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Kon Tiki
Saint Tropez (France)
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Per night from € 61
Villa Kérylos
Guest house
Saint Tropez (France)
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Per night from € 80
LM Résidence
Apartment 4 stars
Saint Tropez (France)
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Per night from € 158
Villa Alizée B&B
Bed and Breakfast
Saint Tropez (France)
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Per night from € 125
Villa Ingrid
Guest house
Saint Tropez (France)
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Per night from € 47

About this place

Saint-Tropez is a Provencal town located on the shores of the Mediterranean. In summer, Saint-Tropez becomes a choice destination, where many celebrities come for a break. High above the city, the citadel houses the Navy museum. From the top of the dungeon, you can see a splendid panorama of the gulf and the Maures mountain range. From the port, the narrow streets will take you to the town centre up to the Baroque church with a bust of Saint Tropez surrounded by old blunderbusses of the Bravade. The Museum of the Annunciation is situated in a small chapel and displays the works of the many artists who worked in Saint-Tropez, from Matisse to Braque.

Saint-Tropez City Guide

Saint-Tropez City Guide
written by France Hotel Guide

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Tourist Information


In short

  • It is a famous and authentic provençal seaside resort. It owes its fame to the crowds of celebrities coming in great numbers in the 1950s and to the shootings of several movies, like And God Created Woman, or The Troops of St-Tropez, from the movie series The Gendarme, with Louis de Funès. You'll easily find the filming sets. As for the police station, it is still standing, waiting for the curious to enter!
  • Saint-Tropez is one of the birthplaces of the New Wave movement, which is why stylist Claire Vachon settled there in the 1950s. The Bybblos hotel and the Sénéquier café are two examples of the city's numerous famous touristic buildings.
  • Saint-Tropez citadel and the Marine museum provide a splendid overview of the city and the Maures massif (also known as the "plateau of Moors"). The archaeological museum is worth-visiting.
  • In mid-May and in mid-June, Saint-Tropez organizes two "bravades", two processions in honour of past military victories. In the beginning of October, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez ("Saint-Tropez Sails") celebrate boat sails and the art of navigation, in the harbour.
  • The surroundings of Saint-Tropez make a wonderful setting; on top of that, there are a few castles and many stunning spots.


Saint-Tropez has a Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Average temperatures are 9.3°C in January, and 23.3°C in July.

Our best tips

  • Why don't you watch or re-watch the movies that made the glory of Saint-Tropez before you actually go to Saint-Tropez? Thus, you will be able to follow the path taken by the actors and the team during the shootings!
  • Saint-Tropez coasts are really beautiful; you can walk along them by foot. You might even fall upon hidden places like creeks or unknown beaches, so that you enjoy the sea quietly.
  • Sainte-Maxime, the neighbouring city, is also worth seeing.

Average prices for hotels

  • Low budget: 135€ per night in low season, and 223€ in high season.
  • Mid-range: 217€ per night in low season, and 359€ in high season.
  • Luxury: 389€ per night in low season, and 428€ in high season.

Recommended areas for your hotel

  • The citadel area is located by the sea, near the ramparts. It is an authentic area!
  • The Estagnet is the most tranquil of all boroughs, and the sea is only two steps away.
  • The districts of Bertaud and Maleribes face the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, a few meters away from the seafront. They are among the prettiest districts.

Need more information about this place?

We wrote un mini guide for our readers that we hope is coming as handy as possible (also available in PDF format to download, useful while traveling without an internet connexion) :

Saint-Tropez : Handy Mini Travel Guide

Buildings near the sea
Buildings near the sea

Cannon of the  citadel
Cannons of the citadel


national Gendarmerie
National Gendarmerie

Sea view
Sea view


Aerial view
Aerial view

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