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Hôtel Vert
Hotel 2 stars
Le Mont Saint Michel (France)
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Good, 3.5 (580 reviews)
Per night from € 77
Le Relais Saint Michel
Hotel 4 stars
Le Mont Saint Michel (France)
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Good, 3.5 (859 reviews)
Per night from € 105
Les Terrasses Poulard
Hotel 3 stars
Le Mont Saint Michel (France)
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Good, 3 (224 reviews)
Per night from € 144
La Mère Poulard
Hotel 3 stars
Le Mont Saint Michel (France)
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Good, 3 (1391 reviews)
Per night from € 192

About this place

Mont-Saint-Michel has the particularity of being built on a rocky island with a 960-metre circumference and an altitude of 92 metres. When the tide is high, the island is surrounded by the waters of the Channel. The prodigious architecture of Mont Saint-Michel and its bay have made this one of the most visited tourist sites in France. At the top of the island stands the famous majestic abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, which towers 170-metres above the bay. At Mont-Saint-Michel, you must taste the wood-grilled lamb from the salt meadows accompanied by the famous omelette of mère Poulard.

Mont-Saint-Michel City Guide

Mont-Saint-Michel City Guide
written by France Hotel Guide

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Tourist Information


In short

  • The Mont Saint-Michel is the most popular touristic site in Normandy, and the most popular French touristic site after Paris.
  • Mont Saint-Michel is famous for its abbey, with the peak of the Mont, 170 meters above sea level, a statue which overlooks the bay. The ramparts, and other buildings, are classified as historic monuments. You can visit them. Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem are in Mont Saint-Michel all year long.
  • Mont Saint-Michel bay is a splendid landscape, with major high tides. You can cross the bay even in low tide, but you can only visit it on a guided tour, not on your own, because of the risks concerning high tides and shifting sands.
  • Music academies organize indoor concerts inside the monuments in May and September.
  • The "mouton de pré-salé" (in English, "salt meadow sheep") is a local culinary specialty, an animal bred on the seashore. The Mère Poulard cuisine is quite renowned; the Mère Poulard inn welcomes many pilgrims every year.


The Mont Saint-Michel weather is quite wet; there is frequent precipitation. Winters are mild, and summers are rarely hot. Average temperatures are 6°C in January, and 18°C in July.

Our best tips

  • If you go on a guided tour, you'll learn more about the history of the surrounding medieval buildings.
  • Don't forget to check when the tide is high or low, to make your visits easier.
  • Why don't you come during flood tide? The water entirely surrounds the Mont Saint-Michel; it's a stunning landscape to contemplate.

Average prices for hotels

  • Low budget: 72€ per night in low season, and 144€ in high season.
  • Mid-range: 149€ per night in low season, and 194€ in high season.
  • Luxury: 211€ per night in low season, and 272€ in high season.

Recommended areas for your hotel

  • For a unique experience, why don't you book a hotel on the rock of the Mont Saint-Michel, near the abbey?
  • If you're into quietness and tranquility, the hotels on the seafront are the dream spot for you.

Need more information about this place?

We wrote un mini guide for our readers that we hope is coming as handy as possible (also available in PDF format to download, useful while traveling without an internet connexion) :

Mont-Saint-Michel : Handy Mini Travel Guide

Sea view
Sea view

Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

View of Mont
View on Mont Saint Michel

Footbridge of Mont Saint Michel

Mère Poulard
Restaurant Mère Poulard

Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel sea view

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