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Reims was once the “Coronation City” where a large number of French kings received their crowns. Today, Reims offers you its important historical heritage as well as its champagne, the famous Dom Pérignon.

Population : 180 752 inhabitants

Area : 47.02 km2

Population Density : 3,844 per km²

Name of Inhabitants : Rémois and Rémoises

Region : Champagne-Ardenne

Other Names :Coronation City or City of Kings

Map : Google Maps


Transportation :

Located in the northeastern corner of France, Reims is on the axis between Paris and Germany, which gives it an obvious opening to Belgium and Luxembourg.


Reims is located at the intersection of highways A4-E50 (Paris – Strasbourg) and A26-E17 (Calais – Troyes – Dijon).
Coming from Paris, your trip will last around 1 hour and 40 minutes (without traffic jam) and the cost of tolls is 10.50€.
When you get there, you’ll find more than 4,500 parking spots divided into 3 zones, with metered parking. For two hour parking, expect 1.50€ per hour, and for more than 5 hours, expect to pay 1€ per hour
Additionally, 19 paid parking lots are available. You can also park for free at Parc des Expositions (located 15 minutes by bus from the city center).

Gare Reims-Centre


Leaving form Gare de l’Est in Paris, the TGV will take you to Reims in 45 minutes.
Two train stations are available for your arrival:

  • The station Gare Champagne-Ardenne TGV is located in Bezannes, 8 km from Reims.This station is connected to the tramway.

  • The station Gare Reims-Centre is located right in the heart of the city, and is serviced by the TER Champagne-Ardenne and certain TER Picardy trains.

Bus TransChampagneArdenne


  • TransChampagneArdenne offers you daily interurban connections from Troyes and Châlons-en-Champage and biweekly from Charleville-Mézières.

  • RTA02 makes daily connections with Laon and Soissons (Picardy)
 Tramway de Reims

Getting around town

The city of Reims isn’t particularly extensive and it is pleasant to go around by foot. However, Reims also has a large public transportation system available.
It is really easy to get around in the city Reims, especially thanks to its buses and trams that connect the city to its close suburbs.
Prices vary according to the duration of your trip. For 1 hour, expect to pay 1.50€, 3.70€ for a day (24 hours), 6.50€ for 2 days (48 hours), and 7.50€ for 3 days (72 hours).
Good to know: After their first use, your trips are unlimited for the duration of your ticket.

For more information:


All throughout the year, Reims welcomes many various and lively gatherings. Here are a few must-see events that you will probably like…

- September

  • Elektricity is an electronic music festival that takes place at the Cartonnerie and in other places in Reims. There is more info on their web site
  • European Heritage Days will make you discover the most beautiful monuments and historical sites in Reims.

- October
Come take part in the marathon "Reims à toutes jambes ! " where more than 16,000 runners meet every year for a marathon that brings out the best performances in France. Attention: if you want to participate in the marathon, look into signing up in advance right on their web site.

- November
The Independent Wine and Wine-growers Show will welcome you to the Parc des Expositions in Reims. During three days, you can meet wine producers that will tell you about their story, their wine, and their profession.

- Christmas in Reims
Between November and December, Reims and the region prepare for the festive Christmas season, and also offer many original cultural events like the Path of Nativities, the Christmas Village, artisanal markets, musical shows, and the opening of Santa’s house.

-Summer in Reims

It take place at that time of the year and this gathering celebrates the triumphant arrival of Joan of Arc for the crowning of the king, Charles VII. During two days, around 200 artists and 140 artisans come to show off their talents, their skills, and their love for French history through festive events and medieval shows.

during a month, this music festival offers free concerts with classical and jazz music within prestigious sites like the Abbey of Saint-Remi or certain parks in the city.


Tourist information center :

Emergency number: 112 (Euro zone, the 112

Fire: dial number 18

Ambulance (medical emergency): dial number 15

Police: dial number 17

Missing children: dial number 116

Architecture :

Champagne brands:


Unusual stops and activities:


Accommodation :

The prices indicated below are just for reference and include the price of one night in a standard double room and can vary according to the season.

Between 35 and 50 euros: for this price you’ll have the chance to stay in a small, warm family hotel located near the city center.
Between 50 and 80 euros: you will be able to stay in well-placed, comfortable, high-end hotels. Over 80 euros: for this amount, you can spend an unforgettable time in the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the city (for the most part with 5 stars).

Take a look at our website to find a place to stay in Reims.

Restaurants :

The prices indicated below are just for reference and include the price for a dish or meal for one person.

