Rennes Travel Guide

1 / General

Place de la Republique à Rennes

The Town used to be the capital of the duchy of Brittany. In 2012, it was awarded the “Best town to live in” prize. Let’s see what makes it so attractive, shall we?

Population: 209 860 inhabitants

Population Density:4165 inhab/ km² (miles square)

Area :50,39 km² (miles square)

Demonym: Rennais, Rennaise.

Region: Brittany

Postcode: 35000, 35200, 35700.

Carte : Google Maps

2 / Transport

Rennes is at the door of Brittany, so it’s very easy to go there. Many roads lead to this beautiful city.


Leaving from Paris, your journey to Brittany will last 3h20 (350 km). First, take the A10/E50 to Rennes/Nantes/Le Mans/Chartres for about 344 km and then take the Exit 14 to Porte de Maurepas/Maison Blanche/Les Gayeulles. Please note that you will stop at two toll booths and thus pay 28,70€*.

Once in town, what should you do with your car? If you choose a roadside spot be very careful about the zone you’re in
  • Red : This is for the city center only. You can park there for 1h33 maximum and the price for one hour is 1,71€*.
  • Green : Green: This zone is round the city center. You can leave your car for 2h36 maximum and you will only pay 1€* per hour.
What about car parks? You will find 17 car parks in the center and they’re not too expensive. To check the pricing list, please click here.


If you want to catch a train in Paris, go to the Gare Montparnasse and hop in a TGV to Rennes. The journey lasts 2h20 and don’t worry if you miss your train, there is one per hour between Paris and Rennes.
To book tickets, please visit the SNCF website.

Aeroport de Rennes


You’re flying to Rennes? Welcome to the Aéroport Rennes Bretagne. It is located only 7 km away from the center and many regular flights can take you to the biggest French cities such as Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice or Toulouse.
For those who want to travel further than the French borders, you can catch flights to England, Spain, Italy, Portugal etc.

Getting around town

  • By bike

    Just like in Paris, Metz or Dijon, you can rent bikes in Rennes. There are 900 bikes available 24/7 in 83 stations. If you stay in Rennes for a few days, you will pay 5€ as membership fee and up to 24€ for a 10-hour-use. If you plan to stay just for a couple hours, then take the 24h-Pass for just 1€ and pay 10€ for a 6-hour-use.
    Want to know more about the fees? Get Le Vélo Star

  • By bus and tube

    With only one tube line and more than 60 bus lines, you can easily get around town.
    If you stay in Rennes for a few hours, choose the 1H-Ticket for just 1,50€. However, if you get the chance to stay longer, we recommend you to take the Pass-Évènement for just 3€. This ticket allows you to travel for 24h on the entire network.
    Furthermore, please note that tickets can be used either for the bus or the tube.
    Visit the Star website to get more information about the lines and fees.

3 / When to go ?

- March :

  • Les Embellies de Printemps
    Everybody loves this music festival. Created in 1988, many artists seize this opportunity to present their music to an audience who is always eager to meet new talents. Do not hesitate to encourage them!

- April :

  • Myhos
    Here is an unusual event: the festival of speech arts. Created in 2000, Mythos isn’t the place for small talk. For a few days only, several artists come to town to show you how they juggle with words. This event takes place at the Parc Thabor.

- July :

  • Les Tombées de la Nuit
    Street artists take possession of the city. Each year, many events take place in several places. Whether it’s a big show or a small representation, you are all invited to take part in these events and meet the artists to spend a wonderful time with them.

- December :

  • Les Trans Musicales

    Stop everything you’re doing : THIS is a major event in Rennes. Created in 1979, the Bretons love their music festival.
    Whether you like alternative rock, electro, rap, tri-pop or hip-hop, you definitely can’t be disappointed with that festival. The Daft Punk, Justice, Stromae, Lenny Kravitz have already stepped on the scene, who’s next?

  • The Christmas market

    Located on the Dalle du Colombier, the market is in town from November to December. The 44 stallholders are eager to present you their finest products and crafts. Who knows? You might find the perfect Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Not that far from here, you can have a good time at the funfair on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. Laughter and good humour are de rigueur!

  • New Year’s Eve

    You want to keep a golden memory of New Year’s Eve? Rennes has what you need. For this special occasion, the Town Hall shines bright like a diamond. This sound and light show is pure magic.

