About us

Hello everyone, I'm Mona, the founder of France Hotel Guide.

When we launched this site in 1996, the Internet was still in its infancy, and the idea of booking a hotel online seemed revolutionary. We were driven by a simple yet bold vision: to make it easier for you to find and book the perfect accommodation for your stays in France.

Over the years, France Hotel Guide has become much more than just a booking platform. Indeed, we offer a diverse selection of hotels, ranging from the most charming and typical establishments to the most luxurious places to stay, catering to all budgets. Our goal has always been to simplify your experience, with personalized search criteria and clear information about each establishment.

However, what makes me particularly proud is the evolution of our blog. This project, born out of our passion for travel and discovery, has become a reference for many travelers worldwide, with over a million page views per month. It's a space where we share our favorites, tips, and recommendations to help you discover the hidden treasures and must-have experiences of our beautiful country.

This blog is also a place for exchange and sharing. Your feedback and discoveries fuel our inspiration, creating a true community of lovers of France and travel.

I want to warmly thank you for your loyalty and trust. Your satisfaction and successful experiences are the driving force behind our daily commitment.

Together with my dedicated and passionate team, we work every day to make France Hotel Guide your essential and trusted travel companion.

See you soon on France Hotel Guide,


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