Biarritz Travel Guide



Population : 30 000 inhabitants

Area : 11,66 km2

Population Density : 2222 per km²

Demonym : Biarrots and Biarrottes

Region : Aquitaine

Map : Google map


This seaside resort, one of the most beloved one on the Atlantic coast, is rather easy to get to.


Highways A63 and A64 connect Biarritz to the Spanish border (25 km), Bilbao (160 km), Bordeaux (187 km), Toulouse (350 km), Nantes (512 km), or even Montpellier (534 km). Seven paying parking lots (owned by the Vinci company) and free lots (Jai Alai d’Aguiléra, Floquet, Hippodrome de Fleurs, Gare SNCF, Atabal, Phare de Biarritz, Lac Marion, Plage Marbella and Milady, Club Hippique) allow you to park your car in the city.

Gare de Biarritz


The city has a TGV and TER train station that gives you access to Pau in 1 hour, Bordeaux in 2, Paris in 5 and a half, and the major Spanish cities. You can call on the auto-train service that offers you the chance to travel “with” your vehicle as additional baggage. Once at the station, you can take a bus from the Chronoplus line (lines 12 and A1).

To book tickets or check the departure times, please visit the SNCF website.

Aéroport de Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne


The Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Airport is located only 3 km from Biarritz. It makes connections to other major French and European cities.
By taking the Chronoplus bus, you’ll easily reach the city center. Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you can also get a rental car or call a taxi.

Bus de Biarritz

Getting around town

The city is medium-sized, meaning that you can get to the different touristic sites by foot. Free shuttles are made available during the summer season by the Chronoplus company. Once you have visited Biarritz, you can discover the other lovely cities that are found nearby, thanks to many buses operated by various companies: St-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye with the compagnie ATCRB, Anglet or Bayonne with the Chronoplus company, Saint-Sebastian with the Pesa company, the Gugenheim de Bilba with the Basque Bondissant company, etc.


-The obvious answer is "during the summer".First, it is a seaside resort, so you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather to bask on the city’s beaches during the day. In July, you can also attend the Big Festival that takes place every year. .
If you prefer August, you can experience the famous Bayonne Celebrations (6 km from Biarritz)Internationally known, this event unites thousands of people dressed in red and white, as per tradition. Finally, pay good attention to the schedule, since large surfing or bodysurfing also take place during the summer.

- You can opt for the beginning of fall or spring to visit the seaside resort while there are not as many visitors. Furthermore, the weather is still very nice!


Tourist Office :

Emergency Number: 112

Fire: dial 18

Ambulance (medical emergency): dial 15

Police: dial 17

Missing children: dial 116

Touristic sites

The Rock of the Blessed Virgin:

The Villa Eugénie:

The Hotel d’Angleterre:

The Lighthouse:



The Historical Museum of Biarritz:

The Sea Museum and Aquarium:

The Chocolate Museum:



Accommodation :

The prices listed are in reference to a double room that may rise depending on the time period and the number of people.

- Between 50€ and 100€: You can stay in a 2 or 3 star hotel in the city, decorated in a modern or traditional style. Please note that you will also find comfy B&Bs and apartment-hotel for more freedom.

- Between 100€ and 150€: You can enjoy the privileged location and quality services in a chic 3 or 4 star establishment.

- Between 150€ and 200€: Get ready for the most beautiful hotels in Biarritz. You will be overwhelmed by those 4 and 5 star hotels.

Take a look at our website to find a place to stay in Biarritz.

Restaurants :

- Less than 5€
  • A piece of Basque cake or a macaron without ganache, which is the reputation of Maison Adam.
  • A bit of chocolate purchased at Maison Pariès .
  • An ice cream cone from the artisan, Regaliz. Choose between 50 flavours including Basque cake, lemon tart, madeleine, macaron, chocolate with espelette peppers, or cactus lime!
  • A baguette at any time (thanks to the vending machine outside the boutique) at the Laurent bakery.

