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Only 150km away from Paris, discover picturesque villages and vineyards along the Champagne wine road. France Hotel Guide offers a large choice of charming hotels, cheap hotels or brand hotels with discounts and last-minute best prices all over Champagne-Ardenne, in Reims, in Troyes. Booking with istant confirmation from the hotel.

Champagne-Ardenne is of course the home of champaign, the most romantic wine in the world, devised in the 17th century through some sort of miracle by a Benedictine monk named Dom Perignon. The limeston-rich underground of Champagne and the waning influence oceanic wheather in this hinterland all work together to provide exceptional grapes of pinot noir, meunier or chardonnay. Fermentation and blending are then implemented through specific processes resulting from years of continuous improvement, giving birth to champaign. Champaign was much appreciated by the king of France and all his court. Madame de Pompadour, the favourite of Louis XVth, enjoyed champaign a lot and she would have described it as "the only wine that leaves the women beautiful after drinking it". Sounds pretty good!

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