4 / Information and useful adresses

Traveller information :

Tourist information center :

Emergency number: dial 112 (European number)

Fire brigade: dial 18

Ambulance / Paramedics: dial 15

Police: dial 17

Missing children: dial 116000

National center for emergency calls for people with hearing problems: dial 114

Transformation :

Train tickets :

Car parks :


Bikes :

Public transportation:

Museums and touristic sites :

The Opera:

The Parliament of Brittany:

Le Parc Thabor

The Town Hall:

La Piscine Saint-Georges:

Le Palais Saint-Georges

Le Portes Mordelaises:

5 / Budget in Rennes

Vue aerienne de Rennes


The following prices are indicative. They refer to a one night stay in a standard double bedroom and may be subject to confirmation at the time of booking.

Economical accommodation, between 30 and 50 eruos: : For this budget, you will stay in two or three star hotels located around the city center.

Average price, between 50 and 100 euros : You will stay in comfortable and cosy two or three star hotels around the city center, some of them close to the station.

If your budget goes over 100 euros : get ready for sophisticated hotels, apartments and B&Bs. Thanks to their ideal location (city center), you won’t have to take the public transport.

You will find all the information you need on France Hotel Guide


The following prices are indicative. They refer to the price of one course or a menu for one.

From 1,30 to 10,50 euros : If you want to live like an American, the Roadside is exactly what you need. Once inside, you clearly have the impression of being on Road 66. It takes only one look at the menu to fall in love : big fresh home-made burgers, creamy milkshakes and cookies as big as Texas. Yummy!

(Roadside, 13 rue du Maréchal Joffre)

From 15 to 30 euros : To have a nice dinner in a quiet and so chic atmosphere, go to Le Carré. Whether you choose to be inside or outside, you will be enchanted all the same. Just by reading the menu, you have a hint of how mouthwatering those courses are.

(Le Carré, 34 place des Lices)

From 30 to 115 euros : The Chef has only one goal : that you enjoy the look as well as the taste of your course. The menu constantly changes, depending on the seasons. If you wish to spend an unforgettable moment, rendez-vous at La Coquerie.

(La Coquerie, 156 rue d’Antrain)

Spécialité culinaire

  • Le Parlementin

    This delicious pastry was created in 1999 by some pastry chefs from Rennes. It is made of almonds, apples and cider. Let’s have a bite!

  • La Robiquette

    Also called “galette-saucisse” [galette-sausage], this curious association is an institution. The best ones are sold on the Marché des Lices and around the Route de Lorient Stadium.

6 / Unmissable visits!

Essential stops

The Opéra : The inauguration took place in 1836. At first, people didn’t really like the place. What they didn’t like was its round shape, so much so that it almost led to its destruction.
Today, everybody loves the “Theater”, as the townies call it. You can attend lyrical as well as modern performances.

The Parliament of Brittany : The construction started in 1618 and ended in 1655. Almost entirely destructed in 1994 because of a fire, the Palace was entirely refurbished. Since 1804, this Historic Monument is the Court of Appeal of Rennes. The Palace is made of four buildings and numerous galeries. If you wish to visit it, go to the Grand’ Chambre: it’s the best-preserved room.

The Town Hall : After the 1720 fire, the city decided to build a new Town Hall. The construction started in 1734 and ended in 1743. The two main buildings are linked by the bell tower, hence creating one baroque edifice. On New Year’s Eve, the Town Hall shines like a diamond thanks to the sound and light show. Do not miss it!

Palais Saint-Georges : The palace is 90 meters high and many people (even some townies!) think it’s the Brittany Parliament. It was built in 1670 and what’s inside remained a mystery for many years. Once an abbey, the palace is now a fire station, but for how long?

Les portes Mortelaises : Here are monumental remains of the past. Those doors were part of the old city walls. The foundations date back to the 3rd century and the doors were refurbished during the 15th century. Tourists don’t often visit this historical place because it’s a bit far from the center. Howerver, it’s the best place to be if you want to put History and tranquility together.

Le jardin du Thabor : This park and botanical garden is the perfect place for those who want to have a bit of fresh air and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

La piscine Saint-Georges : You want to go for a dip? Do so at the Saint-George swimming-pool. This art-déco temple of Neptune is made of milions of mosaic squares. If the water is too cold, you can stay outside and marvel at the building. It’s definitely worth it!

*This travel guide was published in April 2015, prices may then vary.

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