(Maison Adam, 27 place Clémenceau,
49 rue Gambetta,
4-6 place Louis XIV)
(Maison Pariès, 1 place Bellevue)
(Regaliz, 8 rue du Port Vieux)
(Laurent Boulangerie, 142 avenue du Président Kennedy)

- Between 5€ and 15€
  • A meal at Le Cab, the burger shop. They have the best burgers in town, so don’t forget to pass by! It would be a real shame...
  • A daily dish from Player’s. A nicely designed décor and full plates will bring you to this restaurant.
  • To have a delicious snack by the beach (sandwich, wrap, dessert) go to the Beach Garden.

Le Cab, 62 rue Gambetta)
(Le Player’s, 2 rue Garderes)
(Beach Garden, 31 boulevard du Général de Gaulle)

- Starting at 15€
  • To try a mixture of savory, fresh dishes, cooked with great care, there is no other place than La Goulue !
  • At the bistro Pim’pi, the traditional Basque cuisine is honored: duck, peppers, seafood, etc. The service is pleasant and you can have a full meal for only 18€!
  • You’ve never had dinner on a boat? Then push the door of Le Crabe Tambour. Once inside, you can try delicious seafood and gourmet desserts.

(La Goulue, 3 rue Etienne Ardouin)
(Pim’pi, 14 avenue Verdun)
(Le Crabe Tambour, 49 rue d’Espagne)

For something to drink

  • Want to have nice tapas? Try the Bar à Jean. But if you’d rather have a break in a trendy bar, the Sky Garden is exactly what you need.

(Bar à Jean, 5 rue des Halles)
(Sky Garden, 25 boulevard du Général de Gaulle)


To visit Biarritz, Bayonne, and Anglet, don’t hesitate to take a guided tour in a panoramic bus so that you don’t miss the most beautiful views in this little corner of paradise. The Bab-Tour company charges 12€ per person.

Rocher de la Vierge
  • The Rock of the Blessed Virgin
    Napoleon III ordered the digging of this rock to create a port refuge. The rock also offers a view over the Gasconne coast.
  • The Eugenie Villa
    Also built under Napoleon III, the latter offered his wife Eugénie de Montijo this magnificent villa, now turned into a luxury hotel. You can nevertheless admire the façade of the establishment that was once frequented by Coco Chanel and Winston Churchill.
  • The Hôtel d’Angleterre
    The hotel was built in 1870, just like the Plaza Hotel with its Art Deco design and pillars decorated with mosaics by Auguste Labouret.
  • The Lighthouse
    To enjoy a breathtaking view over the gulf and the surrounding cities, climb the steps of the lighthouse, and be brave!

Musee de la Mer

Museums :

  • Biarritz’s historical museum
    To discover the men and women that have marked Biarritz’s past, go to the historical museum. You’ll also enjoy expositions, conferences, and temporary exhibits.
  • The Sea Museum ( and Aquarium)
    Get ready to discover marine flora and fauna thanks to many activities, workshops, and exhibits. Its opening hours vary depending on the time of year, so don’t forget to check before going!
  • The Planète Chocolate Museum
    This for the gourmands among you. Located in the old chocolate factory owned by the Henriet family, you’ll discover how it is produced and its various use. You’ll surely give in to the temptation of the shop at the end of your visit. Expect to pay 6.50€ for an adult and 5€ at a reduced price (student, children over 4, people with reduced mobility).
  • The Oriental Art Museum
    Want to travel to India, Nepal or China without leaving Biarritz? Go to the Oriental Art Museum and its 800m2 of culture. The opening hours vary depending on the time of year and the days.

Falaise de Biarritz

Going out or finding a place in the sun:

If you want to lie in the sun, you can choose between the following places:

  • Plage du Miramar
  • Grande Plage
  • Port Vieux
  • Côte des Basques
  • Plage de Marbella
  • Plage de la Milady

The most famous spots for surfing or lounging are the Grande Plage and Côte des Basques. Pay attention to the swimming area because of the current.

Pelote Basque

Play or cheer:
The city of Biarritz is known for many sports. Because of this, you can attend surf competitions and watch a game of Basque pelota (very impressive), and rugby.

*This travel guide was published in Novembre 2014, prices may then vary..

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