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Neoresid   Résidence Les Olympiades
Montpellier (France)
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Per night from € 55
Luxury Loft with Garden in Montpellier Center.
Apartment 4 stars
Montpellier (France)
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Per night from € 190
Appartement Mimosa
Montpellier (France)
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Per night from € 45
Pom d'Api
Montpellier (France)
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Colombet Stay's   Rue Pitot
Apartment 2 stars
Montpellier (France)
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Per night from € 62

About this place

Montpellier is about a dozen kilometres away from the Mediterranean. The city is famous for its illustrious Faculty of Medicine. On the Place de la Comedie in Montpellier you can see the splendid front of the municipal theatre. The square is extended by the Esplanade and the Jardin du Champ de Mars. The two districts of Polygone and Antigone have fabulous monuments such as the Maison de l'Occitanie.
Stroll along the Promenade de Peyrou and discover the Pitot aqueduct and water tower where the petanque players meet.

Montpellier City Guide

Montpellier City Guide
written by France Hotel Guide

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Tourist Information


In short

  • Montpellier is a student city. It has faced an uninterrupted increase in population since 1945.
  • It comprises magnificent monuments, like the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the Place de la Comédie, the aqueduct Saint-Clément, also known as the "hoops" aqueduct ("aqueduc des arceaux" in French), and the Peyroux gate.
  • Montpellier has a very intense cultural life, and this is why we'll only quote some of the many festivals and events that unfold in this city. Montpellier's Rencontres Folkloriques ("folklore meeting" in English) take place at the end of April and the beginning of May, along with the Battle of the Year, a hip-hop dance festival; in May, you'll have the opportunity to attend the Fise ("Festival International des Sports extrêmes"), which stands for "International Extreme Sports Festival" and occurs in May; Montpellier's Estivales are programmed from the end of June up to the beginning of September; the Internationales de la Guitare ("Guitars Internationals") occur in October; and the Cinémed, a Mediterranean cinema festival, takes place during autumn.
  • Montpellier is located 30 minutes away from the beaches.


Montpellier's climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild temperatures most of the time, many days of sunshine and very low precipitation. Average temperatures are 7,2°C in January, and 24,1°C in July. July and August are the hottest and most touristic months, and you'll spend nicer holidays if you avoid them.

Our best tips

  • You will easily find places to party in Montpellier; it is a very vibrant city at night.
  • Take a look at the festivals program to choose your dates of holidays, for some of them might appeal to you.

Average prices for hotels

  • Low budget: 58€ per night in low season and 74€ in high season.
  • Mid-range: 91€ per night in low season and 100€ in high season.
  • Luxury: 260€ per night in low season and 390€ in high season.

Recommended areas for your hotel

  • Montpellier's historic centre is ideal if you want to discover the city by foot.
  • The Antigone area is a little bit less attended, which means it is quieter in the evening.

Need more information about this place?

We wrote un mini guide for our readers that we hope is coming as handy as possible (also available in PDF format to download, useful while traveling without an internet connexion) :

Montpellier : Handy Mini Travel Guide

Aqueduct Arceaux
Aqueduct Arceaux

Square on Montpellier
Square in Montpellier

Place de la comédie
Place de la Comédie

Porte du Peyrou
Porte du Peyrou

Cathédral Saint Pierre
Stained-glass window of Cathédral Saint Pierre

Tour de la Babote
Tour de la Babote

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