- A snack (between 5€ and 10€) : For a quick and healthy snack, we recommend Le Vert en Couleur , a dynamic establishment where you’ll find all sorts of sandwiches, pastries, and treats.
(Le Vert en Couleur, 8 place Aristide Briand)
- Between 10€ and 35€ : In this range of prices, we recommend the restaurant Chez Nous, a small establishment that is always full! And for good reason, the chef’s recipes refresh French cuisine and the atmosphere is especially warm and inviting.
(Chez Nous, 32 avenue d’Epernay)
- Over 50€ : : the Domaine de Crayères welcomes you to the heart of its gourmet restaurant (1 star on the Michelin Guide) where the chef, Philippe Mille, offers you refined cuisine with seasonal ingredients.

(Les Crayères, 64 boulevard Henry Vasnier)

For a drink :

-Brasserie Le Carnot : Just a few steps from Notre-Dame-de-Reims, you can have a drink in a warm and inviting atmosphere, and if the weather is permitting, enjoy the sunny terrace.
Le Carnot, 5 rue Carnot)

- Café du Palais : Under a magnificent Art Deco canopy, you’ll appreciate this charming cafe listed among the “Historical Cafes of European Heritage”.
(Café du Palais, 14 place Myron Herrick)

Culinary Specialities :

  • Biscuit rose

This is one of the oldest cookies. The custom in Champagne is to dip it in a glass of champagne since what makes it special is that it doesn’t break, even when it is damp. The Maison Fossier is the last producer of this famous pink cookie.
Fun fact :Did you know that “Bis-cuit” means twice-cooked? Well, now you do!

  • Champagne lentils

Think about this as well. For the foodies and those who love fish, you can enjoy the Champagne lentils, grown by farmers in Champagne.


Essential stops

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Reims

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the magnificent Notre-Dame-de-Reims Cathedral is a masterpiece of European gothic art. Visit this architectural wonder and discover the famous “Ange au sourire” (smiling angel) that perfectly illustrates the atmosphere dominating the Champagne region.

Also explore the splendid Palais du Tau, old residence to the archbishop and royalty, it is linked to the coronation of 32 French kings. Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll visit a place full of history where you can admire treasures like the Talisman of Charlemagne or the Reliquary of the Resurrection.

Don’t forget the Abbey of Saint-Remi as well as its charming museum, both listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

For those who love architecture, the Moissons neighborhood will fascinate you with its many magnificent mansions. Among the most remarkable, we recommend the Hôtel Collet-Delarsille and Villa Douce on the boulevard de la Paix, the Hôtel Wenz at 10 rue Piper, Hôtel Trapp at 16 and Hôtel Weiland at 19 rue de Moissons.

Along boulevard Lundy, you’ll also discover splendid mansions dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries like the Hôtel de Brimont, the Hôtel Godbert, or the Hôtel Mignot for example.

During your stay in Reims, you can’t miss the Great Houses of Champagne that are the pride of the region! So we will name some of the most famous like: Taittinger, Vranken-Pommery, Veuve-Clicquot, Ruinart, et bien d'autres encore !


Musée des Beaux Arts

Founded in 1794, the Musée des Beaux Arts has a rich collection of works brought together from revolutionary seizures, donations, and bequests from private collectors and from the government. .

Discover Reims’s history at the Musée Saint-Rémi, that will present collections from prehistory to the Renaissance. Installed within the old abbey, this museum will surprise you with its preserved medieval architecture.

For those passionate about history, and particularly about World War II, go to the Musée de la Reddition where you can discover the hall, preserved in its original state, where the act of surrender was signed bringing an end to the war.

For those who love cars and old motorcycles, the Musée Automobile Reims-Champagne will let you discover a large collection of vehicles from the most prestigious brands on the site of an old factory.

Atypical and Unusual Stops


Discover Reims through unordinary experiences that will make your stay unforgettable!

A l'Allure Champenoise invites you to discover Reims aboard a mythic 2CV Citroën! Many routes are available to discover Reims’s heritage. The 2CV is a lot nicer than a bus full of tourists…

CAP Orientation and Escapium offer you unusual activities like rallies or treasure hunts that let you discover Reims in an original and fun way. An ideal activity for families and groups of friends!

With Happymoov, you’ll visit the heart of Reims in an original and ecological mode of transportation.

For a completely unusual exploration, we recommend going to Ronchères (48 km from Reims). There you’ll find Les Caprices de Sidonie, an educational farm where coypu (or nutria) are raised in the company of other animals.

*This travel guide was published in November 2014, prices may then vary.

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