per night in low season, and 43€ in high season.
  • Mid-range: 61€ per night in low season, and 72€ in high season.
  • Luxury: 130€ per night in low season, and 180€ in high season.

Recommended areas for your hotel

  • The railway station area is very useful if you don't want to move around with all your luggage.
  • There are many hotels and monuments in the center of the city. You will be able to reach many places by foot from there.
  • If you travel by car, and Dijon is just one of many steps on your way; you might want to know that the north of the city is a very pleasant place to stop by, near the Parc de la Toison d’or.

Need more information about this place?

We wrote un mini guide for our readers that we hope is coming as handy as possible (also available in PDF format to download, useful while traveling without an internet connexion) :

Dijon : Handy Mini Travel Guide

Musée Rude
Musée Rude

Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon
Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon

Sculpture of Notre-Dame of Dijon

Guillaume Gate
Guillaume Gate

Street of Dijon
Street with old type building

Church Saint Michel
Church Saint Michel

Church Saint Michel
Church Saint Michel



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